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Exploring Pros and Cons of Hard Money Loans

Are you considering a hard money loan for your next real estate project? If so, you're probably wondering what the pros and cons are. This post will explore some key benefits and drawbacks before deciding. Hard money loans can be a great option when you need funding quickly, but they come with higher interest rates and other fees. So, ensure you understand what you're getting into before signing on the dotted line. 1. What Are Hard Money Loans, And How Do They Work? Hard money loans are a type of financing that private investors or companies provide. The loans are typically used for short-term projects, such as fixing and flipping properties. They are called "hard" because they are more challenging to obtain than traditional bank loans. Hard money lenders will often lend based on the value of the property being used as collateral rather than the borrower's credit score. Similarly... Read more →

How to Get Started with Online Investing

For the people looking at online investing, you’re in the right place. As a method of generating income, investments online can definitely be useful. However, it is not as simple as going online, doing a quick web search, and clicking on the buy button. There are dedicated platforms, intel to learn, and observations to make too. The potential return often outweighs the risk of depreciation, but not in every context, and that is why it is responsible to gain an overview of the various channels before committing them to a portfolio. For some useful tips on where and how to begin, keep reading. The First Steps Overview It will be helpful to have a clear and focused agenda to become established as a trader and a seller online. Tick off the following tasks and you will have a solid foundation for achieving your investment goals. Set a Budget Budgets are... Read more →

News Organizations Falsely Report that Governor Abbott Declared Invasion at Southern Border

By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square contributor Nov 15, 2022 Haitian migrants, part of a group of over 10,000 people staying in an encampment on the U.S. side of the border, cross the Rio Grande river in Del Rio, Texas on September 19, 2021. PAUL RATJE / AFP / Getty Images (The Center Square) – Numerous news outlets and social media pundits on Tuesday misreported that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared an invasion at the southern border. According to an analysis of available data by The Center Square, he did not. Abbott tweeted Tuesday content from his personal Twitter account from a letter he sent to some Texas judges on Monday without citing the letter or linking to it. Some officials in Texas later explained to The Center Square that they found the tweet to be misleading and that they “jumped the gun” in response, misunderstanding its context. In... Read more →

Financial Scammer Ruja Ignatova, The Cryptoqueen

By Brian McColl | TradingPedia It’s been almost five years since one of the most recognized financial scammers in the world, Ruja Ignatova, boarded a flight and was never seen again. As she was added to the FBI Ten Most Wanted earlier this year, my team and I decided to analyze how Ignatova, better known as the “cryptoqueen”, may have changed her look since 2017 in order to stay under the radar. We entrusted a criminal sketch artist with the task of exploring the possibilities of what Ruja Ignatova might look like today based on the most recent photos available before her disappearance in 2017. We asked them to add five years of aging and examine the options of her gaining or losing weight, undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, and even changing her gender. To track the natural aging process that must have occurred over the past five years, we looked... Read more →

ADPI Says NJ Ranks Seventh in Overall Propensity

WASHINGTON, November 15, 2022 – New Jersey ranks seventh in overall prosperity according to the American Dream Prosperity Index (ADPI), released this month by the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream in partnership with Legatum Institute. The United States continues to see a rise in prosperity, even as we faced the long-term impacts of a pandemic and the economic realities of rising inflation and a shrinking economy. But while the overall trend points to a prosperous nation, prosperity continues to be unequally distributed regionally, often eluding rural communities and Black Americans. Prosperity is a multidimensional concept which the American Dream Prosperity Index seeks to measure, explore, and understand. The framework of the Index captures prosperity through three equally-weighted domains which are the essential foundations of prosperity — Inclusive Societies, Open Economies, and Empowered People. These domains are made up of 11 pillars of prosperity, built upon 49 actionable policy... Read more →

What United States Governor has the Highest Salary?

It is generally true that you don't get into politics for the paycheck. Even though politicians have significant power and clout, as well as the ability to affect the lives of thousands, even millions, of Americans, elected officials make significantly less than most CEOs with that kind of influence. Annual base salaries of elected officials top out at $400,000 for the U.S. president and can be as little as nothing for a small-town council member. Members of the House and Senate earn a base annual salary of $174,000, or about $100,000 more than state lawmakers or the typical county commissioner. There is considerable variation in the salaries of governors too. In New Jersey, the governor's salary stood at $175,000 as of 2021, the 10th highest among the 50 states. For additional context, the typical state governor earns between $147,000 and $150,000. Meanwhile, the overall cost of living in New Jersey... Read more →

One Jersey Cash Five Ticket Pays $820,755

One New Jersey Lottery Tickets Win $10,000 Mega Millions Jackpot Rolls to $189,000,000 TRENTON (Nov. 9, 2022) – There was one third-tier prizewinning ticket sold for the Tuesday, November 8, drawing that matched four of the five white balls and the Gold Mega Ball drawn winning the $10,000 prize. That ticket was purchased at Quick Shop, 48 Paterson St., Hillsdale in Bergen County. In addition to the third-tier prize won, 26 players matched four of the five white balls drawn making each ticket worth $500. Three of those tickets were purchased with the Megaplier, multiplying the prizes to $2,000. Moreover, 47,021 other New Jersey players took home $225,480 in prizes ranging from $2 to $800. The winning numbers for the Tuesday, November 8, drawing were: 05, 13, 29, 38 and 59. The Gold Mega Ball was 23, and the Megaplier Multiplier was 04. The jackpot rolls to $189 million for... Read more →

Camden County News

New Jersey Awarded Millions in LIHEAP Funding Congressman Donald Norcross announced that New Jersey was awarded $153.3 million in funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program (LIHEAP). Administered through the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this funding will help low-income individuals and families pay for home heating costs this winter and cover unpaid utility bills. These funds will also help families make cost-effective home energy repairs to lower their heating and cooling bills. The total funding announced includes an additional $1 billion appropriated by Congress to address rising energy costs, as well as $100 million appropriated for 2023 from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which Congressman Norcross helped pass. Read More. CCPD Sees Record Recovery of Ghost Guns Working to Remove Untraceable Guns From the Streets Over the last two years, the CCPD has seen the proliferation of... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: New Jersey Has The Highest Property Taxes, Highest Corporate Taxes, Highest Income Taxes

New Jersey dead last in tax analysis for a sixth straight year (The Center Square)(October 31, 2022)(CNBNewsnet) – New Jersey finished last in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index for the sixth straight year. The public policy nonprofit group uses the index to review how each state structures its various tax systems. That includes levies on businesses and individuals and taxes on property and sales. Typically, states that do not have income or sales taxes or feature low rates and simple structures across the board fare better in the report. The report gave a critical analysis of New Jersey’s tax policies. “New Jersey, for example, is hampered by some of the highest property tax burdens in the country, has the highest-rate corporate income taxes in the country, and has one of the highest-rated individual income taxes,” the study stated. “Additionally, the state has a particularly aggressive treatment of... Read more →

Newark schools’ crossing guard shortage prompts search for solutions

Jessie Gomez, Chalkbeat Newark Oct 14, 11:50am EDT As the school day ends, students at McKinley Elementary School in Newark’s North Ward rush for the exit. Some get into relatives’ cars and head home while other students start their journey home by crossing nearby 7th Avenue with the help of one crossing guard. With cars zooming by on the busy street at around 2:30 p.m., older students hold hands with their younger siblings as they look both ways before crossing the street. The crossing guard on 7th Avenue holds up his hand, signaling drivers to stop, and lets children cross as he waves goodbye. The scene may look routine, but it’s not necessarily universal. Over the last couple of years, local advocates have repeatedly raised concerns about the safety of students walking to and from school. “We really need some help here because somebody is going to be killed,” said... Read more →

New Helicopters Arrive at Air Station Atlantic City

MH-65 Short-Range Recovery Helicopter ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City received its first upgraded MH-65E Dolphin helicopter Monday to replace the legacy MH-65D helicopters that serve out of the Coast Guard's largest MH-65 helicopter unit. The avionics upgrade to the Echo or “E” configuration will provide enhanced search and rescue capabilities including modern "glass cockpit" technology that increases pilot and aircrew situational awareness. The Dolphin upgrades also include reliability and capability improvements for the automatic flight control system, enhanced digital weather and surface radar, and multifunctional displays with more accurate fuel calculations. The upgrades comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Next Generation Airspace Transportation System requirements, and extends the aircraft service life to the late 2030s. The transition of Air Station Atlantic City's 12 MH-65D helicopters to the upgraded “E” configuration is expected to take approximately 10 months. During the upgrade period, the unit's 62 pilots... Read more →

Schools Shutdown by COVID had Punishing Consequences for Millions of Student Across America

Nation’s report card: Massive drop in math scores slide in reading linked to COVID disruption Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat Oct 24, 12:01am EDT Two and a half years after the pandemic arrived, it’s clearer than ever that COVID’s disruption had punishing consequences for millions of students. Students in fourth and eighth grade saw unprecedented declines in math and significant dips in reading achievement between 2019 and 2022, according to the results of national exams given last school year and released Monday. The declines were broad-based — affecting students in every state and every region of the country. “The results point out and confirm that this is a pretty massive hit to student achievement in our country,” said Scott Marion, a testing expert and member of the board that oversees the tests. Other research has already shown that academic progress was derailed during this period. But the results from the closely watched... Read more →

Inclusive Playground Coming Soon to Gloucester City's Proprietor's Park

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 24, 2022)--Gloucester City has been awarded a $247,000 Community Capital Needs Grant from the New Jersey DCA and the Neighborhood Preservation Program for an inclusive Playground at Proprietor's Park. This grant will provide for the construction of a playground that will be available to all children with different levels of ability. With the additional assistance of funds from the Camden County Commissioners' Open Space Recreation Grant, the park will be accessible for any type of assistive device for children to enjoy. For more information, contact Lori Ryan, Director of Community Development, Read more →

Are Avoidable Mistakes Hurting Your Business?

Every business owner that makes a costly error has an almost universal and immediate reaction once it's discovered: could they have avoided this outcome? It's an unfortunate fact that the answer to that perennial question is often a resounding yes. In a way, it's a good thing that so many of the modern business world's common mistakes are avoidable. That means you don't need to fall into the same traps as others, provided you take the time to review the most frequent pitfalls facing modern owners, founders, and entrepreneurs. In the transportation industry, wasted resources are among the most pernicious problems, often in the form of idle engines that burn fuel when they could be shut down. In dozens of different fields, the lack of follow-up on successful sales is one of the surest ways to lose customers that could otherwise become loyal, long-term buyers. Review the following details about... Read more →

State of NJ Files Lawsuit Against Oil and Gas Companies

Jersey City- Tuesday, Oct. 18, the NJ Office of the Attorney General, the Division of Consumer Affairs, and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection have filed a lawsuit on behalf of New Jersey residents against five oil and gas companies and a petroleum trade association alleging they knowingly made false claims to deceive the public about the existence of climate change and the degree to which their fossil fuel products have been accerbating anthropogenic global warming. The suit filed today in New Jersey Superior Court names as defendant Exxon Mobil Corporation, Shell Oil Company, Chevron Corporation, BP, ConocoPhillips, and the trade group in which these defendants were members- American Petroleum Institute (API). In addition to asking the court for an injunction ordering the energy companies to stop deceiving New Jersey consumers about the destructive environmental impacts of fossil fuels, the State is socking civil monetary penalties and damages, including natural... Read more →

Project Veritas Investigation: NYC Mayor Adams Exposed...Film

Number One Aide to NYC Mayor Adams Admits Migrant Crisis Going to Make Biden Look Bad... Top Aide to NYC Mayor Eric Adams ADMITS Migrant Crisis is Catastrophic for the City… ‘Flooded Our System’ … ‘Eventually Going to Make Biden Look Bad’ … ‘I Don’t Know that Eric Adams is Capable Enough to Navigate it.’ Chris Baugh, Advance Team Aide, NYC Mayor Eric Adams: “There was talk about limiting the number of migrants we would accept, and I’m glad we didn’t do it that way. But I still think what [Texas Governor] Abbott was doing has proven effective. Like, it’s flooded our system. We have more people in social services than we’ve ever had in history. So, it’s effectively demonstrating the strain.” Baugh: “Frankly, I don’t know how much Biden will appreciate having a mayor be like, ‘Hey, you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis.’ Like, eventually,... Read more →

How do you quickly sell bitcoin on the online platform?

Are you searching for the best platform for the exchanging of cryptocurrencies? You have to get started with the Bitpapa platform, which will benefit the people more. Hence more newcomers are considering the platform for trading, which may not give any more issues to the user. In the online platform, you must exchange crypto; the bitpapa is the best source find more information. While compared with the other forum, the Bitpapa exchange platform is excellent and reliable. Of course, you need not worry while seeking to buy or sell your cryptocurrency. With the aid of the platform, which means Bitpapa, you may quickly Thus, the selling process is moved out by the straightforward method, so utilize the platform and start the trading. Therefore, if you need more information about the article, refer to the passage below and gain more data about it. Effectively known about Bitpapa: For the trading... Read more →

PayPal is Wrong to De-Bank Conservatives Says Davis

DAVIS: “PayPal is becoming the Google of consumer payments. It's becoming woke.” On Friday morning, Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Internet Accountability Project, joined Fox News @ Night with Trace Gallagher to discuss PayPal’s new policies debanking conservatives. “Paypal, I think, is the second largest FinTech and consumer payments company on the planet just behind American Express and bigger than Visa and MasterCard. So their lawyers didn't review this? Their executives didn't review this? It just happened to be an error that they're gonna have this change of policy, and they're gonna fine their users $2,500 for misinformation, and no one caught it. It was just an error, just complete nonsense,” Davis said. … “PayPal is becoming the Google of consumer payments, it's becoming woke. As we've seen with Big Tech, they're willing to use their market power to crush competition, shutter small businesses, cancel conservatives and others... Read more →

Philadelphia City Treasurer A Thief, A Fraud, An a Illegal Immigrant; Pleads Guilty to All Counts

PHILADELPHIA – United States Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero announced that Christian Dunbar, 42, of Philadelphia, PA, the former Philadelphia City Treasurer, pleaded guilty in front of United States District Court Judge Cynthia M. Rufe to the procurement of citizenship unlawfully and CNBNews graphic through multiple false statements; submitting false citizenship papers; failing to file tax returns, all in connection with false information and altered documents he submitted as part of his application to become a U.S. citizen, and failing to file his federal tax returns in three separate years. In May 2021, the defendant was charged by Superseding Indictment with multiple counts of filing a false income tax return and failure to file tax returns. Earlier, in September 2020, Dunbar was charged in a 14-count Indictment, charging embezzlement by a bank employee, procurement of naturalization through a false statement, procurement of naturalization unlawfully, obtaining false citizenship papers, and making false... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: Biden Administration Spending $361,218 Per Day Paying for Illegal Immigrants Smart Phones

WHEN WILL You, the taxpayer, wise up? Your money is being given away to people in our country illegally. And, in the meantime, you and I are having trouble paying for bare necessities. Our revolution is on Nov. 8. Go to the polling booth, please; don't stay home. Vote career politicians out of office. The time is long overdue for you, the people, to rise up. ~CNBNewsnet ++++ WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 18, 2022)--As if it weren’t egregious enough that a record 2.5 million illegal immigrants crossed into the U.S. in the fiscal year 2022, the Biden administration released hundreds of thousands of them in the country with taxpayer-funded smartphones that were supposed to track them but have failed miserably to do so. It is part of a controversial Alternatives to Detention program (ATD), and it costs the government a startling $361,218 per day, according to year-end figures (the fiscal year... Read more →

John Degan, 69, Owner of a Gloucester City Business Pleads Guilty to Payroll and Pandemic Tax Fraud

D Degan owned and operated Companion Services Inc., located at 1325 south US Route 130 in Gloucester City. (image courtesy of Google maps) CAMDEN CITY, N.J. – A business owner in Gloucester City, New Jersey, today admitted failing to pay over payroll taxes to the IRS, filing personal income tax returns, and fraudulently obtaining a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced. John Degan, 69, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler in Camden federal court to an information charging him with one count of failing to collect, account for, and pay over payroll taxes, one count of failure to file income tax returns with the IRS, and one count of bank fraud. According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court: Degan owned and operated Companion Services Group Inc., a building maintenance and restoration service company in... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Does The Gloucester City Housing Authority Pay For Itself?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews One of the questions received about the article pertaining to Gloucester City's significant fleet of vehicles is whether the Housing Authority paid for itself with the permit fees it collected. That started me wondering, so I did some research. The information below is reliable but not perfect. The salaries were accurate effective December 31, 2021. An additional person has been hired since then, so I had to estimate his salary. The cost of benefits paid by corporations is usually 35% to 40%, so I used 37%. The IRS has several ways of depreciating vehicles, so I used the easiest method, straight-line, five year. There are other estimations I had to make. Salaries for eight employees with 37% benefits come to $606,789. Keep in mind, for $600,000+ we are only getting four days' work. There are six vehicles and most likely three have been fully depreciated. The... Read more →

Glassboro-Camden Line Presentation Oct. 13 at 7 PM

Join us in Wenonah on Thursday evening, October 13 The Glassboro-Camden Line will significantly impact transportation in South Jersey. The new commuter rail line will benefit thousands of commuters while strengthening communities, creating jobs, bolstering economies, and promoting economic development. Join GCL Project Team members for an informational and Q&A session on October 13 in Wenonah, NJ. When: Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 7 p.m. Where: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 11 N Monroe Ave, Wenonah, NJ 08090 [Directions] The Glassboro-Camden Line improves transit service along the Glassboro to Camden corridor, focusing on increasing mobility and improving links between established communities, jobs, and activity centers. Learn more... Safety is paramount to all aspects of the Glassboro-Camden Line project. The project involves upgrading the corridor's safety at the crossings and along the right-of-way. Pedestrian and bicycle walkways and crossings would be installed at rail crossings. Safety and security measures will continue to... Read more →

Pennsylvania Politics: John Fetterman's Comments Made At Anti-Gun Rally Get New Attention

CNBNews graphic file MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2022 SUPPORT NRA-ILA Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D), the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Pat Toomey’s (R) retirement, has had several statements from earlier this year brought back into the light. They come from when Fetterman spoke at an anti-gun event in April hosted by Giffords, an organization dedicated to banning semiautomatic firearms and standard magazines, among other restrictions on the Second Amendment. View Related Articles At the end of September, FOX News reported on Fetterman attacking NRA members at the Giffords event. “That is the lunatic fringe of gun ownership,” the candidate said while discussing NRA. Besides his disparaging comment about NRA’s 5 million members, Fetterman made several other statements regarding firearms. He mentioned several times that he supports ending the filibuster so that anti-gun legislation can be forced through the Senate. He also stated that he... Read more →

Gloucester City Taxpayers Own 91 Motorized Line Items (MLI) Costing Over $21 Million

By William E. Cleary and Dorothy Philbin Above, the Peterbilt trash truck, purchased by taxpayers in 2021, cost $193,000. In 2020, the taxpayers purchased a 2020 ISUZU street sweeper for $214,000. This year the taxpayers spent $450,000 to buy a Freightliner Camel Jet-Vac. The Public Works Department has 31 Motorized Line Items (MLI) valued at $3,181,813. The oldest piece of equipment in that department is a 1995 front-end loader purchased that year for $60,510. photo credit, +++++ GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(October 10, 2022)--The other day, while walking on Broadway, we couldn't help to notice all the city vehicles that kept riding by. Curious to learn how extensive the City's equipment fleet was, we submitted an OPRA request for that information. We were surprised to know the city taxpayers own 91 motorized line items. The total cost for that equipment is $21,130,173. There are two questions that come to mind.... Read more →


How Many Hours Do You Work?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ-I worked for 17 years for INA, later to become CIGNA. That was my business experience. I taught every grade from kindergarten through 400-level Rutgers University. That was my educational experience. I owned a small bus tour company. Never, in any of these experiences, did I work only 40 hours a week. Never, in any of these experiences, did I get paid for working overtime. This is the world of professional/managerial jobs. OPINION Every time I drive around Broadway and Monmouth Sts. I see the lighted sign at the municipal building telling taxpayers to pay their taxes and other bills online. Does this do away with an employee and save the taxpayers money? Then, our city office employees have Fridays off! What! I know other towns do that but that has nothing to do with Gloucester City. We are one of the poorest cities... Read more →

The Wave Memorial Unveiled, Dedicated to Former Gloucester City Mayor William James

The monument was erected in Proprietor's Park, King Street, and Jersey Avenue near the Betsy Ross Pavilion (CNBNews photo) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ(October 3, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--The unveiling of "The Wave" took place on Saturday during the City's "Pack the Park Fall Festival" held at Proprietors Park. It was dedicated to former Mayor William James, who passed away in 2019. He served three full terms (12 years) and was the longest-serving Mayor in the history of Gloucester City. In 2005 James retired after 25 years from the Gloucester City police department. New York-based artist Winter Willoughby-Spera designed the monument. "The Wave" showcases hundreds of fish sculptures painted by residents of all ages in response to the prompt: "What does Gloucester City mean to you?" The fish are symbolic of each citizen's story, forming "The Wave" that represents the legacy of Gloucester's historic waterfront and the promise of the city's future in its community.... Read more →

Bridge Fund Applications Open; $47.3M in FY23 grants

Program provides millions to each county to improve local bridges (Trenton) – The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) today announced the grant solicitation period for the FY23 Local Bridges Fund program is open with applications being accepted through November 23, 2022. “The Murphy Administration is committed to maintaining and improving local transportation infrastructure by providing financial assistance to improve bridges that are maintained by counties throughout the State,” NJDOT Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti said. “The New Jersey Department of Transportation provides grants to counties through the Local Bridges Fund to make critical improvements to bridges under their jurisdiction without burdening local taxpayers.” The Local Bridges Fund is a $47.3 million program funded through the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), which provides funding for each of New Jersey’s 21 counties for the improvement of county bridges. Every county receives $1 million, and the additional funding is allotted based on a... Read more →

$66 Million in Federal Funds Headed to NJ to Fight Opiod Crisis

Shutterstock (The Center Square) – New Jersey has been given more than $66 million to combat the opioid epidemic. The money comes from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a release from Democratic U.S. Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker says. A release from HHS says the New Jersey State Department of Human Services in Trenton was awarded $66,756,027 through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which pushed more than $1.4 billion to 58 states and territories in its State Opioid Response program. The state response program has a formula for funding, the federal release says. It seeks to increase support for prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery support services for opioid use disorder and other concurrent substance use disorders. Among the benefits is funding for the state, if it chooses, to buy and distribute naloxone, the overdose-reversing medication becoming more and more readily available across... Read more →

Gas Prices Begin to Rise Again as Reserve Nears Bottom

Running on Empty: Aerial view of an offshore jack-up drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Shutterstock (The Center Square) – Gas prices are rising again just as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve hits a low point that many say is a problem. Gas prices hit record highs in the middle of June, surpassing a national average of $5 per gallon before starting a steady downward trend for several consecutive weeks. That streak ended last week when gas prices began to tick back up. The current national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.77, up from $3.68 a week ago. The Biden administration also touted the lower gas prices last Tuesday, but the very next day data showed they had begun to rise again. “Folks, gas prices are now back to levels they were at in early March,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “That means nearly all of the... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: FREE Hotel Rooms, Healthcare Services, Library Cards, Cellphones (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, NY--Newsmax National Correspondent Mike Carter reports on illegal immigrants being rewarded with FREE midtown hotels, health care, cell phones, school supplies, and more, when they arrive in New York - via. "American Agenda" on Newsmax. W Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax App. Read more →

Names of Businesses and Non-Profits in the 08030 Area Who Received PPP Loans Released by ProPublica

THE DATA PROVIDED BELOW IS FOR GLOUCESTER CITY AND BROOKLAWN GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 29, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--ProPublica, an independent news organization that produces investigative journalism, released a CNBNews graphic files database of all the names of the businesses and non-profits that received money from the Paycheck Protection Program. The PPP is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. First Draw PPP loans can help fund payroll costs, including benefits. They may also be used to pay for mortgage interest, rent, utilities, worker protection costs related to COVID-19, uninsured property damage caused by looting or vandalism during 2020, and certain supplier costs and expenses for operations. The Paycheck Protection Program, established by the CARES Act, is implemented by the Small Business Administration with support from the Department of the Treasury. This program provides small businesses with funds to pay up to... Read more →

“I Need Money Desperately” – How and Where to Borrow Money

“I need money here and now” isn’t a rare statement among potential borrowers. They try to deal with financial difficulties by borrowing money from private companies, namely online lenders. How effective is it? Is it safe at all? Does it make any sense? The answer is “yes”. Some lenders provide more attractive personal loan products than others. These include faster application and funding, lower interest rates, no early repayment penalties, and so on. To find the best personal loan, you can shop around and assess the available types of loans. You will need to consider APRs, service fees, and extra charges while making the final choice at direct payday loan lenders. Before you do so, learn more information about the loan product. Shop around for lenders and loan offers When you need a reliable lender to borrow money from, you shouldn’t rush with the decision. The market has a lot... Read more →

Gloucester City Employee Salaries as of 2020

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 26, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--The 2022-23 Gloucester City Municipal Budget totals $22,458,751. Of that amount, $14,453,739, or 65 percent is for employees' salaries and pensions. Below are the salaries for the 117 employees of the City of Gloucester City. Page 2 PAGE 3 RELATED: Gloucester City Comes in at 23:New Jersey Has The Highest Per Capita In Property Taxes in the United States Gloucester City One Of Five Towns In Camden County With The Highest Tax Percentage Increase In 2021 Read more →

YOUR MONEY: Gloucester Council Introduces $1.1M Bond Ordinance

The government has no money of its own. It’s all your money.” — Margaret Thatcher GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 26, 2022)CNBNewsnet--Gloucester City Mayor and Council at their September 22, 2022, meeting introduced a $1,128,200 bond ordinance on first reading. The second reading is scheduled for October 27, 2022. Of that amount $3,200 will be used for a water heater at the library; $96,000 for a self-contained vacuum debris container; $160,000 for repairs to the municipal complex; $144,000 for sports utility vehicles for the city; $24,000 for self-contained breathing apparatus air compressor for the fire department; $24,000 for turnout gear; $32,000 for computers for the municipal complex building; $720,000 for resurfacing various city streets. The Council submitted a proposal to the NJ Urban Enterprise Zone Authority to use funds in the amount of $636,983 for administrative expenses for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023. A resolution was approved authorizing the... Read more →

Case Study Writing Help

Case study writing is a complex task that requires a great deal of critical thinking and research. Case studies are written to gain a better understanding of a process or a specific subject. For example, you can study how the post-surgical infection rate at ABC Hospital is higher than the rate for other health centers in the area. Case study writing is a complex task. Case study writing is a complex task that requires extensive research and careful preparation. The writing should be readable and follow a logical flow. The writer should also make sure to include all relevant information. It is essential to avoid repetition and over-theorizing in the case study. A case study can be based on primary data or secondary data. Including interviews with the protagonist or other organization, members will help the case study be more effective. In addition, having all the relevant materials available before... Read more →

*New Jersey Residents! Don't Forget to File your 2019 ANCHOR Benefit Application this Fall

CNBNews graphic file TRENTON, NJ (August 20, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--You will receive an email from the Division of Taxation by September 30, 2022, with a link so you can file your ANCHOR Benefit application online. The ANCHOR program replaces the Homestead Benefit program. If you owned and occupied a principal residence or rented a rental unit in New Jersey on October 1, 2019, you may be eligible for a benefit payment. The deadline for filing your application is December 30, 2022. If you do not receive the email by the second week of October 2022, contact our Customer Service Center at 1 (888) 238-1233. Read more →

Rental Properties in Gloucester City Out-Number Homeowners

UPDATED WITH PHOTOS AND NEW NUMBERS William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(September 21, 2022)--Twelve years ago, we looked at the housing market in the City of Gloucester City. Former Mayor William James and the council were worried as blight was absorbing sections of the city. They were concerned too about the number of homes converted into apartments. CNBNews graphic file The numbers today reveal that rental properties have increased from 1946 to 2,987 in 2022; or 1,041 more, according to records acquired in an OPRA request by CNBNews. When you compare the number of rentals to the number of residences (4,663) obtained from the latest census, rental properties outnumber homeowners by 64 percent. DO RENTAL PROPERTIES DEVALUE SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES? There have been many studies on this topic. Some confirm that rentals depreciate a neighborhood, and others suggest the opposite. Keith Ihlanfeld from Florida State University wrote... Read more →

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Receives $300,000 From Feds Infrastructure Law to Reduce Pollution

NEW YORK (September 14, 2022) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe has been selected to receive one of the first pollution prevention (P2) grants to be awarded under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which provides a historic $100 million to fund pollution prevention projects. These grants will allow states, Tribes and public universities to provide businesses with technical assistance to help them develop and adopt P2 practices to prevent or reduce pollution before it is even created, while also reducing business and liability costs. EPA is awarding 39 P2 grants this year totaling almost $12 million. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY; IT IS YOUR MONEY THEY ARE GIVING AWAY! ~CNBNews “I am happy to announce that the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe will receive funding to help develop a better way to manage and handle road salt, which has posed a problem on the... Read more →

Apartment Builder Meeting with Planning Bd.; Southport Developer Meeting With GCity Mayor and Council

William E. Cleary Sr.| CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(September 13, 2022)--Throughout the next several weeks, officials in Gloucester City will meet with several builders. One wishes to develop the former Gloucester Catholic Boys building into apartments. Developer number two is interested in the Southport acreage that is, for the most part, has been nothing but a barren plot of ground for over 30 plus years. RELATED: WHAT SHOULD BE DONE WITH THE RAMS ANNEX? PHILLY DEVELOPER SEES GREAT POTENTIAL FOR GLOUCESTER CITY CNBNewsnet photo credit The historic Saint Mary's High School, aka the Gloucester Catholic Boys Annex, Monmouth, and Burlington Streets, opened in the late 1920s. A developer is seeking permission to turn the property into 15 apartments. There are 4,663 residences in the City. According to research by CNBNews, 2,987 are rental homes/apartments, or 64 percent. In other words, there are more rental properties in Gloucester City than homeowners.... Read more →

City of Gloucester City Offering Community Development Block Grants to Small Business Owners

Gloucester City— September 13, 2022 —Mayor Dayl Baile and the Council of Gloucester City open applications for Community Development Block Grants to businesses in Gloucester City. “The City administration has been persistent and diligent in pursuing these funds, totaling $370,684, which were awarded through Camden County Community Development,” stated Lori Ryan, Director of Community Development. Mayor and Council have appropriated $250,000 of its federal Community Development Block Grant CARES Funds (CDBG-CV1) for the COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program. This program is being established to provide working capital funds to the community’s small businesses that have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Gloucester City Small Business Assistance Program has been established to provide working capital funds to community businesses economically impacted by the COVID-19 virus. The program component makes funds available for 120 days of verifiable working capital up to a grant ceiling of $7,500. “We are happy to... Read more →

Murphy Administration incorporates climate change into K-12 curriculum standards for NJ public schools

By Molly Byrne | Ballotpedia via The Center Square TRENTON, NJ (September 12, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--New Jersey became the first state to incorporate climate change into K-12 curriculum standards at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Now that politicians are in the classroom the education of our children is being lost in the political rhetoric- CNBNews The State Board of Education first announced that they would adopt the new curriculum standards in June 2020, after the curriculum changes were initiated by New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy. The updated standards aim “to prepare students to understand how and why climate change happens and the impact it has on our local and global communities as well as to act in informed and sustainable ways.” The state board is responsible for updating the state’s curriculum standards every five years. The board establishes required curriculum standards that local districts must adhere to and provides... Read more →

Details About Marshal Islands -Most Popular Destination for Bitcoin

If you're looking to get into Bitcoin trading in the Marshall Islands, then you need to know how to grab knowledge about it. You can invest in bitvestment website to get profit but make proper research before that. Here are some tips: Proper Tips for BTC Trading Look for online resources that can provide you with information on BTC trading in the Marshall Islands. These include blogs, forums, and even social media groups dedicated to the topic. There are also a number of online courses available that can teach you the basics of BTC trading. Many of these are free, so you can get started without spending any money. Once you have a good understanding of how BTC trading works, you can start experimenting with different strategies. This will help you find out what works best for you and your goals. Finally, make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest... Read more →

Lower Hackensack River Added to Superfund National Priorities

NEW YORK (September 7, 2022) – Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Deputy Regional Administrator Walter Mugdan, Representative Donald Payne, Jr., Representative Josh Gottheimer, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette, the Hackensack Riverkeeper Captain Bill Sheehan and other officials joined together to announce that EPA is adding the Lower Hackensack River in Bergen and Hudson counties to the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL). The site had been proposed for the list in March of this year. Nationwide, EPA is adding to its NPL five sites and proposing to add two others that pose significant risk to people’s health and the environment. "The inclusion of the Lower Hackensack River on the National Priorities List will unlock the federal tools and resources needed to return this precious waterway to the community," said Regional Administrator Lisa F. Garcia. "New Jersey's industrial past helped build this country, but the... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: A Look At Local School Districts

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--I was recently asked how Gloucester City School District compares to other districts in the area. The first district I chose was Woodbury, thinking its demographics would be similar to our own. Once I digest the overall information, I will be able to go into a comparison of specific schools and grades. Gloucester City's popular, 11,248, is slightly higher than Woodbury's at 9,861. The median household income is a little higher in Gloucester City, $59,394, while Woodbury's is $55,226. However, Woodbury has a 67 more households than we do. Even though Woodbury has four schools to our three, they have 628 fewer students than we. Gloucester City has 2,258 to Woodbury's 1,630. It is surprising that one out of three students in Woodbury lives in an apartment, whereas in Gloucester City, it is one out of four. Since Gloucester City has only one... Read more →

Play Over 2500 Games In Slots City Canada

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by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist Remember when we were told we wouldn't be paying any additional taxes unless we made more than $400,000 a year? Did you believe that? You shouldn't have. Philbin's philosophy: there's no such thing as an honest politician!'s how we're not being taxed now. Do you sell anything online? Maybe e-bay? Some other site? image courtesy of Thanks Joe Biden! There is a law on the books that if a person makes more than $20,000 a year selling items online, the company (e.g., e-bay) would have to issue a 1099 (miscellaneous income) to you. Since there were very few people who make $20,000 selling used items, the law was usually ignored. The IRS knew that and since they now have 87,000 new agents the $20,000 limit has been changed to $600. How many people sell used college textbooks? Or clothes? Or antiques? Soon... Read more →

How to Grab Knowledge about Profitable BTC Trading in Rwanda?

If you want to learn about profitable BTC trading in Rwanda, then this article is for you. Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa with a population of over 12 million people. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa, but it has a very active and growing economy. The capital city of Kigali is a bustling metropolis with a thriving business community. There are many opportunities for those who want to trade BTC in Rwanda. You should use the bitcoin 360 ai app to get more profit. The Rwandan government has been supportive of the cryptocurrency industry and has even put together a task force to promote its development. This is a good sign for those looking to invest in BTC in Rwanda. The country has a lot of potential for growth and there is a lot of interest from both local and foreign investors. There are... Read more →

How to Grab Knowledge about Profitable BTC Trading in Russia?

If you want to get involved in profitable BTC trading in Russia, then you need to have the right knowledge about the market. There are a lot of things that you need to know in order to be successful in this business. And one of the most important things that you should learn is how to find the best time to buy and sell your coins. The bitalpha ai also provides good tips in this regard. The good thing is that there are already a lot of people who are willing to share their knowledge about this matter. You can easily find them by searching for forums or blogs that discuss BTC trading. Once you find these sources, you will surely be able to grab a lot of useful information that can help you become successful in this business. If you're looking to get into BTC trading in Russia, there... Read more →

PSEG Home Weatherization Program for Income-Qualified Customers

See if you qualify for a free energy efficiency assessment—and up to $7,500 in energy efficiency, health, and safety upgrades at no charge. You may be eligible to receive a free energy efficiency assessment to identifying energy-saving opportunities all around your home. Depending on your home's needs, you also may be eligible for installation of up to $6,000 in energy efficiency upgrades and up to $1,500 in health and safety improvements—all at no cost to you. SCHEDULE YOUR ASSESSMENT To see if you are eligible or to schedule your assessment, call 1-855-846-2895. To be eligible, you must meet at least one of the following requirements: Your primary residence must be located within a pre-qualified moderate-income census tract. Census tract confirmation can be verified at You must provide proof of participation in the New Jersey SHARES (NJ SHARES) federal/safety net partnership program. Your household income is above 250% and below... Read more →