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Lake Effect Snow Blizzard in New York Headed into the History Books, says Accuweather

Could this week’s lake-effect snow in New York go into the history books? The Empire State has a long history of monster snowfalls. Taking a look back at some of the most historic lake-effect snowstorms in New York can help offer insight into what this storm could unleash. AccuWeather Global Weather Center – November 17, 2022 – A potentially historic lake-effect snowstorm is on the doorstep for areas in western New York and parts of Ontario, Canada, AccuWeather meteorologists warn. Winter storm watches and lake-effect snow warnings have been issued ahead of this long-duration event, which could cause travel shutdowns and potentially create a new page in the weather history books. BUFFALO, NY - DECEMBER 2: Trucks stand still along the New York State Thruway after a five-mile-wide band of lake-effect snow dumped more than two feet of snow and closed a 16-mile stretch of the road December 2, 2010... Read more →

Tips for learning Cybersecurity

With each passing year, there’s an unfortunate yet constant rise in the number of cyberattacks the world faces, and the number keeps increasing. In finding a solution and defending against such attacks, the emerging field of cybersecurity has seen a consistent rise and growth in popularity. Universities and colleges have added more opportunities for cyber security education; there is an increased demand for skilled workers in this field and competitive pay follows such high demand. This has led to a surge of interested individuals wanting to learn and build a career in the cybersecurity field, to the point that schools can hardly accommodate them. However, the vast majority of online courses and free learning resources have provided the option of self-teaching cybersecurity. This option has become a popular idea that has produced enough self-thought cybersecurity experts to back it up, but they will all agree that self-teaching cybersecurity can be... Read more →

Avaya 71200X Exam Preparation Tips with Sample Practice Questions

Gaining certification in Avaya 71200X will allow a candidate to work with some of the world's largest corporations. To develop in your profession, you must complete the Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist course. As a result, candidates are more eager to put their knowledge to use and accomplish more. In order to verify whether a candidate fulfills Avaya's competency criteria using industry-standard methodologies, the Avaya Aura Core Components Integration exam is tough and experienced. With this certification, candidates may showcase their potential to link and execute the core features of 71200X Exam Dumps, which is the goal of this credential. Attendees will learn about the latest technological advances and how to prepare for their career choices. In order to go up the career ladder, candidates need to earn their ACIS certification. Recommendations: The candidates have a basic understanding of SIP concepts, and the ability to understand the basics of Voice over... Read more →

What You Should Know About The 3G Shutdown

As the world moves from 3G to 5G LTE, it’s wise to make sure your essential devices can move with it. (NAPSI)—The end of the 3G cellular network has begun and for many Americans, it may come as a surprise. They might wake up one morning to some of their most important devices not working. What is 3G? Many people have heard the term 3G but don’t know it refers to the “third generation” of cellular network technology. Now there’s 5G LTE—500 times faster than 3G—and carriers are phasing out 3G. What devices might be affected? You may have a connected device now which uses 3G such as: •personal wearable alarms used to connect to 911 • wearable locators for kids and pets •smart watches •ankle monitors •older cell phones (such as iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Trac phones) •older Amazon Kindles (Oasis and older) •some mobile hotspots and... Read more →

Getting Along Database Administration And Monitoring Process

Database administrators are often not adequately aware of the IT monitoring process. This information may be essential to their job, whether an in-house DB admin or third-party service provider. On the other hand, IT monitoring service providers may not know enough about the intricacies of databases and how these relate to their business model. The process of monitoring a system is becoming more critical in today's market as companies are looking for ways to manage their IT resources on a business level and not just within the databases themselves. Administration and Active Directory Integration Today, more businesses are beginning to develop an entire active directory system in the business world. This allows numerous systems to be linked together, allowing them to be easily tracked and managed from a single location. One such way of getting such a system is through, offering all the essential services for businesses to monitor... Read more →

Technology Advancements as Made Gaming More Enhanced and Popular

Online gaming's popularity is only expected to rise in the coming years. For the past several years, the sector has been thriving and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. In order to give their customers something to look forward to, several casino owners have worked hard to enhance their offerings. New games and improved experiences aren't the only things these providers are bringing to the table. Online casino games have seen a number of notable developments in recent years, if you would like to see the recent trends within these casino games you should visit this site Technology Advancements in Online Gambling The online gambling market is flourishing for several reasons, it focuses on the newest technologies used by the online casino business in order to provide clients with the best possible games and pleasure. We rely on technology since it has become an integral... Read more →

How Important Are Antivirus Software Updates For Cybersecurity?

By Iurii Motov/ Staying cybersecure means that you need to be up to date with theaters in criminal tactics. However you also need to make sure that you have correct cybersecurity software installed on your devices. It’s not enough just to install cybersecurity software on your devices though. You must ensure that they are always kept up to date at all times. Software updates will maximize your security. Most people choose to ignore software updates as they can take time and disrupt your working day. However there are ways that you can make sure that you always get the latest version of your cybersecurity tools. Read on to find out more. Why Are Software Updates Used? Unfortunately not all cybersecurity tools remain secure for a long time. Cybercriminals are able to develop new strategies to bypass your security and break into your device. Cybersecurtiy software isn’t perfect either. It can... Read more →

A Guide on How to Set Up a Pirate Bay Proxy Server

A Pirate Bay proxy server is a software tool that allows users to access the popular torrent downloading website. Users can download content from the website without having to download it first. The Pirate Bay proxy servers are interesting for many reasons. One of them is that they are available in many locations around the world. They are accessible with just a few clicks on your browser - no need for downloading or installing any extra software on your computer. You can even download torrent files directly from this site! What do we mean by the proxy server? A proxy server is a computer program that allows access to restricted websites. It allows you to surf the Internet privately and anonymously. The most common proxy servers are free, but there are also paid services available. They usually have a limited number of IP addresses and can only be accessed from... Read more →

How to Play GameCube ISO on Your Computer

Remember the first innovative Nintendo console that started using optical discs as its primary storage medium? We will bet. It's hard to believe that Japanese and American Nintendo console game fans welcome GameCube ISO; it's been almost 20 years. In 2001, the Nintendo GameCube console received a lot of attention for its unique design and innovative features and its vast new game library. As you know, there is an ardent connoisseur of the GameCube heritage that still mourns the loss of old GameCube consoles that are hard to come by these days. But the point is that you no longer need a vintage console to play your favorite games. Thanks to the dedicated emulator and GameCube ROM (ISO), you can quickly rejoin Mario, Luigi, Zelda, and other characters! Learn how to do it now! Finding almost any old-fashioned game on the internet suitable for the best GameCube ROM emulator is... Read more →

How to stake Ethereum 2.0 in 2021

One of the booming cryptocurrency that you can invest in is Ethereum. To increase the benefits, it is now bringing forth an upgraded version of Ethereum 2.0 for investors. ETH requires a lot many things to keep in your mind before you start to stake. You will need a minimum of 32 tokens to validate into the stake handling for ETH. Considering it is all about storing, maintaining, and adding new blockchain, you must be very convenient with the client. As it involves risks like losing the ETH for several reasons during the staking time, you should always prepare for it. If you wish to stake without 32 ETH, it is possible, but it involves a new set of rules and rewards that are often less beneficial. Create an account on Crypto Exchange You can create an account very smoothly on a crypto exchange site. It involves having a few... Read more →

5 Biggest Mistakes of App Review Management

The higher your app’s ratings — the more users see it, and the more purchases flow in. However, you cannot please everyone. Sooner or later, negative comments appear. The way you handle them defines the future of your product. Sadly, too many developers ignore the golden rules of feedback management. Should you reply to all reviews or just the negative ones? How often should you send requests for feedback? There are many questions to answer. With a system for automatic app review responses, boosting ratings is easy. Experts will help you avoid the deadly sins of app management, including these five mistakes. Delayed Responding If a user complains about a specific feature, improving it requires time. Do not keep them in the dark, though. Reply to the comment promptly to show that their opinion counts and the team is working on a solution. This will contribute to trust and attract... Read more →


(NAPSI)—Despite years of talk about how 5G is going to transform everyone’s lives, most people haven’t experienced the lightning-fast speeds and incredible performance of it—yet. What Is 5G And Why Do I Want It? 5G is the fifth generation of network technology. It may improve everything from entertainment and gaming to education and public safety because it can deliver faster download speeds, real-time responses and enhanced connectivity, giving businesses and consumers the potential to experience new, innovative technologies. With 5G, high amounts of data can be transmitted more efficiently. Over the past few years, billions of dollars have been spent to build 5G networks, yet 92% of Americans don’t have a 5G phone. And no 5G phone means no 5G experience. How To Get It Now, everyone in America can trade in any mobile phone and get a 5G smartphone, free. That’s because the Un-carrier, T-Mobile, has kicked off the... Read more →

What is a VPN? Things You Should Know

People often have no idea what is a VPN or why they need to use a VPN. A VPN, well expanded, Virtual Private Network is a network connection that is encrypted with the aid of software installed on your device or by running a stand-alone software. This network connection helps connect you to the public internet in a safe and secure manner. It helps avoid any information that is transmitted from your device from being misused by a third party that could gain access while the data is in transmission. It also prevents eavesdropping, snatching, hacking, rerouting of internet traffic, or any other form of unauthorized attack that could originate online. Data Encryption A VPN ensures that the traffic you send over the network to the website is encrypted between your device and the website server. Such encryption helps the data to remain private while in transit. Because of this... Read more →

ABC News ‘Soul of a Nation’ Co-Executive Producer Praises

Alma Mater’s Creative Freedom EWING, NJ April 20, 2021 – ABC News ‘Soul of a Nation’ co-executive producer Eric Johnson extols his experience of creative freedom at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). "Co-Executive Producer for ABC News 'Soul of a Nation' and The College of New Jersey alumnus Eric Johnson." Writing and producing at ABC News for over 14 years, New Jersey-born Johnson graduated from the leading public NJ college in 2004 as a Communication Studies major in the School of the Arts and Communication. “Comm studies gave me the creative freedom to feel confident in exploring possibilities after undergraduate school,” Johnson explains. “After graduating from TCNJ, I was a little lost. But in hindsight I'm so grateful for the flexibility my Communication degree has given me", he adds. One of Johnson’s mentors, Associate Professor of Journalism and Interactive Multimedia Kim Pearson, explains, “In his enduringly important book, The... Read more →

Why You Should Care About Intent in Your SEO Strategy

Since 2019, Google's Quality's Raters' Guidelines have included user intent. Intent comes in different forms, which Google assesses to direct them to the most relevant content. As a business owner or blogger, you need to know what reasons your audience turns to the web in order to provide more high-value, high-conversion content. What Is Intent SEO? Intent search engine optimization tailors content to suit users’ reasons, also known as intent. Rather than simply relying on common or trending keywords to rank higher, intent-driven SEO incorporates keywords, format, and content itself based on not only a particular query but the need it fulfills. For example, a blog post about the different types of small dog breeds could fill a user's intent to know more about small dogs. But a website that allows someone to order custom engraved dog tags for their new puppy could be found via a do query, in... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Concertina razor wire tops the 8-foot non-scalable fence that surrounds the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, on Jan. 14, 2020. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) courtesy of Epoch Times CORRECTION: The police officer who supposedly died from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher actually died from natural causes; specifically a heart attack. The rioting in the streets that we have witnessed across our Nation last summer is sadly continuing into this year. As everyone knows January 6 a large number of people made up of Trump supporters, along with insurgents from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, broke into the Capitol Building in Washington. Five people died, and many were injured. Three of the five died from heart problems, a woman climbing into the Capitol building was shot and killed and a police officer was struck with a fire extinguisher. He died later from his... Read more →

How to Choose PDF Converters 

(November 16, 2020)--The purpose of these programs is to transform data from one format to another. Every user needs to do it sooner or later, and the range of possible combinations seems infinite. Some programs allow you to save your work in various formats, but they do not cover everyone’s needs. Here is what you can expect from free and paid conversion products. Sometimes, automation is the only way to transform your files. However, even when manual paths exist, they are often flawed. The integrity of data is the main consideration, as it is often lost in the process. Reliable file converters deliver an accurate result in seconds. All you need is a couple of clicks: choose the file, specify the output format, and launch the process. Features of the Best Converters Batch conversion is one of the most important features. Why? Converting email messages one by one can turn... Read more →

Russell Wilson

( 10, 2020)--If you are somebody who enjoys betting on the NFL, Russell Wilson is the favorite for the MVP award of the 2020/2021 season. He stands as the midseason MVP and is having an incredible season so far. He has led his team to a staggering 6 - 1 record that leads in the NFL’s top division, and he is on track to possibly throw 59 touchdown passes this season. Betting Odds If you are an American football fan and want to bet on Russell Wilson, you can head to a casino online. A very popular casino, NetBet, has Russell Wilson at +110 odds to win the MVP this year. NetBet is a gambling operator that offers sports betting and casino online games. There are different ways to bet on Russell Wilson and the NFL in general on the NetBet site. You can bet on individual games. Money line... Read more →

City of Gloucester City has a New Website

CNBNew Editor's Note: (Gloucester City, NJ)--At long last, the City of Gloucester City has a new website. The one the city has been using was introduced in 2007-08. The new site is supposedly more user friendly. Mayor Daniel Spencer released the following message to the public about the website. image source Welcome to the new Gloucester City website! Please be sure to sign up for “Stay Connected” notifications to stay informed about the activity in the City. Mayor Dan Spencer The purpose of this new website is to improve our methods of communication and citizen engagement. I and the Council Members have worked diligently for you, the residents of this community, this past year and are open to your suggestions on how we can be even better. We are always looking for new committee members on our City committees and organizations. Reach out to your council member if you... Read more →

Let`s Educate More: Police Brutality And Different Peculiar Remakes Of BLM In Other Countries

( 28, 2020)--After the brutal death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement stirred up society, leaving an indelible mark on history. Apart from highlighting the social issue of racism, it unveiled the problem of police brutality, elevating the level of racist tendencies. Countries and their response to BLM Movement According to journalists and writers, thousands of protestors marched in Brussels, Belgium against racism and police brutality. The protest was about the murder of George Floyd; however, it wasn’t only about that – it was also about the colonial history of Belgium and its current inequities. The demonstrators scaled the statue of King Leopold II, a Belgian ruler who had killed millions of Congolese people. What is interesting is that it was not just Brussels – demonstrations and protests have been erupting on almost every continent, many of them even defying the COVID-19 restrictions. People took to the streets... Read more →

What Happens After a Fully Favorable Decision?

( 19, 2020)--Even after the administrative judge has determined that you qualify for benefits, the process may be far from over. What happens after a favorable decision is received can become very complicated. It may take months or even years to receive a fully favorable decision in your struggle to receive Social Security benefits. Reasons for a Delay After receiving a favorable decision, your first payment may take months to arrive. There are a couple of reasons for this delay in receiving your check. The post-decision process depends on the type of claim or claims you had. Most people have Supplemental Security Income and/or Disability Insurance Benefits, and each is treated a bit differently. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) A notice is sent to your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office informing them when a fully favorable decision is issued. You are then contacted within 30 days to discuss your finances.... Read more →

Over 17 Million Unsafe Takata Airbags Remain In Vehicles On U.S. Roads

(NAPSI)—Today, in the U.S., more than 17 million recalled Takata airbags remain in vehicles on the road. A defective part inside the airbag can explode when the airbag deploys, potentially shooting sharp metal fragments at the driver and passengers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has confirmed that 16 people in the U.S. have been killed, and hundreds of others alleged to have been injured, by this defect. Affected vehicles include those made by BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ferrari, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen. Vehicle manufacturers are sending official recall notices to affected consumers. Consumers also get notifications through postcards, e-mail, social media and other forms of communication urging them to contact their dealers immediately to schedule an appointment for a free recall repair. Even if they haven’t received a communication, all vehicle owners should... Read more →

Keeping your car in good repair may keep you from getting a ticket

(NAPSI)—Many drivers may feel that they don’t have the time or money to address vehicle repairs immediately but beware: Ignoring some repairs can get you pulled over and even ticketed. “Ignoring certain vehicle repairs may seem to save money in the short term but can lead to extra costs, such as fines or ‘fix-it’ tickets, if these problems are not taken care of when they arise,” explains Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “In some jurisdictions, car owners may even lose their license for certain violations. A few dollars spent on simple vehicle repairs can help avoid trouble with the law.” While a vehicle is in operation, traffic laws require that certain equipment is properly installed and functioning correctly, including brakes, headlights, turn signals, mirrors, windshields and safety belts, to name a few. The Car Care Council recommends that drivers address these four repairs right away as they present... Read more →

Best Places to Play Bingo in Gloucester City

(August 13, 2020)--The state of New Jersey is one of the biggest gambling and online gambling hotspots in the US and is home to many renowned venues. In recent years, bingo has become just as popular in the state, while in Gloucester City in particular there are many places where you can play. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular. image courtesy of Sacred Heart Hall Offering players an especially intimate bingo experience, this is a venue that has players returning on a weekly basis. With a weekly bingo jackpot of $1,000 on offer to customers, there is also a wide variety of slots for players to enjoy as well as horse racing terminals to place bets. In addition, the onsite restaurant also offers customers an array of light snacks, while the customer service takes some beating. With an ample amount of free parking available this... Read more →

A Breakdown of Data Breaches by State

PAUL BISCHOFF TECH WRITER, PRIVACY ADVOCATE AND VPN EXPERT COMPARITECH Data breaches are common in headlines these days, but they are not equally spread out in terms of location. Data breaches occur far more often in some US states than others, and the number of records lost or stolen varies as well. Data breaches are common in headlines these days, but they are not equally spread out in terms of location. Data breaches occur far more often in some US states than others, and the number of records lost or stolen varies as well. Puerto Rico is not included in this map. Comparitech analyzed the number of data breaches from 2005 to present to find out which US states suffer the most. We looked at both the number of data breaches and the number of records exposed. Here are our key findings: California suffered the most data breaches and also... Read more →

James Lipton, Founder of Inside the Actors Studio, Passes at 93

By Raymond Rolak CNBNews Entertainment Editor NEW YORK, NY (March 5, 2020)----James Lipton, native Detroiter and founder of Inside the Actors Studio has died at 93. Lipton died at his home in Manhattan from bladder cancer. His wife, Kedakai Mercedes-Lipton said in a written statement, “His work was his passion, he loved what he did and all the people he worked with. He empowered people to do their best, and hopefully, his spirit, curiosity, and passion will live on.” Lipton became world-famous for developing the show, Inside the Actors Studio. He hosted the long-running cable series on the Bravo Network and had a distinctive style. As a youth, the celebrated content creator played the Lone Ranger's nephew on the radio. Inside the Actors Studio was created in 1994 to serve as a master class for the students of the Actors Studio Drama School. He hosted until 2018. With 277 James... Read more →


Tech times is a platform that provides vital reviews and information about the product that are in daily use. On this platform, you will find reviews about different companies and products written by different authors. Moreover, the platform is not restricted for single-use it provides reviews and blogs on many different topics like science, health and many more. Giving the author its own section to publish on any topic. A few of the post reviews are about different products, some regarding the new inventions and many other kinds of items. The main goal or ambition of Tech Times is to deliver about the latest information and happenings occurring in the field of science, technology and health industries. The team of Tech times analyzes the strategies applied to different businesses and technologies that help in impacting different markets and industries. The company is not only focused on the production of technology,... Read more →

Dept of Labor Cited Aruvil International of Pennsauken for Repeat Violations of Safety and Health Laws

PENNSAUKEN, NJ (October 22, 2019)-– The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has again cited Aruvil International Inc. for multiple workplace violations – including four willful safety citations - at the company's Pennsauken, New Jersey, facility. The commercial and residential fencing company faces $370,298 in penalties. OSHA initiated an inspection in April 2019, as a follow-up to a prior inspection. OSHA cited Aruvil International Inc. for willfully violating federal standards related to lockout/tag out procedures to prevent machine startup, machine guards and proper warehouse lighting. OSHA also cited the company for an obstructed loading dock, and blocked electrical disconnects for forklift truck chargers. "OSHA has inspected Aruvil International Inc. three times since 2015, and repeated violators cannot be tolerated," said Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Loren Sweatt. "Employers who do not comply with the law will continue to see full... Read more →

Should You Consider a Career In Cybersecurity?

(April 3, 2019)--Cybersecurity is a booming industry that is expected to grow to $105 billion by the end of 2020. It’s not surprising that the industry is doing so well. Cybercrime is on the increase and is expected to cause damages that exceed the $2 trillion mark during 2020. “What does all that have to do with a career in cybersecurity?” you might ask. Well, it’s pretty simple – the ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks that target not only individuals but high-profile international companies as well, mean that there is a high demand for qualified experts to start fighting back. And it’s not just the big corporates that are looking for help. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cybercrime, and the consequences of an attack for them can be pretty dire. Many of them don’t survive longer than six months after an attack, which is why they take... Read more →

Philadelphia Releases Rules for Flying Drones

photo provided By Justin Friend, Regional Integration Center Coordinator, Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--Drones are becoming commonplace in our everyday lives, both for play and professional use. Not only do they provide a leisure activity, but drones give us an elevated perspective away from the limitation of having our feet firmly on the ground. Drones are a lot of fun to fly and those with video capability provide us with fresh, intriguing views. However, it is important to remember that you are controlling a real aircraft that is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Given that small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) or drones are occupying more time in the sky, it is essential to know safety rules and regulations to fly safely and responsibly. To help become educated on the do’s and don’ts of drone usage, I’ve outlined information from the FAA and City of... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY NEW JERSEY (December 19, 2015)-In the nine years we have been in business we have posted 25,766 comments and have withheld 823 comments for one reason or another. Most of those that are not posted contain libelous or slanderous comments from people who give no facts to back up their statement (s). These same people don’t use their real name nor do they give a real email address. WE can be sued for statements that are unfounded. Just because you read a comment on a social media site or heard some scuttlebutt at the bar doesn’t make it true. Unless you can give substantial facts to back up your remarks your comment will not appear. Keep in mind even if you are correct and the matter is taken to court there are still going to be court fees. If you have... Read more →

Racketeering Indictment Charges 12 in Connection With Ring That Used Internet to Sell Cocaine

TRENTON – Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman today announced that the Division of Criminal Justice obtained a first-degree racketeering indictment charging 12 men in connection with a drug ring that marketed cocaine and designer drugs online and distributed them via the mail. They were charged in an investigation by the Division of Criminal Justice called “Operation Skin Deep,” which also led to a second indictment charging three men with selling cocaine in Atlantic City. Operation Skin Deep began as an undercover investigation into cocaine sales in Atlantic City, but ultimately exposed an alleged narcotics network that was using the Internet to arrange mail-order sales of cocaine and designer drugs, including ethylone, which is known as “M” and is similar to ecstasy. Investigators also allegedly uncovered a conspiracy by the alleged leader of that ring, Christopher Castelluzzo, and three other members of the enterprise to murder a former associate and... Read more →

Developing Story: Freehold Theater Evacuated During Star Wars Showing

FREEHOLD -- People watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie here were asked to leave the AMC Theatre in the Raceway Mall after a threat this morning, according to a news report and Twitter users. The evacuation came in just before noon, and just four days after another evacuation was ordered. On Monday, an… Read more →

Recent Email Phishing Campaigns – Mitigation and Response Recommendations

National Cyber Awareness System: TA15-213A: 08/01/2015 06:01 PM EDT Original release date: August 01, 2015 Systems Affected Microsoft Windows Systems, Adobe Flash Player, and Linux Overview Between June and July 2015, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) received reports of multiple, ongoing and likely evolving, email-based phishing campaigns targeting U.S. Government agencies and private sector organizations. This alert provides general and phishing-specific mitigation strategies and countermeasures. Description US-CERT is aware of three phishing campaigns targeting U.S. Government agencies and private organizations across multiple sectors. All three campaigns leveraged website links contained in emails; two sites exploited a recent Adobe Flash vulnerability (CVE-2015-5119) while the third involved the download of a compressed (i.e., ZIP) file containing a malicious executable file. Most of the websites involved are legitimate corporate or organizational sites that were compromised and are hosting malicious content. Impact Systems infected through targeted phishing campaigns act as an... Read more →

ICE warns parents, children about summer online threats

PRESS RELEASE Summer is here, which means warm weather, outdoor fun and, most importantly, no school for children nationwide. With their agenda for the next couple of months mainly deciding what beach they want to go to and how late they’ll be able to sleep in, kids all of a sudden have significantly more time on their hands. That free time, albeit fun, also leaves them vulnerable to threats from online predators looking to take advantage of their innocence and naivety. “This is when predators are going to identify and groom their next victims,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Boston Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Robert Kurtz said of the summer. “[The predators] know that the time usually occupied during school hours is now unsupervised. Their parents are at work and not over their shoulders watching their every move.” The National Center for Missing... Read more →


FBi press release February 13, 2015 In the wake of the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo in Paris last month, the FBI would like to warn the public about the potential for fraudulent solicitations of donations for victims. These solicitations come in many forms, such as crowdfunding platforms, e-mail campaigns, or cold calls, and perpetrators may divert some or all of the funds for their own use. A number of charities and crowdfunding campaigns have already begun soliciting donations. At the time of this advisory, the FBI has not recorded any reports of fraudulent donation schemes relating to the Charlie Hebdo attack. But based on previous trends, the Bureau can reasonably assume that such schemes may target individuals in the United States. In general, individuals and businesses should be wary of suspicious e-mails, telephone calls, or websites that solicit donations in response to any event. Crowdfunding—soliciting money from a large... Read more →

Twitter Marketing Software Developer Reveals Latest Company Updates

December 26, 2014 Displayed with permission from PR Newswire DALLAS, Dec. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Twitter marketing tool developer SocialCentiv is rolling out new updates for its innovative platform. The company recently discussed improvements it is making to SocialCentiv on its blog. With the changes, businesses will be able to "navigate the site more intuitively and find new customers more easily," according to the SocialCentiv team. New Features, More Guidance SocialCentiv developed new features to allow business clients to use its platform with "more convenience than before." Included on the list of updates are a single column Tweet reply page, WisePops - a tool which helps boost the most important content, with high & immediate ROI, and tools for more guidance. Business marketers can read about the latest features in more detail on the company's blog. Those interested in the platform can also register for a free 7-day trial to... Read more →

eBay Database Breach, Reset Your Password

eBay: How not to handle a security breach (via The Inquirer) PRIVACY has been thrown back into the spotlight this week by the eBay database breach. eBay is not the only firm to have suffered at the hands of hackers, and nor is the breach the worst financially or by the amount and type of data that was compromised… Read more →

Privacy Tools: How to Safely Browse the Web

by Julia Angwin ProPublica, Jan. 14, 2014 In the course of writing her book, Dragnet Nation, ProPublica reporter Julia Angwin tried various strategies to protect her privacy. In this blog post, she distills the lessons from her privacy experiments into useful tips for readers. One of the easiest and simplest things you can do to protect your privacy is to be a smarter Web browser. This is surprisingly difficult because most popular Web browsing software is set up to allow users to be tracked by default. The reason is simple economics – you don’t pay for Web browsing software, so the companies that make it have to find other ways to make money. The most egregious example of this conflict came in 2008 when Microsoft’s advertising executives helped quash a plan by the engineers to build better privacy protections into the Internet Explorer 8 Web browser. Microsoft has since added... Read more →

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey': Is it really necessary? (+trailer)'

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will be followed by two planned sequels. (Warner Bros./AP) My first thought in watching “The Hobbit” was: Do we really need this movie? It was my last thought, too. Having powered his way through the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which had its occasional majesties, director Peter Jackson now feels compelled to give us this prequel, based on the Tolkien novel that spawned the cult I never joined. Whether this makes me the best or the worst judge of this movie I leave to others to decide. But I must confess that by the time the last of the “Rings” movies wrapped, I had had quite enough of orcs and dwarves and rings and Gandalf and Middle-earth. I even had my fill of Gollum. Gollum's original name was Smeagol. And so, wouldn’t you know, all of that and more – though with less effect –... Read more →