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*CNB Business News: How are companies that are buying houses doing their job

CNBNews Staff Here’s here is how to sell your house traditionally: Talk to agents who know your neighbourhood look at the comps and net sheets that they give you Make them tell you how are... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: Jersey City is the Fifth Most Expensive City to Rent One-Bedroom Apartment

Gloucester City News Jersey City has always been seen as an inexpensive alternative to living in New York City, but it certainly isn't cheap to live in New Jersey's second largest city. In fact, Jersey... Read more →

(VIDEO) The City of Gloucester Hires Real Estate Company to Auction Off 32 Properties Online

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ-- The city of Gloucester has announced via a PR Media release that it will conduct an online auction of 32 properties starting on August 9 and... Read more →

US News List Philadelphia One of the Best Places to Live

English: Sauveur House, 8205 Seminole Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA (1885); G.W. & W.D. Hewitt, architects. Now part of (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Profile written by local expert: Katrina Rossos | US News Philadelphia offers a... Read more →

Your Money: 6,000 Foreclosures in November Keep N.J. at Top of the National List

New Jersey continues to lead the country in foreclosures, even though the national average continues to show a dramatic decrease. The state's foreclosure rate for the month of November sat at 0.16, compared to the... Read more →

CNB Business: Exhibitions Demonstrate the Potential for Activation of Municipal Pier 9

RELATED: CNB BUSINESS NEWS PHILADELPHIA PA--Municipal Pier 9, the 93-year old warehouse owned by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC), features over 55,000 square feet of open space. The unique post-industrial site is conveniently located... Read more →

New Jersey Communities File Lawsuits Against 35 Hospitals Over Property Taxes

TRENTON -- Eager to tap into a new source of cash to lower New Jersey's notoriously high property taxes, local officials have filed tax appeals challenging the tax-exempt status of 35 nonprofit hospitals, NJ Advanced... Read more →

Deal to save SS United States Scuttled

PHILADELPHIA -- Six months after nationally-recognized cruise line Crystal Cruises signed an exclusive purchase option to acquire the S.S. United States and return her to sea, the ship's supporters announced last Friday that the deal... Read more →

CNB Business: Warner Realtors to Auction off 10 Properties, MOST Starting at $1,000!

(PR MediaRelease) When it comes to buying Real Estate, price is definitely a key factor. Warner Real Estate & Auction Co. is conducting an ONLINE ONLY Real Estate Auction consisting of 10 properties, 9 of... Read more →

From the Battlefield in Afghanistan to Selling Homes in Jackson, A Veteran's Story of Success

By Wendy Owen, JTOWN Magazine Originally Published April 2015 JACKSON– From Chris Kyle to Marcus Luttrell, heroism has been writ large on the screen, but there are heroes all around us. Hemingway wrote, "Courage is... Read more →

Be Whoopi Goldberg's neighbor: Llewellyn Park modernist home on market for $2M (PHOTOS)

Secluded Llewellyn Park is known for its lushly landscaped lanes and famous current and former residents, from Thomas Edison to Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg. The neighborhood also boasts an impressive architectural pedigree, including this unusual... Read more →

Zombie foreclosures: Why it's a problem and what one N.J. county is doing about it

While a "zombie foreclosure" may sound like something you would find on a particularly messy episode of The Walking Dead, the term actually describes a problem plaguing towns around New Jersey. While a "zombie foreclosure"... Read more →

Former Executive Director of Lock Haven YMCA Charged with Theft-cnbnews.net

Jeremiah M. Clark Adam C. Coleman Kimberly Ann Coleman HARRISBURG - Agents from the Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation have arrested three Central Pennsylvania residents, including the former Executive Director of the Lock Haven... Read more →