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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Holidays

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor The holidays are upon us! Family members will gather together, spending time with one another and eating lots of goodies! But, what about Fido? Your dog is part of the family and thus, should be included in the festivities! However, a certain amount of preparation is in order so that everyone enjoys a relaxed and social time. Be sure that your dog is up to date on his immunizations. In case he becomes anxious and decides to take a chunk out of... Read more →


November and December are filled with holiday merriment, but an unexpected trip to the veterinary hospital can instantly spoil the cheer. There are many seasonal dangers for pets, including consumption of toxic foods and decorations, that can devastate a Thanksgiving, Christmas or holiday celebration. Peyton Cleary/CNBNews graphic From chocolate and turkey bones to tinsel and toys, veterinarians at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital have treated dozens of dogs and cats who have gotten into holiday-related food and items. In fact, BluePearl, which has more... Read more →


Pet of the Week: Mister Mister is a super sweet, 2 year-old Basenji. He can be reactive on a leash and has some barrier frustration, however he has done well when paired with other dogs. We recently matched him up with Houdini, a 9 year-old small lab mix. She warmed up to him right away and they played together. He has a lot of character and is very cute and funny, especially on walks. Stop by AWA to meet Mister today! Read more →

Three Dogs Found Dead in Toms River, Owner Allegedly Abandon The Animals

LACEY TOWNSHIP—Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer and Lacey Township Police Chief Michael DiBella announced today that Allissa DeStefano, 29, (photo)of Toms River, has been arrested and charged with three counts of Animal Cruelty in violation of N.J.S.A. 4:22-17c(2). During the evening hours of November 11, 2019, the Lacey Township Police Department responded to a residence in Lacey Township for a report that dogs had possibly been abandoned in the residence. Upon arrival, the officers determined that the house was indeed abandoned, and the remains... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Dressing Up

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Many people complain when they see a dog wearing articles of clothing. “Dogs have fur and thus are naturally insulated!” they speculate. However, that is not always the case. Some dogs are so small that chilly weather can cause them to shiver and be uncomfortably cold. Others are hairless and must absolutely be protected. And putting a raincoat on a dog can eliminate that “wet dog” smell almost entirely! The truth is, most of us treat our dogs like children and find... Read more →

The Shreiber Family Pet Therapy Program of Rowan University Opens

GLASSBORO, NJ --Rowan University celebrated the generosity, vision and love of South Jersey business executive Gerry Shreiber Nov. 7 with a ribbon cutting for the pet therapy center he funded this spring. Shreiber, president and CEO of J&J Snack Foods Corp. of Pennsauken, donated $3 million in June to establish The Shreiber Family Pet Therapy Program of Rowan University. The program, which will have as many as five or six certified therapy dogs on campus starting in 2020, establishes a permanently funded Rowan resource to... Read more →

WalletHub SURVEY: 2019’s Best & Worst Places for Veterans to Live

November 2019, With Veterans Day around the corner, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Best & Worst Places for Veterans to Live (as well as accompanying videos). The report compares the 100 largest U.S. cities across 20 key metrics, ranging from share of military skill-related jobs to housing affordability to the availability of VA health facilities. WalletHub also released its money-saving selection of 2019’s Best Military Credit Cards, along with the results of its 2019 Military Money Survey, which revealed that... Read more →

AWA Vet on Wheels Comes to Camden City

The Animal Welfare Association is bringing its Vets on Wheels mobile clinic to Camden City this fall. From 3 PM to 5 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 20, the clinic will offer on-site vaccinations and veterinary procedures at Von Nieda Park. The Vets on Wheels program, supported by the Freeholder Board, works in underserved communities to deliver a variety of pet care outreach services to residents. These events are open to all – you do not have to be a resident of the neighborhood to visit... Read more →


Slim Randles | CNBNews The first cold nights sent Billy indoors. Aunt Ada always had room on the couch for Billy. It was different now, of course, since Desdemona passed away. She was good, for a cat. Now there was just Billy and the other cat, Boots, to share the couch. Billy was no dummy. In the past three years or so, since he became the official town dog, he not only knew his duties, but his options as well. Billy’s duties were to see... Read more →

Genes play a role in dog breed differences in behavior

By Katherine Unger Baillie | Kbaillie@Upenn.edu | PHILADELPHIA, PA--Given the dazzling array of dog breeds, from dachshunds to mastiffs, from poodles to bloodhounds, it’s easy to forget that most of that diversity arose only in the last few centuries or so, thanks to human tinkering. People have bred dogs for their looks, but the lion’s share of breeding efforts have taken aim at eliciting particular behaviors, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s James A. Serpell. (photo) “If you look at the evolution of the dog,... Read more →

One in Three Dogs will Develop Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. But the cancer epidemic is not confined to humans. A growing number of dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer each year. In fact, about one in three dogs will develop cancer, which is the same incidence of cancer among men, and up to 50% of dogs and cats will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Each year, veterinary oncologists at BluePearl Specialty and... Read more →

Animal Alliance of Camden County

The Animal Alliance of Camden County was formed in 2011 by five local animal welfare organizations and the Camden County Board of Freeholders, who decided to coordinate their efforts to better serve the pets and residents of the county. Peyton Gloucester City News blog files Current members include the Animal Adoption Center, Animal Welfare Association, Camden County Animal Shelter, Voorhees Animal Orphanage, and Independent Animal Control. Member organizations work together to improve the well-being of companion animals and their owners in the community, including joint... Read more →

BEST DOG FILM: If A Dog Could Talk To Us

Big Geek Daddy – Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos A wonderful short film about a dog and the things he would like to say to the man who saved him when he was a puppy. Get the Free VIDEO OF THE DAY – A Daily Dose of Entertainment for you. From Big Geek Daddy--I think this film will resonate with anyone who has ever raised a dog from a puppy to old age and shared many good times together along the way. The film was... Read more →

Dangers Lurk in the Candy Bowl and Beyond for Pets on Halloween

Each Halloween, dogs and cats, as well as other household pets, are exposed to heaps of sweet treats, changes in household décor, and altered routines that can be stressful. In fact, the four most common food-related Halloween hazards for pets are chocolate, overconsumption of candy, raisins and candy wrappers. Veterinarians at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital have treated dozens of pets who have ingested toxic treats or inedible objects during the week of Halloween. So, to help keep your furry friends safe this season,... Read more →

Bubba’s Beds for Shelter Friends Donates 100 Dog Beds

(Gloucester Township, NJ)(October 11, 2019)-– Through a generous grant from Bubba’s Beds for Shelter Friends, 100 dogs currently awaiting adoption won’t be sleeping on a cement floor tonight. One hundred Kuranda beds, a special type of rugged, easy-to-sanitize kennel bed that is chew-proof and comfortable, were delivered to Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center on Tuesday afternoon. This is the largest donation of its kind made by Bubba’s Beds since its inception in 2017. The donation comes just before the winter season to ensure the dogs... Read more →

Animals Bring Joy & Comfort to Patients - Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania

Nala walked excitedly beside her owner, Bethann Lizzi, one of hospice’s RN case managers. Her tail was wagging, as she knew she was going to visit with patients. As she walked down the hall, she spotted an old friend, Frank Bubbenmoyer. Frank immediately brightened up with a big smile as he bent over in his wheelchair to pet Nala. He talked to her, and even hand-fed her the treats Bethann gave to him. Bethann asked if he remembered Nala. “Yes, yes, I remember her,” Frank... Read more →

October is ‘National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month’

(Clayton, NJ) – Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Deputy Director Frank J. DiMarco said that in honor of October as National Adopt A Shelter Dog month all adoption fees will be reduced to $35 for dogs five and under, and all dogs six years and older will have all their fees waived. Freeholder Director Damminger said, "The shelter has dogs of all ages in need of a loving home and we encourage all residents to think of our shelter first when deciding to... Read more →

Vets Talk Treatment for ‘Mother of All Head Colds’

[STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA] — A Pennsylvania poultry farmer got an unwelcome Christmas present from his laying hens last year. Egg production dropped by a quarter, and some of his 36,000 chickens died. The farm was the first of 59 in the state to be hit by a disease called infectious coryza. The outbreak, which peaked in March and April, affected about 14 million birds, said Sherrill Davison, a professor of avian medicine and pathology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarians discussed... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Domestic v Wild Animals

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor For many years it was thought that cats and dogs were natural enemies. Recently however, studies have shown that when these species are introduced at an early age acceptance can occur. Almost any domestic animal depicted as having a ‘natural enemy’ can learn to live with another animal. But wild animals are in a completely different category. If a human ‘adopts’ an animal from the wilderness he or she is taking a great risk. I am not speaking about hybrids—wolfdog, coydog, or... Read more →

BluePearl Partners with the University of Tennessee

to Help Train Veterinary Social Workers of Tomorrow Tampa, Fla.—BluePearl has partnered with the University of Tennessee (UT) College of Veterinary Medicine to train social workers for careers in specialty and emergency veterinary medicine. Through this novel partnership, students enrolled in UT’s Postgraduate Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program (VSWCP) will gain valuable, hands-on experience in veterinary hospitals across the U.S. Individuals studying veterinary social work focus on four key areas: the link between human and animal violence, animal related grief and bereavement, animal assisted interactions,... Read more →

*Calling all Groovy Pets and Pet Lovers!

Gloucestercitynews.net—VOORHEES, NJ - - Calling all groovy pets and pet lovers! The Voorhees Animal Orphanage (VAO) is ready to bark and roll at their 23rd Annual Woofstock Festival, a dog-friendly event open to the public on Saturday, September 28 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Voorhees Town Center in Voorhees Township, N.J. Entry to the festival is just $2 and proceeds from Woofstock, VAO’s largest fund-raising event of the year, support medical care, pet food and supplies for the community shelter’s dogs and... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: End of Life Decisions

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--When a pet passes away you will want to arrange for cremation or burial. It’s best to think about these issues before the grieving process starts. Check the Internet for costs associated with burial or cremation ahead of time. You don’t want the added expenses associated with a beloved pet’s demise, to surprise you. If your dog is elderly or very sick, plan ahead. When you’ve made the difficult decision to end a pet’s suffering it’s best to research costs... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Separation Anxiety

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Gloucestercitynews.net--Separation Anxiety is a condition shared by many dogs. In some cases it’s so bad that the dog is returned to the shelter or given away by frustrated owners. When the owner is present, signs of SA (Separation Anxiety) include exhibiting attention-seeking behaviors (pawing, jumping on owners, and barking) and destruction and barking when the owner is not at home. To desensitize Fido when you are not present, try crating or separating him a few minutes at a time, then praising him... Read more →

PET NEWS: Is treatment forever?

By Katherine Unger Baillie | Kbaillie@Upenn.edu Published: Sep 11, 2019 Gloucestercitynews.net--PHILADELPHIA PA--Nearly two decades ago, a gene therapy restored vision to Lancelot, a Briard dog who was born with a blinding disease. This ushered in a period of hope and progress for the field of gene therapy aimed at curing blindness, which culminated in the 2017 approval of a gene therapy that improved vision in people with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), a rare, inherited form of blindness closely related to the condition seen in Lancelot.... Read more →

September is National Preparedness Month: Plan for the Pet

Gloucestercitynews.net--September is National Preparedness Month, and as the country slowly recovers from Hurricane Dorian’s devastating path of destruction, it is a perfect time to put an emergency plan in place for the whole family, which means pets, too. From power outages and tornadoes to fires and floods, BluePearl wants to ensure that all pet owners are equipped with the information and tools to keep their pet safe when disaster strikes. Build a Disaster Pet Kit During an emergency, aim to keep your pet safe, happy,... Read more →

Garoppo's Feed & Pet Supply Celebrates 2019 Purina® Check-R-Board® Days

Gloucestercitynews.net--Newfield, NJ – Garoppo's Feed & Pet Supply, a Purina® Certified Expert Dealer, is announcing their 2019 Purina® Check-R-Board® Days, a customer appreciation event. Their event celebrates 18 years of serving tri-county area. Purina® is also celebrating with their 125th anniversary. Stop by Garoppo's Feed & Pet Supply located at 1200 Harding Highway in Newfield, NJ on September 14. As part of their event they will have specials on Purina® Products, storewide discounts, door prizes, basket raffles, hotdogs, popcorn, pretzels, water, soda, donuts, & coffee!... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Back to School

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Gloucestercitynews.net--It’s that time of year, again—kids are going back to school and Fido will no longer have his best buddies home to keep him entertained. When your dog is suddenly home alone he may react in a negative fashion, becoming destructive or barking endlessly. You may want to consider asking a neighbor to look in on him during the kids’ absence. Sometimes, a senior citizen friend can intervene for a few dollars a week! It may give your dog a break while... Read more →

GTPD Receives the Animal Angel Award from Homeward Bound Adoption Center Today

Gloucestercitynews.net--(GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP NJ)--The Gloucester Township Police Department (GTPD) accepted the Animal Angel Award, from The Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center. The Animal Angel Award is meant to highlight persons; businesses or organizations that have a proven track record of partnering with Homeward Bound to ensure Camden County’s animals are cared for, protected and loved. The Gloucester Township Police Department sent the first social media post of a found dog in 2016. The attention given to that post, on the department’s social media accounts, was astounding.... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: A Companion for Your Companion

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Some people believe that, if their dog is lonely, adopting a second dog is the answer. While it can be a remedy, sometimes a second dog will exacerbate the problem. If you are away from home more than nine hours a day there are ways that you can occupy Fido’s time. For example, leaving treats “hidden” around the house will give him the opportunity to search for them. Turning on the radio or television may also help—a human voice can be a... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: The Terrible Twos

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Puppyhood is an adventure! It’s a time for puppy to explore and learn behavior that is acceptable to you and your family. By the age of about eighteen (human) months your dog is finally perfect—well-mannered, calm, and a joy to be around. And then, it happens… Fido seems to have forgotten everything he was taught; he nips, barks at nothing, jumps on everyone and acts like he owns your home! Welcome to the Terrible Twos! Some folks give up on their dogs... Read more →

Gloucester City Police Respond to Calls About Dogs Allegedly Being Abused

by CNBNewsnet Staff GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 21, 2019)—We received several calls earlier today about dogs being mistreated in the 200 unit block of Morris Street. The callers asked that their names not be used as they were afraid of retaliation from the owners of the animals. SHAR-PEI image courtesy of AKC According to these individuals two SHAR-PEI’s were being abused at the property. One of the dogs died. Neighbors allegedly told one of the callers that she saw the dog’s body being thrown into... Read more →

Pet Tip of the Week: How Much Space is Needed?

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Some breeds of dogs need space in which to exercise and play; others don't requires as much. But it doesn't always depend on the size of the dog! Whippets are tiny dogs with a lot of running power. They need and deserve plenty of outdoor space in which to exercise. They are small but were bred to run. A Bulldog, considered a medium-sized dog, wants nothing more than one or two quick walks every day and then to settle down and be... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Medication Time

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor There are many products on the over-the-counter veterinary market that claim to de-stress dogs. Some of them can be useful while others show very little anxiety relief. I have used the following products in my practice as a dog trainer and for my own dogs. Pheromone sprays and plug-ins: On a scale of 1-5 I give these products a 3. While pheromones may be effective the retail pricing can be prohibitive. Electronic bio-feedback devices: On a scale of 1-5 these devices rate... Read more →

New Law Criminalize Animal Fighting Paraphernalia

(TRENTON) (Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 9, 2019)--– To close a loophole in New Jersey law regarding animal fighting, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Carol Murphy, Jamel Holley, Daniel Benson and Paul Moriarty to criminalize the possession of animal fighting paraphernalia was signed into law Friday by Governor Phil Murphy. The new law (A-4698) makes it illegal to possess animal fighting paraphernalia for the purpose of promoting, facilitating or participating in animal fighting or baiting. Owning, possessing, selling, transferring or manufacturing such materials will be a crime of the... Read more →