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Video: Trump Won't Sign Stimulus Package Because Of All The PORK!

WASHINGTON, DC--The $900 BILLION STIMULUS Bill stipulated $198 Billion for the American people and $700 BILLION in "PORK" for "pet projects" of Congress said, President Trump. After going through a list of all the foreign countries that were going to benefit along with naming some of the "pet projects" he mentioned that "families of illegal aliens in this country would be eligible for up $1,800 under this legislation which is far more than what Americans would receive". The President said the nearly 6000-page bill was given to Congress just two hours before they were called to vote on it. Trump said that members of Congress could not have read what was in the package in such a short time because of its length and complexity.... Read more →

What Has Happened To Our Beloved America?

Earl Foster | Guest Columnist (Gloucestercitynews.net)--What has happened to our beloved America? The one known "Land of the free, home of the brave" has now become "Land of the frightened, home of the easily controlled" over a virus. Couple this with the misinformation, media and political manipulation that has driven Americans into a frenzy of fear that has left them hiding in their homes afraid to go out at all, while the Government is busy releasing inmates from prison, furthering their political agendas, and helping to make Americans "Broke, Stoned, and Controlled" akin to the onset of Nazi Germany. The America I grew up and once knew, would NEVER have tolerated this. What our own Government is doing is Unconstitutional and goes against EVERYTHING this... Read more →

Patricia Ann Sampson of Gloucester City; GCHS Alumnus, St. Mary's Parishioner

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--On November 28, 2019. Age 89. (nee Nolan). Of Gloucester City. Loving wife of 59 years to the late Riley K. Sampson. Loving mother of Maryann Deacon, Patricia Sampson, Teresa Andrews, Betsy Sherrer (Karl), Kathleen Murchake and Gerald Sampson (Rose). Cherished grandmom of Nicole, William, Christina, Melissa, Dillon, Alyson, Jamie, Tommy, Madison, Julia and Leah. Predeceased by her nine brothers and sisters. Patricia Ann Sampson Pat was a graduate of Gloucester Catholic High School class of 1948. She was a lifelong parishioner of St. Mary's R.C. Church. St. Mary's RC Church (CNBNews photo) Relatives and friends are invited to her visitation on Wednesday morning, December 4, 2019 from 9 to 10:15 AM at St. Mary’s R.C. Church, 426 Monmouth St., Gloucester City, NJ... Read more →

CNBNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Political Activist Wil Levins President of the Gloucester City Democratic Club

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--Political activist Wil Levins will be installed as president of the Gloucester City Democratic Club, tonight (Monday). Levins was a former CNBNews columnist (On Point by Wil Levins) who ran for city council in 2009 as an Independent. In 2011 he ran for state assembly as a Republican. Levins, the former chairman of the Gloucester City Republican Club, has been a member of the Democratic Club since 2013. Over the years there have been a number of local Republicans and Independents politicians who have switched to the Democrat side of the aisle for one reason or another. For turning their back on their former colleagues many of those individuals ended up with a well-paying job in Gloucester... Read more →

Unlikely Fellowship Saved Thousands of Jobs

by Wil Levins Below are a few paragraphs from "Taking Care of Our Own: How Democrats, Republicans, Business, and Labor Saved Thousands of Jobs and Our Refineries", a case study commissioned by Temple University's Center for Regional Politics, which detailed the potentially calamitous events that transpired over the past two years for our region's energy production future. As someone who lived directly within this uncertainty, and was prepared to completely turn their family's lives upside down in the event of a closure, I can personally attest to the economic disaster that an unsuccessful outcome would have brought to the workers connected with the refineries, the people of the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, and to the sharp costs that the entire Northeastern United States would have had... Read more →

The Boondoggle, Apartment Complex Sold, School Sale, Fire Dept. Grants, Newspapers Cut Staff

CNBNEWS TIPS AND SNIPPETS: By Bill Cleary CNBNews.net THE Boondoggle-- In 2008 Gloucester City purchased Chatham Square, a 100-unit apartment complex, located at Block 256, Lot 1, at Route 130 and Klemm Avenue. The price? $4.25 million. At the same time the city bought the adjacent Gloucester Terrace complex located at Block 256, Lot 4, for $1.65 million. Two years later the city hired Oren Brothers of Philadelphia to develop the units into townhouses. Oren borrowed $1.1 million from the City’s UDAG program to fund the development of those properties. The total taxpayers investment, $7 million. That figure does not include closing costs, engineering and legal fees, along with maintenance costs. Nor does it include the property tax revenue the city has lost over the... Read more →

Op-Ed: How Do You Define "Fair Share?" | cnbnews.net

Graphic and Opinion by Wil Levins (cnbnews.net)Throughout the Presidential Campaign season and the current "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations, the term "Fair Share" has been used in political rhetoric to debate Income Tax Rates and Government Spending in the public forum. However, the term has not, and I argue cannot, be specifically defined. I believe paying one's "Fair Share" is a very admirable idea in concept but, what exactly amounts to a "Fair Share" in real numbers? I use the scenario below to illustrate the point that throwing around this term "Fair Share" is a useless rhetorical ploy employed by both sides to dodge facing the very realistic problem of revenue vs. expenditures - because defining "Fair Share" is relative to each of own individual principles and... Read more →

Op-Ed Graphic: Brace for Impact! I CNBnews.net

Opinion & Graphic by Wil Levins For more information about what the Fiscal Cliff is and how it will affect millions of Americans, check out these informative videos below. It basically comes down to two key issues: Higher Taxes and the return of yet another Recession. Read more →

If your side lost the election, time to secede from the Union?

The Obama administration introduced 'We the People,' at petitions.whitehouse.gov, in September 2011 in a bid to create 'an unprecedented level of openness in government,' according to the website.(screen capture of petitions.whitehouse.gov) Are they just sore losers? Or are they, rather, champions of free speech exercising their right of protest against a president they didn't vote for? The answer, like the outcome of the 2012 election itself, may lie in the eye of the beholder. Either way, an attention-getting, post-election petition drive is under way online from people in 30 states who say they want their state to secede from the Union. Most come from states that went for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the election, with Texas leading the way. So far, they've flooded... Read more →

Op-Ed: Presidential Election Prediction (The Day of Reckoning for the GOP: Part 2)

Graphics and Opinion by Wil Levins In my May 8th, 2012 Op-Ed: A Day of Reckoning for the GOP, I highlighted the threat posed by the GOP to its own future by ignoring the Liberty Movement spearheaded by Congressman Ron Paul and carried forward by Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee, Governor Gary Johnson. In my piece I wrote: "With (Ron) Paul out of the General Election picture, and not running on a third party ticket to protect his son Rand's future in the Party, Gary Johnson will stand to gain millions of liberty-minded voters to his campaign. This will take many (if not all) pro-liberty Republicans and numerous Independents away from Romney, and undoubtedly, hand President Obama a reelection victory." In explaining why I believe this... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Muslim Uprisings Showcase America’s Oil Dependence

related FREINDLY FIRE You don’t have to be a prophet to know the future will be worse BY Christopher Freind (cnbnews.net)It’s bad enough British comedian Russell Brand is painfully unfunny and a horrendous actor. But he crossed the line when he caused emotional distress to American pop music goddess Katy Perry during their ill-fated marriage. Therefore, in the spirit of nationalism, we should declare jihad against all things British, scale their embassy walls, rip down the Union Jack and replace it with a giant Katy Perry sign. That’ll teach those limeys! Don’t laugh. That mentality is exactly what our self-imposed Masters --- the radical Islamists --- do every time they are offended, declaring fatwas and engaging in jihad at the drop of a hat. And... Read more →

VIDEO: Carlyle Group's Philadelphia Energy Solutions assumes control of the Philadelphia Refinery | CNBnews.net

Opinion and Graphic by Wil Levins Twenty Thousand jobs destroyed, hundreds of millions of dollars in lost regional revenues, and soaring energy costs for residents of the Northeastern United States. Those were the very real consequences at stake for our region if it were not for industry innovators like the Carlyle Group and Sunoco, Labor Leaders of the USW and regional stakeholders, and Republicans and Democrats all putting aside their differences to work together and forge this new day for the future of the Delaware Valley. As the sole provider for my family, an employee of the Philadelphia Refinery, a member of the United Steelworkers Union, and a resident of this region, I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication that was... Read more →

Op-Ed: Why I endorse Gary Johnson for President | CNBnews.net

Graphics and Opinion by Wil Levins Election after election we lower the bar on our expectations. Campaign after campaign we give way to just one more compromise of our principles, just one more violation of our freedoms, just one more term in office for a person who will raise spending, increase the size of Government, balloon the debt, and force needless regulation into our lives. Piece by piece we have allowed our elected officials to shred our Constitution, surrender our sovereignty, debase our currency, and submit our rights to a faceless bureaucracy. However, I believe this upcoming election can be one of the great moments in America's storied history, when its citizens send a clear and decisive message to those who hold steadfast to the... Read more →

Op-Ed: The Silence is Deafening | CNBnews.net

Graphic & Opinion by Wil Levins This upcoming Election Day will mark the sixth year of Mayor William James' administration and a mid-point of his second term in office. I remember reading candidate James' pre-election campaign message to the Gloucester City News, back in 2006, in which he said: "Over the past years, I’ve seen a community that is losing its hometown feel and appearance. I see and hear of deteriorating neighborhoods, I see vacant and closed storefronts, and I see the streets, and street corners and porches abound with individuals who have no respect for the people around them or conscious care about their own behavior." He also spoke boldly of communication, public access, fiscal responsibility, and tearing down a political machine that was... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Shared Hypocrisy | CNBnews.net

Opinion and Graphic by Wil Levins It never ceases to amaze me, as I view conservative and liberal news sites, to see Far-Left Statists Liberals and Far-Right Social Conservatives consistently denouncing one another as whackos, nut-jobs, fanatics, socialists, fascists, atheists, un-patriotic or totally un-American. Yet, throughout their spittle-emitting tirades, neither group's representatives have realized the common thread linking the two in a mirror of rights-denying hypocrisy. No Responsibility When I look at the Statist Far Left and the Social Far Right, I see two groups who are more than willing to confiscate our rights, personal responsibilities, private property, and individual choices to advance the agenda of an altruistic, ever-present, all-knowing benefactor who will look out for everyone's best interests by directing our lives with their... Read more →

Andrews Being Investigated, The Dirty Little Secret, No More Laws | CNBNEWS.NET

CNBNEWS.NET TIPS AND SNIPPETS BY BILL CLEARY South Jersey Congressman Under Investigation-U.S. Representative Rob CONGRESSMAN ANDREWS Andrews (1st District, D.) is under investigation by the House ethics committee for using campaign funds to pay for a family trip to Scotland last year. The House Committee on Ethics says it is considering an investigation into the Camden County Democrat after the Office of Congressional Ethics referred a complaint in April. The committee did not disclose the complaint’s details but Camden County Republican Chairman Tom Booth wrote the panel in November to ask it to investigate Andrews after a Star-Ledger report detailed the congressman’s campaign spending habits, including a $7,725 stay at a five-star hotel with his family in Scotland for the wedding of a donor whose... Read more →

Tax & Spend Gov., NJ Unemployment Rises, City Employees Receive Raise, Rams Alumnus Honored, Fixing Up Costello School, Taxes Due

CNBNEWS TIPS AND SNIPPETS: BY BILL CLEARY THE HELL WITH THE TAXPAYER-Last week the Essex County Freeholder Board, voted 7-0 to renew the County’s $675,000 contract with insurance broker Conner Strong and Buckelew, a firm headed by South Jersey political boss George E. Norcross. In return the firm will help the County find health and prescription insurance coverage for their employees. Your cost for the employees health plan this year, $72 million. In February, state Comptroller Matthew Boxer estimated that Essex County would have saved $9.5 million in 2009 and 2010 had it opted for the state health plan, according to the comptroller’s audit. Also during that two year period, Essex County paid Norcross’ firm $750,000 in fees. The County would have incurred no broker... Read more →

Op-Ed: OWS Protester Exemplifies Fallacy of the "People Are No Good" Premise - CNBnews.net

Graphic and Opinion by Wil Levins The “PANG” Premise (People Are No Good) "The unstated premise that people are weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest, and dangerous to themselves and others. They need a nanny. The PANG premise has a huge logical hole in it. It ignores the fact that those very same weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest, and dangerous people would be the ones running government. After all, government is no more than a collection of people – politicians and bureaucrats – who operate it. Did you ever notice that the people who cite it always seem to exclude themselves from the category of people who are weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest and dangerous?” - (David Berglund, author of Libertarianism in One Lesson) THE PANG... Read more →


BY BILL CLEARY (cnbnews.net)Walking our dog recently along the railroad tracks in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City I came upon a young man asleep in the weeds rolled up in a sleeping bag. At first I thought he was dead. It appeared that he wasn’t breathing. Undecided on what to do I reached out to 911. As I was speaking with the dispatcher the young man set up and said he was okay. Last week I saw the man in the same area. We spoke, he said his name was Tom, that he was 28-years-old. Tom said he slept in the bushes along the tracks almost every night. “I was born in Camden but lived in Gloucester City most of my life. I... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Case For Subsidiarity Over Centralization | CNBnews.net

Graphic and Opinion by Wil Levins cnbnews.net Subsidiarity is an organizing principle stating that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized competent authority. When Government has a specific role to play in fulfilling a public need (like policing) it has subsections or lower levels of Government to delegate responsibility for greater efficiency and effectiveness to the People. For example: The Federal Government is responsible for our military/national law enforcement agencies. State governments are responsible for their own state police departments/national guard units. County governments are responsible for their own sheriff's departments. Municipal governments are responsible for their own local police departments. This delegation of responsibility allows each level of government to provide more appropriate, effective and efficient management of public... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Banning Personal Choices - Following the Logic of Nanny State Central Planners | CNBnews.net

related: ClearysNoteBook YouTube Channel Graphic and Sarcastic Opinion by Wil Levins (Confirmed Fatty) (cnbnews.net)When Government do-gooders abuse our liberty with "Nanny-State" laws - backed by force - to protect us from ourselves, they deny us our right to personal choices. A recent example of Government do-gooder abuse comes from New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his ban on large-sized soda drinks. Chiming in with his support for the Mayor's ban was former President (and reformed fast-food fatty) Bill Clinton during his guest spot on Tonight with Piers Morgan. President Clinton stated that Bloomberg's ban was an important step in stopping childhood obesity and lowering the number of Americans with diabetes. How about that, it was the Big Gulp's fault all along...damn evil bastards at... Read more →

Gloucester City GOP Chairman Endorses Ron Paul for President | cnbnews.net

IN THIS TUESDAY'S PRIMARY: I have reviewed the congressional voting history of Ron Paul and I see an unblemished record of a man stalwart in his defense of liberty, individual rights, our Constitutional Republic, truly SMALL Government, and the ingenuity of our personal freedom. In Ron Paul, I see a principled visionary who looks to the future, understands the trends, and prepares for tomorrow. When I go to the polls on Tuesday, I will be voting for Individual Rights, the Constitution, Private Property, Personal Choices, Little Taxation, a Strong Currency, Civil Liberties, Peace, Freedom and Vibrant American Commerce. I will vote for the principles that made America the envy of the world and the person who will help make America great again. I choose Liberty... Read more →

Op-Ed: Unmarked Police Cars Should NEVER Be Used For Traffic Stops

related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freind cnbnews.net The Killings In Mississippi Illustrate The Dangers In separate incidents last week, two people were gunned down on Mississippi highways by a police impersonator, who, it appears, used a fake unmarked police car to pull over his unsuspecting victims. Police are concerned that, because of this incident and others like it, citizens may no longer stop for unmarked cars. Well it’s about time. They shouldn’t stop. Not now. Not ever. ***** The most important question that needs to be addressed is: “What is the purpose of unmarked police cars?” Is it to catch drivers committing violations, or to promote traffic safety? In either case, marked cars accomplish both objectives just as well, if not better. When drivers see... Read more →

Super's Contract, Meet at the Ship, Free Cell Phones, Another Reason, Top 25, Congratulations

related CNBNews TIPS AND SNIPPETS related CNBNews Point of View BY BILL CLEARY Contract negotiations between the Gloucester City School Board and newly appointed Superintendent Joseph Rafferty have been completed. The contract, effective July 1, 2012, is for three years. He is replacing Paul Spaventa whose contract was not renewed. According to Rafferty his starting salary is $146,00 with increase of two percent in year two ($148,920) and year three ($151,898). MEET AT THE SHIP-Jim Walsh, Courier Post staff writer, recently wrote an article on the Brooklawn Diner, which shut down unexpectedly a few days before last Christmas. Court records show the diner’s operator, Kostas Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2011, citing debts of $3.8 million and assets of about $65,000. Located... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Day of Reckoning for the GOP | CNBnews.net

Graphic and opinion by Wil Levins The Libertarian Party officially nominated its Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates with the selections of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James Gray this past weekend. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and holds the motto "Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom." Is this significant news? - You bet. If Ron Paul's campaign ends at the Republican National Convention in Tampa without serious concessions from the GOP, it is highly unlikely that Paul's millions of supporters will endorse Mitt Romney. "Paulites" will most likely throw their support behind a candidate who shares Paul's libertarian vision of a stronger America through the expansion of Liberty. With Paul out of the General Election picture, and not running on a third party ticket... Read more →

Op-Ed: Should Obama Politicize bin Laden Killing? Absolutely!

related FREINDLY FIRE by CHRIS FREIND cnbnews.net Every President would do the same, and he deserves the credit (cnbnews.net)If you’re wondering why America is no longer able to make even the most basic, common-sense decisions, there are two simple answers: extreme partisanship and willful hypocrisy. Forget the desire to seek truth. Many on the Right and Left are simply incapable of seeing the real picture, even if it’s smacking them in the face. And those rare souls who do rise above partisanship to tell the truth are viciously discredited by their own, branded “traitors” and “sellouts.” The incessant calls for “bipartisanship” are nothing more than pure campaign posturing. Once the election is over, the personal attacks begin anew, demonizing adversaries for miniscule partisan advantage. Nowhere... Read more →

April 2012 CHEERS AND JEERS | cnbnews.net

RELATED: CNBNEWS POINT OF VIEW by Bill Cleary CHEER-To the new owner of the former Red Mill Tavern building, 500 unit block of South Broadway, Gloucester City for taking that run down property and fixing it up. A big improvement! Thank you for showing Community Pride. JEER-The 2010-11 Gloucester City School District budget totaled $38.8 million. The 2011-12 budget was $45 million and the 2012-13 budget totals almost $48 million or approximately $10 million more than two years ago. Yet school enrollment, around 2000 students, has remained the same for a number years. So why does the budget continue to climb? Those in charge will point to the fact that City residents are only paying a small portion of the school budget. For example this... Read more →

Op-Ed: In the Eye of the Beholder | CNBnews.net

Graphic and opinion by Wil Levins What concerns me about CISPA (The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is the drastic increase of the Federal Government's authority to gather and share information about us without our knowledge or consent. If CISPA is passed in its current form it would grant sweeping authority to intelligence agencies, setting the stage for the real potential of abuse by invading our privacy and violating our individual rights. Proponents of CISPA have made the argument that this act is designed to provide our nation's intelligence community with the means to protect the American People from internet safety threats - both foreign and domestic. So the whole "If you have done nothing wrong than you have nothing to fear" explanation comes... Read more →


This is a new law signed by Obama in early March 2012 which makes it illegal to protest in his presence. The law means that wherever Obama is you do not have a right to ask him anything you want to. His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn't like or doesn't want to answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7SGWH3kirzg&vq=medium "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln link submitted by George F. Cleary Jr. Read more →

LL PLayer Dies, Crackdown, Political Season has Begun, Online Training for Candidates

related CNBNEWS Tips and Snippets: BY BILL CLEARY CNBNEWS.NET LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYER DIES-A 12-year-old sports fanatic has died in Illinois after being hit in the neck by a baseball while warming up for a game this week. Eric Lederman, (photo) a sixth-grader from Oswego, Ill., roughly 50 miles (80km) southwest of Chicago, was hospitalized after being hit while throwing a ball with a teammate Wednesday night, April 11, before a league game in Wheaton, the Chicago Tribune reported. He died Thursday night, leaving his local community in shock. CLICK HOUSING CODE CRACKDOWN-The City of Woodbury (pop. 10,000) and how it controls rental properties, was highlighted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on Sunday. Mayor Ron Riskie said the crackdown on rentals began 10 years ago amid... Read more →

Op-Ed: Corbett’s Senate Candidate Is An Albatross Around His Neck | cnbnews.net

related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freindly CNBNEWS.NET The Guv’s man, Steve Welch, is an Obama Voter, infuriating many in the GOP It’s the bottom of ninth, you’re down a run, two outs and a man on second. Should he try to steal? Hell no. A single probably scores you, and getting thrown out ends the game. Simply stated, the risk outweighs the reward. But if, for whatever reason, the decision to steal is made, there’s only one rule: you damn well better make it. Fail, and you’re toast with the fans, the media and your teammates. For the political equivalent, look no farther than Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s bewildering decision in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. For a year, there were those who questioned... Read more →

Gloucester City Republican Chairman Announces Council Candidates | cnbnews.net

APRIL 11, 2012 Dear fellow residents, I am proud to announce Dave Townsend, (1st Ward) Lisa Lopez (3rd Ward) and Anthony Wojtkowiak (unexpired term 3rd Ward) as our candidates for Gloucester City's Council. Dave, Lisa and Anthony exemplify our Municipal Party's commitment to making public safety, community growth, transparent communication, and fiscal responsibility the cornerstones of inclusive and accountable government. They share our Municipal Party's commitment to helping Gloucester City's Small Business Community prosper, to enhance the quality of life for all our City's residents, and to work tirelessly in promoting both social and economic investment to help expand new opportunities for constructive growth. Dave, Lisa and Anthony have begun knocking on resident's doors to introduce themselves to our City's stakeholders and to listen to... Read more →

Op-Ed: CREW on Andrews "One of the most egregious offenders" | CNBnews.net

by Wil Levins cnbnews.net CREW REPORT: "One of the most egregious offenders, Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ), has in the past been cited by the FEC for illegal acts ... Nevertheless, he has continued to use campaign funds for questionable expenses..." After twenty-two years in Congress, and even longer in New Jersey's corrupt political system, should it surprise anyone that Rep. Rob Andrews has ethics questions and violations hanging over his campaign? The bigger question is: If Rep. Rob Andrews misuses Campaign funds in this manner, how is he using YOUR tax dollars? I encourage you to click on the image or the link below to read the information taken directly from CREW's (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) Report. Only by arming ourselves with... Read more →

Op-Ed: Continued Journalistic Integrity? | CNBnews.net

Thankfully, the new owners of the Inquirer have signed a pledge not to interfere with the newsroom, as this will help to maintain journalistic objectivity and integrity. In unrelated news, some jobs at the newspaper may have to be eliminated for cost cutting measures. But of course, no connection. Graphics and opinion by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles Video: Geraldo's comment on Trayvon Martin Tradegy | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews.net: Comment Restrictions (gloucestercitynews.net) MARCH 2012 CHEERS AND JEERS | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) Several Out- of- Town Scumbags Arrested by Gloucester City Police | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: Working Without A Current Master Plan is Harmful to the City's Future (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: I Was Wrong To Question The DRPA (gloucestercitynews.net) Op-Ed: The Number One... Read more →

Presidential Voter Projections | cnbnews.net

Graphic by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP! The Political Elite are out of Touch with the Common Folk | cnbnews (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Interview with Gloucester City Republican Party Chairman Wil Levins (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed:Why Mitt Romney Will Lose To Obama (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: Rush Limbaugh's Sluttiness Makes Him The Anti-Republican (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: No Secret Ballot For GOP Endorsement Is Same As Union Card Check (gloucestercitynews.net) Read more →

Op-Ed: How Times Have Changed | cnbnews.net

Graphics by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP! The Political Elite are out of Touch with the Common Folk | cnbnews (gloucestercitynews.net) Chris Friend: From Occupy Philly to Archbishop Wood Football: My 7 Biggest Winners of 2011 (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Catholic School Closings Result From Church Being Paper Tiger (gloucestercitynews.net) Op-Ed: Santorum's Arrogance Will Be His Downfall ---Again (gloucestercitynews.net) Republican State Committee: It's Time For An Open Senate Primary (gloucestercitynews.net) Op Ed: Save Sunoco Refineries? Get Pols Out Of The Way (gloucestercitynews.net) Op-Ed: Don't Blame Sunoco, ConocoPhillips, Or Unions For Refinery Shutdowns (gloucestercitynews.net) Read more →

Op-Ed: What I Think the Freeholder's Ad is Really Saying | cnbnews.net

The ad on the left side of the image above was published in the Courier-Post on 3/20/2012. Graphics/OPINION by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles The King, Convict Bryant is Back in Court, South Jersey Voters Have No Say | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) N.J. Municipalities Overpay for Health Insurance; Who Is Benefiting? King George | WSJ (gloucestercitynews.net) WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP! The Political Elite are out of Touch with the Common Folk | cnbnews (gloucestercitynews.net) Read more →

Two of three oil refineries could be saved from doom - Delco Times

By KATHLEEN E. CAREY In another report, Reuters is reporting that United Refining Energy Corp., owned by New York billionaire John Catsimatidis was interested in buying the 355,000 barrel-day Sunoco refinery in South Philadelphia. The report made no mention of the Sunoco's Marcus Hook facility. He said in a phone interview he would decide this month whether to make a bid for the facility. ConocoPhillips idled the Trainer facility in September and laid off about 700 employees in January. Read more by clicking here Graphic by Wil Levins Related articles Billionaire considers bid for Pa. Sunoco refinery (seattlepi.com) Op Ed: Save Sunoco Refineries? Get Pols Out Of The Way (gloucestercitynews.net) Pa. Official 'Cautiously Optimistic' Two Of Three Delco Refineries Can Be Saved (philadelphia.cbslocal.com) Lawmakers Discuss... Read more →

CNBNews Interview with Gloucester City Republican Party Chairman Wil Levins

cnbnews.net CNBNEWS-You have been busy trying to resurrect the Republican Party in Gloucester City. Though you are in the minority, what do you point to as a positive sign for your Municipal Party? WL - One thing we have tried to accomplish over the past two years is to show people that just because we are the minority Party doesn't mean we are an irrelevant Party. In 2011, Republicans won in Gloucester City polls for the first time in decades. Though we were not successful in our efforts last year, I was very encouraged by the optimistic indicators given by Gloucester City's voters. CNBNEWS-What do you attribute to these results? WL - Part of it was being the hometown guy on the ballot however, I... Read more →

False Fears About a Nuclear Iran: We've heard this warning before. It's still wrong.

by Steve Chapman | February 13, 2012 Why is everyone so eager to plunge into another war? Because of another false fear: that a nuclear-armed Iran will use its new arsenal to obliterate the Jewish state or bully its neighbors. This panic requires a total disregard for everything we have learned during the nuclear age. Over the past 60 years, assorted enemies and rivals have acquired nuclear stockpiles: the Soviet Union, China, Pakistan and North Korea. All of them have learned that they are useless as offensive weapons against other nuclear states and their allies. The reason is simple: Any nation that carries out a nuclear attack assures itself of cataclysmic retaliation. You can't win a nuclear war. You can only lose one. Read the... Read more →

Video: Why Politicians Don't Cut Spending

Understanding how our modern political system has failed many of Americans in numerous aspects is the key to turning our Country's fortunes around. Only by empowering ourselves with information can we the voters make that transformation happen. You can see more videos at LearnLiberty.org Read more →

The King, Convict Bryant is Back in Court, South Jersey Voters Have No Say | cnbnews.net

CNBNEWS TIPS AND SNIPPETS: by Bill Cleary KING GEORGE NUMBER 3-PolitickerNJ released their Power List 2011 and year in THE KING review earlier this month. The-44-page document contains the names of the 100 most influential personalities in New Jersey politics. Coming in at Number 3 was South Jersey Democrat political boss George Norcross. The list, first released in March 2000, is an Insiders List that includes policy makers, party leaders, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor unions, businesses, and associations with clout, with an impact on politics and government in the Garden State -- everyone but elected officials and judges. In November elections, the state’s most powerful Democratic boss maintained control over his South Jersey legislative empire and picked up a seat in the assembly. Not only will... Read more →

Republican State Committee: It’s Time For An Open Senate Primary

Related: FREINDLY FIRE By Chris Freind cnbnews.net Endorsing Steve Welch ---who voted for Obama --- would make the Party a national laughingstock To say the Republican presidential primary has become interesting would be a gross understatement. With three different winners in the first three contests --- an unprecedented situation --- everyone is asking why the frontrunners keep falling and why the GOP base cannot unite behind a leader. Well, hold on to your seat, because here’s a big question: Would you believe that both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 primary? And after they became disenfranchised by the Republican Party for moving too far Left, they decided to do the only logical thing: become Democrats? And in addition, does... Read more →

"Domestic Oil Production is Up" - Only Part of the Full Story | cnbnews.net

by Wil Levins (cnbnews.net)Last night, a friend asked me via facebook if what the President was saying about domestic oil production was true. Below is my cursory response - The President is right that domestic crude oil production is up in the United States because of the North Dakota oil finds, shale oil production in Texas, and other various on-land and off-shore drilling operations. And he is also correct that these domestic oils are being exported overseas. But, I know firsthand that this is actually a very bad sign for U.S. refining. U.S. refineries, when at full capacity, would have consumed all of this new domestic crude oil as we could not supply our own demands within the United States. - The Devil is in... Read more →