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The calculation of RTP and its impact on Slot Game

image source Random number generation (RNG) is a mathematical process used in electronic gaming machines like video slots to determine the result of each spin. Once the player hits the spin button, the RNG generates a random sequence of numbers that determines which symbols will appear on the reels. The number of possible outcomes is typically very large (on the order of trillions), making it impossible for players to predict the outcome of each spin. However, RTP (return to player) is a statistical measure that can be used to give players an indication of how much money they can expect to lose (or win) over the long term. For example, a slot game with an RTP of 96% will pay out an average of 96 cents for every dollar wagered. Therefore, while it is still possible to have short-term losses, players can be confident that they will eventually earn... Read more →

AccuWeather Meteorologists Give The Scoop on Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travel: Where AccuWeather meteorologists say ‘intense’ weather could cause problems Over 54 million Americans will be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, and stormy weather could cause chaos for last-minute travelers in one part of the nation. Passengers stand beneath an electronic signboard in New York's Penn Station as they wait to board a train, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) AccuWeather Global Weather Center – November 15, 2022 – More than 54 million people are predicted to travel for Thanksgiving this year, making it the busiest holiday travel period in November since before the coronavirus pandemic, according to AAA. As millions take to the road and the skies, AccuWeather meteorologists say far-reaching weather could contribute to travel-induced headaches across the United States. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has been identified as the busiest travel day around the late-November holiday, but there has been a noticeable shift in recent years.... Read more →

The Most Popular Styles of Poker

Poker is arguably the most popular card game in the world so it is only natural that poker sites like have dedicated a lot of effort to making it and its variants widely available to enthusiasts everywhere. In this article, we review the most popular styles of poker every beginner and savant should know about. 1. Texas Hold’em Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variation and the focus of many international poker tournaments. It is available in many casino sites, making it the perfect entrance into the world of poker. Generally, the game involves the following key stages: Pre-Flop – Every player received two cards dealt face down (hole cards). The Flop – The dealer deals three community cards face up. The Turn – The dealer deals a fourth community card. The River – The dealer deals a fifth community card. After every stage, players place their bets and... Read more →

ADPI Says NJ Ranks Seventh in Overall Propensity

WASHINGTON, November 15, 2022 – New Jersey ranks seventh in overall prosperity according to the American Dream Prosperity Index (ADPI), released this month by the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream in partnership with Legatum Institute. The United States continues to see a rise in prosperity, even as we faced the long-term impacts of a pandemic and the economic realities of rising inflation and a shrinking economy. But while the overall trend points to a prosperous nation, prosperity continues to be unequally distributed regionally, often eluding rural communities and Black Americans. Prosperity is a multidimensional concept which the American Dream Prosperity Index seeks to measure, explore, and understand. The framework of the Index captures prosperity through three equally-weighted domains which are the essential foundations of prosperity — Inclusive Societies, Open Economies, and Empowered People. These domains are made up of 11 pillars of prosperity, built upon 49 actionable policy... Read more →

Influencer Marketing on Instagram: How to Cooperate with the Best Influencers for Your Business

Are you considering employing influencers to grow your business presence on Instagram? The Instagram Influencer industry is lucrative and ever-growing, from paid posts to collaborative campaigning. Using Influencers for your business can be a game changer in your Instagram marketing plan. It can help you grow brand loyalty and acquire more enthusiastic fans. It can be far more profitable than investing in short-term quality solutions like buying cheap Instagram followers and engagement. Who Are Instagram Influencers? Influencers are IG users who have amassed a substantial, loyal network of followers by showcasing their hobbies and daily life, telling stories, or using unique forms of expressing themselves. No set content type makes up the genre of Influencer posting, but all influencers have these things in common: They have built trust and value for themselves. Their followers are willing to believe what they say, so their opinions and choices have a meaningful influence.... Read more →


* Make it Downtown West Chester for the Holidays with a Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told Coming to Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center * THE BUTTERFINGERS ANGEL KICKS OFF A HILARIOUS AND HEARTFELT HOLIDAY SEASON IN PHILADELPHIA SUBURBS STARTING NOVEMBER 30 * Make it Downtown West Chester for the Holidays with a Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told Coming to Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center * West Chester, PA - Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center presents the gift of theatre and celebrates a major new beginning. The West Chester performing arts organization kicks off its new regional theatre program with a smart, original and heartfelt retelling of the greatest story ever told. Written by Tony Award-winning playwright and novelist William Gibson, The Butterfingers Angel, Mary & Joseph, Herod the Nut, & the Slaughter of 12 Hit Carols in a Pear Tree will launch Uptown’s entrance into the... Read more →

Pet Tips: Air Travel Tips For Your Dog

Traveling by air with a pet can be a challenge. If you have a dog small enough to fit comfortably in an airline-approved carrier that slides under the seat in front of you, it’s much more manageable. If your dog is not a service animal or small enough to travel in-cabin, you’re almost better off driving to the destination. Placing an animal in cargo has a mountain of risks associated with it. Erica and Lacey Cleary There are horror stories about the trauma animals have suffered during air travel by cargo. There was a period of time when it seemed these stories were prevalent in news headlines. Most airlines have since attempted to improve their service to animals in cargo, but there are still many factors they cannot control. To begin with, the stress from simply being separated from you can be devastating to a dog. Add to that the... Read more →

AccuWeather Alert: Swath of Snow to Spread Across Plains, Northeast this Week

"As a strong cold front moves through, the jet stream will quickly sink out of Canada and well south of the region, allowing polar air to spill southward and eastward," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Mike LeSeney explained. AccuWeather Global Weather Center – November 14, 2022 – The calendar may still say November, but a wave of snow sweeping across almost 20 states will have residents thinking that winter has already arrived. "Unseasonably cold conditions will continue for the center of the country through the eastern U.S. this week, setting the stage for potential wintry weather," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Nicole LoBiondo. The cold air in place much of the Plains will hold even as a storm moves out of the Rockies early week, helping to bring a stripe of snow from the northern Texas Panhandle to Indiana for Monday and Tuesday. A widespread area of 1-3 inches of snow is expected from... Read more →

Play'n GO makes its New Jersey Debut With BetMGM

Leading online slot maker Play'n GO has partnered strategically with gaming behemoth BetMGM. According to the arrangement, Play'n GO will use its renowned collection of thrilling slot games to fuel the operator's New Jersey offering. This is yet another example of the ever-progressing and shifting nature of the gambling market in New Jersey, there have been many new debuts and some companies leaving the market due to competition, as it was reported by Fubo that the company is giving up on its sportsbook endeavors in New Jersey. NJ Players Can Access Play'n GO Content Through BetMGM Play'n GO consented to give BetMGM a premium collection of its finest slots. This will enable the operator to provide customers in New Jersey with top titles, including both classics and recent releases. As a result, residents of the Garden State will have access to a wide variety of entertaining games, including Cat Wildeand... Read more →

A Warehouse Here, A Warehouse There

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist A warehouse is being constructed on Brick Street (above) on a lot that has sat empty for 50 years, if not longer. Vitale's Italian Bistro and Matt's Auto Repair are located across the street from the construction. GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 13, 2022)(CNBNews)--I spend a lot of time in the Almonesson (Deptford Township) and Blackwood (Gloucester Township) areas and, for the past year, I've heard a lot of complaints about former farmland becoming warehouses. The average person whom I know isn't happy. They like their trees and open spaces, which are rapidly being taken from them. Currently, a small warehouse is being erected on Jersey Avenue, where it meets Broadway. There is a massive warehouse in the planning stage on Water Street. Why are all these warehouses being built? If you read an article in Forbes on October 3, 2020, you will come away thinking... Read more →

New Treatment for Certain Skin Cancers

Dr. Shen has developed a non-invasive, inexpensive treatment for certain skin cancers. (NAPSI)—If you or someone you care for is among the 5 million people diagnosed with basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma every year in the U.S., here are a few facts it would be healthy for you to know. Skin Cancer Stats 1. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S. 2. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma account for 95% of all skin cancers. 3. Your risk increases with age. Skin Cancer Signs A change in your skin is the most common sign of skin cancer, advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This could be a new growth, a sore that doesn’t heal, or a change in a mole. If you notice any of these, see your dermatologist. Nearly all skin cancers can be treated effectively if they are found... Read more →

MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT: Army 2nd Lt. Harold Bascom Durham Jr.

When his unit was overwhelmed in Vietnam, Army 2nd Lt. Harold Bascom Durham Jr. didn't hesitate to unleash a barrage of artillery on the enemy to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. Durham didn't survive to tell the tale, but the men who were there with him detailed his bravery to others. For his actions, he earned the Medal of Honor. Durham was born on Oct. 12, 1942, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. That day, he earned the nickname he would go by for the rest of his life: Pinky, reportedly because the hospital where he was born ran out of blue blankets, so he received a pink one instead. Within a few months of his birth, Durham's father, a Marine World War II veteran, and his mother, Grace, moved the family to Tifton, Georgia, where they raised Durham and his two siblings, older brother John and younger sister... Read more →

What United States Governor has the Highest Salary?

It is generally true that you don't get into politics for the paycheck. Even though politicians have significant power and clout, as well as the ability to affect the lives of thousands, even millions, of Americans, elected officials make significantly less than most CEOs with that kind of influence. Annual base salaries of elected officials top out at $400,000 for the U.S. president and can be as little as nothing for a small-town council member. Members of the House and Senate earn a base annual salary of $174,000, or about $100,000 more than state lawmakers or the typical county commissioner. There is considerable variation in the salaries of governors too. In New Jersey, the governor's salary stood at $175,000 as of 2021, the 10th highest among the 50 states. For additional context, the typical state governor earns between $147,000 and $150,000. Meanwhile, the overall cost of living in New Jersey... Read more →

The Sporting Event Ready to Captivate the Whole World Between 20 November and 18 December, something unique will be taking place, which only happens every four years. For the first time in competition history, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be hosted in the Middle East, as the tiny Persian Gulf country welcomes 32 international soccer teams from around the globe. Started back in 1930 when Uruguay hosted the inaugural tournament, the FIFA World Cup has gone on to become the most prestigious competition in soccer, only interrupted as a quadrennial event due to the Second World War. But since the sporting event resumed in 1950, the competition itself has enjoyed constant evolution and progress, always captivating the imaginations of a massively growing audience. The choice of Qatar as host nation did court plenty of controversy, largely due to human rights questions, although the desert location and climate also posed considerable problems. All previous World Cup... Read more →

ATVs and Dirt Bikes Drivers Illegally Riding on Gloucester City Streets

William E. Cleary Sr. |CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 13, 2022)(CNBNews)--An unwelcome group of young men in their 20s and teens driving unlicensed ATVs and Dirt Bikes visited Gloucester City last weekend, riding up and down Broadway at a high rate of speed. 6ABC video image of illegal ATV and dirt bike drivers riding through the City of Philadelphia last summer. (see video below) On Sunday, November 6, a group of these individuals got gas at one of the gas stations on Broadway at Market Street. An individual told us that a police officer was stopped at the other gas station across the street, also getting gas. "This guy on an ATV does a wheelie and spins towards the cop car, hitting it. The cop did nothing. I asked him why he didn't give the ATV driver a ticket. The cop told me they had been instructed not to ticket... Read more →

No More Casinos Say New Jersey Residents

(The Center Square) – A majority of New Jersey residents polled say they do not want to see casino gaming expanded into other parts of the Garden State. Survey results released Thursday by the Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll found 51% of the 801 residents polled oppose new casinos in the state, while only 37% support expansion. Those numbers are nearly identical to the results from a similar FDU Poll six years ago. New Jersey is home to nine brick-and-mortar casinos. All are located in Atlantic City, where gaming has been allowed for nearly 45 years. “Views of casino expansion in New Jersey have been crystallized for years,” said Dan Cassino, an FDU politics and government professor and executive director of the poll. “None of the arguments that have been made in favor of expansion have made any dent.” The opposition stretches across political affiliation as a majority of Democrats, Republicans... Read more →

NCAA Field Hockey: Castagnola, Hainsworth Lead #3 Rowan Field Hockey into NCAA 3rd Round,

GLASSBORO, NJ –Kristiina Castagnola had two goals and an assist, and Abby Hainsworth made nine saves and to lead #3 Rowan to a 4-0 win over #16 Christopher Newport in the Second Round of the NCAA Championship today at Coach Wackar Stadium. The win sends the Profs (20-1) into the Third Round on Sunday at 1 p.m. against #5 Messiah, which defeated #6 Tufts, 2-1. It marked the sixth multiple-goal game of the season for Castagnola, and the 19th in the career of Rowan's all-time scoring leader. Hainsworth picked up her fifth shutout of the season after facing 11 shots and nine penalty corners. Castagnola got the Profs on the board at 8:58, when Julia Cavicchio sent her a short pass after a penalty corner and Castagnola blasted a backhander from the center of the circle. The Profs couldn't get another shot past CNU goalkeeper Lily Kerr until the second... Read more →

New Jersey Students Protest Cops in Schools

... call for more counselors, teachers Jessie Gomez, Chalkbeat Newark Nov 10, 6:14pm EST Students gathered in Elizabeth, New Jersey to march for more teachers, more counselors, and fewer police in school. Jessie Gomez / Chalkbeat Newark and Elizabeth Public School students used their day off on Thursday to demand fewer police and more mental health resources and school teachers. Make the Road New Jersey youth leaders gathered dozens of teens in Elizabeth to call for more resources for students in public schools and greater transparency in school policies. As they marched down Broad Street in Elizabeth and went to Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy to continue their rally, the students chanted: “Police in schools have got to go!” Breoghan Conchas Marquez, a senior at East Side High School in Newark, said “there are a lot of issues affecting Black and brown students” in cities like Newark and Elizabeth but mental... Read more →

Are You Looking for a Dog Kennel

Different Types of Dog Kennel Systems CNBNEWS PET TIPS Are you looking for a quality kennel for your pet that is comfortable, sturdy and low maintenance? Kennels provide shelter to your little companion and are an important addition to a home if you are a dog owner. A dog kennel manufacturer has various options for domestic and commercial kennels that will suit your requirement. The manufacturers concentrate both on the design and the materials used for the kennel to offer a product of value to the customers. The kennel systems should be such that you should not have to worry about repair or replacement for years. There are different types of dog kennels in the market and you can explore the options to know what suits you, your home, and your dog the best. The article gives a brief account of the different kennels available. Kennels are available in both... Read more →

Your Handshake Can Tell How Fast You Are Aging

Newswise — Everyone ages at a different pace. That’s why two 50-year-olds, despite living the same number of years, may have different biological ages – meaning that a host of intrinsic and extrinsic factors have caused them to age at varying paces with different levels of risk for disease and early death. Lifestyle choices, such as diet and smoking, and illness all contribute to accelerating biological age beyond one’s chronological age. In other words, your body is aging faster than expected. And for the first time, researchers have found that muscle weakness marked by grip strength, a proxy for overall strength capacity, is associated with accelerated biological age. Specifically, the weaker your grip strength, the older your biological age, according to results published in The Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle. Researchers at Michigan Medicine modeled the relationship between biological age and grip strength of 1,274 middle aged and older... Read more →

Rowan Women's Soccer Faces Methodist Saturday

GLASSBORO, NJ -- Rowan will be making its 15th appearance in the NCAA Division III Women's Soccer Championship as the Profs take on Methodist in a first-round matchup on Saturday in an 11 a.m. start. The game will be played at Virginia Wesleyan. Saturday's other game features the host Marlins squaring off with Puget Sound. The winners will meet on Sunday at 1 p.m. with a berth to the third round at stake. The 23rd-ranked Profs (13-0-4) enter the tournament after capturing the NJAC Championship with a 2-1 victory at Montclair State for its fourth conference title in program history. Rowan features the 2022 NJAC Defensive Player of the Year in Emma DeMaise and the NJAC Goalkeeper of the Year in Calista Burke. The duo have anchored a defense that has yielded just three goals in 17 games this season for a 0.24 goals against average. Burke leads the conference... Read more →

Rowan Men's Soccer and Stevens Play Saturday in Opening Round of NCAA Championship

HOBOKEN, NJ – The Rowan men's soccer team, which captured the NJAC title, will open play in the opening round of the 2022 NCAA Men's Soccer Championship against #20 Middlebury (10-4-3) on Saturday, November 12. Start time for the match in the Hoboken Regional hosted by Stevens is 3:30 p.m. at the DeBaun Athletic Complex. Stevens (15-0-3), ranked fourth in the nation, will host Worcester State (13-3-7) in Saturday's first game at 1 p.m. The winners of both games will meet in Sunday's regional final at 1 p.m. WATCH | LIVE STATS | LISTEN | TOURNAMENT CENTRAL | TICKETS ABOUT THE PROFS • Rowan earned the NJAC's automatic bid to the NCAAs with its 3-0 win at #9 Montclair State in the championship game. It was the Profs' first conference title since 2003 and the 14th in program history • The Profs making their third consecutive appearance in the NCAA... Read more →

Bonuses You Can Find at an Online Casino: A Guide on How to Choose the Best Ones Choosing the most reliable online casino can take some time. You need to consider the games on offer as well as the bonuses and promotions you can find at the online casino you've chosen. And if you're new to the world of online gambling or you've never sought out bonuses before, it can be even more difficult to determine where to start. But don't worry - we're here to help. In this guide, we'll check out some of the best bonus options you can find at the majority of online casinos, such as the ones offered at And we'll also provide you with some useful tips on how to choose the right bonus that will fit your needs. So, without further ado, let's get started! What are the different types of bonuses available at an online casino? The most common types of bonuses you can find at an... Read more →

Jersey City, NJ and Beit Shemesh, Israel, Now Sisters

The two municipalities will cooperate on economic partnership between relevant industries, urban planning, diversity and inclusion and workforce development. Jersey City, NJ –– Yesterday, Wed. Nov. 9, the mayor of Jersey City Steven Fulop and the mayor of Beit Shemesh Dr. Aliza Bloch signed a sister city agreement between their two municipalities. The agreement, which has been in development for many months, was initiated by the New Jersey-Israel Commission. The agreement aims to maximize the resources of each city by optimizing their shared industries, streamlining immigration and integration, leading urban revitalization in the face of rapid population growth and codifying shared workforce development strategies. Beit Shemesh, the youngest city in Israel, is a medium-sized municipality that is growing rapidly. Located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, its economy features light manufacturing, services, and an expanding tech sector. Mayor Bloch is seeking a major municipal partner in New Jersey to consolidate that... Read more →

Advantages of buying medicines in an online pharmacy

An online pharmacy is a system for searching and purchasing various medicines. Among several thousand items, you can choose not only medicines but also personal hygiene items, medical cosmetics, dietary supplements, goods for children, and special food. All goods have quality certificates, which are provided to the customer upon request. Distinctive features of an online pharmacy Online Pharmacy provides an opportunity to purchase not only popular but also rare medicines at an affordable cost. To make it easier to find the funds you need, just use special filters. Since various medicines are available in one place, it will take much less time to search for them. Among the advantages of an online pharmacy are also: bonus system and periodic promotions, which allows you to save money; seasonal discounts on the most popular drugs: antihistamines - in summer, colds - in winter; the possibility of booking the necessary medicines; cash or... Read more →

Skin Cancer Stats and Treatment

(NAPSI)—If you or someone you care for is ever among the 5 million people diagnosed with basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma every year in the U.S., here are a few facts it would be healthy for you to know. Skin Cancer Stats 1. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S. 2. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma account for 95% of all skin cancers. 3. Your risk increases with age. Skin Cancer Signs A change in your skin is the most common sign of skin cancer, advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This could be a new growth, a sore that doesn’t heal, or a change in a mole. If you notice any of these, see your dermatologist. Nearly all skin cancers can be treated effectively if they are found early. Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to... Read more →

The story of the rebirth of America's gambling heart, Las Vegas 80s

The capital of gambling entertainment has not always shined with the glitz and glamor that everyone has come to think of as Las Vegas. Until the 1980s, Las Vegas had a rather sordid reputation and was not so much a place of entertainment as a place of lost souls. In this article, we'll remind you why many casino fans love Sin City, the dawn of gambling among the desert dunes and the glowing sun. And while a trip to Nevada seems too far away, you can get carried away with lucrative slot machines from the comfort of your home at and make some serious profits. Vegas in the 80s – at the dawn of decline While the mafia ruled the city and the police couldn't do anything about it, the town was in chaos. The slot machines were utterly corrupt, making it impossible for ordinary gamblers to enjoy their... Read more →

How can the Netherlands be a suitable destination for Profitable Bitcoin Trading?

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, the Netherlands is a suitable destination for many reasons. First and foremost, the Dutch have a long history of tolerance and respect for individual freedoms. This makes the country an attractive destination for those looking to trade Bitcoin without fear of government interference. For more information visit Bitsoft360. Furthermore, the Netherlands has a well-developed financial infrastructure. This includes everything from traditional banks to innovative startups that are helping to drive the adoption of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. As such, there are plenty of options available for those looking to get involved in Bitcoin trading in the Netherlands. Finally, it should be noted that the Dutch tax authorities have taken a very favorable stance towards Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In particular, they have ruled that profits from Bitcoin trading are not subject to taxation. This makes the Netherlands an ideal destination for those... Read more →

New Jersey online gambling on the up

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement's most recent monthly revenue report, the people of New Jersey don't appear to be growing tired of playing at online casinos as a preferred source of entertainment. Operators of online casinos reported $135.2 million in revenue, a 10.3% increase from the previous year. This positive news is another indicator of how the New Jersey iGaming industry adapted to the digital era. The Gambling State In New Jersey, where gambling and betting have a long history, it almost feels like part of the state's culture. Although the state may have a long history of gambling, people were not able to start to play slots online and other forms of in-state internet gambling until 2013. Nowadays, the games offered by online casinos and available to New Jersey residents can accommodate almost any player and bankroll in the world of online gambling by fusing... Read more →

New Jersey Republicans Gain Win in 7th District

Candidates in New Jersey for the 7th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives are Democratic incumbent Tom Malinowski and Republican challenger Tom Kean. AP File photos (The Center Square) – Republicans in New Jersey scored a victory Wednesday when Democratic U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski conceded defeat in his race against Republican Tom Kean Jr. for the 7th District seat. The Associated Press had yet to call the race by 3 p.m. EST, but Malinowski, a two-term incumbent, congratulated Kean on Twitter late Wednesday morning. Kean had garnered more than 52% of the vote with 95% counted. Moments after Malinowski’s statement, Kean Jr. responded by thanking Malinowski for his service, and the voters for backing him. “Throughout this district and throughout this nation, we have been given an opportunity to change the course of history,” Kean wrote. “I am incredibly grateful to the voters of the Seventh District... Read more →

AccuWeather: Downpours Will Threaten Flooding Up and Down Eastern Seaboard

Despite losing wind intensity while pushing over land, the system will stir hazards well beyond landfall. Downpours will threaten to flood up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and severe weather will be a danger. AccuWeather's Chief Meteorologist shares some concerns. AccuWeather Global Weather Center - November 9, 2022 - AccuWeather forecasters continued to scrutinize Nicole's projected path as it is expected to move up the Eastern Seaboard. On Wednesday morning, meteorologists shifted the zone for heaviest rainfall farther to the west across the interior Northeast. On Wednesday, strengthening Nicole was approaching the eastern coast of Florida, with an anticipated landfall Wednesday night before impacting the southeastern U.S. through Thursday night. Starting on Thursday night, widespread tropical rainfall is expected to expand northward, reaching cities like Baltimore and Pittsburgh by sunrise on Friday morning. Widespread rainfall of 2-4 inches (50-100 mm) is likely from western Virginia through the eastern Ohio Valley,... Read more →

What To Search For If You Want To Know If An Online Casino Is Secure We can honestly say that online casino games, like the ones you can find at the joker casino, are rather popular today. Many people play them, both young and old. The many games people can play today are definitely the reason why so many people love online casinos. If you are also one of those people, but you are a newbie, you may be wondering how to find a secure casino. That is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you create an account on a casino site. Today, we are going to show you what to search for if you want to know if an online casino is secure. Search For The License On The Site There are a few things you can do to check if an online casino has a license. The first is to check the website itself. Most licensed... Read more →

Franklin Township PD Weekly Police Blotter

October 23, 2022 - November 5, 2022 10/23/2022 A Somerset, NJ resident reported a burglary to his vehicle and residence that occurred on 10/21/22 during the early morning hours in the area of Fourth St. There were several suspects involved in the act, which may have been an attempt to steal the unlocked vehicle. They were unsuccessful. 10/24/2022 Two Somerset, NJ residents were the victim of criminal mischief in the area of Juliet Ave. shortly after midnight. The unknown suspect(s) slashed the tires on their vehicles causing $2,220.00 in damage. A business located on Commerce Dr. was the victim of catalytic converter thefts during the overnight hours. The unknown suspect(s) removed the catalytic converters from four trucks parked on the property. The theft totaled approximately $6,000.00. A Carteret, NJ resident reported criminal mischief to her vehicle while it was parked in the area of Cottontail Ln. on 10/21/22. The unknown... Read more →

Rowan Football Crushes Montclair 27-7

GLASSBORO, NJ -- in the second half to go on and win 27-7 over the Red Hawks Saturday afternoon in an NJAC matchup at Coach Richard Wackar Stadium. The Profs yielded a touchdown on Montclair State's opening drive but that was all the scoring allowed by the defense, which also got an 80-yard interception return for a score from Eric Bryant in the second quarter. In all, the defense came away with two picks, four sacks, six tackles for losses, and a fumble recovery on the day as the team improves to 6-3 and 4-2 in conference play. James Fara rumbled for 124 yards and a score while quarterback Mike Husni connected with John Maldonado for a long 57-yard touchdown pass. Jake Hurler added a 22-yard field goal right before the half to give the Profs a 24-7 lead at the break. Rowan took the opening kickoff and turned in... Read more →

Rowan's Athletic Teams Win 5 NJAC Championship Titles

GLASSBORO, NJ – Rowan’s athletic teams won an unprecedented five New Jersey Athletic Conference championships for the Fall season, including four in one weekend, as the Profs’ men’s cross country, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, volleyball, and field hockey teams all claimed titles within the past two weeks. It was the most ever in a single season for one institution in the history of the NJAC. “I have spent a lifetime in college sports, and I cannot recall a fall season like this. Most obviously, our student-athletes and coaches have been magnificent. Our support staff, especially our athletic trainers and equipment room, also worked to make our fall seasons a great success,” said Rowan athletic director Dr. John Giannini. “Our winter and spring sports coaches have pitched into host games in a first-class way while preparing for their seasons. We have so many things going right, and we are fueled by... Read more →

Rowan Field Hockey to Host Div. Playoffs

GLASSBORO, NJ -- The NJAC Champion Rowan field hockey team will host the NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championships Second and Third Rounds on November 12 and 13 at Coach Richard Wackar Stadium. The third-ranked Profs (19-1) received a bye and will play the winner of the first-round matchup between Cabrini and Christopher Newport on Saturday, November 12 at 11 a.m. BRACKET Messiah has also earned a bye and will play the winner of the Castleton vs. Tufts first-round game on Saturday at 2 p.m. in Glassboro. The second-round winners will face off on Sunday, November 13. It will be Rowan's 22nd appearance to the NCAA Championships as it earned the NJAC's automatic bid with its second consecutive conference title. Rowan has made four all-time appearances in the NCAA Semifinals, with 2021 being the most recent, while the Profs captured the only national title in program history in 2002. The... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 7, 2022)(CNBNews)--The November 8 election is just hours away. Many people have either mailed their ballot or taken it to one of the many drop-off boxes throughout Camden County. Depending on which newscast you listen to, the Republicans will win back the House and the Senate, while Democrats are confident they will continue to control both the House and the Senate. Polls open at 6 AM and close at 8 PM. In Gloucester City (Camden County), voters will elect a member of the House of Representatives, two members of the Board of County Commissioners and a mayor, and three councilmen at large, along with three members of the Board of Education. Listed below are the names of those candidates, beginning with the people running for Gloucester City Council seats. GLOUCESTER CITY DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL CANDIDATES (background) (Note: The reporter gathered... Read more →

Safe Online Gambling - What are The Top Criteria For Choosing an Online Gambling Site?

CNBNews graphic fiels The top online casinos paying real money are always secure and safe, but gamblers have to ensure the platforms they plan to register an account at are worth the time and money. In other words, players must make sure their online casino sites are licensed and regulated. Besides the licensing, other factors help players know whether a site is trustworthy or it's a scam. This solid criteria from gambling experts will help you choose a safe and secure online gambling platform today to avoid scam sites that put your money and information at risk. Check for proper licensing. Although there's no global authority regulating online casinos, most national governments have laws governing online gambling sites registered in their jurisdictions. Always make sure an online casino site holds a valid license from a reputable and trustworthy licensing authority before signing up. Most reputable gambling sites feature badges of... Read more →

Texas Woman Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Wildlife

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A Texas woman plead guilty Nov. 2, for illegally smuggling a spider monkey, following an investigation conducted by Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Kingsville Police Department. Savannah Nicole Valdez, 20, from Katy, Texas, pleaded guilty to smuggling wildlife into the United States without first declaring and invoicing it and fleeing an immigration checkpoint. “Smuggling in endangered species for commercial gain is a tragic crime against nature’s precious resources," said Craig Larrabee, Acting Special Agent in Charge, HSI San Antonio. "HSI takes every opportunity to join our federal, private sector and international partners to share our knowledge, experience and investigative techniques designed to protect and preserve threatened and endangered species." According to court documents, on March 21, 2022, Valdez attempted to enter the United States through the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, Texas. Officers observed a wooden... Read more →

Paterson Gun Trafficking Ring Busted

TRENTON – Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced today that 15 alleged members of a Paterson gun trafficking ring were indicted on charges of racketeering, conspiracy, and weapons offenses in connection with a criminal operation that New Jersey State Police (NJSP) say transported more than 120 guns from South Carolina into New Jersey for illegal sale here. The charges are the result of an investigation conducted by NJSP with assistance from the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that dismantled the criminal enterprise, took 12 guns off the street – including an assault rifle – and led to charges against the alleged leader of the trafficking ring, five of his gun suppliers in South Carolina, and nine “middlemen” who allegedly helped broker the sale of guns in Paterson. A 39-count indictment handed up by a State Grand Jury on October 21 charges all 15 defendants with... Read more →

Some Free Advice From Senator John Kennedy (video)

I love this country as much as you do! I think America is worth fighting for! ~U.S. Senator Kennedy (CNBNews)--United States Senator John Kennedy hit the ball out of the park in his speech at the CPAC gathering this past February. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, take a few minutes and listen to his words of wisdom. He makes a lot of sense. If you think he doesn't, let us know we love to hear from you. SOME FREE ADVICE (Courtesy: American Conservative Union) Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) speaks at CPAC 2022. 2,144,992 views Feb 26, 2022 Read more →


GLOUCESTER CITY (November 4, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)-- Missing puppy. Please help us find her. Her name is Moppet. She ran out the front door towards the 42/295 ramp off Market Street. CALL 856-831-9919 OR 856-287-6714 source NEXTDOOR NEIGHBOR Read more →

Gloucester City's Top Employee: Brian Morrell, Chief of Police and Temporary City Administrator

Brian Morrell, Chief of Police and Acting City Administrator GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 4, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--A community cannot thrive without law and order. Gloucester City is uniquely positioned to have the Gloucester City Police Department (GCPD). GCPD is an amazingly devoted police department with everyone maintaining a high level of camaraderie, morale, and resolute commitment to protect and serve Gloucester City. Under the direction of Chief of Police / Temporary City Administrator Brian Morrell, GCPD was presented an award in 2022 for achieving Accredited status by The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission in 2021. This was a massive undertaking with enormous benefits. It has facilitated greater professionalism resulting in modernized training, accountability, and financial savings in insurance costs to Gloucester City. Chief of Police / Acting City Administrator Brian Morrell has worked for GCPD for 22 years. He became Chief of Police in January... Read more →

All NJMVC Facilities Closed Tuesday, November 8th and Friday, November 11th

TRENTON – All New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) facilities, including agencies, road test sites, and inspection stations, will be closed in observance of the state holidays on Tuesday, November 8, and Friday, November 11, 2022. All NJMVC facilities will be open for regular operating hours the rest of the week. Meanwhile, is open all the time, 24/7. At the website, customers can: Access over 30 online services and transactions, including renewing and replacing nearly all licenses and registrations. Schedule required appointments for permits, driver testing, REAL ID, new registrations and titles, and other in-person services at NJMVC agencies. Find answers to common NJMVC-related questions and resolve customer concerns. The NJMVC website should always be the first stop for New Jersey customers seeking motor vehicle services. Read more →

Guaffasson Campaign Seeking Volunteers to Make Telephone Calls

We are in a critical phase of Claire’s race to beat the Biden/Norcross South Jersey Political Cartel! The two most important ways you can help are: 1. Sign up for the Mobile App Campaign Sidekickand start making calls for all of our Republican Candidates. TheApp is FREE and cannot be traced back to your phone and gives you the ability to make Campaign phone calls without even having to speak to the person they will dial for you. 2. Whether by Early Voting (or in person voting on November 8th) make sure you get as many friends, family members or neighbors out to vote the Republican Column in your town. Camden County is Column 2, Gloucester County is Column B Burlington County (Maple Shade and Palmyra) is Column 1 Read more →

The rise of casino businesses in the United States

source The United States has seen a significant rise in casino businesses in recent years. This is due to several factors, including the increasing popularity of gambling and the growing number of states that have legalized casinos. If you are already thinking about how to start a casino, you can check out on how to go about it. Casino businesses have been shown to have a positive economic impact on the communities they are located in. They generate jobs and tax revenue and attract tourists to the area. There are some concerns about the social impact of casinos. Nevertheless, the overall consensus seems to be that casino businesses are good for the economy and should be encouraged. How do casinos generate revenue? When googling how to start a casino, you'll probably come across several ways in which casinos generate revenue. The most obvious one is through gambling, as... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story:


Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ November 4, 2022)--While researching one thing, I found another, and another and eventually found myself researching sexual offenders living in Gloucester City. I wondered how many there were, where they were living, and how the predator population in our city compared to other towns. All of this information is available on and the NJ State Police Megan's List. I have to say, the State Police Megan's List isn't as easily available as it used to be. I don't know if this is another case of keeping information from the taxpayers or if the State Police have given Megan's List a lower priority over time. RELATED: Megan Kanka: When Justice Changed All There are 18 sexual predators in Gloucester City, the majority of which live between the railroad and the river. New Jersey categorizes predators in different categories, called Tiers. The first is... Read more →

MOODY'S REPORT: NJ Prepared for Moderate Recession

Morrowind (The Center Square) – New Jersey is better positioned financially to weather the impact of a moderate recession than many other states in the Northeast, according to a recent report. The report by Moody's Analytics shows New Jersey is among a majority of states that have cash balances large enough to survive a recession without having to resort to spending cuts or tax increases of more than 5% of their budgets. Moody's economists ran "stress tests" to gauge each state's recessionary needs in the event of a moderate recession. The study takes into account the impact of the business cycle on state revenues and spending over two fiscal years. In New Jersey, the state would see revenues decline by 8.9% or about $4 billion over the two fiscal years, while Medicaid spending would increase by about 1.5% or more than $729 million, according to the Moody's report. The combined... Read more →

Benefits Of Playing in The Live Betting

With the advent of live betting, online betting has entered an entirely new realm. In-play betting has become commonplace, and gamblers adore it. The opportunity to place a wager on an event after the game has already started is exciting. If you haven't tried live betting yet, there are many opportunities to optimize income within the betting lines at Tulipbet Giriş. Some astounding advantages of live betting are listed below. Enhanced Game Evaluation Although many people view betting on favorites as one of the safest moves, wagering on games after they have already begun can offer even more research. Surprises are always conceivable because numerous elements could influence the outcome. The likelihood of injuries, the environment, and the importance of the game are some of the vital variables in Tulipbet Giriş. For instance, a crucial player may get an injury - in the first few minutes of a game and... Read more →

Upcoming Weekend Will Be Warm and Sunny

1st weekend of November will feel more like May in the Northeast Spring-like weather will take hold later this week across the region and some areas could record temperatures that are more common around Memorial Day weekend. AccuWeather Global Weather Center – November 3, 2022 – November kicked off with above-normal temperatures in much of the East, and AccuWeather meteorologists say that the thermostat will be cranked up even higher this weekend as temperatures challenge long-standing record highs. Despite some rain to start the week, temperatures in the Northeast were above normal as the calendar flipped from October to November. Increased sunshine combined with a northward bulge in the jet stream will continue to promote unseasonable warmth into the weekend. "Temperatures right through the weekend in locations such as New York City, Boston and Philadelphia will be more typical of late May, in the 70s F," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist... Read more →