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Star Ledger: N.J.s First Lady's Campaign Funded by Corporations and Lobbyists

MOORESTOWN N.J. – This morning, another headline shows that First Lady Tammy Murphy’s campaign continues to be powered by those seeking to use campaign funds to stay in favor with the NJ State Government, especially as the budget process kicks off. The story in today’s Star Ledger (below) shows hundreds of thousands of dollars have poured into Murphy’s campaign account by “contractors and lobbyists with business at the Statehouse.” This is in contrast to Kim’s campaign, which as of the last filing, consisted of 92% of donations received being $100 or less, with $0 coming from the support of corporate... Read more →


NEW JERSEY STATE PARKS SEEKING APPLICANTS (24/P6) TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has begun accepting applications for more than 800 peak-season part-time jobs throughout state parks, forests and historic sites, Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette announced today. Available seasonal part-time job opportunities include lifeguards, naturalists, history educators, general maintenance workers, visitor service assistants and office staff. Peak season generally runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with select state parks extending positions from April to October based on operational needs. Applicants, such as students and teachers whose availability may be limited to weekends during specific periods of... Read more →


Private Police Training Promoted Unconstitutional Tactics...

Demeaned Women, Minorities...and Glorified Violence About 240 New Jersey officers from across the state attended the taxpayer-funded training, the Office of the State Comptroller found. Posted on - 12/6/2023 TRENTON (December 18, 2023)(CNBNews)— Hundreds of law enforcement officers across New Jersey attended a private police training conference that taught unconstitutional policing tactics, glorified violence, denigrated women and minorities, and likely violated a myriad of state laws and policies, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) found. Billing itself as one of the country’s largest private police training companies, the New Jersey-based Street Cop held a six-day training conference in Atlantic... Read more →

State Comptroller Reviews The Cost Of Unregulated Private Police Training In NJ

The High Price of Unregulated Private Police Training to New Jersey Table of Contents Posted on - 12/6/2023 Introduction Background Methodology Findings Recommendations Introduction The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) is authorized to conduct audits, investigations, and reviews of Executive branch entities, including state and local police departments, to identify and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the expenditure of public funds. OSC initiated this investigation into Street Cop Training (Street Cop or the Company) after receiving information that public funds were spent to send New Jersey police officers to a six-day conference in October 2021 in Atlantic City... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: $161 Million Being Given To 543 municipalities In NJ

Funds will support safety, infrastructure, quality of life improvements CNBNews graphic file Top Recipients in Camden County Audubon Borough $357,528; Bellmawr Borough, $417,755; Camden City, $1,118,533... Gloucester City, $329,839; Gloucester Township, $403, 758; Pennsauken Township, $432, 090; Winslow Township, $304,141 (Trenton) – Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti today announced $161.25 million in Fiscal Year 2024 Municipal Aid grants, with 543 cities and towns across the state receiving funds to advance road, bridge, safety, and quality-of-life improvements, demonstrating the Department of Transportation’s Commitment to Communities. The competitive Municipal Aid grant program attracted 600 applications... Read more →

Terminally Ill Patients from Out of State Suing New Jersey

New Jersey faces lawsuit over medical aid in dying requirements By Christian Wade | The Center Square contributor (The Center Square) — Andrea Sealy was diagnosed with stage-four metastatic breast cancer more than six years ago and has undergone multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy as the disease spread to her hip and spine. If her prognosis worsens, Sealy wants the option to end her life under the care of a physician through New Jersey's medical aid in dying law for the terminally ill. But the 43-year-old woman lives in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey's law prohibits patients from other states... Read more →


(NAPSI)—In each step of their lifecycle, vape products can harm our environment with three forms of toxic pollution: plastic waste, hazardous waste, and electronic waste (e-waste). Step 1: Production From the very beginning of production, vapes are devastating for the environment. Sourcing raw materials for these products is highly resource intensive, requiring not just plastics, but heavy metals, lithium-ion for batteries, and nicotine from tobacco plants. Mining lithium for vape batteries is a major source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, requires the use of chemicals and immense amounts of water, and leaves toxic waste in its wake. Plus, the nicotine... Read more →

NJ Student Graduate from Shenandoah Universtiy

Shenandoah University Announces Over 1,100 Graduates WINCHESTER, VA (06/22/2023)-- Shenandoah University had 1,143 graduates receive their degrees and/or certificate during the 2022-23 academic year. Those graduates include: Kathryn McMullin of Mullica Hill, NJ, who earned a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Megan Zold of Paulsboro, NJ, who earned a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Isabel Reinisch of Columbus, NJ, who earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy Chelsea Rueda of Vincentown, NJ, who earned a Doctor of Occupational Therapy Paige Cherry of Salem, NJ, who earned a Doctor of Occupational Therapy Andrew Lafay of Tabernacle, NJ, who earned a... Read more →

NJ Says: Gloucester City Violated Workers Sick Leave Law

CNBNews Point of View Those governing the City of Gloucester City, have lead the residents to believe that Great Things Are Happening in their City floating the above banner on city stationary for the last three decades and on other city owned literature and internet portals. Yet as we have stated before we keep looking for one thing that residents can point too and say with pride that "Great Things Are Really Happening in our City". It certainly hasn't happened with our property taxes. Since 2018 Gloucester City has been listed in the top 30 communities with the highest property... Read more →

What to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that has special technology that makes it almost impossible to counterfeit. Many types are based on blockchain technology, and a network of computers enforces it. It is attractive to many because no central authority issues it. There are a few things you should know before deciding whether or not it is for you. Ensure You Have Enough Funds Set Aside While cryptocurrency can be an attractive investment, it can also be volatile, so you will want to make sure you are not putting all your money into this investment. Consider limiting the amount... Read more →

CYBER SECURITY ALERT: Tips to Protect Your Connected Devices and Accounts

By Alvaro Puig March 23, 2022 For so many of us, cell phones and computers are embedded in our personal and professional lives. We talk and text, we browse the web, we watch, and we create. Our devices store a lot of personal information, so it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to make sure your computer, phone, and other connected devices are protected. Update your software Software developers release updates — to software, operating systems, and internet browsers — to patch vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Some programs are pre-set to update automatically. Check your settings... Read more →

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$8M for Kings Hwy.; Westville Pond; Sea Isle Upscale Hotel; Cut Gas Tax; 1000s of NJ Prisoners Freed; Hunter's Laptop

CNBNewsnet RECONSTRUCTION OF KINGS HWY IN AUDUBON, HADDON HTS., MT. EPHRAIM--The Camden County Highway Department has announced an $8 million improvement and redesign project to commence on Kings Highway from Market Street to Hopkins Road in the boroughs of Audubon, Haddon Heights, and Mt. Ephraim. The goal of the project is to provide pavement rehabilitation and upgrade existing curb ramps to meet ADA requirements along with the rehabilitation of existing storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure. The total scope of the work will encompass about 2.42 miles of roadway including 39 intersections and more than 99 curb ramps. “Each element of... Read more →

Why You Should Be Wary Of The Proposed Gibbstown LNG (Methane) Export Terminal

By Daniel Steinberg Facts About The Proposed Gibbstown LNG (Methane) Export Terminal Background Information The company, New Fortress Energy, proposes to take Fracked Gas or LNG (which is industry terminology to hide the more dangerous terminology, which is really METHANE (so we will call it what it really is). It will be liquefied at a plant the company plans to build in Wyalusing, Bradford County, PA, and transport it approximately 200 miles by train through cities and towns such as Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading, Phila. and across the Delaware River via the Atlantic City – Phila. the rail... Read more →

How to Invest in Bitcoin 

Investing in Bitcoin is a very important thing to do, especially now that its value has increased tenfold. Bitcoin is the future of money and if you want to be an early adopter and help Bitcoin succeed, this article will show you how... 1: Decide on your investment strategy: A large number of people decide they want to invest or trade Bitcoin but don't have a specific goal or strategy. This is dangerous as without a clear objective, such as investing for retirement with "buy and hold", you may impulsively sell out of fear during times like December 2017 when... Read more →

Merry Christmas To All from ClearysNoteBook

CNBNewsnet Wishing your Christmas be filled with peace, love and good health. Thank you for your support and loyalty Warmest Regards... Peyton...Don't Forget Me! Bill and Connie Cleary Sr. Read more →

Are vinyl or fabric shower curtains better for you?

Shower curtains give a sense of privacy and comfort in the bathroom. Vinyl and fabric shower curtains might be made from similar materials but there are some differences that you must consider. If you're looking to buy a new curtain, read on and learn what makes each type unique. Vinyl: - Environmentally friendly; can be more durable than fabric; easier to clean; doesn't fade easily. - A common complaint is that they do not absorb water like fabric ones do, which can make for puddles around the tub after every shower. Vinyl Shower curtains are often made with PVC, are... Read more →

Tips to Unroot android devices 

Lodging your Android smartphone or tablet gives you operating system operation boons, enabling you to edit or cancel system lines, customize your phonebook, change the firmware and much further. There are disadvantages to this process. Most importantly, it avoids the bond of your device. Your device isn't defended from security pitfalls after lodging. You can fluently bed it, if you have an embedded Android device and you want to reclaim its bond or keep it safe. Here we have the tips and tricks to tricks for unrooted android devices that are available now. There are several ways to bed your... Read more →

How the Bitcoin Aussies system app Aussies system App are useful

Bitcoin Aussies system apps and other cryptocurrencies are no longer storage of technology that's out for an adventure, but a mainstream investment vehicle. Realizing that currencies have a huge eventuality for profit, they've added to the list of software similar to the Bitcoin Aussies system app Aussie system to automate the trading process and make it more effective. Unfortunately, the place for cryptocurrency trading software is still evolving and swindles are common. With that in mind, this review aims to tell you how to use the Bitcoin Aussies system app Aussie system as well as its authenticity. Just have a... Read more →

The first licensed online bookmaker in Ukraine — Parimatch

On the website of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries, a decision was published on the issuance of the first and only license to carry out betting activities in Ukraine. Thus, the international holding resumes betting activities — Parimatch legalization in Ukraine. Parimatch is one of the biggest steps. One of the top world betting companies will be able to fully function and invest in the development of the Ukrainian economy. The law on the legalization of gambling has already been passed by the parliament and signed by the president, but the big gambling business is on... Read more →

CNB Pet Tips: The Right Dog Training Helps Your Dog to Behave

Stay Peyton....Smile! Good Girl! (CNBNews photo) If you are owner of a dog or planning to own a one, you must understand the need of giving it proper training. It is difficult to live with untrained dog. It can bite you or your family members. So if you want your pet to behave according to your requirement, you must give it proper training. You can enroll your dog in dog training academy. Midway Dog Training Academy is one reliable academy. It has experience of over 30 years in giving training to dogs. First step in dog training is behavior training.... Read more →


According to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, a sizeable minority of New Jerseyans are hesitant about getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Nearly 1 in 6 — that is, 16% — say they aren't willing to get vaccinated. Here's why: 53% say they they think they don't need it (a big increase from 25%) 49% say they want to understand how vaccines work (down from 82%) 47% say they think the medical system is too flawed to trust fully 33% say they don't get vaccinated, period (TAPinto New Brunswick) UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS SEEK $989M IN MORE FUNDING Last month, the Murphy administration launched a... Read more →


New Jersey has a new policy: If you're fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you don't need to wear a mask indoors or keep a 6-foot distance from other people. That includes at work, starting on June 4. One exception: state workers, e.g. Motor Vehicle Commission employees. Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order to this effect yesterday, alongside another order that enables companies to call back employees into in-person workplaces. ( / WHYY) MASKS REQUIRED WHERE KIDS ARE: SCHOOLS, CHILD CARE As the new, statewide COVID rules begin to take effect, there are still several areas where masks are still mandatory,... Read more →

Considering a Car Insurance Policy within your Budget

It is quite a stressful time when you have to consider taking out an insurance policy for your car. While it is known legislation that car owners who are driving on UK roads must take out an insurance policy without putting down a deposit, thinking of paying an added amount while you are still putting down the deposit on your car does sound like a nightmare. Most insurance policies require that you pay a deposit on your insurance immediately. Having to fork out such a large amount may have your heart racing. Get a grip on your racing heart; there... Read more →


Yesterday, a jury in Minneapolis found Derek Chauvin, a former police officer, guilty on all counts in the George Floyd trial: that is, he was found guilty of second- and third-degree murder, plus second-degree manslaughter. Sen. Cory Booker is sponsoring the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives. “Accountability for the officer who murdered George Floyd is important and it is necessary," he said. "But it is far from enough," he said. "We must also hold the system that allowed it to happen accountable. What are we going to do as a country... Read more →

Tips to adapt the effective bitcoin strategies

The Web is an incredible open door for some, finance managers; there are many various approaches to bring in cash. A portion of these strategies are very beneficial. Indeed, even six figures can be acquired just by chipping away at the web. This implies stopping your normal everyday employment and keeping your functioning life fit around your own life. Today we will take a gander at a portion of the various ways you can construct a beneficial business. Visit here to get effective bitcoin trading strategies. Trading with Amazon Amazon is one of the biggest online commercial centers on the... Read more →

Qualifying Medical Conditions Under the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program

Every U.S. state has legislation on the use of marijuana. More than two-thirds of the United States, including the District of Columbia, actually legalized marijuana for medical use. Others are considering bills to legalize it for medical use, as well. If you live in New Jersey, you no longer need to live in fear of getting arrested for possessing amounts of marijuana for personal use. In a way, the Garden State is getting a bit greener, especially for people with qualifying medical conditions under the New Jersey medical marijuana program. Legalization in this densely populated state will probably encourage other... Read more →

CNB Business News: Former NBA All- Star Amar’e Stoudemire Visits Royal Wine and Kayco

Bayonne, NJ (MARCH 23, 2021)-- Mordy Herzog, KAYCO CEO (L), and Nathan Herzog (R), President Royal Wine Corp., offer up Passover products to Amar’e Stoudemire, former NBA All-Star. He and his family paid a visit to Royal Wine and Kayco, the largest distributors of Kosher food & Wine based in Bayonne, NJ. He stocked up on Kosher for Passover matzo and Wines. Read more →

A Guide to Last Minute Vacations

Do you want to squeeze in a quick vacation at the end of the season? The truth is, there is still enough time for you to do so without going over budget. Be sure to check out these tips and tricks to reduce your expenses while booking an amazing last-minute winter vacation. Be Flexible About Where You Want To Go When you're searching for the best winter getaway deal, you should ideally have a wish list of the destinations you're interested in. If you only have one particular destination in mind, this can cause you to pay a premium. In... Read more →


MURPHY: NURSING HOMES SHOULD PAY PRICE FOR COVID On CBS, Gov. Phil Murphy spoke about concerns over his administration's work to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes. Some blame sits with the facilities who failed to follow the health department's "explicit, black-and-white" instructions, Murphy said. While it's true that the state's policy asked long-term care facilities to not turn away COVID-positive residents, Murphy said the state told the facilities the residents must live in "their own wing, their own building" — and if that wasn't possible, operators were told to "come to us and we'll find... Read more →


Gov. Phil Murphy reflected on the state's future yesterday, as COVID vaccines start to become available. The day we achieve a 70% vaccination rate is getting closer. “If you get to the last week of March or first week of April, I believe the supplies from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna are going to explode,” he said. “We will be in a dramatically, quantumly different place.” (ROI-NJ) NJ REPUBLICANS PLAN TO TACKLE MURPHY'S COVID RECORD The Murphy administration has received a public records request from the Republican Governors Association. The issue appears to be Gov. Phil Murphy's communication with... Read more →

Good Reasons for Brands to Use Memes to Drive Their Content Marketing 

Richard Dawkins, the noted evolutionary biologist, coined the term memes way back in 1976 to describe how ideas are replicated and, in the process, mutate and evolve to carry forward and engage the target audience. It has been observed that memes, over time, can take a life of their own as different groups adapt memes to carry forward their ideas. The potential of memes to create engagement and communicate a central message to develop a sense of belonging has been acknowledged by brands. Today, many of the world’s top brands are using memes to engage their audiences, for developing brand... Read more →


The Murphy administration will devote over $1 billion from federal COVID funds for school districts, with a major focus on mental health and learning supports files for students. Grants will also be available for tutoring and summer programs. "Providing our school communities with increased flexibility and support is essential to move our education system forward. The additional federal funds will allow districts to best meet the individual needs of their students during this challenging time," Gov. Phil Murphy said. (Patch / NJ Spotlight) WEED DEAL: LAWMAKERS WHIP VOTES, DEADLINE LOOMS On Friday, after a week of touch-and-go, the Senate... Read more →

NJ Health Officials Suggests People Wear Two Masks!!! Enough Already!!

NEW JERSEY NEWS COMMONS MURPHY SAYS COVID-19 VARIANT WILL SLOW REOPENING Yesterday, Gov. Phil Murphy said that the B.1.1.7 variant of COVID-19 could pose a serious threat to the state's recovery from the pandemic. 50 people here have been infected with it already. "The variant sort of hangs over our head," Murphy said. And by the way — you should consider wearing two masks, health officials said. It's easier to do now, when it's colder. (Patch / NorthJersey) END OF AN ERA: TRUMP PLAZA GOES OUT WITH A BANG The Trump Plaza in Atlantic City crumbled to the ground yesterday,... Read more →

A Detailed Guide to Four Popular Small Dog Breeds

Do you find small dog breeds extremely cute? Besides their adorable appearance, these canines are affectionate, spirited, and cost-effective. They are highly adaptable, portable, and not demanding in view of exercise. Many families decide to adopt small dog breeds because of their friendly personality, devotion, and brightness. The majority of individuals opt for Bichon Frises, Boston Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, and Pugs when looking for a pet. All these breeds have charming personalities, demonstrate loyalty, and love showing affection. Pet owners are expected to learn about the potential genetic conditions of the breed they plan to adopt in order to take... Read more →

How to Prepare for Your First UTV Race

Initially used at farms and ranches for hard work, UTVs are now the latest rage in hardcore racing. These powerful machines can cross any challenging terrain, from desert dunes and steep sludge hills to forest paths, mud trails, rocky ledges, and many more. While many people still use the “work” side-by-sides, manufacturers provide thrill-seekers with slick, narrow, roaring metal beasts to take to the next adrenaline-pumping race. Are you a fan of UTV competitions? You have come to the right place! Today, we are here to give you a short guide on preparing your competition UTV for the next challenge!... Read more →


The wall calendar is not a new concept, and people use it for visualizing days and months. It is quite helpful for people to plan and structure their activities accordingly. Scheduling was quite simple earlier; meetings and events got recorded on wall calendars for reminders. However, in today's time when everything uses digital platforms and people depend more on their smartphones, these calendars have become redundant. People are increasingly updating and adding new features on digital calendars to make them highly feasible. People highly depend on the smartphone and use the calendar to remind them of events, tasks, and meetings.... Read more →


Gov. Phil Murphy has announced a new COVID-19 program that will focus on vaccinating under-served populations. Community leaders across the state will be in charge of making appointments and organizing site operations. First doses will be available for two weeks, followed by a round of second doses. "These locations are being strategically placed in communities that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, in some of our most diverse and socioeconomically challenged communities," Murphy said. (TAPinto Camden) PARENTS CAN NOW ATTEND HIGH SCHOOL, YOUTH SPORTS On Friday, Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled a new policy for high school and youth sports: parents... Read more →

Trying to Keep a Restaurant Cleaned is a Daunting Task

It is quite difficult for the restaurant staff to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the premises. This is impossible in places where there is always a large stream of visitors. But cleanliness is the “calling card” of any good restaurant. By how clean the guest room is, you can judge the sanitary conditions in the kitchen. If visitors see dirt on the floor or on other surfaces in a restaurant where they have come to rest and relax, then there is a high probability that they will not come here again. Cleanliness is the first thing visitors look... Read more →


The state Department of Labor announced on Saturday that it has made the necessary improvements to the system — finally — so the 75,000 people who need to resume unemployment benefits will be able to make ends meet again. The wait for the 11-week extension is almost over. (ROI-NJ / NorthJersey) "The new stimulus relief was signed after CARES Act benefits had ended — too late for most states to program their systems to prevent a lapse in benefits," said Commissioner Asaro-Angelo. "This current extension ends on March 13. We urge Congress to act sooner and to provide long-term relief,... Read more →

A Guide to Starting Investment in Cryptocurrency

It is no longer as complicated to start investing in cryptocurrency as it used to be. As the popularity of the alternative currency has risen, along with the prices, there are now many straightforward ways to invest your money. Everyone has heard of cryptocurrency these days, especially the big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which in itself makes the process much less intimidating. There's a lot of online info about how to get started with cryptocurrency investments, but the reality is that rapid growth has led to a wide range of useful resources and tools. By taking the time to... Read more →


A “monumental milestone”: that's how Gov. Phil Murphy described the state's first solar project, which launched in Perth Amboy on Thursday. It's part of the state Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, which is designed for the energy needs of underserved communities. (ROI-NJ) “From the job-creation aspects of community solar to expanding access to renewable energy to more New Jerseyans, especially in historically underserved communities, we look forward to continuing this successful program with the program’s second round of awards later this year,” said BPU President Joseph Fiordaliso. MURPHY: 'BAD ACTORS' COULD LOSE VACCINE SUPPLY On... Read more →

Rutgers University–Camden Receives $233,066 for Climate Change Research

CHERRY HILL, NJ – U.S. Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) announced today that Rutgers University–Camden will receive $233,066 in federal funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for research into the effects of climate change on ecological diversity. files “Climate change is a serious threat to our communities, with devastating consequences both globally and here in South Jersey,” said Congressman Norcross. “The work being done at Rutgers–Camden is critical to deepening our understanding of how changing temperatures are affecting ecological systems around the world. This funding will advance the vital research being conducted right here to ensure a safe and... Read more →


Today, many more people in our state will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine: anyone 65 and older, plus anyone age 16 to 64 with certain chronic conditions: Cancer Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Down syndrome Heart conditions (e.g. heart failure, coronary artery disease) Kidney disease Obesity Sickle cell disease Type-2 diabetes “It is somewhat, if not largely, based on the anticipation — not guarantee, but anticipation — of increased deliveries of vaccines as the federal government will no longer be holding back doses,” Gov. Phil Murphy said. (WHYY / More: It’s time to let NJ teachers get... Read more →


Statewide COVID-19 vaccine distribution isn't matching the pace of other states, health officials said yesterday. Only a quarter of the state's total number of doses — about 100,000 of 400,000 — have been given out. The first round of second doses began yesterday. Two "mega sites" will open on Friday for front line health care workers. (TAPinto Camden / WHYY / ROI-NJ / Patch) MURPHY: VAN DREW "SIDING WITH CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" Yesterday, Gov. Phil Murphy targeted party-switching Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a Republican, for his plans to support Trump and continue to contest the election over alleged claims of voter... Read more →


On Jan. 1, the statewide minimum wage for most employees rose to $12 per hour. This is a $1 an hour raise. This follows the progression signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy last year. The hourly minimum wage will continue to rise until it reaches $15 by 2024. Seasonal and agricultural workers will receive smaller increases over a longer amount of time. Employees at small businesses will, too. And the wage for tipped workers is now $4.13 an hour. (TAPinto Camden) NO 'FREEHOLDERS': NJ DROPS TERM WITH RACIST ORIGIN Jan. 1 marked the first day that the racist word... Read more →


The news that the state didn't meet a federal COVID vaccine deadline sparked outrage this week, including former Gov. Chris Christie. New York and Connecticut began vaccinating long-term care residents on Monday. Health department commissioner Judy Persichilli said the state missed the deadline because some facilities — group homes, HUD senior housing — didn't have the technology to fulfill the federal requirements in time. (NJ Spotlight / CHRISTIE SAYS HE WON'T RULE OUT 2024 WHITE HOUSE BID In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt on Monday, former Gov. Chris Christie said that he's not ruling out a run for... Read more →

How some senior living communities are making retirement a permanent vacation?

(December 16, 2020)--As you reach the age of retirement you should be ready with a plan about life after retirement so that the living arrangements can ensure that you receive proper care and enjoy independent living. While staying at home after retirement is always an option, another option that has become popular is to move to high-end assisted living homes that promise a better quality of life with assured care in the long term. Joining some retirement communities will allow you to choose the way you want to lead your life in the fading years without compromising on the quality... Read more →

How to Start Live Streaming on Twitch: The Ultimate Guide

(December 14, 2020)--If you are in the gaming world and want to know how to start live streaming on Twitch, then it's time to check an ultimate guide that makes Twitch streaming for beginners quite effortless. Things you Need for Live Streaming Here is what you need before you go live on Twitch Make a Twitch Account First of all, you can register yourself on Twitch. You can't live stream on this platform without an account. Registration is a simple process; you can do it from your desktop or smartphone. First, agree to terms, and add your account details. On... Read more →

Reasons behind bitcoin rates are so volatile

(December 14, 2020)--There are numerous purposes behind the value varieties in the bitcoin spot cost on the Bitcoin Exchanging Trade. Variances are estimated in the exemplary business sectors by the Vacillation List, otherwise called the CBOE Instability List (VIX). Bitcoin changes don't yet have a completely acknowledged record in light of the fact that a genuine resource class is as yet in its early stages, yet we comprehend that bitcoin vacillates as a 10x change in cost against the US dollar. Merits a genuinely brief timeframe there are just a small bunch of various components behind the changes of bitcoin... Read more →

Get Instant Profits from Online Bitcoin Opportunity Platform

image courtesy of (November 21, 2020)--Online quick and fast responding services provide great confidence levels for investors to make money to use the best featured and top-quality platforms to make money online. Almost everything is based upon useful inspiration and valued acknowledgment to match with the trust and confidence levels of the people. Bitcoin is considering one of the best and top quality online trading platforms to make money. Having useful inspirations and knowledge about versatile feature explorations means showing your great confidence to make money online is totally depends upon useful facts and the figures and to make... Read more →