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CNBNEWS CONSUMER ALERT: 1, 2, 3 videos to help you stop unwanted phone calls

August 7, 2020 by Jabari Cook Intern, Division of Consumer & Business Education, FTC It can be frustrating to deal with a bunch of unwanted calls. If you answer them, you might hear a recorded message of someone trying to sell you something. Or it could be a real person hoping to scare you into paying a debt you don't owe. These kinds of unwanted calls are often scams. Taking steps to stop them can help save you time and unnecessary stress — and maybe some money, too. The FTC has created a trilogy of short videos to help you... Read more →


August 7, 2020 by Jennifer Leach Associate Director, Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC Those mysterious seeds from China have been in the headlines, but we’re also hearing about other stuff that people are getting that looks connected to the seed mystery. There could be a few things going on, so let’s start unraveling the Great Unwanted Goods Mystery of 2020. First, DON’T PLANT MYSTERY SEEDS. And don’t throw them away. Instead, follow the USDA’s advice on what to do. Did you order something and get seeds or other junk instead? If that’s you, dispute the charges for the... Read more →

CONSUMER NEWS: Car Buying Tips

One automotive company has won more J.D. Power Awards for Initial Quality than any other brand. (NAPSI)—The U.S. auto industry estimates about 17 million cars are bought in the United States every year. If you’re hoping—or just dreaming—of buying one of them anytime soon, there are a few facts and stats that can make car shopping a better experience for you. Quality Cars To Consider First, you should know that, based on input from tens of thousands of drivers, J.D. Power named Kia the highest-ranked, mass market brand for initial quality overall in the industry. The vehicles were evaluated on... Read more →

NY Attorney General lawsuit seeks to dissolve National Rifle Association

I knew Democrats had gone far left, but even I was shocked that the Attorney General of New York held a press conference today announcing she was trying to eliminate the NRA. The NRA has fought to project our 2nd Amendment rights, and it drives the liberal nuts. Our own liberal Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, follows the lead of the other far-left AGs across the country. Make no mistake he will bring this same insanity to Pennsylvania. That’s why we need your help. To be honest, the liberals are outraising us every day with millions from their Hollywood special interest... Read more →

7 Most Common Reasons for Losing Important Data

by James Dorian (Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 7, 2020)--Your computer is a safe place for all important documents, spreadsheets, photographs, PDF files, and all other digital valuables you have. But is it really that safe? It happens: files get accidentally deleted. Computers crash and lose important data. It’s a devastating experience, especially if that data is related to precious memories or important work. Can you imagine a writer working on a novel and losing years of sleepless nights? There might be a solution: you can use the best data recovery software Mac. We’ll tell you how to recover deleted files Mac, and then... Read more →

GUEST OPINION: Once Again the New York Times Lies about Saint Serra

August 6, 2020 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a New York Times column attacking St. Serra: On September 23, 2015, Pope Francis canonized Junípero Serra, the 18th century Spanish priest who courageously defended the human rights of Indians in North America. A week later the New York Times maligned St. Serra in a front-page story by Laura M. Holson, "Sainthood of Serra Reopens Wounds in Colonialism in California." She said that "Historians agree that he [Serra] forced Native Americans to abandon their tribal culture and convert to Christianity, and that he had them whipped and imprisoned and sometimes... Read more →

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol Decreases Opioid Use

Newswise — PHILADELPHIA—The majority of patients who followed an “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” (ERAS) protocol did not need opioids for pain management at multiple time points following elective spinal and peripheral nerve surgery. The findings come from an expanded analysis and study from researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, published in Pain Medicine. Researchers found that when an ERAS protocol was employed—which optimizes patients’ surgical care before, during, and after surgery—fewer patients needed pain medications at one, three, and six months after surgery. The ERAS protocol developed at Penn includes a personalized, safe, and... Read more →

Attention RV Owners! You Could Make As Much As $60,00 In Rental Income

RV Owners are the Surprise Financial Success Story of the Year Unprecedented RV rental demand from cautious travelers has made owning an RV the go-to entrepreneurial venture of the year (NAPSI)—Millions of Americans who own an RV have it parked in their driveway or a storage facility for the better part of the year. With many families wary of airplanes and hotels these days, it may be time to consider renting your rig to make some serious cash. According to peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace RVshare, RV bookings have reached unprecedented levels of demand, increasing more than 1,600% since the beginning... Read more →

Online Fitness Offers Multiple Benefits

More and more people are jumping on the online workout bandwagon. (NAPSI)—You may know regular exercise and physical activity enhance your physical health and emotional well-being, boost your energy level and quality of life, but recent developments in fitness may shake things up. What’s New With more people now working from home or juggling the multiple responsibilities of busy lifestyles, online workouts are more popular than ever. Whether you’re interested in HIIT, yoga, strength training or trampoline workouts, you can find streaming services and virtual sweat sessions as close as your phone or computer. Why It Makes Sense Online fitness... Read more →

GUEST OPINION: The Win-Win for New Jersey

By Regina M. Egea | The Center Square As Congress considers a sequel to the CARES Act economic stimulus bill, the pleas for budgetary relief from big-spending states continue to grow louder. While the demands of our governor currently seem far away from the federal government’s position, there is a reasonable and responsible deal that can be struck. Gloucestercitynews.net files With certain conditions, federal aid can provide a once in a generation opportunity toward the adoption of much smarter fiscal policies in New Jersey. We can leapfrog our state into a more responsible and stable fiscal position, which is what... Read more →

Why Is Kratom Research Important?

Introduction (Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 7,2020)--Mitragyna speciosa - also known as Kratom, is a plant species belonging to the coffee family and grown natively in Southeast Asian countries. The leaves of this plant are used in medicine due to its opioid characteristics and stimulant effects. People in Asia have been using Kratom leaves as medicines, healing wounds, and treatment of intestinal infections. Many people believe that it is useful for the treatment of pain and opioid addiction. However, the benefits of kratom leaves are yet to be proved. Kratom's use has expanded to the United States and Europe, despite the ban on Kratom's... Read more →

White Perch, Striped Bass, Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum Caught on the Chesapeake Last Week

Maryland's August 5 Fishing Report by Keith Lockwood, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Mia Spiker traveled to lower Trappe with her family to enjoy some fishing for white perch – and was delighted with the first fish she has ever caught. Photo by Herb Floyd August seems to have arrived in the blink of an eye, and families are doing their best to fit in some outdoor summer recreation time. Be sure to stay safe and follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor recreation. On Aug. 6 at noon the Maryland Department of Natural Resources hosts another Maryland Fishing Roundtable... Read more →

Guest Opinion: 2020 Democratic Party Platform Declares War on Second Amendment Rights

SOURCE NRA-ILA The national Democratic Party is no longer making any attempt to hide their antipathy towards guns and gun owners. Where once the party attempted to tailor their anti-gun messaging to appear moderate and appeal to some gun owners, the draft 2020 Democratic Party Platform contains a full-throated assault on firearms ownership and a blueprint for undermining every aspect of Second Amendment rights. Viewed in historical context, the draft 2020 Democratic Party Platform is the most anti-gun the party has ever put forward. Released July 21, the draft platform contains the following passage: Democrats will enact universal background checks,... Read more →

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit, Seeking Hunter Biden Travel Records

Seeks Dates and Locations of Hunter Biden’s International and Domestic Travel During the Period He Received Secret Service Protective Detail (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for records relating to travel by Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:20-cv-02094)). Specifically, Judicial Watch seeks records on the dates and locations of Hunter Biden’s international and domestic travel during the period he... Read more →

CNB Book Review: Four Great Reads for Summer

“The Shadow Girl” by Misty Mount (NAPSI)—“A powerful fantasy that combines a coming of age theme with insights into changing family relationships, the impact of past worlds on present lives, and a shy girl’s unexpected changes.”—Midwest Book Review Shy, thirteen-year-old Zylia has always known she was different. She’s disappearing from this world and doesn’t know how to stop it. Then she stumbles across a family mystery surrounding the disappearance of her great-aunt Angelica years earlier. During her quest to unravel the mystery, Zylia discovers she’s able to cross the boundary and enter the “in between” world. Now, it’s up to... Read more →

Going shopping? Don’t get shortchanged

August 4, 2020 by Sachit Gali Intern, Division of Consumer & Business Education, FTC Gloucestercitynews.net files Remember when stores ran out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and face masks? Well, now COVID-19 is cause for a new shortage: coins. Because of business shutdowns and social distancing, people have been spending cash at stores or restaurants at record low levels. Adding to the shortage, the U.S. Mint has slowed down coin production for a few months to keep employees safe from COVID-19. Now, some businesses are running low on coins and not offering change. Here are some tips to avoid losing... Read more →

Gov. Wolf Says Pennsylvania Will Pickup the Postage Cost for Mail-In-Ballots

By Dave Lemery | The Center Square (The Center Square) – The administration of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf revealed Friday that it will pay to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with every ballot it mails to voters this year in the interest of boosting voter participation during the coronavirus pandemic. Gloucester City News blog files Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar announced the move, saying that anyone who applies for a mail-in ballot online, in person or by mail will also have the cost of mailing the ballot back paid for. "Our goal is to make voting as accessible, safe, and... Read more →

A Breakdown of Data Breaches by State

PAUL BISCHOFF TECH WRITER, PRIVACY ADVOCATE AND VPN EXPERT COMPARITECH Data breaches are common in headlines these days, but they are not equally spread out in terms of location. Data breaches occur far more often in some US states than others, and the number of records lost or stolen varies as well. Data breaches are common in headlines these days, but they are not equally spread out in terms of location. Data breaches occur far more often in some US states than others, and the number of records lost or stolen varies as well. Puerto Rico is not included in... Read more →

Eagles QB Finds Peace in Christ..

..amid Pandemic-Induced Uncertainty On and Off Field image courtesy of Wikipedia Carson Wentz: ‘Living for the Lord First, Others Second’ KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Faced with the uncertainty brought on by social distancing and a delayed season, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is finding his identity rooted in Christ by living for the Lord first and others second. Like many athletes living with quarantine restrictions, Wentz is tempted to worry about the unknowns of preseason training camps and what the 2020 NFL season may look like during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an article posted by the Fellowship of Christian... Read more →

Owners of Atilis Gym Defy Court, Remove Barriers from Entrance

HEATHER HUNTERCONTRIBUTOR THE DAILY CALLER BELLMAWR, NJ (August 2, 2020)--The owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey kicked in their boarded-up gym doors after receiving a notice letter Friday threatening to strip them of their business license for defying the state’s lockdown restrictions to remain closed. Francine Wright, the clerk of the Borough of Bellmawr, wrote in the letter to the gym owners that a hearing will occur on Tuesday, August 4 in consideration of “whether to revoke the Atilis Gym’s mercantile license to operate.” “No mercantile license shall be issued to any person or entity which has not... Read more →

Armory Favorites Jamal ‘Shango’ James and David Morrell Jr. to Fight for WBC Saturday

Fans Give James and Morrell a Big Send-Off at the Circle of Discipline Gym in Minneapolis as the Fighters Depart for Los Angeles Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 3, 2020) - Boxing is back and so is Minneapolis welterweight contender Jamal “Shango” James. With the return of live boxing, James is getting his long-awaited shot at a world title Saturday, August 8, as he takes on former world title challenger Thomas Dulorme for the WBA world interim welterweight championship in Los Angeles. No fans will be in attendance, but the bouts will headline the return of FOX PBC Fight Night on FOX,... Read more →

Home Country: What Some People Will Do For a Free Meal

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor Mrs. Forrest has always been a compulsive feeder. Before she retired, she was cooking for the Mule Barn truck stop’s customers, and is singularly responsible for about three flabby tons of avoirdupois on this nation’s truck drivers, and may have been marginally responsible, third-hand, for a cardiac event or two. But now she’s retired, and a widow, and her kids all have kids and are scattered like a covey of quail. Local bachelors of a certain age know if they should just happen to be chatting with Mrs. Forrest on her front lawn along about... Read more →

How Do I Get a Job in RPA

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 4, 2020)--In any organization, working on repetitive manual tasks is necessary and quite common. The task may be in the form of data-entry work, copying/pasting huge data, raising requests in databases, filling various forms, creating executive reports, etc. It requires significant time and effort from employees to complete such tasks. Moreover, due to the task being repetitive but compulsory in nature, it results in employee dissatisfaction. In addition to this, the chances of manual errors are quite high due to a lack of interest. A feasible solution is to automate some or all of such tasks. It offers many... Read more →

New Law Would Force NJ Employers to Pay Workmans Comp if Employee Gets Wuhan Virus

By Kim Jarrett | The Center Square (The Center Square) – The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee on Monday voted to release a bill that would require employers of essential employees to pay workman’s compensation costs if an employee contracts COVID-19 on the job. The vote was the first hurdle in the Assembly for the bill, which passed the Senate in May. The bill would be retroactive to March 9, the day Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several organizations spoke against the bill, saying it would put another burden on businesses that... Read more →