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Guest Opinion: Leno Apologizes To Asians But Not Catholics

March 25, 2021 Bill Donohue | CNBNews Contributor Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Jay Leno's apology to Asians: Longtime NBC "Tonight Show" comedian Jay Leno has come out of retirement to apologize to Asian Americans for the bigoted jokes he told about them while hosting the late-night show. Will Catholics be next to receive an apology? Not a chance. The culture is too anti-Catholic to induce Leno to do so. CNBNews graphics From 1997 to 2015, I wrote well over a dozen news releases taking Leno to task for insulting Catholics; I only addressed his most offensive remarks. For example, our files show that in one time period alone, from April 1996 to January 2012, we recorded 37 jokes Leno told about Catholics,... Read more →

Guest Opinion: Ruling Class Is Race Obsessed

Bill Donohue | CNBNews Contributor March 22, 2021 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the ruling class' obsession with race: We are getting close to the point where if a white person says he prefers vanilla ice cream to chocolate, he risks being labeled a racist. The ruling class, in particular, is obsessed with this issue, seeing racism lurking behind every decision that adversely affects people of color. We need to grow up. The first thing we need to do is get rid of the term "people of color." It is meaningless. Asians have little in common with African Americans or Hispanics. Indeed, Asians have little in common with each other: The Chinese do not share a common history or culture with the Japanese,... Read more →

Guest Opinion: Vatican Slams The Door On Gay Unions

Bill Donohue |CNBNews Contributor March 15, 2021 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a Vatican statement issued March 15 that is sure to be controversial: There will be no recognition of homosexual unions or marriage by the Catholic Church. It is non-negotiable. End of story. Pope Francis has been under considerable pressure by gay activists, in and out of the Church, to give the green light to gay marriage. The statement released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to queries on this issue is the most decisive rejection of those efforts ever written. The Church's top doctrinal office said, "it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage (i.e, outside... Read more →

Letter to the Editor: Senator Booker Explains American Rescue Plan Benefits

Dear New Jerseyan, This past week, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan, delivering on his and Congressional Democrats’ promise to provide COVID-19 relief to the American people. I supported this bold legislation because it provides an urgent and historic investment in the health and financial stability of millions of New Jerseyans and people across the country, a boost to our small businesses, and a lifeline to state and local governments. The landmark American Rescue Plan puts our country on a path to ending this pandemic and building back stronger and better. The American Rescue Plan provides a number of benefits, which will directly benefit you. I encourage New Jerseyans who would like to see a detailed breakdown and more information on how... Read more →

The Deplorable Johnson Blvd. Jogging Track; The City is Analyzing the Costs to Repair It

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (March 12, 2021)--We received a letter from a Gloucester City resident complaining about the condition of the jogging track at Johnson Blvd. and Klemm Avenue. Included with the letter were a number of photos that show the deteriorated walkway along with vandalized monuments. A resident said sections of the asphalt were ripped out so a drainage problem could be fixed. But, the asphalt was never replaced after the work was completed (photo provided) It was built in the 1960s on a landfill that was once all swampland. It encompasses approximately 20 acres. When it opened the track, which was constructed in a wide circle, had benches erected along the pathway and there were evergreen trees and... Read more →


This Adorable Picture Of Biden Picking Up His Dog's Poop Is Exactly What We Need Now

This morning as I stood on the White House lawn, it all finally started to sink in. He's gone, I thought. He's really gone... The long nightmare is over. Democracy is back. I had my press pass back, too. Back in March of 2020, Donald Trump ripped my press pass away from me, struggled to rip it in half, (he failed miserably,) and then tossed it to a staffer who never gave it back to me. All I had done was ask him a simple question about why he wanted transgender people to die. But those painful memories are past-- washed away in the flood of grace and goodness that is the Biden Administration. After arriving at the White House, I took a seat in... Read more →

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How this Democrat converted into a hardcore liberty warrior

One of our greatest challenges is growing our movement and recruiting young people to the cause of liberty. I’m afraid that if we fail to act quickly and recruit younger pro-liberty leaders, our movement is destined to fail… Fortunately, I believe Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is solving this problem . My name is Sean Themea… I was once an Obama supporter (please forgive me), but now am a hardcore Constitutionalist and serve as the leader of Young Americans for Liberty, the nation’s largest and most active pro-liberty student organization. Let me tell you my story… and how YAL is converting THOUSANDS of apathetic, independent, and even left-wing students into hardcore pro-liberty activists. In 2012, I was living in New Hampshire and supported President Obama.... Read more →

Reflections on Black History

Members of the Rutgers community share their thoughts on the past, present, and future This year we mark Black History Month during an ongoing crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities of color, a racial reckoning and continued deep division in the country. But despite these incredibly challenges moments, we are also in a time of great change. In the first month of the year, we welcomed a new federal administration and watched as the first woman, and woman of color, was sworn in as vice-president of the United States in a historic barrier-breaking moment. At this time of hope and need for justice and healing, we asked faculty from across Rutgers to share their reflections, add context to this moment... Read more →

Capitol Police Chief Sund: The group consisted of 1000s of well-coordinated, well equipped violent criminals

"They had weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives, and climbing gear. A number of them were wearing radio ear pieces indicating a high level of coordination. " Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Read more →

Letter to the Editor: “THANK YOU JOE BIDEN”

photo courtesy of The New York Times Thank you Joe Biden for opening American borders to illegals. You're making the country less safe for the legal citizens while ignoring the crime and criminal element and giving them a free pass. They are lined up at our border and waiting thanks to you. Thank you Joe Biden for hurting more American business while they are already down. You are shutting down entities that were helping American businesses and citizens. Killing American jobs isn't a good answer Joe. Your less than one month in office and gas prices are climbing already and going to get much higher is my bet. Thank you Joe Biden for rejoining useless global efforts regarding “climate” designed to bilk billions from America... Read more →

Guest Opinion: I Share Your Plea For Peace

Greetings my friend, It has been some time since we last corresponded. I write to share your plea for peace expressed in your editorial – the Hatred and Ruthlessness Must Stop. The decades of fermenting suspicion, isolation, mistrust, and division - by media and political organizations alike - has boiled over, manifesting these rifts into physical violence on the streets of our communities and in the halls of our uniquely American institutions. At this pivotal juncture in our Union’s history, when it would be easy to drown ourselves in the confluence of political extremism, social outrage, and cancel culturalism, we must afford our futures a moment of contemplation. We must realize the severity in the America we have become and choose if we, as individual... Read more →

Congressman Norcross: COVID-19 Vaccine Update

New Jersey continues to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines in a phased approach to all adults who live, work or are being educated in the State. Below, please find links to a few of the major vaccine registration sites in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties. Vaccinating the State will take patience and time, as vaccination appointments depend on the number of vaccine doses that New Jersey receives each week and the number of frontline workers available to administer shots. County Sites Click below for additional information about local vaccination sites. Camden County Vaccination Center Gloucester County Mega Vaccination Center Burlington County COVID-19 Vaccine Mega-Site at the Moorestown Mall Rowan Medicine Vaccination Center Vaccine Resources For information on vaccines for veterans, click here. To view all... Read more →

BILL DONOHUE: Free Speech Under Attack

Bill Donohue | CNBNews Contributor Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest attacks on freedom of speech: The censoring of Parler by Amazon, Google and Apple is the most serious assault on freedom of speech we have ever seen by private companies in American history. Instead of addressing those who are responsible for abusing their free speech rights, e.g. those who are clearly fomenting violence, Big Tech is now seeking to censor conservative voices in general. For justification, they are following the lead of pundits and activists who are blaming President Trump, and his supporters, for the violence that took place last week in Washington, D.C. The argument is more than absurd—it is pernicious. Nothing President Trump said last week was in any... Read more →

NRA-ILA NEWS: Biden to Nominate Anti- 2ND-Amendment Judge Garland for AG

NRA-ILA--At a news conference on January 7th, President-elect Joe Biden announced he will nominate U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Judge Merrick Garland for Attorney General. Biden’s choice of a noted Second Amendment opponent to lead the Department of Justice is an overt assault on gun rights and gun owners. Following the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2013, President Barack Obama nominated Garland as Justice Scalia’s replacement. With an understanding of Garland’s unacceptable jurisprudence, NRA strongly opposed Garland’s nomination and the Senate wisely chose not to consider the nomination. Garland’s anti-Second Amendment position is clear from his record. Garland does not believe the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. On March... Read more →

GUEST OPINION: Who Is Guilty Of Inciting Riots?

ABC News (Australia) Looters have overrun streets in Washington DC and New York City and fires have been ignited near the White House as the US experienced its sixth night of violence fuelled by the killings of black people at the hands of police. Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-0... During the summer Black Lives Matter and the Socialist group Antifa fueled by the rhetoric coming from the Left rioted across the nation. The ABC News video, which was published on YouTube, is just one of many that were filmed during that period by various news outlets. Catholic League President Bill Donohue states in his January 8 editorial that people on the Left have no moral authority to lecture the rest of us about violence by right-wing... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Members & Friends of The Camden County Heroes Scholarship Fund

This year has been an unprecedented year to say the least. We were disappointed to not be able to host a list of planned in- person fund raising events due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to host a few of these....our Annual Dinner, Giving Tuesday, two Coach Bag Raffles and our annual Golf Outing. We are grateful to all of you who supported these events. And of course, we are most appreciative to our dues paying Members that have kept up your memberships with us. All of this, and the generosity of some outside agencies and other various donations, has sustained us throughout the year, making it possible for us to uphold our promise of education to three students who are... Read more →

GUEST OPINION: "All Ya Can Do Is Laugh Somedays" 

EARL FOSTER |CNBNews Contributor I never thought I would see the day when we would be encouraged to wear masks into the bank and yet, here we are. It's an astounding time we live in truly. We have little arrows now in stores designating "one-way" aisles, and people "on duty" screaming "6 FEET APART, 6 FEET Gloucestercitynews.net files APART PLEASE". We now spend days dodging a smart virus that knows if you're eating in a diner but cannot find you in Walmart. They made a vaccine to curtail this virus. Many people don't want the vaccine. Some are afraid of what is in the vaccine and the stories are fascinating. It varies from the vaccine will just make you sick. Others claim they will put... Read more →

Letter to the Editor: Carino Boys Basketball Club Announces Changes for this Season

The High School season is about to begin and the Carino Boys Basketball Club is anxiously looking forward to another season. With the restrictions imposed, we will need to make a couple of changes in our events. Our outstanding Student-Athletes will continue to be recognized in a virtual format, along with social media and individual and team awards will be presented at the conclusion of the season. We will continue our Scholarship program to member schools. Lunch meetings will not be scheduled for this season and our annual Hall of Fame Induction Banquet will be rescheduled to a later date. We extend our best wishes to all of our South Jersey Basketball family for a successful season and a healthy, holiday season. Jack Mongulla President... Read more →

OP-ED: The International Spread of QAnon

- by Aron Solomon QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against President Donald Trump, who is tirelessly fighting the cabal. Gloucestercitynews.net files The Pew Research Center has shown that Americans’ awareness of QAnon has doubled from 23% to 27% from March until September. While it’s tempting to believe that these conspiracy theories are embraced only by the naive and politically disconnected, the reality is that Americans with high political knowledge are more likely than others to have heard of QAnon. In fact, more than a dozen Senate and House candidates in the 2020 election have deeply engaged with the QAnon conspiracy theory. While QAnon has clearly become a remarkably... Read more →


We can all agree that 2020 has been a very tough year for everyone in many ways. Politics and politicians, changing agendas and priorities along with speculation of wrongdoings and corruption among those in high places have everyone wondering about a variety of things. Add to this that much of the "mainstream" media news and even social media can rarely be counted on anymore for a straight unbiased account or answer about anything. One glaring point that has to be in the minds of many regards the virus called "Covid-19" among other names. While I have no doubt this virus is real and can be extremely deadly to many, questions remain about the actual count of cases. Like our recent election, counting doesn't seem to... Read more →

More COVID-19 Cases Identified in Gloucester City School District, 200 Employees Exposed

UPDATE/November 14,2020 Supt. Vespe Editor's Note: Superintendent Vespe sent a second notice, dated November 13, to parents regarding the athletic programs. Vespe said, "With sincere sadness for our entire Lion Community, coaches, parents, and players we now have been informed that an individual who came in contact with one of our district athletic teams has tested positive. Excerpts of the second letter is below. **** GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ—(November 14, 2020) Dr. Dennis Vespe, superintendent of the Gloucester City School District, announced on Friday, November 13, that individual (s) in the Cold Springs School and in the Middle School have tested positive for COVID-19. The district recently transition back to remote instructions due to seven people getting the virus which resulted in 200 people being exposed.... Read more →

Senate Committee Investigates Twitter for Blocking NY Post Story Re: Joe and Hunter Biden

By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square (The Center Square) – Three Republican U.S. senators said the Senate Judiciary Committee would vote next Tuesday to subpoena Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, regarding the social media giant’s suppression of information they claim, could impact the election. Gloucestercitynews.net files Once subpoenaed, Dorsey would be called to testify before the committee on Friday, Oct. 23, the senators said. Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Josh Hawley of Missouri made the announcement after Cruz said he attempted to repeatedly share a New York Post article Thursday on Twitter, which the social media app blocked. On Wednesday, Twitter published on its platform that it was blocking articles published by the New York Post about... Read more →

*Letters to the Editor: Keep building for your future at Camden County College

My New Online Course for October I have already filled two sections of Law I for Fall. A brand new section has just been opened: LAW101-BOL1 (10/28-12/17). I'm telling you ahead of time so that you will have one of the first chances to get into it. There are still 40 days to go until the class starts, so this one may fill up too. If you are interested, please register for it now through WebAdvisor or the CCC Registrar's Office. The course is like my others: textbook readings, online readings and online tests. There is no Zoom or any on campus presence required. The textbook is: "Anderson's Business Law", Twomey, 23rd Edition, available through the CamdenCC Bookstore (bookstore@camdencc.edu.) It is very important that you... Read more →

Guest Opinion: I Can't Believe You Would Vote For Him

To answer all of those of you who would say “I can't believe you would vote for Trump." Well folks listen up! I'm not just voting for him. I'm voting for the second Amendment. I'm voting for the next supreme court justice. I'm voting for the electoral college, and the Republic we live in. I'm voting for the Police and law and order. I'm voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this Country. I'm voting for the Flag that is always missing from the Democratic background. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored. I’m voting for secure borders. I’m voting for the right to praise my God without fear. I’m voting for every... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: The legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg....

This week, as we mourn the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we honor her legacy by remembering her as a trailblazer and titan of our American legal system who dedicated her life to the pursuit of equality. In both her personal career and legal writings, Justice Ginsburg’s life story was fundamentally intertwined with our country’s reckoning with gender equality. She will be remembered for her towering intellect and passionate belief that all men and women are created equal. Justice Ginsburg went by the initials RBG, and those 3 letters will now and forever be synonymous with justice. Cementing Justice Ginsburg’s Legacy While we continue to mourn the loss of RBG, it is also important to recognize the steps we must take to... Read more →

Letters to the Ed: "Blame Trump," AFSCME

On the first Monday of every September, we celebrate the selflessness and sacrifice of all working people. But this year, the Labor Day tribute takes on even greater weight. Because this year, during the worst public health crisis in a century, working people are rising to the moment in new, extraordinary ways. But as essential workers — so many of them proud union members — stand fearlessly on the front lines, many of their jobs are at risk, thanks to an administration that has ignored the sacrifices of public service workers. The result is being felt by Americans in every community — less trash pickup, fewer people to process unemployment claims, a slowdown in essential public services we all need to survive this pandemic. And... Read more →

Norcross Says the Post Office is Under Attack

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been part of America since before America began, enshrined in Article 1 of our Constitution and deemed essential by our founders. Today, admist the COVID-19 pandemic, our Postal Service has become more vital than ever, with millions of Americans and businesses of all sizes depending on its services, including the delivery of medicine, food, paychecks, tax refunds, election ballots and much more. Earlier today, I hosted a press conference at the USPS distribution center in Bellmawr, where just last week they processed 16.4 million pieces of mail, up 2 million from the same time last year. I joined current and retired postal workers, union leaders and local officials to discuss the importance of the Postal Service and call on... Read more →

Op-Ed: The Governor is Killing Small Businesses in NJ

Michele Siekerka, president and CEO of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, and Tom Bracken, president and CEO of the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement today regarding a regional approach to reopening New Jersey businesses. “It appears that deferring to industry experts and local officials for COVID-19 reopening decisions is the proper process, except when it comes to the reopening of our businesses. “On Monday, Governor Murphy deferred decisions on fall sports to the NJSIAA, saying that, as experts, they know best. And, last week, the governor and the state Department of Health released guidelines for school reopenings, using data from six regions to inform local decisions and deferring to local health officials and school districts as the experts... Read more →

Letters to the Ed: HOW LIBERAL IS SHE?

Biden-Harris 2020. That’s right. Joe Biden just announced that he is picking liberal Kamala Harris to be his vice-presidential candidate. It’s time to ACT NOW. Donate Now How liberal is she? Let us count the way. ❌ Kamala Harris supports Medicare for All, AKA socialized medicine. ❌ Kamala Harris supports the ridiculous Green New Deal that will destroy jobs. ❌ Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor with a track record of going after our fundamental constitutional freedoms. ❌ Kamala Harris will go after our gun rights. Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s partner in crime in coming for your freedoms this November. Let me be clear. This is URGENT. Kamala is one of the most liberal senators in the U.S. Senate and now she has... Read more →

Thank Goodness Online Education is an Option...

Where would we be in this pandemic without the option of online education? College students would have their graduation pushed back because they weren't earning any credits. Online college education is not the same as attending lectures? Obviously that provides a different dynamic, but protecting health is paramount. No amount of education or credits is worth losing lives - including yours. Futures should not be postponed! Far better for students to keep moving forward getting credits online, especially at a community college where they are far cheaper, than putting their degrees farther away. The true quality of education largely lies in what students are willing to do. I've taught over 20,000 students in colleges, both lecture and in over 250 online courses, and in my... Read more →

NY Attorney General lawsuit seeks to dissolve National Rifle Association

I knew Democrats had gone far left, but even I was shocked that the Attorney General of New York held a press conference today announcing she was trying to eliminate the NRA. The NRA has fought to project our 2nd Amendment rights, and it drives the liberal nuts. Our own liberal Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, follows the lead of the other far-left AGs across the country. Make no mistake he will bring this same insanity to Pennsylvania. That’s why we need your help. To be honest, the liberals are outraising us every day with millions from their Hollywood special interest friends. We need hardworking Pennsylvanians like you to step up. DONATE $50 Sincerely, Vonne Andring Executive Director Pennsylvania Republican Party Read more →


Bill Donohue | CNBNewsnet Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote the following letter to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) today: August 3, 2020 Hon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 229 Cannon HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Without provocation, you recently exploded in a fit of rage when you condemned Father Damien, the 19th century priest who gave his life to serving lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Referring to a statue of him in the U.S. Capitol, you said, “This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like!” Your remarks evince an offensive ethnocentrism. You disrespected the people of Hawaii: It is they who hold Father Damien in high regard. You should be careful not to judge a people’s culture and history through your own... Read more →

Letter to the Editor: Attention Needed to Prevent COVID Outbreaks in Long Term Care Facilities

Dear Governors, Thank you for your leadership in response to this unprecedented health crisis and the action your administrations have taken to prevent the outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes and assisted living communities to protect our residents and dedicated caregivers. However, with the major spikes of COVID cases in many states across the country, we are very concerned this trend will lead to a dramatic increase in cases in long term facilities. Recent independent research by Harvard Medical School, Brown University’s School of Public Health and University of Chicago showed the level of COVID cases in the surrounding community was the top factor in outbreaks in nursing homes. In fact, our own analysis found that approximately three-quarters of all nursing homes cases of COVID-19... Read more →

Attention Needed to Prevent COVID Outbreaks in Long Term Care Facilities

July 14, 2020 National Governors Association 444 North Capitol Street, NW #267 Washington, D.C. 20001 Dear Governors, Thank you for your leadership in response to this unprecedented health crisis and the action your administrations have taken to prevent the outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes and assisted living communities to protect our residents and dedicated caregivers. However, with the major spikes of COVID cases in many states across the country, we are very concerned this trend will lead to a dramatic increase in cases in long term facilities. Recent independent research by Harvard Medical School, Brown University’s School of Public Health and University of Chicago showed the level of COVID cases in the surrounding community was the top factor in outbreaks in nursing homes. In... Read more →

NJ Social Workers Say Trump's Police Reform is Inadequate

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., June 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is an open letter from the National Association of Social Workers in New Jersey. The Trump Administration's executive order (EO) on police reform is inadequate to respond to the longstanding crisis of systemic racism in policing. It does not mandate national use of force guidelines, ban chokeholds or greatly curtail no-knock warrants nor does it attribute African Americans' risk for bodily harm or death during a police encounter to systemic racism. Ending systemic racism cannot be achieved with a single act of Congress. Numerous reforms are needed at all levels. But the Justice in Policing Act is a crucial step forward. This urgently needed legislation, supported by more than 200 members of the House, calls... Read more →

Archbishop of Rome Writes President Trump on the Forces at Work in the US Riots

source Anglican Link The former papal nuncio to the US writes to President Trump on the spiritual Archbishop Carlo Vigano forces at work in the US riots. They are not spontaneous protests he argues, but part of a deeper plan to subvert Western Christian civilization. “[T]he attack to which you were subjected after your visit to the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II is part of the orchestrated media narrative which seeks not to fight racism and bring social order, but to aggravate dispositions; not to bring justice, but to legitimize violence and crime; not to serve the truth, but to favor one political faction.” His letter is below Mr. President, In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides... Read more →

A Letter from American Legion National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford

June 4, 2020 Dear American Legion Family Members and Friends, In this era of uncertainty, one thing remains absolute: No community service organization responds more effectively in times of despair than The American Legion. The coronavirus has placed barricades around nearly every facet of our way of life in America. It has halted social gatherings, closed our schools and many businesses, and threatened our nation’s blood supply. But American Legion Family members have admirably served our communities, states and nation through this turbulent time. And perhaps there was no greater evidence of this than on our most hallowed holiday, Memorial Day. Post members were active in their communities by making sure that flags adorned the graves of veterans. In Bozeman, Mont., American Legion Post 14... Read more →

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Camden County Hero Scholarship

Dear Loyal Friend and Supporter, We are hoping that you and your families are staying strong and healthy during these unprecedented times. We wanted to let you know that this coming Tuesday, May 5th, is being designated as “Giving Tuesday.” In the past we have not participated in this campaign, but COVID-19 has forced us to cancel all of our planned fundraising activities, causing us to lose a considerable amount of money. Therefore, we have decided to participate in Giving Tuesday to help us through these trying times. This program will be sponsored through email and social media. As you know, the Camden County Hero Scholarship’s mission is to provide financial and educational assistance to the families of our police, fire and EMS personnel that... Read more →

Dear Mr. Norcross,

As we continue to fight back against the COVID-19 outbreak and do our part in flattening the curve by social-distancing, we must not neglect our small businesses. Small businesses employ and support countless families and play a crucial role in the economic, social and cultural fabric of our community. We must do everything we can to help them get through this difficult time and back on their feet once we have weathered this storm. Answering Your Questions Earlier today, I went live on Facebook with the New Jersey Small Business Administration District Director Alfred Titone, the Southern New Jersey Development Council Vice President Jane Asselta and Camden County Freeholder Director Lou Cappelli to update residents on COVID-19 and discuss the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Lambertville's City Council Sets The Record Straight

A recent press release by the Sierra Club of NJ regarding the City of Lambertville included a number of serious inaccuracies that called into question the trustworthiness of the administration and City Council. We are endeavoring to correct the record by laying out the facts below. To say we are using the pandemic emergency as a way to expedite any plan or process is simply not true. Here are the facts: (1) Lambertville City Council is scheduled to consider a resolution endorsing an amended affordable housing settlement agreement with Fair Share Housing at its April 23rd meeting after the resolution was introduced at a previous public Council meeting and was the subject of a public hearing at the Planning Board in February; (2) the City... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Love and Gratitude

Dear Colleague and Friend, We’re facing challenging times right now — every single one of us. And our industry is being greatly impacted. But in these toughest of times, we also recognize that we have a lot to be grateful for – including the people who will lead us to the brighter days ahead. GIVING THANKS “Last week, I asked VISIT PHILADELPHIA to develop a series of public service announcements, on behalf of our city, to thank the extraordinary Philadelphians on the front lines of this pandemic — the men and women working hard every day to heal, protect and comfort us,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “This is a serious moment in history, and it’s important that these people know how much we appreciate them.... Read more →

Seniors Beat Up Line Jumper

I was in a long line at 7:45 AM today at the grocery store that opened at 8 AM for seniors only. A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line, but an old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane. He returned and tried to cut in again but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away. As he approached the line for the 3rd time he said, "If you don't let me unlock the door, you'll never get in there." Bonnie F. Read more →

LETTERS TO THE ED: VISIT PHILADELPHIA stands with you, and we thank you for standing with us.

On a typical day, our work at VISIT PHILADELPHIA® is focused on highlighting the amazing people, places and experiences that make Greater Philadelphia so worth a visit. Our job is to encourage people looking for a weekend getaway, a spring break trip or a family vacation to choose the Philadelphia region. This week and the weeks to come will be far from typical for all of us. Globally, the hospitality industry is in trouble. Visitors support stable, prosperous jobs for more than 103,000 people in the five-county region. We are unwavering in our commitment to them, to you and to the beloved community we call home. In these times, the team at VISIT PHILADELPHIA is asking ourselves three questions: What can we do to support... Read more →

Guest Opinion: Let's Not Panic

Well, I'd have to say that 2020 is off to a hell of a start. From giant fires ravaging the country of Australia, the death of NBA icon Kobe Bryant, the Coronavirus, stock market volatility and of all things, Prince Harry wants out of the royal family! Here's what I know; I'm grateful for today and I'll take it as it comes. I'm not going to play into the fear-mongering on social media when it comes to stock market declines or Coronavirus. My solution is pretty simple; diversify, buy real estate for cash flow, wash my hands frequently and keep trucking along. On Facebook this week I saw a lot of stoking the fire of fear when it comes to stocks vs. real estate. I... Read more →

Dear Parents and Friends of Gloucester Catholic:

Your Voice Matters to the Future of Catholic Schools! Attached please find the first two ACTION ALERTS for the Governor's 2020-2021 state budget. The nonpublic school community has two major "ASKS" this budget season. They are: 1. To increase the per pupil allotment for Compensatory Ed (Chapter 192) from $995.00 per service to $1100.00 per service. This allotment has not been increased in over 10 years. 2. To increase the per pupil allotment for transportation/aid in lieu from $1000.00 to $1050.00. Although the increase to $1000 two years ago was a big help, there are still many students not receiving transportation because the bus companies are not bidding on certain routes. Our task now is to contact Governor Murphy and ask him to include these... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Luck of NJ Lottery Retailers May Be Running Out

The new Jack pocket lottery app allowing consumers to purchase tickets on their phones isn’t a win for everyone. With the app’s availability, the luck of New Jersey’s lottery retailers may be running out. The NJ lottery helps almost 7,500 lottery retailers keep their small businesses afloat. Responsible for $189 million in lottery ticket sales commissions for retail chains and many small family-owned businesses across the state, the survival of these retailers is heavily dependent on lottery income. On average, stores receive $25,600 in commissions annually and for many who already running on tight margins, that income means the difference between surviving and closing the business doors. But all is not lost for these retailers. A bill allowing draw lottery tickets and scratch off tickets... Read more →

Stealing California from Bernie — again?

by Greg Palast My dear Californians, I know you filled out that registration form at the DMV. Well, you know what? I’ll bet you that your name is not going to be there because there’s a 45% chance in California when you sign up to register to vote on a piece of paper, your name is never entered on the voter rolls. Guess what? California has one of the worst voting systems in the entire nation. I checked out my own registration. I took my own advice. I went to the office of the Secretary of State. I typed in “Greg Palast” and it said “no such voter”. So I reregistered online. There’s a simple cure for all this stuff — but you have to... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: The State of Our Union Can Start with School Lunch

Tomorrow President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address in front of Congress, outlining his policy priorities and executive vision for the country. Over the past three years, President Trump has spoken to a domestic agenda focusing on health care, education, farmers and the working class. It’s worth recognizing, however, that his Administration’s proposals have failed to meet, and many times even undermined the health, education, and well-being of our nation’s families and children. At FoodCorps, we believe that a healthy, prosperous future relies on a strong education system -- and that the students that education system serves must be fueled with healthy food. In the last year alone, the Presidenthas sought to dismantle SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) impacting millions of... Read more →

Letter of Disappointment To Jersey City Council From Jersey City Educator

January 11, 2020, 8:52 am | in Franky Maldonado – McNair Educator JCEA – 1600 Kennedy Blvd. Jersey City NJ 07305 I am writing this email as a taxpayer, voter, educator, and parent. When Mayor Fulop announced that he was presenting a resolution for a Mayor-Appointed School Board, I immediately thought of Mayor Frank Hague’s consolidation of power in Jersey City from 1917-1947. As Mayor of Jersey City, Mayor Hague created a system of political patronage and cronyism, turning Jersey City into a “Nefarious Political Machine.” According to a NJ historian, “you couldn’t attain any job in that city unless you had something to offer Hague.” Additionally the historian goes onto to say, “Jersey City politics was so overtly corrupt that even President Franklin Roosevelt... Read more →

NJBIA Calls for Re-authorization of Tax Incentive Program in Support of Film Credit Expansion Bill

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association testified in support of a bill that extends the film tax credit, while calling for the urgent need to re-authorize a comprehensive tax incentive program. New Jersey has been without a tax incentive program, a fundamental tool in most states' economic development strategies, since July 1. NJBIA Vice President of Government Affairs Chris Emigholz said that bill S-3842 (Weinberg, D-37; Sarlo, D-36), which was released by the Senate and Budget Appropriations Committee today, could ultimately be included in a broader tax incentive program. "It has now been more than half a year that New Jersey has been without a tax incentive program," Emigholz said. "Without this tool, we continue to put future job creation, economic development and prosperity... Read more →