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Another View: The Great Orson Welles | Batavick

Orson Welles, March 1, 1937 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Author Frank J. Batavick CNBNewsnet The Germans always have a word for it. In this case it is wunderkind or wonder child, and it applies to any youth who has skills and accomplishments far beyond his or her age. There are many prodigies in human history, but few as fascinating as Orson Welles. On my 50th birthday I was living in Bloomington, Indiana, the home of Indiana University and the Lilly Library. Among its many treasures are the papers and effects of Orson Welles. I decided to treat myself on my big... Read more →

Another View: On Immigration

Author Frank J. Batavick CNBNewsnet I am the grandson of a one-time illegal alien. The Batavicks (née Batović) have been in the U.S. since 1910 when my grandfather and his brother jumped ship in Yonkers, New York and made their way to Philadelphia. Like many immigrants, they were escaping the poverty and endless wars in a homeland that considered them nothing more than cannon fodder. Nicholas and his brother George hailed from Croatia, a region of Yugoslavia and then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The country’s unfortunate geography had made it a welcome mat for the conqueror of the moment... Read more →

ANOTHER VIEW: Social Justice vs. Objectivism

Author Frank J. Batavick | CNBNews Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is a big fan of Ayn Rand and Objectivism, and his approach to creating a national budget reflects his beliefs. But what exactly does this mean? Imagine this: The legions of heaven gathered for the big debate. The topic- Social Justice vs. Objectivism, or more precisely, the belief that everyone should have equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities vs. the belief that we are only entitled to what we’ve earned and need not care about the welfare of others. A Higher Authority had chosen his only... Read more →

Another View: Spring, A Time for Planting | Batavick

Author Frank J. Batavick | CNBNewsnet On March 2 I planted my garden. Or to be exact, I started an array of seeds that would comprise my garden once sprouted and grown into strong seedlings. I sowed bell peppers, eggplant, basil, parsley, four varieties of tomato, and a selection of annual flowers, like Zinnias and Marigolds. I have two large planters in the basement that I bought at an auction over 20 years ago. They have built-in fluorescent lights with industrial quality timers and I’ve rigged each planter with electric heat tape. In them, I sit Styrofoam trays, each with... Read more →

Another View: Gun Violence | BATAVICK

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet Sometimes it feels as if our nation is lost hopelessly in the mirror maze of a fun house. Even when easy and logical courses of action lie before us, we illogically take wrong turns and end up where we started. Déjà vu meets déjà vu on a regular basis here. On December 2, two radicalized Muslims committed a horrific act of terror in San Bernadino, California, claiming the lives of 14 people and wounding 21. The perps were a Chicago-born, Pakistani-American male, Syed Rizwan Farook, who traveled freely to the birthplace of radical Islam,... Read more →

Another View: Democrats are Better Stewards of the Economy than Republicans | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet I saw an editorial page cartoon of Hillary Clinton in a basket powered by three, small hot air balloons. The balloons were labeled “Tax & Spend” respectively, the two sandbags hanging over the side of the basket were labeled “Debt,” and the basket itself carried the legend “Obamanomics.” To top it off, the caption from Hillary’s mouth ironically read, “We can’t go back to the old policies that failed us before.” Any reasonable person would look at this cartoon and assume that President Obama had not been a good steward of the economy and... Read more →

Another View: The Food Revolution and Change | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet If you want to study the velocity of change in this country, just compare restaurant menus from the early 1950s with today’s. Back then our Main Streets sported steak and chop houses, Italian and Chinese restaurants, seafood eateries, and the dependable diner. Fast food in the form of burgers and shakes was still an unexplored notion. Gino’s Hamburgers didn’t open its doors until 1957 and McDonalds was still marching east. Families seeking respite from tuna noodle casserole dinners could find only a limited menu in restaurants. For entrees, they had their choice of baked... Read more →

COMMENTARY: The U.S. Fight Against ISIS

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet The slow, staccato sound of the drums of war that began faintly a year ago is now echoing off the studio walls of the Sunday talk shows. The President’s critics claim that his “lead from behind” strategy on Syria and the Islamic State isn’t working, and that we need a change. Amid the undisguised admiration for the unfettered Czar Putin and Russia’s indiscriminate bombing campaign, there is the demand that we do more; be more proactive. Often overlooked is that these Russian bombs have fallen largely on anti-Assad rebel forces that we’ve equipped and... Read more →


Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet The Egyptians levied them on cooking oil. The Greeks and Romans enacted them to fund their military adventures and extend empire. Even one of the apostles was once involved in this unholy business, and when the British applied them to a favorite beverage, it helped gave rise to American independence. I’m talking, of course, of taxes. After enjoying a spate of fun holidays that started in late November, we now face a date that few welcome— April 15. Aside from tax software vendors, local accountants, and those who prefer to use the IRS as... Read more →

Another View: Fear of Muslim Immigration | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet It lurks deep in the temporal lobe of the brain’s cerebrum. It is almond-shaped and scientists call it the amygdala. It is where the emotions of fear and anger reside. A protective mechanism shared by all, it requires the right cue to spring into action. The terror attacks in Brussels and the saturated media coverage that followed were the trigger this time. Like a clarion call, the attacks first summoned fear. Fear of injury, of death. Fear that our own family members may be endangered. Then this fear turned to anger when images of... Read more →

Another View: Death and Dying | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick Columnist CNBNewsnet Ecclesiastes 3 and no less an authority than the Byrds remind us that, “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven— a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, a time to reap….” I think of this Bible verse and pop song every fall when I prepare to rip out my garden each fall. The task is satisfying in a way that is hard to describe. In spring there’s a real joy in gently placing small and fragile tomato and pepper plants in the... Read more →

Commentary: United States Exceptionalism | BATAVICK

FRANK J. BATAVICK | Columnist CNBNewsnet Zealously rooting for a home-town team must be ingrained in our DNA and probably began when the Neanderthals first took on the Homo sapiens. Whether the team is the Phillies or Manchester, England’s United football club, fans wear their colors, religiously watch their games, and wish ill for whoever the competition is. In our workplaces and schools we gently disdain anyone who doesn’t cheer for the local team, living by the philosophy of “you’re either ‘with us or against us.’” This “us vs. them” dynamic is literally fun and games until someone goes too... Read more →

Another View: The Popularity of Tattoos Continues to Grow | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet Back in the late 1970s when I was working at Maryland Public TV, an instructional TV producer was taping a math series for middle schools. He had the scriptwriter compose a rap song for one of the programs to teach the process of multiplication. When classroom teachers were asked to critique this program before its broadcast, they expressed concern about the use of rap, worrying that it was a fad that would soon date the series. Almost forty years later, the top ten songs of the week still feature rap artists and “Straight Outta... Read more →

Why new concussion rules for football may cause more knee injuries

We could see this one coming a football field away: The change in tackling rules for college football designed to protect the head from concussions may have resulted in more injured knees, ankles and thighs, according to a study of NCAA rosters. Researchers looked at the NCAA Injury Surveillance Database for 57 colleges and compared injuries… Read more →

Another View: Supply-Side Economics | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet It is all well and good to spout challenging ideas and theories, but the true assessment comes where the rubber meets the road or, more precisely, when the merit of any idea gets tested in the forge of real life. In 1974 economist Arthur Laffer met with Ford Administration staffers Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Laffer supposedly sketched a curve on a napkin to explain an economic concept that would come to bear his name— the Laffer curve. His graph began at a 0% tax with “0” revenue, increased to the greatest amount of... Read more →

Another View: A World Without Privacy| Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet A few summers ago my wife and I were preparing to visit an old college buddy in Boone, North Carolina. To fill some time over the long weekend, I suggested to my friend, via e-mail, that we visit the magnificent Biltmore estate, about 90 minutes from his house. Thereafter for the next few months, I received a steady stream of ads on my Gmail page about the delights of Biltmore. It was uncanny. Some Internet robot, commonly called a “bot,” had picked up “visit Biltmore” in my message, relayed it to a central server,... Read more →


Related Frank J. Batavick Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet The U.S. is a generous nation. Giving USA 2013 estimated that contributions by individuals totaled $228.93 billion in 2012. Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy found in 2007 that 24 percent of a person’s annual donations occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. During this time charitable appeals and donations enter warp speed, motivated by the spirit of the coming holidays and nudged along by the end-of-year calendar and what Uncle Sam considers deductible under tax law. Additionally, many soup kitchens plan special meals for their clients at Christmas, and volunteers... Read more →

Another View: Defusing a Nation's Paranoia

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet Fear is a wondrous instinct. Those of us lucky enough to be walking this good earth can thank our genes, for it was our ancestors’ fear of saber tooth tigers and the like that ensured we’d be here today. But as with anything, too much fear can be crippling, warping our view of the world and constraining us from making rational decisions. Today, a certain debilitating strain of fear stalks both this country and this county, and we need to take precautions against it, lest it paralyze us as a people. Just after the... Read more →

Bear, Delaware Man faces more than 70 charges for weapons, deer hunting violations

James R. Smith III was arrested for more than 70 weapons and deer hunting violations. (Photo: Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police) TOWNSEND (Feb. 12, 2016) – DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police officers concluded an investigation into illegal deer hunting Tuesday with the arrest of a New Castle County man for illegal weapons possession charges along with numerous charges related to the illegal take of at least 14 deer during Delaware’s 2015/16 deer season. James R. Smith III, 38, of Bear, was charged Feb. 9 with two counts of possession of a firearm or ammunition by... Read more →

Another View: Drowning Ourselves in the Digital Stream | BATAVICK

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet This past summer we went out to eat breakfast at the Jersey Shore. A mom and her 18 month-old daughter were seated near us, and while the mother talked to others at her table, the toddler played with a tablet that had 24 short Disney cartoons on it. As young as she was, she was able to access a full screen menu of clips, select the one she wanted, and then watch it. As I talked to the folks at my table above the usual restaurant din, our conversation was annoyingly underscored by the... Read more →

Another View: Group Think | BATAVICK

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet I have a friend of forty years whose politics are diametrically opposed to mine. That would be fine if he didn’t insist on e-mailing me opinion pieces and news articles that articulate and support his way of thinking to the exclusion of all else. When I protest and fact-check the pieces and discover that they would cause Pinocchio’s nose to grow to the size of a Buick, any statistics and facts I proffer don’t impress him in the least. My friend simply tells me that my thinking has become muddled by what I choose... Read more →

Another View: What the Future Holds | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick Columnist | CNBNewsnet Do you ever get the feeling that you are suddenly in the distant future, the future you used to read about all of the time but didn’t think you’d be around to experience? Well, I do. When my wife and I were undecorating the Christmas tree in early January her iPhone rang. Two of our grandkids, ages seven and four, were calling and, as it happened, they also were undecorating their tree. Using FaceTime, we could see each other as we spoke and they showed us where they had dumped their now-forlorn tree outside.... Read more →

ANOTHER VIEW: There Are Too Many Police Brutality Stories | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet Growing up in the 1950s in Audubon, I lived across the street from one of our town’s policemen, Sonny Thomas. He was my idol. Once he took me to the station house, showed me the offices and jail, and even gave me some old wanted posters. I remember Sonny as a sweet, caring soul who, when he wasn’t a cop, saved lives by serving on the rescue squad. When he passed away, a story in the local press reported that he had fired his weapon only once in the line of duty, and that... Read more →

Another View: The Similarities Between the John Birch Society and the Tea Party | Batavick

Frank J. Batavick | Columnist CNBNewsnet One of my favorite movies is 1964’s Dr. Strangelove and one of my favorite film characters is the paranoid but bravado-filled Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper. Ripper, as played by Sterling Hayden, is convinced that the Russians have introduced fluoride to our water supply to poison our “precious bodily fluids.” He claims, “That's the way your hard-core Commie works.” In retaliation Ripper launches a back-door nuclear attack on Russia without the knowledge of his superiors. The story ends in a rhapsodic display of mushroom clouds underscored by, “We’ll Meet Again.” Ripper’s convictions about fluoride... Read more →

Another View: My Pet Peeves | BATAVICK

By Frank J. Batavick Columnist | CNBNewsnet This column has given me a wonderful opportunity to vent on a broad variety of topics, but some things that get under my skin just aren’t worthy of a column-length discussion. They fall into the category of pet peeves, so herewith are some of the things that have bugged me lately. Paying $10 at a movie theater and then having to sit through a string of blatant commercials. It is especially galling when the ads are for upcoming TV series. If I wanted to watch TV, I wouldn’t be sitting in a movie... Read more →

News Week: The Year in Sports, Part One

The only surprise remaining in sports is that we are continually surprised by what transpires. Man’s—and woman’s—constant quest to achieve victory and, in a sense, immortality on the fields of play leads to a panoply of bizarre moments. Behold: a roundup of the sublime and ridiculous in 2015 sport, Part 1. January The Round Mound of… Read more →

Op-Ed: Terrorism in France

By Frank Batavick CNBNews Op-Ed It was a time of increased immigration to a previously imperialist country from a former possession. The newcomers settled in its biggest city and continued to speak their native language and maintain their cultural practices. Assimilation proved difficult. Jobs were scarce. The young, especially those 15-25, felt alienated and marginalized and were much influenced by the media. They were prone to violence and crime soared. The public demanded answers to this new curse on the land. The above describes the influx of Puerto Rican immigrants to New York City after World War II. An estimated... Read more →

Op- Ed: The So-Called God Gene or VMAT2

FRANK BATAVICK | CNB Columnist Christmas is almost upon us, and soon Christians throughout the world will be honoring the birth of a God-child and seeking a connection to the divine on bended knee. But in parts of Maryland, God is being sought with powerful electron microscopes and through a potent but still illegal drug. At Bethesda’s National Cancer Institute, molecular geneticist Dean Hamer announced that he had isolated the so-called God gene. He dubbed it VMAT2 and claimed to have found it in those people who were spiritual and had a belief in a higher being. This gene regulates... Read more →


Bill Donohue would like to share something special: "The video, 'Say Merry Christmas,' is produced by the Say Merry Christmas network; it is a joy to watch. Anyone who supports the Catholic League will realize why it is so dear to us. The presentation is flawless. I would like to thank Catholic League members Rita and Denis Larrivee for bringing this to my attention. Please pass it around." http://www.catholicleague.org Say Merry Christmas - Vocal Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United choir... Related articles Catholic League's Bill Donohue: "Christians Own December" COMMENTARY: Meet The Real Censors Catholic League: "Fifty... Read more →

Op-Ed: Some Thoughts on Climate Change

by Frank Batavick Columnist What if you were to receive a diagnosis from nine doctors, some of them from the finest hospitals in the country? They all say your symptoms and medical tests establish that you suffer from a severe narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve, a condition that is fatal if not remediated immediately by surgery. Then a tenth doctor tells you that the tests are inconclusive and he thinks you are suffering from a psychosomatic illness. In other words, it’s all in your head. Who would you believe and what measures would you take? Let’s further suppose that... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Personal Look at Bigotry

BY FRANK BATAVICK CNBNEWS It’s gets personal for me. Perhaps that’s because at various times in my life I have felt the sting of prejudice and even anti-Semitism. Though of Croatian/Slovak/German/Irish stock, the Croatian genes are dominant, gifting me with Adriatic features topped with thick black hair. (You’ll have to imagine the hair part when you look at my photo.) I also have a last name that is tough for some to categorize ethnically. As a result, when I was in my early twenties I twice felt the sting of bias in the workplace. In one summer job, a supervisor... Read more →

CNB SPORTS: Why America Offers Young Athletes Better Opportunities than Anywhere Else

(CNBNEWSNET)--All over the world, there are talented young people with their hearts set on a career in sport. For many of them, once they finish high school, the ideal is to get a sports scholarship to a US college, which is why companies that help match talent up to American colleges, such as asmscholarships.com , fill an important role. There are strong sports leagues and competitive athletics meets all over the world, and for some sports like soccer, it can be argued that the US has a weaker infrastructure for aspiring stars than other places like the UK, Germany, Spain... Read more →


When the NFL formed in 1920, football already had a strong following in the United States. That popularity allowed young players to earn decent livings while honing their skills. Today, the NFL has a long history of amazing players. These four stand out as some of the best. Jim Brown Jim Brown is a former NFL fullback recruited by the Cleveland Browns in 1957. Over eight seasons, he won numerous awards and set records that took decades to beat. Everything about the player comes from a athleticism rarely seen in any sport. Among Brown's accomplishments, he: Set a record of... Read more →

College Campus Assaults in Philadelphia are 'Staggering' According to Report

Rate of campus assaults 'staggering,' Meehan says (via NewsWorks) A joint city-suburban Philadelphia group is sending information to Washington on some staggering college campus crime numbers and how to help those who could be a victim for life. Nearly 20 percent of women attending college are sexually assaulted or… Related articles U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings Should Include Campus Security Stats On-campus sexual assaults climbed 52 percent in three years at Alabama colleges Read more →

Broadcast Schedule Announced For Paradise Jam

Broadcast Schedule Announced For Paradise Jam Explorers national television exposure up to as many as 17 games PHILADELPHIA – The broadcast schedule for the 14th Annual Ezybonds Global Payments US Virgin Islands Paradise Jam has been announced and the La Salle men’s basketball team could add two more national television games to its schedule. The Explorers’ opening round game on November 22 versus Morgan State at 9:00 PM (Eastern) will be available via a video stream on www.paradisejam.com. Should La Salle defeat Morgan State, it would guarantee two more national televised games on the CBS Sports Network, bringing the Explorers’... Read more →

NCAA WSOC: Wiggins Records Career-High 10 Saves In Double-Overtime Heartbreaker At UConn

PHILADELPHIA—La Salle women’s soccer falls to Connecticut, 1-0, in the final moments of a double-overtime match up. UConn’s Sephanie Ribeiro broke the scoreless tie with just over a minute remaining, scoring her first goal of the season off an assist from teammate Rachel Hill. La Salle’s Jessica Wiggins (Acton, Ma./Acton-Boxborough Regional) recorded a career-high 10 saves in the contest while the Explorers tallied five shots on goal. Maryam Huseini (Skien, Norway/Telemark School) paced La Salle offensively, landing both of her two shots on goal, while Kelsey Haycook (Point Pleasant, N.J./Point Pleasant Boro) and Renee Washington (Ewing, N.J./The Pennington Prep) registered... Read more →

Arizona, Duke, Alabama, Rutgers headline NIT Season Tip-Off field | cnbnews.net

NCAA Release Last Updated - September 17, 2013 2:55 GMT Contact | Archive | RSS NIT Season Tip-Off Bracket INDIANAPOLIS — Arizona (Pac-12), Duke (ACC), Alabama (SEC) and Rutgers (American Athletic) are the top four seeds for the 2013 NIT Season Tip-Off field, as announced by NIT selection committee chair C.M. Newton. The 29th annual tournament will also feature number five-seed Rhode Island (Atlantic 10), six-seed Elon (Southern), seven-seed East Carolina (Conference USA) and eight-seed Drexel (Colonial). Canisius (Metro Atlantic), Fairleigh Dickinson (Northeast), Georgia State (Sun Belt), McNeese State (Southland), Metro State (RMAC), Norfolk State (MEAC), UNC-Asheville (Big South) and... Read more →

CNBNews College Sports Report for Sunday PM

EVENTS HELD TODAY, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013 SAINT JOSEPH'S FIELD HOCKEY FALLS TO FAIRFIELD IN SHOOTOUT, 3-2 McNeill, Gerdes Tally for Saint Joseph’s MERION STATION, Pa. – Senior Shannon McNeill (Blackwood, N.J.) and junior Nicole Gerdes (Robbinsville, N.J.) scored their first goals of the season, but Shealyn Testa converted the game-winning shootout attempt as Fairfield defeated the Saint Joseph’s field hockey team, 3-2, in a shootout on Sunday at Ellen Ryan Field. Saint Joseph’s (0-4) struck first as McNeill took a 2-on-1 feed from Marin Vreeburg before slotting it past Stags’ keeper Caitlin Bennett for the early advantage just over... Read more →

CNBNews College Sports Report for Sunday AM

EVENTS HELD SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 Bricker named Defensive Player of the Week by NJAC Ewing, NJ … Senior Nick Bricker (Middletown, NJ/Middletown South), a linebacker for The College of New Jersey football team, was selected as the New Jersey Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week for his performance in the season opener against Ursinus College. Bricker registered a game-high 17 tackles in the contest, more takedowns than any other defensive player in the conference. Of those tackles, 11 were solo which is also tops in the NJAC. In the fourth quarter of the game against the Bears, the... Read more →

Record 14 National Television Games Highlight La Salle Schedule

ESPN (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Explorers to appear on ESPN five times PHILADELPHIA – A school record 14 national television appearances highlight the 2013-14 La Salle men’s basketball schedule, which was completed today with the announcement of the Atlantic 10 slate by the conference office. The Explorers will appear on the ESPN family of networks five times, CBS Sports Network five times and NBC Sports Network four times. Additional television opportunities will be announced when they are available. “Our 2013-14 schedule provides many challenges and opportunities,” head coach Dr. John Giannini said. “The national exposure our program will receive is important... Read more →

La Salle Opens Season With 5-1 Setback at Hofstra / cnbnews.net

press release HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. - Senior Mariel Papa (Gibbsboro, N.J./Eastern Regional) opened the game with a quick score, but Hofstra rallied to take a 5-1 win over La Salle in the season opener for both squads in the Asics Invitational at the Hofstra Field Hockey Stadium. Papa tipped in a shot by rookie Devin Muracco (Sewell, N.J./Washington Twp.) just 5:54 into the contest to spot the Explorers (0-1) an early 1-0 lead. Hofstra's Stella Schoen drained the first of her three goals just six minutes later and Marta Penas added a score at 14:38 as the Pride (1-0) gained a... Read more →

Haycook Earns Season's First A-10 Player Of The Week Honors

Molly Gallagher August 26, 201 PHILADELPHIA- La Salle women's soccer player Kelsey Haycook has been named Atlantic 10 Player of the Week for the fifth time in her career, as announced by the conference office this morning. In the Explorers' opening weekend, Haycook had a hand in each of La Salle's goals netting two, including a game-winner, and adding a game-winning assist. Against Old Dominion, Haycook found the back of the net in the 50th minute off a through ball from classmate Anna Dolhansky to give La Salle the 1-0 victory. The goal was the 26th of Haycook's career, giving... Read more →

Explorers Net Two In Second Half To Defeat JMU, 2-1/cnbnews.net

Box Score HARRISONBURG, Va.- La Salle women's soccer scored two second half goals to come from behind and defeat James Madison University, 2-1. With the win, the Explorers claimed the 2013 Fairfield Inn by Marriot Invitational title outright, only the second tournament title during head coach Paul Royal's tenure. Junior Kelsey Haycook scored her second goal of the season in the 71st minute, knocking in her own rebound as the equalizer. Haycook's goal came less than a minute after James Madison nearly took a 2-0 lead, burying a goal that was called back due to an offside call against the... Read more →

LaSalle's Renee Washington Selected for Prestigious Senior Class Award

PHILADELPHIA – La Salle women's soccer player Renee Washington has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Senior CLASS Award, it was announced yesterday. She is one of 30 NCAA Division I women's soccer student-athletes selected for excelling both on and off the field. To be eligible for the award, a student-athlete must be classified as an NCAA Division I senior and have notable achievements in four areas of excellence – community, classroom, character and competition. Washington enters her senior season with a full trophy shelf, including NSCAA All-America, first team All-Atlantic 10 honors, and all-region recognition during her... Read more →

ESPN College GameDay To Visit Palestra For La Salle-Temple Game

The Palestra (Photo credit: Wikipedia) press release August 14, 2013 PHILADELPHIA – ESPN College GameDay Covered By State Farm, the eight-week national studio show that airs Saturdays, will visit The Palestra on January 18 before La Salle takes on Temple at noon. College GameDay will begin at 10 AM on ESPNU and continues at 11 AM on ESPN. The La Salle versus Temple game will also appear on ESPN or ESPN2. In addition to this year’s La Salle-Temple game being played at the Palestra, both schools agreed that the 2014-15 edition will also be played at The Palestra. La Salle... Read more →

LaSalle University Sports: Women's Soccer Picked Second in Preseason Poll

PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 14, 2013 By MOLLY GALLAGHER PHILADELPHIA- Coming off their second consecutive NCAA tournament appearance, La Salle University women's soccer has been selected to finish second in the Atlantic 10 according to preseason voting conducted by the 13 head coaches. The 2012 Atlantic 10 Champions, La Salle entered last year's tournament as the top seed after remaining undefeated in conference play for the second consecutive year—an impressive streak dating back to October 29, 2010 and spanning 18 games. La Salle went on to defeat Charlotte, Butler and VCU during the tournament to secure its first-ever Championship title and... Read more →

La Salle To Host Quinnipiac At 9 AM In ESPN Tip-Off Marathon

La Salle Explorers Basketball athletic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) press release/August 12, 2013 PHILADELPHIA – The La Salle men’s basketball team will host Quinnipiac at 9 AM on ESPN2 on Tuesday, November 12 in the Sixth Annual ESPN College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon, it was announced today. The contest will be one of more than a dozen games over 24 hours. “The College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon is a highly creative idea that has become extremely popular,” La Salle head coach Dr. John Giannini said. “Its 24 hours of hoops caters to the nation’s die-hard basketball fans and kicks off the season.... Read more →

La Salle 2013-14 Non-Conference Men’s Basketball Schedule

La Salle Explorers Basketball athletic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Explorers to open season on November 9 vs. Manhattan PHILADELPHIA – The La Salle men’s basketball team, coming off a trip to the NCAA Sweet 16, will open the 2013-14 schedule by hosting Manhattan on November 9, head coach Dr. John Giannini announced today. The Atlantic 10 portion of the schedule will be announced at a later date. “Fifty percent of the RPI is based on opponents’ records,” Giannini said. “With that in mind, we made every effort to schedule teams expected to have winning seasons and contend for conference championships.... Read more →

The MaxPreps Career Profile is unveiled - MaxPreps

MaxPreps.com is proud to announce its latest innovation, one that will take every piece of an athlete's high school career and put it in one place: The career profile. Find all photos in one location. Now athletes will have one page where all of their stats, photos, videos and other information from all years and sports will live. And all that information will be included with a new, visually captivating page layout. "MaxPreps stands for celebrating the high school sports experience for coaches, parents and student-athletes. With the release of our new career pages, we can do a much better... Read more →

Pakhtigian Named Atlantic 10 Scholar Athlete of the Year

PHILADELPHIA - Gabrielle Pakhtigian has been named the 2012-13 Atlantic 10 Conference co-Scholar-Athlete Athlete of the Year, it was announced by the Conference office yesterday. Voted on by the league's Directors of Athletics, the award is given to the best overall male and female student-athlete, based on their athletic success and academic prowess. There was a tie in the voting for both the men's and women's award, marking the first tie in the voting since 1995-96 and the first-ever tie for the women's award. “I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to represent our team and school in... Read more →