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Memories from the Past: THE YEAR WAS 1955...

RELATED: GLOUCESTER CITY HISTORY SOME OF US may remember our parents saying some or all of the statements below. History does repeat itself. ***** Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging 7 cents just to mail a letter? If they raise the minimum wage to $1, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store. When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 25 cents a gallon? Guess we'd be better off leaving the car... Read more →

Mazie E. Cleary, age 86, Former Co-Publisher of the Gloucester City News

by Jim Nicholson, Daily News Staff Writer POSTED: December 15, 1995 GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (December 15, 1995)--Mazie E. Cleary, former co-publisher of the Gloucester City News whose bookkeeping wizardry and work ethic kept the paper going in the tough times, died Tuesday, December 12, 1995. She was 86 and lived in Gloucester City, N.J. Mazie Cleary and her husband of 62 years, George F. Cleary Sr., owned and operated the weekly newspaper from 1950 until 1985, when they sold it to their son William E.... Read more →

Part 9: The Early History of the City of Gloucester City: 1845 Mail Delivery Begins; A City is Born; 1st Boy Scouts

The first Gloucester City post office was established on July 28, 1845 at the southeast corner of King & Market Streets with William C. Mulford as the first postmaster. It is now the site of the Staiger store. On February 26, 1849, William H. Emery became postmaster and the office was moved to 106 N. Kings St. Postal Service in Gloucester City Local Post Office Marks Establishment of Mail Here in 1845 Too busy with war time mail and work, plus the shortage of manpower,... Read more →

George F. Cleary Sr., The Prototype of the Weekly Newspaper Editor

by Jim Nicholson, Daily News Staff Writer POSTED: June 21, 1994 Jim Cleary (left) and George Cleary GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 21, 1994)--George F. Cleary Sr., the prototype of the weekly newspaper editor who loved the small town he served, died Sunday after battling Parkinson's Disease and diabetes. He was 80 and lived in Gloucester City, N.J. Cleary was publisher and editor of the Gloucester City News from 1950 until he sold the paper to his son, William, and his wife Connie, in 1984. He... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet Gloucester City High School is accepting nominations for their Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. Requirements: Must have graduated at least 10 years ago; The individual must be successful in business, professional career, self employment, or exemplary in community-humanitarian service. A man we feel who meets all those requirements is James D. Nicholson, a long time resident of Gloucester City who lived in the 400 unit block of Walnut Avenue for decades. Jim died suddenly on February 22, 2019 at... Read more →

Part 8: Early History of The City of Gloucester City: Washington Hall; United Mutual Loan Assn.

CNBNews Note: The above building today is used for the City's Municipal Offices February 28, 2019 | CNBNewsnet Washington Hall The building located on King Street north of Hudson Street and known as Washington Hall, was erected by David S. Brown to service the needs of his mill employees. This building completed in 1845 contained a general store and meeting hall. Thomas Hallum, a New Englander, came to Gloucester about 1845. He started a grocery and general store on the first floor. In 1855 he... Read more →

(7)Early History of The City of Gloucester City: Gingham Mills, Iron Works, Shad, Race Track

Gingham Mills The Gloucester Gingham Mills having organized in 1872 under a charter from the Legislature of New Jersey, forthwith set about (under the able management of Mr. Philip H. Fowler, as superintendent) discarding its obsolete machinery and enlarging its walls for the most improved machinery of the day. It had (1875) in operation, 7,146 spindles and 262 looms employing 275 operatives in the manufacture of ginghams, cheviots, and dress goods. David S. Brown was also President of this company, Philip H. Fowler became Superintendent... Read more →

PART 6: Early History of The City of Gloucester City: The Brick Building; Library; Rotary Club

Building at King and Monmouth The three-story brick building now standing on the northeast corner of Monmouth and Kings Streets has an old historic background. The first person known to occupy the building was Dr. Wm. C. Mulford who came to Gloucester in 1845. In addition to housing the doctor’s office it also served as the post office with Dr. Mulford as postmaster. The first bank was also located in this building. In 1849 the first Building Association, known as the Gloucester Saving Fund and... Read more →

PART 5: Early History of The City of Gloucester City: Bill Thompson, The Duke of Gloucester

William J. Thompson GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--(Originally published 1964)--(CNBNewsnet)--William J. Thompson (aka The Duke of Gloucester) was born in County Derry, Ireland, October 15, 1848. His father was Patrick Thompson. Fourteen generations of the family were born in the same house. William J. was 13 years of age when he emigrated to America. He landed in New York and then proceeded to Boston where he was employed in a store for a short time. He then entered a soda bottling establishment, and before leaving that place... Read more →

PART 4: Early History of The City of Gloucester City: Fire Dept./Police Dept./Water Dept.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 1964 GLOUCESTER CITY FIRE DEPT. An ordinance to establish a fire department in Gloucester City was passed by Common Council July 5, 1878. It was signed by Mayor William H. Banks, President of Council, Philip H. Fowler, and G. William Barnard, Recorder. After the passage of this ordinance there shall be appointed, five persons citizens of Gloucester City, three from City Council, one from each district, for the term of one year, who shall be styled the Fire Commissioners of Gloucester City. Also... Read more →

Part Three:

Early History of The City of Gloucester City: The Battle of Gloucester; Frigate Augusta

originally published 1964 Battle of Gloucester Tuesday, November 25, 1952 was the 175th anniversary of the Battle, and sometimes referred to as the skirmish at Gloucester. Here are some of the events that led up to that engagement. On July 4, 1776, besides the action of the Continental Congress which we, as a nation celebrate, occurred another historic event. Six hundred pounds of Pennsylvania currency was ordered paid to Margaret M. Paul, widow of John Paul, and Benjamin Weatherby one of her sons, for 96... Read more →

Part Two:

Early History of The City of Gloucester City: Hugg's Tavern and The Marriage of Betsy Ross

originally published 1964 Hugg’s Tavern This relic of Colonial days was recently demolished to make room for a public park on the river front at Gloucester City (New Jersey). It vied in olden times with the Indian King at Haddonfield as a public meeting place but was the center of more happenings because Gloucester was the county seat until 1786. The Gloucester Fox Hunting Club kept its hounds in Gloucester, and Hugg’s Tavern was its principal rendezvous. Within its substantial brick walls important banquets, conferences... Read more →

Part 1: Early History of City of Gloucester City

The Tercentenary Committee formed by Gloucester City Mayor Louis A. Kelly in January 1962 William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)--The year 1964 was the 341st anniversary of the State of New Jersey (1664 to 1964). That year Gloucester City's Mayor and Council authorized a Tercentenary Celebration with a number of events planned to emphasized Gloucester City's rich history. In 1964 a 50-page booklet titled THE HISTORY OF GLOUCESTER CITY compiled by the Gloucester City Jaycees, with the help of the Gloucester... Read more →

1777 Gloucester Town and the Battle of Gloucester Presentation January 16

Image Colonel Joseph Ellis house Colonel Joseph Ellis was in the Second Gloucester County militia regiment. When the British occupied Gloucester Town, this house would be used by Lord General Cornwallis while in Gloucester Town. Date: Wednesday January 16th, 2019 From: 7 PM to 8 PM Location: Gloucester City Community Center 230 Nicholson Rd Gloucester City, NJ 08030 Side entrance to the Gloucester Heights Fire Association Station 54 22 parking space with additional on street parking The Camden County Historical Society has been conducting a... Read more →

Mrs. Aubrey Marilyn Sykes of Holiday, Florida; Wife of Former Gloucester City School Supt.

Aubrey and Dr. Tom Sykes, former Gloucester City School District Superintendent. Before moving to Florida the couple lived in Gloucester City, NJ for many years (photo provided) HOLIDAY, FLORIDA--Aubrey Marilyn Sykes 87 of Holiday, FL passed away in Sunshine Christine Home on 12/12/2018. Aubrey was born in Lawrence, MA on 5/30/1931 to Susan and Clarence Clark. Aubrey is survived by her husband Dr. Thomas W Sykes, her son Thomas David Sykes, her brother Clarence J Clark, her grandchildren Brian D Sykes, Sara E Sykes, Ed... Read more →

Bill "The Worm" Seddon Succumbs at Age 72, A Generous Man with A Great Sense of Humor

Bill "The Worm" Seddon UPDATE: The family request memorial donations in his name be made to the Veterans Victory Village home, 554 Port Penn Rd, Middletown, DE 19709 http://delawareveteranscoalition.com/…/veterans-victory-vi…/ By William E. Cleary Sr. GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(December 5, 2018)—William J. Seddon, passed away on December 4 at the Victory Village Veterans Home in Middletown, Delaware. A long-time Gloucester City, NJ resident he grew up on King Street and lived most of his adult life in the 300 unit block Mercer Street. He was 72.... Read more →

CNB Memories from the Past: The Big Burger

photo submitted by Zeke BROOKLAWN, NJ--Back in the 60's early 70's the Kozanas family of Gloucester City operated a luncheonette specializing in hamburgers in the building below. Some years later the restaurant was sold to John's Pizza. The building was located in the vicinity of the present day Wells Fargo bank, 700 Crescent Blvd. in the Brooklawn Shopping Center. Related: Gloucester City History Brooklawn Read more →

Excavation at a Late 17th Century House Site in Gloucester City, New Jersey

Ronald A. Thomas and Martha J. Schiek Background In the early spring of 1983, during construction of a senior citizens housing project at the northwest corner of Market and King Streets in Gloucester City, New Jersey, evidence was uncovered of prehistoric and early historic period archaeological remains. The project site, which overlooks the Delaware River, was the center of the original 17th century settlement of Gloucester and during the following years because the site of a farm, a ferry landing, residence, business establishments and various... Read more →

Over 16,000 Artifacts of Gloucester City's History in Storage at the New Jersey State Museum

The front page of report (CNBNews graphics file) William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 15,2018)--The City of Gloucester City is celebrating its 150th Anniversary of its incorporation this year. Gloucester City was incorporated by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 25, 1868, from the remaining portions of Union Township, which was then dissolved. Additional territory was annexed in 1925 from Centre Township and in 1927 from Haddon Township.[20] The city's name derives from Gloucester, England.[21][22] Gloucester City was... Read more →

Memories from the Past: Gloucester Owls

UPDATED: Top row last on right row - Bill Flynn’s son Mike 3rd on right - Looks like Rudy Weichmann (sic) Bottom row, last on right row - John Reader (answers submitted by Tom Bowe and Janet Bevan) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 18,2018)(CNBNewsnet)--The Gloucester Owls baseball team photo was submitted by Bob Kotter. He was able to pick out Steve Shimkus, bottom row kneeling second from the right. But that person was on the only one. If you recognize anyone please forward their names to... Read more →


CNBNews photos credit Joe Townsend BROOKLAWN, NJ (September 17, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--A piece of Brooklawn history was demolished today as the Metro Diner, Route 130 and Browning Road was leveled to make room for a Super Wawa. Since the 50's that corner has been used for a restaurant. Originally the property was owned by the Ponizio's family. The owners of the Metro Diner closed the popular dining site Monday, June 4. The Metro opened in 2009. In 2013 the rumors began to circulate that the diner had... Read more →

The Flowers Library to be Upgraded; Historic Mary Ethel Costello School Plaque to be Restored

CNBNews TIPS AND SNIPPETS William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet The Flowers Library at the Alice Costello School, 301 Haakon Road, Brooklawn (CNBNews photo) SCHOOL LIBRARY TO GET UPDATE—The Flowers Library at the Alice Costello School, 301 Haakon Road, Brooklawn will be getting an update, according to Dr. Sam Rosetti, Brooklawn School District Superintendent. A brief ceremony announcing the improvement plans will be held on Wednesday, September 5, at 8:15 AM prior to the opening of the Alice Costello school for the 2018-19 school year.... Read more →

The Clearys of New Jersey:


The Descendents of James and Anastatia (Kilfoyle) Cleary Living in the USA COMPILED AND EDITED BY MARY L. AND JOHN J. CLEARY Originally Printed Redondo Beach January 1989 Latest Update: July 1998 INTRODUCTION This work is about the four children of James and Anastasia (Kilfoyle) Cleary of Cloneen, County Tipperary Ireland, who came to America and settled in New Jersey. Michael, the first of the four, arrived about 1849, John, Patrick, and Catherine followed during the 1860s. There may have been more children who remained... Read more →

NEW YORK TIMES: The Philadelphia History Museum Is Closing Its Doors (Maybe for Good)

The Philadelphia History Museum can no longer afford to have public viewing hours.Lori Waselchuk for The New York Times By Jacey Fortin June 30, 2018 A museum dedicated to the history of Philadelphia is closing its doors to the public, and it is unclear when — or whether — it will open them again. The Philadelphia History Museum has been struggling to increase revenue for years. City officials were in talks with Temple University to form a partnership that might keep the institution afloat. But... Read more →

Tom "Choo-Choo" Murphy Succumbs; Past Brooklawn School Board Member; Retired Navy Yard Employee; U.S. Air Force Veteran

Thomas J. Murphy William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet (Westville, NJ)(June 24, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)—Thomas J. Murphy, of Westville passed away on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at the age of 81. He was known as Choo-Choo by his longtime friends. Most of the time it was just Choo. And later in life he was known by some as Saint Thomas. Born and raised in Gloucester City, he and his 13 siblings grew up in a home located at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Little Somerset Streets.... Read more →

Video History of the City of Philadelphia

WikiVidi Documentaries Published on Oct 25, 2017 PHILADELPHIA PA (June 18, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area, . Philadelphia is the economic and cultural anchor of the Delaware Valleya region located in the Northeastern United States at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers with 7.2 million people residing in the eighth-largest combined statistical... Read more →

GCity Number 33; 1st Responders Honored; Free Tuition for DACA; New City Banners; Et Cetera

CNBNews TIPS AND SNIPPETS William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet THE CITY OF GLOUCESTER CITY #33—The community of Gloucester City was named as one of the poorest in the state of New Jersey according to the newest Census data released. NJ Advance Media studied the census and found where this kind of income inequality is highest and lowest in New Jersey. From that article, "In many ways, the New Jersey experience continues to be a tale of two states. On the one hand, some towns... Read more →

*Philly Investor Sees Great Potential in Gloucester City; Purchases GCHS Building & Other Properties

"We have a few different ideas for the school, but I assure you they all include keeping and preserving that amazing building!" ~Rich Lauletta, WEBO, LLC Related: What Should Be Done with the Rams Annex? William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 12, 2017)—The Warner Real Estate Auction Company, of Woodstown was hired in December 2016 by Gloucester City mayor and council to auction off 32 properties for a fee of $15,000. The online auction was conducted between August 9 and August... Read more →

90-Year-Old Trees in Gloucester City Along North Brown Street Being Removed

North Brown Street looking towards Essex Street and the Walt Whitman Bridge. Photos below are also of North Brown Street (photos by William Waters) William Waters | Exclusive to CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 22,2017)—In recent weeks many of the trees along North Brown Street from Essex Street south to at least Chambers or Paul Streets have been cut down as part of the rebuilding of the infrastructure and the highway. It is estimated that some of the trees are between 90 and 100 years... Read more →

*Gloucester City's Sewer/Water Rates to Rise; Historic Bell Ceremony; NJ Best Schools

CNB Tips and Snippets William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY WATER/SEWER RATES TO RISE—If Gloucester City mayor and city council pass an amendment to the water and sewer rates at the September 21 council meeting, residents will be looking at another increase in municipal services. In August their local purpose tax went up. Ordinance #33-2017 titled Amending Chapters 71, 86, and 90 of the code of the City of Gloucester was passed on first reading at the August 5 council meeting. Under the... Read more →

NJ Schools Development Authority Opens Five New Or Renovated Schools in 2017

Openings Deliver New Seats for 3,100 Students TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) continues to deliver quality educational facilities for New Jersey students with the opening of five new or renovated schools this year. These new and renovated facilities provide more than 3,100 additional seats for students throughout New Jersey and impact nearly 4,200 students overall. “Through the construction of new schools, additions and building renovations, the SDA continues to improve educational facilities for thousands of students statewide,” said SDA CEO... Read more →

The Power of the PEN; Do You Remember the Hinky Dinks? Philadelphia Police Win Settlement

UPDATED: NEW RENTAL PROPERTY IN RIVERVIEW HEIGHTS--. The photo at the top shows the side yard of the property before it was abandoned 12 years ago. According to realtor.com, the house was purchased in May 2017 for $33,000. Hopefully, the new owner will remove the overgrowth seen below from the fence and cut back the bushes on either side of the house. Time will tell. CNBNews Tips and Snippets: William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor THE POWER OF THE PEN--The large smelly dumpster that... Read more →


Albie Brant, Builder of South Jersey Malls and Florida High Risers

UPDATED by CNBNews Staff JACKSONVILLE, FL. (July 22, 2017)—Mr.Albert L. Brandt Jr., a former Gloucester City NJ resident, and a graduate of Gloucester City High School, class of 1960 passed away at the Community Hospice Care, Jacksonville, Florida on Friday, July 21, 2017, after a long illness. He was 77 years old and had lived in, Saint John's, Florida for some time. After school, he worked as a supervisor for the Pretzel Factory which is now Carr’s Hardware store, Broadway, and Paul Streets. A carpenter... Read more →

The 50th Anniversary of "The Battle of Newark"

CORRECTION: The MacAdams brothers that fought in the Newark Riots were Joe, Ed, Jeep, and Horace. Also present were Earl Fowler, Paul Fowler, and Gerald Healey, Ralph Richards, the Jacksons brothers, medic Charlie Savage. Newark Riot 1967 photo courtesy of NJ.com William E. Cleary | CNBNewsnet Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Newark Riots, also known to those "READY FOR ANYTHING Distinctive Unit Insignia 114TH INFANTRY REGIMENT who were there as “The Battle of Newark.” The six-day conflict broke out on July 12, 1967,... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet Finally, after nearly four years of neglect, the City of Gloucester City has hired someone to paint the 110-year-old Municipal Building, Broadway, and Monmouth Street. A coating of white paint has been applied to the west side of the building. And the contractor, Dan Clair of PayLessPaint, West Deptford has scraped some the peeling paint from sections of the building (photo May 14, 2017, credit CNBNewsnet) Urban decay/blight is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or part of... Read more →