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Teamwork was the Reason for Lions Win Over Wildwood; Rams Face Pleasantville Friday Night

By Josh Lashley | CNBNews Contributor (GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)(October 11, 2019)--The Gloucester City High School and Gloucester Catholic High School football programs will step onto the field as considerable underdogs on Friday night when they... Read more →

Tips for writing coursework effectively

Gloucestercitynews.net (October 7, 2019)--The student needs a lot of curriculum information to write the coursework correctly. So one can say that are writing coursework is a very personal process. There is usually no weekly or... Read more →

Arrests of 6-year-olds shows the perils of putting police in primary schools

Research suggests putting police in schools (formally known as school resource officers, or SROs) can quickly escalate what would otherwise be a routine school disciplinary situation. by: F. Chris Curran | October 6, 2019 |... Read more →

Rams Play Collingswood Saturday ; Lions Face Wildwood Friday Night

FOOTBALL : By Josh Lashley | CNBNews Contributor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 3, 2019)--The Gloucester Catholic High School and Gloucester City High School football programs will look to put a notch into the win column... Read more →

Back-to-school night basics

Make the most of back-to-school night. It's a valuable opportunity to learn important information about your child's classroom experience. by: Marian Wilde | Greatschools.org Along with shopping for school supplies and adopting earlier bedtimes, back-to-school... Read more →

High School Sports: Both Lions and Rams Looking for a Win

By Josh Lashley | CNBNews photo credit Bruce Darrow for CNBNews Gloucestercitynews.net--GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--The entire Gloucester City High School football program is well aware that they have their work cut out for them, and then... Read more →

GreatSchools.org: Teaching kids to stay focused under pressure

For some kids, when the pressure's on, the ability to focus turns off. Here's how mindfulness lessons can help kids bypass distractions to do their best. by: Annie Murphy Paul | September 2018 If there’s... Read more →

A Mom's Story on the Dangers of Marijuana

BY LORI ROBERSON | MOMS STRONG Shane (photo, right) was my first-born son who grew into a handsome 6’4” young man. He always seemed larger than life and he had a big heart, infectious smile,... Read more →

GREATSCHOOLS.ORG--Parent cliques

Sure, they make other parents feel left out. But the biggest surprise is the damage an exclusive group has on parents, kids, and an entire school community. by: Leslie Crawford | September 22, 2019 GreatSchools.org--Almost... Read more →

Secretary DeVos Visits Pennsylvania, Encourages School Choice as Pathway to Better Education

By Kim Jarrett | The Center Square Sep 19, 2019 Pennsylvania would receive $156 million each year if Congress passes a measure to create scholarships for families who wish to send their children to private... Read more →

2019 Gloucester Catholic Rams Host CLEARVIEW!

UPDATED/CORRECTED Gloucestercitynews.net--GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (9-21-19)-The Gloucester Catholic Rams hosted 1 and 1 Clearview at the Gloucester High School (GHS Field). The Rams coming off a loss in their first game of the season against Robbinsville... Read more →

Five Top High School Football Games Handpicked for 2019 Great American Rivalry Series

Broadcasts on Facebook Watch Related: Gloucester High Gloucester Catholic Gloucestercitynews.net--A partnership between Facebook and the Great American Rivalry Series® will launch five select high school football games into the national spotlight. The 2019 Series will... Read more →

HS SPORTS: Lions Searching for a Win (0-2); Rams Face Clearview Saturday

By Josh Lashley | CNBNews Contributor Gloucestercitynews.net (September 18, 2019)-- The Gloucester City High School football program will be in search of its first win of the season when they travel to Pitman for a... Read more →

Great Schools.org: Red flags of a learning issue

How do you know if your child is struggling with a learning issue? Learn to read the clues. by: Carol Lloyd | September 15, 2019 Gloucestercitynews.net--GREATSCHOOLS.org--What do tears, rhyming, storytelling, and gripping a pencil all... Read more →

Great Schools: Education rebel with a cause

Until recently, local school boards were run mostly by political players. This Oakland dad represents a new breed of parents who are taking power into their own hands. by: Leslie Crawford | GreatSchools.org Gloucestercitynews.net--OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA--Reginald... Read more →

CNBNews Cheers and Jeers July/August 2019

William E. Cleary Sr | CNBNews Editor CHEER- Fifty-eight years ago the Gloucester City Democrat mayor and council announced on November 4, 1961 the fourth tax cut for residents in five years. We admit we... Read more →

A Preview of Gloucester Catholic & Gloucester High 2019 Gridiron Teams

By Josh Lashley | CNBNews Sports Gloucestercitynews.net--(GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)-- The time of year that everyone from the athletes themselves to fans and coaches not only look forward to but, prepare diligently for has arrived-it’s football... Read more →

NJ"s School Bus Inspection Tour Showcases "Nation's Toughest" Bus Laws

Gloucestercitynews.net--(West Berlin) – With classes for the 2019-20 school year back in session, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Administration utilized its annual school bus inspection tour to highlight for the public new safety regulations... Read more →

Cold Springs School Complex Opened Today

UPDATED/September 4, 2019 Gloucestercitynews.net photo William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ—The Cold Springs School complex, Market Street and Cold Springs Drive, was the site of happy parents and students rushing about as... Read more →

My daughter doesn’t fit in and gets excluded

Socially, middle school was rough on my daughter. How can I help her make real friendships that last in high school? by: Annie Fox | August 25, 2019/GreatSchools.org Print article Dear Annie, My daughter is... Read more →

Online Options Make Learning Accessible Every Day, 24/7

Deptford Twp. – In a busy world structured by work, childcare and life's everyday demands, having the flexibility to pursue a college degree online—or to simply take an online course or two—is invaluable. With more... Read more →

*VIDEOS: Army Lt. Colonel Jim Nicholson Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA (August 19,2019)—Army Lt. Col. James D.Nicholson of Gloucester City, New Jersey was laid to rest on Monday, August 19, 2019 at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. Approximately 80 people (family and... Read more →

GreatSchools: The after-school care crisis

For parents it can mean private panic. For a nation, it means 15 million children who don’t get the care they need. by: Sarah Baughn | GreatSch0ols.org When Katie Cherbini and her family moved 1,000... Read more →

Temperament in the classroom: helping each child find a good fit

Learn from an expert how your child's temperament affects his adjustment and achievement at school. by: Barbara Keogh PhD | August 11, 2019 | GreatSchools.org Print article ¿En español? It is the first week of... Read more →

Temperament in the classroom: helping each child find a good fit

Learn from an expert how your child's temperament affects his adjustment and achievement at school. by: Barbara Keogh PhD | GreatSchools.org | August 11, 2019 ¿En español? It is the first week of school for... Read more →

NOW LAW: Pilot Program to Assess Value of Later Start Times for NJ High Schools

(TRENTON) – As New Jersey high schools continue to rank top in the nation, legislators are hoping to encourage even better academic outcomes with more emphasis on student health. Given the connection between more sleep... Read more →

GreatSchools Fixes for 7 common middle school problems

Going from elementary to middle school is a big change. Here's how you can support your child socially, emotionally, and academically. by: GreatSchools Staff | August 2019 ¿En español? Hormones and changing bodies, locker combinations... Read more →

Time for “the talk”

Talking about sex with teens isn't easy for parents, but research shows it's effective — even when it seems like your child isn't listening. by: Connie Matthiessen / GreatSchools.org Now that my kids are teens,... Read more →

10 ways to get kids reading this summer

Creative ideas for encouraging children to beat the heat and hit the books. by: GreatSchools Staff | July 18, 2019 ¿En español? School’s out, the days are longer, and suddenly kids have time on their... Read more →


UPDATED/CORRECTED GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (Gloucestercitynews.net photo)--The Gloucester Train Station is slowly rotting away. This recent photo was taken at the front of the building. Windows are all broken and boarded up. There is trash laying... Read more →

500 Teachers Meet in Las Vegas for VIPKid’s 5th “Journey” Conference

Teachers take a group selfie at VIPKid Journey in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: VIPKid/Grant Miller Photography The two-day conference celebrates and forges new connections for online English teachers who tutor on the VIPKid platform SAN... Read more →

How can I tear my tween away from that screen?

Yalda T Uhls, PhD 354. That’s the number of photos my 15-year-old daughter and her best friend took while we spent the first weekend of the summer at the beach. When they were not snapping... Read more →

GreatSchools.org: Empathy’s poster child

Touched by an image of child slaves, a little girl pledges to do something about it — and turns her family upside down. by: Carol Lloyd | July 7, 2019 (Gloucestercitynews.net)--Vivienne Harr was 8 years... Read more →

What's Gloucester City Jr Sr High School’s Equity Rating?

To see the complete report for GHS click here Editor's Note: We reached out to Dr. Dennis Vespe, Gloucester City High School Superintendent and Sean Gorman, Gloucester City High School Principal for a response to... Read more →