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Andrews Being Investigated, The Dirty Little Secret, No More Laws | CNBNEWS.NET

CNBNEWS.NET TIPS AND SNIPPETS BY BILL CLEARY South Jersey Congressman Under Investigation-U.S. Representative Rob CONGRESSMAN ANDREWS Andrews (1st District, D.) is under investigation by the House ethics committee for using campaign funds to pay for a family trip to Scotland last year. The House Committee on Ethics says it is considering an investigation into the Camden County Democrat after the Office of Congressional Ethics referred a complaint in April. The committee did not disclose the complaint’s details but Camden County Republican Chairman Tom Booth wrote... Read more →

Tax & Spend Gov., NJ Unemployment Rises, City Employees Receive Raise, Rams Alumnus Honored, Fixing Up Costello School, Taxes Due

CNBNEWS TIPS AND SNIPPETS: BY BILL CLEARY THE HELL WITH THE TAXPAYER-Last week the Essex County Freeholder Board, voted 7-0 to renew the County’s $675,000 contract with insurance broker Conner Strong and Buckelew, a firm headed by South Jersey political boss George E. Norcross. In return the firm will help the County find health and prescription insurance coverage for their employees. Your cost for the employees health plan this year, $72 million. In February, state Comptroller Matthew Boxer estimated that Essex County would have saved... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Corbett Could Have Stopped Sandusky --- But Didn’t

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind cnbnews.net An open letter to Pennsylvania’s governor, who refuses to answer disturbing questions about his role investigating the Penn State sex scandal Bursting with righteous indignation, his cheeks flushed with rage, the Christopher Friend Governor banged the podium in disgust while berating a journalist --- in fact, chastising the entire media --- for the audacity to ask questions on the issue. We’re not talking about New Jersey’s Chris Christie, who gets away with such outbursts because of his stellar... Read more →


BY BILL CLEARY (cnbnews.net)Walking our dog recently along the railroad tracks in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City I came upon a young man asleep in the weeds rolled up in a sleeping bag. At first I thought he was dead. It appeared that he wasn’t breathing. Undecided on what to do I reached out to 911. As I was speaking with the dispatcher the young man set up and said he was okay. Last week I saw the man in the same area.... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: If Romney Panders To Latinos, It’s Hasta La Vista Mitt! by Christopher Friend

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND If he is to win, he must proudly articulate his GOP platform to all, not just some Without a doubt, this presidential election will be close. Sure, some in fantasyland have already coronated Mitt Romney, predicting a November romp. But in reality, the race will come down to a few swing states where Hispanics will be a --- and possibly the --- crucial voting bloc. As of now, Romney’s Latino support is abysmal, as he trails President Obama by... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Avalon’s Fiery Law Against Gas Grills---And Its Selective Enforcement

related FREINDLY FIRE by Christopher Freind What is the biggest threat to our security? Al-Qaida Illegal immigration Joe Biden’s mouth Gas grills on decks Gas grills, naturally. In an act that can only be described as prescient, Avalon, New Jersey burned its competition by being one of the first to protect its citizens from the menacing grill crisis. It outlawed propane grills on decks. No joke, as the Borough Council ordinance reads: “Propane gas grills are not permitted on any deck, under any building overhang,... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Spain And Italy Bailouts? Earth To Europe: Have We Met?

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind Pop Quiz: Are the Euro-technocrats (and their America backers) who orchestrated the bailouts C. FREIND of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain (and soon Italy): A) Really smart guys, hell-bent on world domination, who are trying to prop up the Euro to create a one-world currency (to complement a one-world government, of course); B) Really connected guys with close ties to the banks and governments receiving the hundreds of billions being doled out so cavalierly --- and who are undoubtedly being... Read more →

Op-Ed: Use Your Brain --- No Motorcycle Helmet Laws | cnbnews.net

by Chris Freind cnbnews.net CHRIS FREIND No one ever accused the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial board of using their “heads” when opining, and last week was no exception. Like Big Brother that thinks it --- not the individual --- knows best, that “brain” trust is arguing that the State should mandate how motorcyclists protect their brains. In their editorial, they argue that “Keystone State motorists would be safer if Harrisburg followed Trenton’s example by strengthening enforcement of seat-belt use and restoring the mandate that all motorcyclists... Read more →

Op-Ed: Saving Foie Gras? It’s About Having “Guts!” | cnbnews.net

related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freind cnbnews.net If it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it must be….human? Such is the quacky rationale of many activists as they hoot about animal-cruelty (including and especially all of us who callously continue our non-vegetarian ways), all the while grousing about “inhumane” treatment. Perfect logic from Vegan Central. Of course, they conveniently overlook that “inhumane,” by definition, can only apply to humans, and animals don’t have the same rights afforded people. Common sense tells... Read more →

Op-Ed: Unmarked Police Cars Should NEVER Be Used For Traffic Stops

related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freind cnbnews.net The Killings In Mississippi Illustrate The Dangers In separate incidents last week, two people were gunned down on Mississippi highways by a police impersonator, who, it appears, used a fake unmarked police car to pull over his unsuspecting victims. Police are concerned that, because of this incident and others like it, citizens may no longer stop for unmarked cars. Well it’s about time. They shouldn’t stop. Not now. Not ever. ***** The most important question that needs to... Read more →

Super's Contract, Meet at the Ship, Free Cell Phones, Another Reason, Top 25, Congratulations

related CNBNews TIPS AND SNIPPETS related CNBNews Point of View BY BILL CLEARY Contract negotiations between the Gloucester City School Board and newly appointed Superintendent Joseph Rafferty have been completed. The contract, effective July 1, 2012, is for three years. He is replacing Paul Spaventa whose contract was not renewed. According to Rafferty his starting salary is $146,00 with increase of two percent in year two ($148,920) and year three ($151,898). MEET AT THE SHIP-Jim Walsh, Courier Post staff writer, recently wrote an article on... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Day of Reckoning for the GOP | CNBnews.net

Graphic and opinion by Wil Levins The Libertarian Party officially nominated its Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates with the selections of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James Gray this past weekend. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and holds the motto "Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom." Is this significant news? - You bet. If Ron Paul's campaign ends at the Republican National Convention in Tampa without serious concessions from the GOP, it is highly unlikely that Paul's millions of supporters will endorse Mitt Romney.... Read more →

Op-Ed: Should Obama Politicize bin Laden Killing? Absolutely!

related FREINDLY FIRE by CHRIS FREIND cnbnews.net Every President would do the same, and he deserves the credit (cnbnews.net)If you’re wondering why America is no longer able to make even the most basic, common-sense decisions, there are two simple answers: extreme partisanship and willful hypocrisy. Forget the desire to seek truth. Many on the Right and Left are simply incapable of seeing the real picture, even if it’s smacking them in the face. And those rare souls who do rise above partisanship to tell the... Read more →

April 2012 CHEERS AND JEERS | cnbnews.net

RELATED: CNBNEWS POINT OF VIEW by Bill Cleary CHEER-To the new owner of the former Red Mill Tavern building, 500 unit block of South Broadway, Gloucester City for taking that run down property and fixing it up. A big improvement! Thank you for showing Community Pride. JEER-The 2010-11 Gloucester City School District budget totaled $38.8 million. The 2011-12 budget was $45 million and the 2012-13 budget totals almost $48 million or approximately $10 million more than two years ago. Yet school enrollment, around 2000 students,... Read more →

Op-Ed:Convert Oil Refineries To Process PA’s Marcellus Shale Natural Gas | cnbnews.net

related FREINDLY FIRE by Chris Freindly Delta Airlines Buying Conoco Refinery Doesn’t Solve The Problem Psst: Don’t tell anybody, but the worst-kept secret in Pennsylvania is that the natural gas industry --- the only economic salvation our dying state had--- is leaving in droves, replaced by job loss, budget holes and despair. Like most tragedies, this one was preventable. Only common sense and foresight were required. But those traits were pumped dry long ago, so instead of experiencing a booming economy rooted in the rebirth... Read more →

Op-Ed: Corbett’s Colossal Cockiness Castrates His Credibility

related: FREINDLY FIRE by Chris Freind cnbnews.net Candidate Choice Creates Calamitous Clusterf**k of Carnage “Stevie Welch sat on a wall (of cards); Stevie Welch had a great fall (winning a mere two of 67 counties). All of King (or is it Joker?) Corbett’s horses (jackasses), and all the King’s men (endorsements by 27 County Commissioners and 35 State Legislators), couldn’t put Stevie’s candidacy together again (4 of 5 Republican voters rejected the Welch-Corbett-Obama “ticket”). And so Freindly Fire’s prediction that Governor Corbett-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate... Read more →

Op-Ed: In the Eye of the Beholder | CNBnews.net

Graphic and opinion by Wil Levins What concerns me about CISPA (The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is the drastic increase of the Federal Government's authority to gather and share information about us without our knowledge or consent. If CISPA is passed in its current form it would grant sweeping authority to intelligence agencies, setting the stage for the real potential of abuse by invading our privacy and violating our individual rights. Proponents of CISPA have made the argument that this act is designed... Read more →

Op-Ed: Corbett’s Love Affair With The Democrats: An Election Letter Back At Ya’

related FREINDLY FIRE By Chris Freind CNBNEWS.NET Well, primary election day is almost here, and some of the races have gotten downright nasty. From disingenuous, mean-spirited campaign ads to a Democrat masquerading as a Republican accusing his opponent of being a Democrat (did you get all that?), there’s something to satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs. Perhaps the ugliest race is the Democratic contest for Attorney General (an office that Party has never held), pitting a woman against a whiner: prosecutor Kathleen Kane and former congressman Patrick... Read more →


This is a new law signed by Obama in early March 2012 which makes it illegal to protest in his presence. The law means that wherever Obama is you do not have a right to ask him anything you want to. His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn't like or doesn't want to answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7SGWH3kirzg&vq=medium "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,... Read more →

LL PLayer Dies, Crackdown, Political Season has Begun, Online Training for Candidates

related CNBNEWS Tips and Snippets: BY BILL CLEARY CNBNEWS.NET LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYER DIES-A 12-year-old sports fanatic has died in Illinois after being hit in the neck by a baseball while warming up for a game this week. Eric Lederman, (photo) a sixth-grader from Oswego, Ill., roughly 50 miles (80km) southwest of Chicago, was hospitalized after being hit while throwing a ball with a teammate Wednesday night, April 11, before a league game in Wheaton, the Chicago Tribune reported. He died Thursday night, leaving his local... Read more →

Op-Ed: Corbett’s Senate Candidate Is An Albatross Around His Neck | cnbnews.net

related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freindly CNBNEWS.NET The Guv’s man, Steve Welch, is an Obama Voter, infuriating many in the GOP It’s the bottom of ninth, you’re down a run, two outs and a man on second. Should he try to steal? Hell no. A single probably scores you, and getting thrown out ends the game. Simply stated, the risk outweighs the reward. But if, for whatever reason, the decision to steal is made, there’s only one rule: you damn well better make it. Fail,... Read more →

Op-Ed: CREW on Andrews "One of the most egregious offenders" | CNBnews.net

by Wil Levins cnbnews.net CREW REPORT: "One of the most egregious offenders, Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ), has in the past been cited by the FEC for illegal acts ... Nevertheless, he has continued to use campaign funds for questionable expenses..." After twenty-two years in Congress, and even longer in New Jersey's corrupt political system, should it surprise anyone that Rep. Rob Andrews has ethics questions and violations hanging over his campaign? The bigger question is: If Rep. Rob Andrews misuses Campaign funds in this manner,... Read more →

Stephen Bannon Talks ‘Occupy Unmasked’ | amac.us

SEE VIDEO AT THE END By Jedediah Bila “It is a war film—about the war at home, the war between the radical left and the American people,” Writer and Director Stephen K. Bannon told me recently about his upcoming film,Occupy Unmasked. The film is set to be released this Spring and features a lead role by the late conservative hero Andrew Breitbart, as well as cast members David Horowitz, Brandon Darby, and Anita MonCrief, among others. Via clips that feature Dylan Ratigan, Bill Maher, Michael... Read more →

Op-Ed: Continued Journalistic Integrity? | CNBnews.net

Thankfully, the new owners of the Inquirer have signed a pledge not to interfere with the newsroom, as this will help to maintain journalistic objectivity and integrity. In unrelated news, some jobs at the newspaper may have to be eliminated for cost cutting measures. But of course, no connection. Graphics and opinion by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles Video: Geraldo's comment on Trayvon Martin Tradegy | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews.net: Comment Restrictions (gloucestercitynews.net) MARCH 2012 CHEERS AND JEERS | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net) Several Out-... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: I Was Wrong To Question The DRPA

Related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freind cnbnews.net Later this year, it is possible --- even probable --- that the following individuals will all be in jail: former powerhouse Senator Vince Fumo, former House Speakers John Perzel and Bill DeWeese, Senators Jane Orie and Bob Mellow (both of Leadership), and former Representatives Mike Veon and Brett Feese (also from Leadership). On the one hand, seeing corrupt politicians brought to justice is a good thing, as is all the money they are giving back to taxpayers via... Read more →

Presidential Voter Projections | cnbnews.net

Graphic by Wil Levins RELATED CATEGORY: ON POINT Related articles WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP! The Political Elite are out of Touch with the Common Folk | cnbnews (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Interview with Gloucester City Republican Party Chairman Wil Levins (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed:Why Mitt Romney Will Lose To Obama (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: Rush Limbaugh's Sluttiness Makes Him The Anti-Republican (gloucestercitynews.net) CNBNews Op-Ed: No Secret Ballot For GOP Endorsement Is Same As Union Card Check (gloucestercitynews.net) Read more →

CNB Op-Ed: Blame Impotent Congress – And Yourself - For Gas Prices

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRIS FREIND CNBNEWS.NET Americans don’t have enough holidays. Unlike our Euro brethren, who take off all of August to refresh themselves after their grueling 25-hour work weeks, those in the U.S. can’t catch a break. Sure, we have Arbor Day and Wildflower Week, but we need to celebrate more. So it’s only appropriate to propose a holiday to which we can all relate, one that stays with us for more than just a day. National Colonic Month. No, not the colonic... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed:Why Mitt Romney Will Lose To Obama

Related: Freindly Fire By Chris Freind (cnbnews.net) Being in the media, I have no friends, as it should be. If I did, however, 3 of 10 Republicans would surely take offense to this column, since it points out what is increasingly obvious to everyone but Mitt Romney’s 30 percent base of support: Mitt won’t beat Barack Obama. Should Romney become the GOP nominee --- likely, but not certain --- he will have a difficult time unseating the President. Can he win? Given the stagnant economy,... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Diabetes, Donors—and Determination

related: FREINDLY FIRE by Chris Freind cnbnews.net For National Kidney Month, the story of one young woman’s fight against a ravaging disease—and time. The difference between tactics and strategy is substantial. A tactic is a method employed to help achieve a goal. A strategy is the long term plan of action to achieve that goal. Four years ago, that distinction was crystal clear a 31-year old Drexel Hill woman who had been ravaged by diabetes. Christine Grosso’s strategy was simple, but far from easy— survive... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Rush Limbaugh’s Sluttiness Makes Him The Anti-Republican

RELATED: FREINDLY FIRE by Chris Freind cnbnews.net In front of the entire nation, conservative radio giant Rush Limbaugh repeatedly called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” for her support of an Obama Administration policy requiring health insurers to offer contraceptives. Not surprisingly, the issue became, and still remains, the preeminent national story, pushing it front-and-center in the Republican presidential campaign. Anytime a powder-keg situation ignites into a massive media firestorm, as this one did, it is always interesting to look at who... Read more →

Catholic Schools in Philadelphia Diocese Remain Open--- But For How Long?

related: FREINDLY FIRE by Chris Freind cnbnews.net Will the Church finally play political hardball? I always try to check my emotions at the door when I begin a column. That’s why I rarely write in the first person. But, hey, I’m also human and a Philly Catholic, so I shed a few tears of joy when it was recently announced that four diocesan high schools and eighteen elementary schools were reprieved from their death sentence and would remain open. I didn’t go to Bonner (mine... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Is the Archdiocese Lying Or Just Incompetent On School Closings?

related: FREINDLY FIRE by CHRIS FREIND cnbnews.net "I don’t know Chief…this shark is either very smart, or very dumb…” So was the famous line uttered by the legendary Quint in Jaws, as he was trying to figure out the intentions of the great white. After the recent roller coaster ride regarding Archdiocesan school closings --- and now the many reprieves --- Catholics across the Philadelphia region are wondering the same thing. Is the Church hierarchy very smart (in a conniving way), or very dumb? Or... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Did Chris Christie Lower Jersey Flags for Whitney to Suck Up to Black People?

related: FREINDLY FIRE Chris Christie And Whitney Houston: Not Perfect Together by Chris Freind cnbnews.net With the sparse media coverage of Whitney Houston’s death and funeral, it’s not surprising that her years of military service have gone largely unnoticed, as were her activities as an undercover cop in New Jersey (was she really killed after a sting went bad?). After all, she must have done these dangerous things to warrant all Jersey state flags being flown at half-mast in her honor, as ordered by Governor... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Opposing Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients? Are You High?

Related: Freindly Fire by Chris Freind cnbnews.net Randomly testing all public workers is simply common sense Random drug testing of welfare recipients and public workers is racist, discriminatory and blatantly unconstitutional. And if believe any of that, you’re smoking something. Once again, the drug testing issue is making headlines in Pennsylvania, as such a program is now underway. Unfortunately, because the Legislature dragged its feet (what else is new?), the current initiative is a scaled-down version of the original bill, and has been put into... Read more →