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The Eight Annual Riding For Warriors 15-day Motorcycle Ride Kick-Offs June 30

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (June 9, 2022) – The Eight Annual Riding For Warriors 15-day motorcycle ride will kick-off June 30 at Camp Pendleton in Calif. benefiting Hope For The Warriors and its Warrior’s Wish and Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships programs. This year’s motorcycle journey will go coast-to-coast aiming to raise awareness and support for post-9/11 veterans and their families through a goal of raising $100,000 for the two programs. Celebrating 16 years of service, Hope For The Warriors is a national nonprofit that assists veterans, service members and military families with a variety of programming including health and wellness, sports... Read more →


January 6 Demonstrators Remain in Washington DC Prison

CDF Prison Officials Cited for Unsanitary Conditions U.S. marshal, Lamont J. Ruffin, who ordered the October 18-23 inspection, listed some of the findings in a Nov. 1 letter to Quincy L. Booth, the D.C. corrections director. In parts of the jail, water “had been shut off for days” as punishment, creating an “overpowering” stench from “standing human sewage” in the toilets of many cells, Ruffin wrote. “Hot meals” were “served cold and congealed”; some inmates had “observable injuries” for which no documentation was available; and “evidence of drug use was pervasive,” including the “widespread” odor of marijuana. Staff members were... Read more →

Guest Opinion: The Crucial Moment, Curtis Bowers

Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP More than a decade ago, filmmaker Curtis Bowers released his first documentary: "#Agenda: Grinding America Down," which warned about subversive movements working towards a #socialist push in the United States. Much of what he warned of is now taking place, and to learn more about this Crossroads invited Curtis Bowers to speak with us. #USelection2020 #Trump #Crossroads Read more →

The huge secret for profitable investment: Fry’s investment report

Investment is a colossal risk with the expectation of earning big. Today financial knowledge is generously distributed by so-called experienced investors. All to lure traders and investors into cashing in money in stock markets with a promise of huge profits. It’s challenging settling for all the experts’ ideas without the knowledge of who’s genuine. The different options are overwhelming and it calls for proper research in the investment field. However, Eric Fry has new opinion on investment, he claims to have best plan for investors. Eric claims to harbor an investment secret which will blow investors’ minds off. How genuine... Read more →

Good News! Indoor Dinning Is Opened; Bad News! The Endless Rules

What are the reopening rules for bars and restaurants? What precautions or policies must they take? Gloucestercitynews.net files Food or beverage establishments may open, including restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and food courts, as well as all holders of a liquor license with retail consumption privileges. Establishments must follow appropriate mitigation requirements detailed in the Department of Health's Protocols for Outdoor Dining, Executive Order No. 157, Executive Order No. 183, and the Department of Health's Health and Safety Standards for Indoor Dining, which are summarized below. Restaurant operating hours are not limited by any State order. What to Expect at Outdoor Restaurants... Read more →

How AI Will be a Game Changer For Education Systems

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(June 4, 2020)--Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), the world has experienced a vast number of disruptions across several of its sectors. Industries, including manufacturing, marketing, education, and advertising, have implemented the use of AI over the last few years. Also, the health industry is not left out of the picture as a lot of advances have been made on healthcare through the use of AI. “Education is a crucial part of everyone's life”, says Neil Davies, a career expert from Craft Resumes. With the special optimization of resources offered by AI, schools can provide students with a more... Read more →

Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma - How to File for Divorce the Easy Way

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(June 4, 2020)--Divorces are never easy – and one of the biggest problems is that when you get kids involved or a spouse who’s not wanting a divorce, these can cause a lot of heartache and psychological issues. Divorces can be extremely messy in Oklahoma if you don’t get an uncontested one – from custody battles, property battles, child support, and so much more. There is a lot of paperwork involved, even if the divorce isn’t contested, so it’s best to hire a good mediating service to handle this, as it can reduce your divorce cost ten-fold. We’re going to... Read more →

Digestive Enzymes vs Probiotics Review – Which is the Best Supplement to Take

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(June 4, 2020)--There are quite some similarities between digestive enzymes and probiotics. They carry out functions that are quite complementary. Regardless of these similarities,, digestive enzymes and probiotics still differ very markedly and carry out their functions in different ways. Digestive enzymes are basically substances in the body that play a role in the breakdown of food. Probiotics, on the other hand, are good bacteria which play a role in keeping your gut healthy. Although these two substances have major differences, they work hand in hand. What exactly are Digestive Enzymes? In their simplest form, digestive enzymes are chains of... Read more →

10 Ways You Can Bring Your Family Closer Together

Gloucestercitynews.net(January 20, 2020)--Your family is the cornerstone of your life. It’s a unit that’s always there for you when you’re down, struggling at work, or just in need of some socialization. While it isn’t always true that “blood is thicker than water”, your family is predetermined for you and can’t be changed, so getting along with them is advantageous to you. With that said, being close with your family - and accommodating their foibles - isn’t always easy. Here are ten ways you can become closer to your family. 1. Take some family photos There’s nothing like a family photoshoot... Read more →

CONSUMER ALERT: Dole Fresh Vegetables Announces Precautionary Limited Recall of Baby Spinach

August 09, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. is voluntarily recalling a limited number of cases of baby spinach. The products being recalled are 6 oz Dole Baby Spinach bag, Lot code W20308A (UPC code 0-71430-00964-2), and 10 oz Dole Baby Spinach clamshell, Lot code W203010 (UPC code 0-71430-00016-8), both with Use-by dates of 08-05-2019, due to a possible health risk from Salmonella. Dole Fresh Vegetables is coordinating closely with regulatory officials. No illnesses have been reported in association with the Recall. The lot code and Use-by date are located on the upper right... Read more →

Top 4 Tips for Managing a Restaurant Successfully

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 4, 2019)--Even with its relative accessibility, managing a successful restaurant is a lot more challenging and complicated than most people think. After all, not only do you have to set the business apart in what is essentially an oversaturated and highly competitive market, but every decision made can have a significant impact on the business too. But as overwhelming as it might be, finding success in the restaurant industry is not an impossibility. To this end, here are a few tips that should help you manage your dining establishment successfully. Invest time in creating contingency plans Unlike other businesses,... Read more →

CNBNews.net Rules of the Road

CNBNews.net want to foster a spirit of community involvement and conversation. At the same time, we can't have objectionable material on the site. In the spirit of that free exchange of ideas, please keep the conversation clean and respectful. If you see something objectionable, please send an e-mail cnbnews1@gmail.com CNBNEWS moderators have the right to edit, delete, move or close any comment or forum at any time. The following rules and guidelines clarify our practices and provide an explanation of what content may lead to message deletion and/or user bans. Play nice! Messages containing intentionally misleading or false information, defamatory... Read more →

Chris Freind: Government licensing illegal activity now | cnbnews.net

By Chris Freind, Delaware County Daily Times Since millions of Americans enjoy crystal meth, it only seems appropriate that the government start doling it out freely. After all, doing so would provide for users’ continued pleasure while empowering them to expect more entitlements — the law be damned. Sound crazy? Can’t imagine government, the creator and enforcer of laws, sanctioning illegal activities? Think again. It happens every day when those who are not in this country legally are blatantly coddled and bestowed “rights” and privileges by a government that is supposed to be upholding the law, aka arresting and deporting... Read more →

Chris Freind: Labor Day? Why Union Membership is 'Laboring'

By CHRIS FREIND Times Columnist Click to enlarge ( Wednesday, September 4) -- Talk about freeloading. The nine of 10 Americans who aren’t part of organized labor still took full advantage of Labor Day, that hallowed holiday honoring unions, aka “the working class.” And since those 90 percent aren’t considered “working people” (meaning they must not work) every day is clearly a holiday for them. So relaxing on Labor Day just seems like sticking it to the unions. What else is new? Public-sector unions are seeing their salaries, benefits and pensions under constant threat of reform from dastardly Republicans trying... Read more →

Freindly Fire: Riley Cooper, Anthony Weiner, enough already! | cnbnews.net

related FREINDLY FIRE By CHRIS FREIND Philadelphia Eagle Riley Cooper really stepped in it. He uttered one of the most vile, racist, and derogatory slurs out there, one that not only hurts a particular ethnic group, but “…. dampens the aspirations of (its) people.” And here’s the thing. I guarantee Cooper said this word many, many more times than just once. No amount of sensitivity training will prevent him from saying it again. And that’s the way it should be, for he is not alone, as millions from New York to Dallas to yes, even Washington, utter this word around... Read more →

Chris Freind: Seeing red over Indian nickname debate

related FREINDLY FIRE By CHRIS FREIND Times Columnist Life is good. Summer is in full swing, the Trayvon/Zimmerman soap opera is finally fading away, government is probably reading only half our emails now, and the excitement of football is in the air. Most important, though, is that America apparently has solved all of its problems. Otherwise, how could you possibly explain the fact that a cadre of congressman — both Republican and Democrat — recently sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, every league team, and Redskins sponsor FedEx urging them — demanding, actually... Read more →

Chris Freind: No cheers for Gov. Corbett in alcohol sting

related FREINDLY FIRE By CHRIS FREIND Times Columnist The season has finally arrived! Memorial Day weekend ushered in the unofficial start of summer when people relax with family and friends, enjoying what little leisure time is left in America. But Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett made it abundantly clear he wasn’t interested in that season. For him, it was all about making it Open Season — on Pennsylvanians. In a move that defies every ounce of common sense for a governor touting the lowest popularity in the nation, Corbett had his state police slip across the border over the weekend to... Read more →

*If Nutter’s Stupidity Were Taxed, Philly Would Be Rich

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRIS FREIND CNBNEWS.net I swore I was done. I promised I would never waste another column writing about how pathetic Philadelphia is. And how its complacent residents and businessmen get exactly what they deserve. Washing my hands of all things Philly, I pledged, most importantly, to never again comment on Michael Nutter, who is, without a doubt, America’s most obtuse, clueless and excruciatingly boring mayor. But I failed. It is simply impossible not to rip into Tweedle Dee and his latest efforts to drive the final stake into the heart of a once-great city by trying... Read more →

Freind: Demonizing Toomey on guns is shooting blanks | cnbnews. net

related FREINDLY FIRE By CHRIS FREIND Click to enlarge (cnbnews.net)Well, that didn’t take long. Smart money said it would have taken half of Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey’s term before the Wacky Wing of the Republican Party put him in their crosshairs. Instead, it only took two years for them to bend him over the (gun) barrel. And what produced such vitriol from a loud but ultimately small segment of the Republican base? What did Toomey do that saw him decried as another “Benedict Arlen” — an unflattering reference to longtime liberal GOP Sen. Arlen Specter? He thinks background checks for... Read more →

Iron Lady Thatcher: Last From A Great Era

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND (cnbnews.net) There is a fascinating book by Irving Stone entitled, They Also Ran, the story of men defeated for the presidency. Stone, an historian, also analyzes the races to determine if the people chose wisely. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It’s a fascinating concept, as readers are left pondering how history may have been altered had there been a different outcome. The opposite also holds true --- how history would have changed had the winner not been victorious. Reflecting on the the passing of England’s Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, it... Read more →

Were Corbett, Legislature Drunk Writing Liquor Bill?

related FREINDLY FIRE READ PART ONE By Christopher Freind Part 2 of 2 on the state’s liquor battle “I don’t know...he’s either very smart or very dumb.” ---Quint in Jaws, trying to figure out the shark. (CNBNews.net)Quint’s famous line perfectly sums up both Governor Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled House as they push their liquor privatization bill. They’re either very smart, trying to pull a fast one on Pennsylvanians who expect better selection and lower prices (which they know cannot happen with this bill). Or they’re very dumb, actually believing the bill they’re peddling will actually accomplish those things. Here’s... Read more →

Why PA’s Liquor Stores Need To Be Privatized

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind Part 1 of 2 on the state’s liquor battle (CNBNews.net) In 2010, Governor Tom Corbett was elected by a wide margin, in large part because of his insistence that the state-controlled liquor system be privatized --- an issue on which he was absolutely correct. Despite that being a cornerstone of his campaign, nothing was accomplished during his first two years, even though he enjoyed historic Republican majorities in both legislative chambers. Since privatizing liquor is one of the few issues that enjoys a large consensus, it’s baffling why it took so long for the... Read more →

Chris Freind: It’s time to pull the troops out of South Korea | delcotimes.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 By CHRIS FREIND Times Columnist So the North Koreans have declared a state of war against South Korea and, by extension, the United States. One question: Who cares? Why are we so up in arms — literally — about this situation? And why should we be the least bit worried about some young punk’s bellicose rhetoric to attack the U.S., since more often than not, his missiles travel 6 feet before blowing up on the launchpad? As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing North Korea’s boisterous 30-year-old leader, Kim Jong-un, has been making so... Read more →

Op-Ed: Will New Pope Face “Age Old” Problem?

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND (cnbnews.net)Who says the Catholic Church can’t change? By electing Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, the conclave of Cardinals just made history. The list of “firsts” is impressive: -First Pope from the Americas; Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse) -First non-European in 1,200 years; -First Latin American pontiff; -First to take the name Francis. Most amazing, he’s the first non-Catholic pope. He’s a Jesuit. ***** Jokes aside, the selection of Bergoglio is an interesting choice. His accomplishments are significant, from modernizing the Argentinian Church to having the guts to clash with President Cristina Fernandez on... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Cutting Edge Idea: Slash TSA Knife Policy

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND (cnbnews.net)If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could compete for an Emmy, it would definitely be a winner. Its “Security Theatre” has become a cutting-edge soap opera, replete with comedy, drama and ultimately, tragedy. And the latest episode is making the biggest headlines yet. The TSA has sliced and diced a prior position, and is now permitting passengers to carry knives onto planes. Yes. Knives. Those sharp, pointy things that can puncture a pilot’s jugular in a heartbeat, make flight attendants talk like Stephen Hawking, and create total pandemonium at 35,000 feet. If so many... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Pope Resigning Is Miracle For Church

RELATED FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND (cnbnews.net)Thank God for small miracles. Or, in this case, huge ones. The decision of Pope Benedict XVI to step down --- the first resignation in 600 years and only the fourth in history --- has given the Catholic Church an unprecedented opportunity to save itself. And since the eleventh hour is upon the Church, the Pope’s action could not have come at a better time. Whether the conclave of Cardinals takes advantage of this blessing or blows it all to hell remains to be seen. As one of the Catholic faithful, I desperately want... Read more →

Op-Ed: Sue The NFL For Concussions? Get Your Head Examined! | cnbnews.net

RELATED FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND cnbnews.net Now that the Super Bowl is over, the really big game begins. And it’s going to be a head-knocker . On one side we have the raiders. No, not Oakland, but the Trial Lawyers, who delight Christopher Friend in raiding everything good and decent in America. They are representing former NFL players in their fight against the evil empire, a.k.a. the National Football League. At stake? Upwards of ten billion dollars, and possibly, the existence of the NFL itself. And what is the nerve center of this federal lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia, that... Read more →

Op-Ed: Ravens’ Cheerleader Has No Right To Super Bowl | cnbnews.net

RELATED FREINDLY FIRE Baltimore Has Every Right Not To Send A Plump Cheerleader To Big Game BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND CNBNEWS. NET "Originally I would have loved to go to the Super Bowl, but at this point it looks like it's not going to happen…. I can't say I didn't expect it, but at the same time, they owe that to me." So pontificates Courtney Lenz, a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader whom the team did not send to the Super Bowl. Talk about carrying the massive chip of entitlement on her plump shoulder. But fear not! A movement is underway by misguided... Read more →

Corbett’s Penn State Folly: Suing NCAA Will Not Save Him

Related: FREINDLY FIRE: The Tom And Jerry Comedy Show Continues BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND July of 2012 was notable for several reasons: the hottest month on record, both Christopher Friend parties gearing up for the presidential campaign, and the voluntarily acceptance of harsh NCAA sanctions by the Penn State Board of Trustees, which includes Governor Tom Corbett. A half -year later, all have evolved predictably: it’s cold, the President won, and Corbett has flip-flopped in an ill-fated attempt to bolster his image in the PSU/Jerry Sandusky scandal. The Tom and Jerry Show --- a tragic comedy --- just keeps getting better.... Read more →


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CNBNews Op-Ed: Give Thanks For Stupidity Of Mankind

English: Photo showing some of the aspects of a traditional US Thanksgiving day dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND It makes for the best Thanksgiving conversation Thanksgiving. That hallowed holiday where we gather to give thanks for health and happiness. Which lasts for five minutes. Because let’s be real. After that, we gossip, complain and marvel at the extraordinary stupidity all around us. Here are just a few examples in the “What are they thinking?” category? General Petraeus’ “Cloak and Shag Her” debacle: The now-former CIA Director had been engaged in covert activities with his biographer,... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Republicans Blame Everyone But Themselves

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND An Accurate Post-Mortem Analysis (cnbnews.net)“Define irony: Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.” So said Steve Buscemi’s character in Con Air as the criminal s rocked out to Leonard Skynyrd. Don’t look now, but the Republican Party is giving that definition a run for its money. Consider these two ironic beauties: - Leading Republicans trying to steer a new course for the GOP so it can “reinvent itself and win elections,” despite being the very same people who not only... Read more →

If your side lost the election, time to secede from the Union?

The Obama administration introduced 'We the People,' at petitions.whitehouse.gov, in September 2011 in a bid to create 'an unprecedented level of openness in government,' according to the website.(screen capture of petitions.whitehouse.gov) Are they just sore losers? Or are they, rather, champions of free speech exercising their right of protest against a president they didn't vote for? The answer, like the outcome of the 2012 election itself, may lie in the eye of the beholder. Either way, an attention-getting, post-election petition drive is under way online from people in 30 states who say they want their state to secede from the... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed:Will Sandusky And Corbett Defeat Romney?

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND The Governor’s mishandling of the Sandusky investigation may doom the GOP Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. It’s all about Ohio. Win the Buckeye state --- win the White House. Very true, especially for Mitt Romney, since no Republican has won without it. But the monumental point is being overlooked. Ohio is only kingmaker by default. Its 18 electoral votes would not be needed if Romney wins Ohio’s larger neighbor --- Pennsylvania and its 20 electors. That’s not wishful thinking, but eminently achievable. Or at least it was, until two men severely diminished hope for delivering the... Read more →

Freindly Fire: Flying Into The Beast With Air Force “Hurricane Hunters” | cnbnews

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND 11 Hour Mission Covered 3,000 Miles Over Roiling Atlantic cnbnews.net Note: Before it was “fashionable” to document the USAF Hurricane Hunters with glitz and post-production studio enhancements (such as The Weather Channel’s current TV series), Chris Freind rode with the Air Force’s bravest into the heart of a mammoth storm --- a bare-boned, white-knuckled experience. Here is his story meeting Hurricane Bill in 2009: “Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is not a natural act. So let's do it right, and enjoy the view.”---Clint Eastwood's U.S. Marine character in “Heartbreak Ridge.” ABOARD A... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: How To Defuse Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

related FREINDLY FIRE Why Do Iran And Libya Dominate Our Debates? (Part one) BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND (Second in a two part series) (CNBNEWS.NET)For sheer horror, nothing could compare to the detonation of a nuclear weapon by terrorists. Cities would be uninhabitable. Markets would plunge, leading to a global depression. Martial law would likely be imposed, with civil liberties turned into unaffordable luxuries of the past. Chaos would rule, life in the West would never be the same, and the terrorists, for all practical purposes, would have won. Achieving a 99 on a test is fantastic, but that same score, applied... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Why Do Iran And Libya Dominate Our Debates?

related FREINDLY FIRE Part 1 of 2 dealing with Middle East – once and for all BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND cnbnews.net Pop Quiz 1: Which of the following is true: CHRISTOPHER FREIND A) It took Iran 25 years to build one subway line in its only major city, and 26 years to open a new airport. B) Iran is once again garnering incredible attention in the presidential election. As a result, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s ego has gone through the roof of the mosque. C) Iran fell in line when the U.S. had a strong leader with a decisive policy on... Read more →

Tip The Scales Against Obesity? Try Shame ..... (Part 2 of 2) | cnbnews.net

related FREINDLY FIRE PART ONE By CHRISTOPHER FREIND CNBNEWS.NET Several years ago, one of the best-loved theme parks in the world shut down a C. Freind classic ride so it could make some “large” adjustments. Why the need? It was something very “deep-seated” --- people had become so obese that the boats in which they rode were scraping the bottom. How would obese patrons feel if, in front of hundreds, they were required to stand in a different queue -- one simply marked “Obese Riders Here.” And that instead of meeting just the height requirement, they were also forced to... Read more →

Obese News Anchor Sinks Over A Weighty Issue | cnbnews.net

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND CNBNEWS.NET Part 1 of 2 on obesity, bullying and the lack of shame in America Think just because there’s a presidential election there aren’t other “big” issues? Believe that, and pigs can fly. In fact, there is a large --- huge, even --- discussion eating at many Americans, the girth of which we are still trying to get our arms around. What is this weighty issue that once again has been feasted upon by both sides? The massive rate of obesity in America, and whether publicly calling attention to it, as well as obese... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Timid Presidential Debate Format Needs To Be Rebutted

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND CNBNews.net Even France Does It Better With Their Debates Any time we look to France for anything, we're in trouble. But that's exactly what we should do for our Presidential debates. In France, candidates immediately take off the gloves, aggressively sparring with each other from start to finish. Their sharp exchanges clearly illustrate differences, giving voters a true insight into their prospective leaders. Unlike our completely scripted affairs in which candidates simply regurgitate tired talking points, a free-ranging debate provides an in-depth look into personalities, style, knowledge of issues, and, most important, how candidates... Read more →

CNBNEWS Op-Ed: Muslim Uprisings Showcase America’s Oil Dependence

related FREINDLY FIRE You don’t have to be a prophet to know the future will be worse BY Christopher Freind (cnbnews.net)It’s bad enough British comedian Russell Brand is painfully unfunny and a horrendous actor. But he crossed the line when he caused emotional distress to American pop music goddess Katy Perry during their ill-fated marriage. Therefore, in the spirit of nationalism, we should declare jihad against all things British, scale their embassy walls, rip down the Union Jack and replace it with a giant Katy Perry sign. That’ll teach those limeys! Don’t laugh. That mentality is exactly what our self-imposed... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Corbett’s Response On Sandusky Fails To Answer Questions!

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind In a speech before the world’s press, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said, “We must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error, no hesitation to act.” It was the same authoritative tone he took when chastising Joe Paterno for not doing more to stop Jerry Sandusky. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It is Tom Corbett himself who is most guilty of hesitating. Hesitating to appropriately staff the Sandusky investigation, and hesitating for years to make an arrest --- both of... Read more →

OPINION: Corbett's office responds to Freind column

To the Editor: Chris Freind's "open letter" to Gov. Corbett is little more than a self-indulgent repetition of questions long ago answered or disregarded for their pure disingenuousness. While conspiracy theories have become a regrettable staple in our national dialogue, the length of the investigation into Jerry Sandusky reflected thoroughness, not politics. Grand juries take time. Evidence in decades old molestations must be reassembled. A moral certainty of conviction must be reached. Freind cites "a decade's worth of evidence" against Sandusky as the reason he should have been charged sooner. Where does Mr. Freind think that decade's worth of evidence... Read more →

Andrews Being Investigated, The Dirty Little Secret, No More Laws | CNBNEWS.NET

CNBNEWS.NET TIPS AND SNIPPETS BY BILL CLEARY South Jersey Congressman Under Investigation-U.S. Representative Rob CONGRESSMAN ANDREWS Andrews (1st District, D.) is under investigation by the House ethics committee for using campaign funds to pay for a family trip to Scotland last year. The House Committee on Ethics says it is considering an investigation into the Camden County Democrat after the Office of Congressional Ethics referred a complaint in April. The committee did not disclose the complaint’s details but Camden County Republican Chairman Tom Booth wrote the panel in November to ask it to investigate Andrews after a Star-Ledger report detailed... Read more →

Tax & Spend Gov., NJ Unemployment Rises, City Employees Receive Raise, Rams Alumnus Honored, Fixing Up Costello School, Taxes Due

CNBNEWS TIPS AND SNIPPETS: BY BILL CLEARY THE HELL WITH THE TAXPAYER-Last week the Essex County Freeholder Board, voted 7-0 to renew the County’s $675,000 contract with insurance broker Conner Strong and Buckelew, a firm headed by South Jersey political boss George E. Norcross. In return the firm will help the County find health and prescription insurance coverage for their employees. Your cost for the employees health plan this year, $72 million. In February, state Comptroller Matthew Boxer estimated that Essex County would have saved $9.5 million in 2009 and 2010 had it opted for the state health plan, according... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Corbett Could Have Stopped Sandusky --- But Didn’t

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind cnbnews.net An open letter to Pennsylvania’s governor, who refuses to answer disturbing questions about his role investigating the Penn State sex scandal Bursting with righteous indignation, his cheeks flushed with rage, the Christopher Friend Governor banged the podium in disgust while berating a journalist --- in fact, chastising the entire media --- for the audacity to ask questions on the issue. We’re not talking about New Jersey’s Chris Christie, who gets away with such outbursts because of his stellar track record and pure gravitas. No, this tantrum came from Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett after being... Read more →


BY BILL CLEARY (cnbnews.net)Walking our dog recently along the railroad tracks in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City I came upon a young man asleep in the weeds rolled up in a sleeping bag. At first I thought he was dead. It appeared that he wasn’t breathing. Undecided on what to do I reached out to 911. As I was speaking with the dispatcher the young man set up and said he was okay. Last week I saw the man in the same area. We spoke, he said his name was Tom, that he was 28-years-old. Tom said he... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: If Romney Panders To Latinos, It’s Hasta La Vista Mitt! by Christopher Friend

related FREINDLY FIRE BY CHRISTOPHER FREIND If he is to win, he must proudly articulate his GOP platform to all, not just some Without a doubt, this presidential election will be close. Sure, some in fantasyland have already coronated Mitt Romney, predicting a November romp. But in reality, the race will come down to a few swing states where Hispanics will be a --- and possibly the --- crucial voting bloc. As of now, Romney’s Latino support is abysmal, as he trails President Obama by over 40 points. Despite this, Mitt’s strategy is to pander to Latinos. Rather than addressing... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Avalon’s Fiery Law Against Gas Grills---And Its Selective Enforcement

related FREINDLY FIRE by Christopher Freind What is the biggest threat to our security? Al-Qaida Illegal immigration Joe Biden’s mouth Gas grills on decks Gas grills, naturally. In an act that can only be described as prescient, Avalon, New Jersey burned its competition by being one of the first to protect its citizens from the menacing grill crisis. It outlawed propane grills on decks. No joke, as the Borough Council ordinance reads: “Propane gas grills are not permitted on any deck, under any building overhang, or within five feet of exterior wall. (Natural gas, charcoal, and electric [grills] are allowed).”... Read more →

CNBNews Op-Ed: Spain And Italy Bailouts? Earth To Europe: Have We Met?

related FREINDLY FIRE By Christopher Freind Pop Quiz: Are the Euro-technocrats (and their America backers) who orchestrated the bailouts C. FREIND of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain (and soon Italy): A) Really smart guys, hell-bent on world domination, who are trying to prop up the Euro to create a one-world currency (to complement a one-world government, of course); B) Really connected guys with close ties to the banks and governments receiving the hundreds of billions being doled out so cavalierly --- and who are undoubtedly being “taken care of” for all their hard work in sending those vast sums to their... Read more →