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January 6 Demonstrators Remain in Washington DC Prison

CDF Prison Officials Cited for Unsanitary Conditions U.S. marshal, Lamont J. Ruffin, who ordered the October 18-23 inspection, listed some of the findings in a Nov. 1 letter to Quincy L. Booth, the D.C. corrections director. In parts of the jail, water “had been shut off for days” as punishment, creating an “overpowering” stench from “standing human sewage” in the toilets of many cells, Ruffin wrote. “Hot meals” were “served cold and congealed”; some inmates had “observable injuries” for which no documentation was available; and “evidence of drug use was pervasive,” including the “widespread” odor of marijuana. Staff members were “observed antagonizing detainees,” telling them not to cooperate with the inspection, Ruffin said, while jail supervisors “appeared unaware or uninterested in any of these issues.” ++++ Rep. MTG Along With 13 Members of Congress Send Letter Demanding the Immediate Termination of Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin WASHINGTON D.C. -- Congresswoman Marjorie... Read more →

The huge secret for profitable investment: Fry’s investment report

Investment is a colossal risk with the expectation of earning big. Today financial knowledge is generously distributed by so-called experienced investors. All to lure traders and investors into cashing in money in stock markets with a promise of huge profits. It’s challenging settling for all the experts’ ideas without the knowledge of who’s genuine. The different options are overwhelming and it calls for proper research in the investment field. However, Eric Fry has new opinion on investment, he claims to have best plan for investors. Eric claims to harbor an investment secret which will blow investors’ minds off. How genuine is the plan, and why should investors trust Fry's investment report? What you need to know about Eric Fry’s approach to the investment plan Who is Eric Fry Eric Fry is a renowned expert in the investment market and brilliant in choosing stocks. The investor has vast knowledge and more... Read more →

How AI Will be a Game Changer For Education Systems

( 4, 2020)--Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), the world has experienced a vast number of disruptions across several of its sectors. Industries, including manufacturing, marketing, education, and advertising, have implemented the use of AI over the last few years. Also, the health industry is not left out of the picture as a lot of advances have been made on healthcare through the use of AI. “Education is a crucial part of everyone's life”, says Neil Davies, a career expert from Craft Resumes. With the special optimization of resources offered by AI, schools can provide students with a more advanced and efficient academic experience. Upcoming AI Trends For Education Systems Education, as a crucial part of every nation, is now being targeted by one of the world's most rapidly growing innovation. From the growth of AI in our world today, it does not seem to be going away anytime... Read more →

Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma - How to File for Divorce the Easy Way

( 4, 2020)--Divorces are never easy – and one of the biggest problems is that when you get kids involved or a spouse who’s not wanting a divorce, these can cause a lot of heartache and psychological issues. Divorces can be extremely messy in Oklahoma if you don’t get an uncontested one – from custody battles, property battles, child support, and so much more. There is a lot of paperwork involved, even if the divorce isn’t contested, so it’s best to hire a good mediating service to handle this, as it can reduce your divorce cost ten-fold. We’re going to tell you how to file for divorce the easy way in Oklahoma with an uncontested divorce. You Need to Start with a Petition The first thing is to fill out a petition for the dissolution of your marriage. This document is made solely to notify the courts that you want... Read more →

Digestive Enzymes vs Probiotics Review – Which is the Best Supplement to Take

( 4, 2020)--There are quite some similarities between digestive enzymes and probiotics. They carry out functions that are quite complementary. Regardless of these similarities,, digestive enzymes and probiotics still differ very markedly and carry out their functions in different ways. Digestive enzymes are basically substances in the body that play a role in the breakdown of food. Probiotics, on the other hand, are good bacteria which play a role in keeping your gut healthy. Although these two substances have major differences, they work hand in hand. What exactly are Digestive Enzymes? In their simplest form, digestive enzymes are chains of proteins that are connected by amino acids. They are found in the digestive tract. They are found in the small intestine, pancreas, stomach, and mouth. Also, they are of various types and these different types have different roles to play in ensuring proper digestion in the body. Since there are... Read more →

10 Ways You Can Bring Your Family Closer Together 20, 2020)--Your family is the cornerstone of your life. It’s a unit that’s always there for you when you’re down, struggling at work, or just in need of some socialization. While it isn’t always true that “blood is thicker than water”, your family is predetermined for you and can’t be changed, so getting along with them is advantageous to you. With that said, being close with your family - and accommodating their foibles - isn’t always easy. Here are ten ways you can become closer to your family. 1. Take some family photos There’s nothing like a family photoshoot to remind you how much you treasure and cherish your loved ones. This will create brand new memories for you and allow you to see what you all look like together, which isn’t necessarily something you may be able to experience otherwise. We recommend checking out Pixa Prints if you’re... Read more →


RELATED: CNBNEWS POINT OF VIEW by Bill Cleary CHEER-To the new owner of the former Red Mill Tavern building, 500 unit block of South Broadway, Gloucester City for taking that run down property and fixing it up. A big improvement! Thank you for showing Community Pride. JEER-The 2010-11 Gloucester City School District budget totaled $38.8 million. The 2011-12 budget was $45 million and the 2012-13 budget totals almost $48 million or approximately $10 million more than two years ago. Yet school enrollment, around 2000 students, has remained the same for a number years. So why does the budget continue to climb? Those in charge will point to the fact that City residents are only paying a small portion of the school budget. For example this year because of state and federal monies the estimated amount is $18 million. “Why should any City resident complain? “It is not coming out of... Read more →