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CNBNews Fishing Maryland: Your Opinion Needed

Proposed Regulations: Multiple Topics Open for Comment The following regulatory proposals have been printed in the Maryland Register: BLUEFIN TUNA, BILLFISH, SWORDFISH, AND SHARK - Recreational Reporting LOBSTER AND JONAH CRAB - Vessel Monitoring Systems OYSTERS - Amendment 1 to the 2019 Maryland Chesapeake Bay Oyster Management Plan OYSTERS - Container Rules SNAPPER GROUPER COMPLEX - Sheepshead Size Limit and Combined Catch Limit The department is seeking comments on the proposed regulations. Comments provide the department with additional information and perspectives. Please visit our Changes to Fishing Regulations page for information about what has been proposed and how to submit... Read more →

CNB Fishing News Maryland

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has completed the 2024 spring trout stocking season, placing 219,000 rainbow, golden rainbow, and brown trout in 119 waterbodies from December to May. Overall, brown trout averaged about a half pound each with rainbows and golden rainbows slightly larger. In addition, 325 trophy-sized trout from the Albert Powell Hatchery and another 270 from the Bear Creek Hatchery weighing four to ten pounds each were mixed in the loads for added excitement. Trout for the spring season were reared at the Bear Creek, Albert Powell, Unicorn, and Joseph Manning Hatcheries. This year, DNR held Maryland's... Read more →

CNB Fishing News Maryland: First Segment of Striped Bass Season Starts May 16

May 15, 2024 Sarah Yow holds up a beautiful speckled trout she caught in Tangier Sound. Photo courtesy of Sarah Yow There are lots of great fishing opportunities this week, from freshwater to the coastal waters of Ocean City. The first segment of Maryland’s striped bass season starts May 16 in the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay below the line from Hart-Miller Island to Tolchester. Summer migrant species including spot, red drum, and speckled trout are arriving in the lower Bay, creating exciting fishing opportunities. Forecast Summary: May 15 – May 21: Unstable, but warm weather this week will... Read more →

Maryland Seeking Volunteers for Invasive Catfish Advisory Committee

The Department of Natural Resources is accepting applications from qualified individuals to serve on a newly created advisory committee to address invasive catfish species in Maryland. The committee will address and discuss issues related to invasive catfish and send recommendations to both the Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission and Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission. The primary goal of the committee is to advise both commissions on ways to best implement and support departmental priorities to control and mitigate damages associated with invasive catfish. Membership will be composed of a diverse group of stakeholders, primarily those affected by the spread of invasive catfishes... Read more →

CNB Hunting/Fishing: Grizzly Bears Battle Over Mating Rights (Graphic Video, Not for Kids)

image courtesy of Vanessa Obran The dramatic footage was captured when a jealous male sprinted across the shale, tackled one of the mating pairs, and pinned it to the ground. video courtesy of Vanessa Obran BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (MAY 9, 2024)(CNBNEWS)--Two grizzly bears fight over mating rights for 17 minutes. The film was shot in June 2023 in British Columbia. A group of tourists was left ‘distressed’ as two grizzly bears brutally battled over mating rights mere meters away from their boat. Vanessa Obran and her husband, John, were on a tour of a bay in British Columbia, Canada, on... Read more →

Ike's Hook 'em Early Fishing Event Held at Martins Lake, Gloucester City

BY CNBNews Staff photos provided GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (May 8, 2024)(CNBNews)--The Ike's Hook 'em Early fishing event was held at Martins Lake in Gloucester City on Saturday, May 4. Over 50 kids participated in the contest, most of whom lived in Gloucester City. The non-profit foundation distributed a Flambeau Tackle Box and an Ike's Abu Garcia rod and reel to each child. The Ike Foundation's objective is to introduce the sport of fishing to children in both urban and rural areas. Through this, they aim to instill in them a strong love and respect for the outdoors that will last... Read more →


BY Slim Randles Feel that warmth? Right there on the back of your neck? Yep. That’s the one. Around here that means only one thing: time to cruise down to the Mule Barn coffee shop and get something hot to drink. Of course, that’s what we do regardless of any vagaries of the weather, but that spring sunshine makes it more pleasant. Gives a guy the impetus to be an impetur, I’m thinking. “I believe,” said our mustached cowboy, Steve, after his first cup, “that it is the duty of ever-dang one of us to improve the lives of others... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Happy, Happy May Day!

BY Slim Randles “Happy May Day!” said Delbert McLain, our self-appointed, undisputed, and unpaid head of our non-existent chamber of commerce. He wears a tie. Here, in this town. ‘Nuf said. “By golly you’re right,” said Doc. “I have a question, Del. How are we supposed to celebrate it?” “By starting a business, maybe,” he said. “You know. And then joining the chamber of commerce.” “And paying dues?” “Why not?” “Well,” said Dud, our budding novelist, still using small buds, “how about erecting a May pole and then dancing around it waving flowers and yelling ‘hooray for May’? They used... Read more →

Maryland Report: Summer Migrant Species Are Being Caught in Ocean City Area

May 1, 2024 Ivanna Harshman holds up a large bluefish caught near Ocean City. Photo by Mary Harshman As we celebrate the beginning of May, balmy weather makes for comfortable fishing from the mountains of western Maryland to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Summer migrant species are showing up in the Ocean City area; among the arrivals is the spring migration of bluefish. Forecast Summary: May 1 – May 7: Unstable but warm weather this week will make for generally good fishing conditions in Maryland’s waters. Chesapeake Bay surface water temperatures have jumped nearly 8 degrees since last week... Read more →

Bill Bittman, of Beaufort, NC; Outdoorsman, Boat Captain, AirForce Veteran, GHS Alum

Captain William "Bill" Thompson Bittmann Sr., 81, of Beaufort, North Carolina, passed away at his home on Monday, April 29, 2024. Bill was born on December 29, 1942, in Camden City, New Jersey and raised in nearby Gloucester City, New Jersey, where he developed an interest in the outdoors at an early age. Before graduating Gloucester High School, he was known to go fur trapping early in the morning to help fund his love of hot-rod cars, which earned the nickname "Fireball." Following high school, Bill enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a radio equipment repairman and was deployed... Read more →

CNBNews Fishing Maryland: Catfish Tournaments Offer Invasive Species Angling

Blue catfish caught at the 2022 Sharptown Catfish Tournament on the Nanticoke River and Marshyhope Creek. Photo by Stephen Badger, Maryland Department of Natural Resources. With record catches around the country tipping the scales at more than a hundred pounds, blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) have become quite the draw for anglers in the Chesapeake Bay. Introduced in the 1970s as a recreational fishing target species in Virginia, invasive blue catfish populations have grown rapidly in Maryland waters. As commercial harvests of blue catfish have risen exponentially, recreational fishing for the species is becoming more popular as a way to enjoy... Read more →

CNBNews Fishing Maryland: Are Invasive Fish Good Eating?

What Anglers Can Do After Harvesting Invasive Fish Species Such As Blue Catfish or Northern Snakehead Anglers who catch invasive species in Maryland waters have multiple options to make use of the fish Catch and release of blue catfish, flathead catfish, and northern snakehead is discouraged as they are harmful to native species. Maryland Department of Natural Resources photo. Invasive species can have detrimental effects on ecologically and economically important native species. Once invasive species establish themselves in an ecosystem, they can reproduce in such numbers that it becomes hugely expensive, or even impossible, to eradicate all of them. For... Read more →

MARYLAND FISHING: Wide Variety of Fish Active, Including Northern Snakehead

Maryland Fishing Report – April 24 Zach Bennett caught this northern snakehead in the Patapsco River. Photo courtesy of Zach Bennett The weather forecast for the next week promises mild and sunny conditions, perfect for venturing into the outdoors for fishing with family and friends. Trout continue to be stocked each week in the put-and-take trout waters, and a wide variety of fish are active, including the northern snakehead. Forecast Summary: April 24 – April 30: Stable, moderate weather this week will make for great fishing conditions to enjoy the variety of fish currently swimming in Maryland’s waters. Main Chesapeake... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: It Beats The Alternative

By SLIM RANDLES Ran into Doc down at The Mule Barn the other day, so naturally we had to rid the world of about a gallon of coffee and solve the world’s problems for an hour. It is the duty of all true Americans of our age, you know. Doc said he’d been aching a little bit lately. Joints or something. He’d been out fixing the pasture fence where the mare had been pushing on it. The next morning it made him walk funny. “I remember when my dad was my age,” he said. “I asked him how it felt... Read more →

CNB Fishing Maryland Report: Warming Waters Coming AND Spawning Gamefish will Follow

Maryland Fishing Report – April 17 April 17, 2024 Tim Wills was out on the Bay recently fishing for blue catfish with his friends and enjoyed a great day on the water together. Photo by Bob Neighoff We are in store for some nice weather this week, so be sure to get outdoors and enjoy some of the many fishing opportunities in Maryland. Trout fishing is bolstered with continuing stockings, other freshwater species are active, and blue catfish can be found in every tidal water of the Chesapeake Bay. Forecast Summary: April 17 – April 23: Warming days in the... Read more →

South Philadelphia Angler Catches a Massive Hog Striper, Weight 40 Pounds

photo provided CNB HUNTING AND FISHING NEWS (April 19, 2024)--Rob Bongiovanni Jr., a remarkable fisherman from South Philadelphia, caught a massive 40-pound hog stripper near the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Wednesday, April 17, around 11:30 PM. His skills and determination are truly impressive, and his catch is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that he is the nephew of Gary and Rose (Bongiovanni) Devine, which shows that fishing talent runs in the family. Gary and Rose reside in Pilesgrove. Gary, a retired plumber, is a former resident of Gloucester City. Read more →


Spring mornings are a lot like Christmas. Each day we get up and go out into the yard, or walk along the creek or visit the horses in the pasture. And each day, each morning, we find something new the sun has brought us. Pinfeather leaves of an unbelievable green now start showing on cottonwoods that have stood like stark ghostly frames all through the cold winter. Hopeful blades of grass peek through clumps of brown left over from last summer’s verdant pasture. Everywhere we look there is something new and different. A lot of this Christmas-in-spring is kept just... Read more →

Port of Baltimore Safety Zone – Key Bridge Response 2024 One-Way ONLY Transit Opportunity

For Recreational Vessels Through the Safety Zone The Captain of the Port (COTP) has established a transit plan to afford recreational vessels the opportunity for transit through the Key Bridge Response Safety Zone. Traffic will be one-way at a time: on Tuesday, April 16th, OUTBOUND transits will be permitted from 6:30 am to 7:30 am, and INBOUNDtransits will be permitted from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The Unified Command or Captain of the Port may cancel these time periods at any time for safety reasons. Mariners must monitor VHF Channel 16 while transiting the area. All recreational vessels must follow... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: The Fastest Friday Ever

by Slim Randles “Well,” said Steve, the tall cowboy, “at least it’s Friday and we all have the weekend to look forward to.” Doc glanced up from his paper at the philosophy counter of the Mule Barn truck stop and world dilemma think tank. “Fastest Friday you’ll ever experience, Steve,” said Doc. “That’s about right,” said Dud. Steve got that confounded look on his face. “What do you mean by that?” “Today is Saturday.” “Well,” Steve said, shaking his head, “that flat wrecks this day all to pieces.” “Hey,” said Dud, “it’s a pretty day. You have all day long... Read more →

CNB FISHING NEWS: 84LB Maryland Blue Catfish Record Has Stood for 12 YEARS

Can It Be Broken? April 1, 2024 Ed Jones, right, poses with his son, a friend, and a charter guide while holding the Maryland state record blue catfish in 2012. The invasive fish has spread throughout Maryland in recent years, but the record held by an Oregon man still stands Ed Jones, an Oregon resident, said he’ll never forget the day he caught the Maryland state record blue catfish. It was also the day he lost his phone. “I can remember it as vividly as the day is long,” Jones said in March while recounting the fateful August 2012 catch.... Read more →


BEWARE! The Invasive Blue Catfish

The invasive species is quickly becoming abundant in Maryland rivers Blue catfish are big, fast predators that spread quickly and can tolerate salinity. Now in all Maryland’s major rivers, blue cats are preying on and outcompeting native fish. Photo by Winn Brewer, DNR The first catch of the afternoon was a white catfish—saved by its wider head and a few less anal fin rays, and tossed back into the water. The blue catfish came next—two in quick succession. “It only takes a few minutes for them to start biting,” said Capt. Marcus Wilson, whose Rock-N-Robin Charter Fishing, operated together with... Read more →

Maryland Fishing Report: Trout Season Open

​ Many parents, mentors, and young anglers braved the cold rain for Maryland’s first youth trout fishing day. Our young anglers, despite cold fingers and wet weather, had a great time, and it is sure to be a day everyone involved will long remember. You can check out our online collection of photos of smiling young anglers on Youth Trout Fishing Day. On Saturday, March 30, the fun and excitement starts all over again with Maryland’s traditional opening day of trout season. Anglers young and old will be fishing for put and take waters generously stocked with trout by the... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Dewey Decker Manure Combine

BY Slim Randles You have to hand it to Windy. When Alphonse “Windy” Wilson chooses to speak, it is a bombastic sampling of creativity. Windy has yet to find a word he can’t make better through his own unique methods. Well, what got him fired up the other day was a meeting of the ladies of the garden club down at the nursery. Windy’s been helping Dewey with his manure business on the one day a week he spends helping others. Today wasn’t a helper day, but he couldn’t pass up the audience. They hadn’t gotten through old business when... Read more →


By Slim Randles Life in a small town means everybody knows what’s going on, good or bad. Just take what happened to Dud the other day. It was trash day, and the trash barrels were on the street waiting to be emptied into the weekly truck. Dudley Campbell was no different from his neighbors, having his cans at the curbside ready for a trip to the dump. His wife, Anita, had driven to the city to do some shopping, so Dud was home alone. And probably that’s why he felt secure in going through his own garbage. First, he spread... Read more →

Philip H. Mund Jr., Longtime Jeweler, Enjoyed Hunting, Fishing, Cooking, Clearview HS Alum

On March 15, 2024 at age 66, Phil passed peacefully in his sleep. Of Brooklawn. He was a loving and devoted husband of 44 years to Margaret “Peg” Mund (nee Sayers). Loving father of Jodie Boos (Wayne Meyer), Renee Mund-Kotter (Allan) and the late Steven Philip Mund. Cherished grandfather “PopPop” to Alexander Philip Kotter. Beloved brother of Patricia MacKannon (Jack), Robert Mund (Cathy) and Nancy Curll (late Robert, Jr). Also survived by many loving nieces and nephews. Phil was a graduate of Clearview High School class of 1975. From the age of 15, he worked alongside his father at Phil... Read more →

Maryland First Youth-Only Trout Fishing Day

on March 23 Young angler with a trout, photo by Christopher Wike. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is offering the state’s first-ever Youth-Only Trout Fishing Day for children under 16 years of age on March 23, one week before opening day for all trout anglers. “Trout fishing is a great way to introduce young people to the sport and our state’s natural beauty,” said John Mullican, Maryland DNR’s director of freshwater fisheries and hatcheries. “We hope children across the state will take advantage of this day reserved just for them to enjoy stocked waterways that are typically still... Read more →

CNB Hunting/Fishing Maryland: This Week Anglers Catching Variety of Species

Maryland Fishing Report – March 13 by Keith Lockwood, fisheries biologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Angler Talen Scott Vrablic holds a chain pickerel. Photo by Raymond Brown As we inch closer to spring, anglers are enjoying fishing for a variety of species this week. The white perch spawning runs are in high gear, the preseason stocking of trout is taking place, blue catfish are abundant, and our resident species such as the beautiful chain pickerel are providing plenty of fun fishing opportunities. Catch and release opportunities for striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay begin below the Brewerton... Read more →

Another Iditarod Sled Race Dog Dies, Number 3

View the web version SOURCE The Anchorage Daily News Just now, a Third Dog Dies Another dog died Tuesday outside a checkpoint during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, bringing the number of sled dog deaths in this year’s contest up to three. Around 10:15 a.m., a 3-year-old male named Henry on rookie Calvin Daugherty’s team “collapsed on the trail roughly 10 miles before reaching the Shaktoolik checkpoint,” said a statement from race marshal Warren Palfrey. =========================== We'd sent you an email last night once we thought things had started to settle, after the Iditarod reported the death of... Read more →

THE IDITAROD: Two Year Old Dog Dies

The Iditarod has now recorded its first (and so far only) dog death of the 2024 race. Hi, ADN Iditarod fans, The Iditarod has now recorded its first (and so far only) dog death of the 2024 race. Details are still emerging, but the Iditarod Trail Committee said that a 2-year-old dog named Bog, on rookie Isaac Teaford's team, collapsed about 200 feet from the checkpoint in Nulato on the Yukon River. A veterinarian approached the team and CPR was administered, according to race officials, but the dog died. A necropsy will be performed. Teaford scratched as a result of... Read more →

Maryland Fishing March 6: 1ST Signs of Spring

March 6, 2024 Blue catfish, photo courtesy of Rich Gray. Welcome to March and the first signs of spring – including our first fishing report for the 2024 season. Blooming daffodils, departing Canada geese, the arrival of ospreys, and the spring spawning runs of yellow and white perch are happening all around us. Many anglers have been fishing through the winter months due to the generous preseason trout stocking program and the abundance of blue catfish that we encourage everyone to help remove. Upper Chesapeake Bay Lucy Perez is very happy with this well-earned yellow perch. Photo by Nick Perez... Read more →

CNB Fishing News: Winter Survey Takes Stock of the Chesapeake Bay’s Blue Crabs

At a nondescript spot in the middle of the Choptank River, the Mydra Ann slowed to a crawl. The crew aboard the crabbing boat, a mix of Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) scientists and commercial watermen, readied the gear. With a thud, the large, steel-toothed dredge met the water of the Choptank, its chain whirring along the center of the boat as the metal bars lined with netting descended to the river bottom. After a one-minute drag traveling at 3 knots, the crew pulled up the dredge and emptied its contents onto the deck. Among the leaf litter, small... Read more →

The Front Pack of RACE Remains Competive

629 miles in...Iditarod leaders are closing in on Kaltag ON THE IDITAROD TRAIL Brushkana musher Jessie Holmes shows his hand, still swollen days after punching a moose, while at the Ruby checkpoint on Friday. (Casey Grove / Alaska Public Media) The front pack of this year's race remains as competitive as ever, now that most mushers have reached the Yukon River. Jessie Holmes left the checkpoint of Nulato for Kaltag this morning less than two hours after Travis Beals, the current leader, and both of them have taken their mandatory 8-hour Yukon River rests. Don't sleep on the other mushers,... Read more →

The Weather Along Parts of the Iditarod will Dip as Low as Minus 55 Degrees

Email not displaying correctly? View the web version Hi, ADN Iditarod fans, Most mushers have now passed the Iditarod's halfway point, and while Travis Beals is the farthest along the trail at the checkpoint of Galena, it's still anybody's race. One factor that could complicate things: the deep, subzero cold forecast on the Yukon River and farther out along the Norton Sound coast, with wind chill temperatures plummeting as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming days. Iditarod racers are no strangers to cold. But during a long-distance race like this one, conditions that frigid can make everything... Read more →

Join The Salem County Sportsmen's Club for Dinner

Salem County Salem County Sportsmen's Club 273 Wiley Rd Carney's Point, NJ 08069 Get Directions Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 5:00 PM DETAILS & TICKET INFO Join other champions of the Second Amendment for dinner, games, auctions, and fun with a chance to win exclusive NRA guns, gear, décor, and collectibles! For More Information, Contact: Ron Ayres (609) 502-9760 [email protected] Read more →

CNBNews Hunting and Fishing Maryland Newsletter

MyCoast Data Shows Impact of January Flooding On Jan. 9, Maryland was hit by a storm that brought intense rain, strong winds and high tides. It resulted in the most active week yet for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ MyCoast MD app, which allows users to submit reports and photos of flooding and other environmental information. The storm brought in about 400 new users for MyCoast, along with 248 reports of flooding. Read more. Shifting Sands: Maryland Keeps an Eye in the Sky on Vulnerable Areas The impact of rising seas, stronger storms, and an eroding shoreline might leave... Read more →

CNB Hunting/Fishing News: The Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area...18,785 acres

The Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area located in Corbin City and Estelle Manor in Atlantic County, and Upper Township in Cape May County, is 18,785 acres of salt marsh, freshwater rivers, marshes, controlled impoundments, and Pine Barrens woodland. Tuckahoe WMA is one of the oldest areas owned by NJDEP Fish & Wildlife, with the initial purchase of 12,377 acres occurring in 1933. This area, formerly known as Lester G. McNamara WMA, was dedicated to a former agency Director who established one set of impoundments in the 1940’s. These impoundments are still considered to be a great boon to waterfowl production, migration,... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: The Iditarod Dogsled Race

BY Slim Randles Hey, I was there to help, right? Right there in the kitchenette loaned us by the Roosevelt Hotel in Anchorage. My wife, Pam, ran the headquarters for the Iditarod Dogsled Race, and it was the second year of the race, 1974, and there I sat, a genuine Alaskan long-distance dog musher who had participated in the first race the year before. So when a nicely dressed elderly gentleman with a thick Boston accent stopped by for coffee and questions about the race … hey, I’m there for you. He said his name was Norman Vaughan and he... Read more →

Some Sections of Higbee Beach Closed

Closed through December 2026 Portions of Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area (WMA) closed January 29, 2024, for the Pond Creek Restoration Project and will remain closed until completed (approximately December 2026). This closure is for public safety reasons and to protect and preserve the land and water areas of Higbee Beach WMA. The areas to be closed are reflected on the attached map. The closure will not affect the parking lot behind Sunset Beach Gifts located on Sunset Boulevard. However, the parking lot across from the World War II Lookout Tower will be closed. The project is funded with Natural... Read more →

CNB Fishing News Maryland: Blue Crab Regulatory Hearing

- Crab Pot Lines, Atlantic Crab Pots, Containers, and Limits Blue Crab Regulatory Hearing - Crab Pot Lines, Atlantic Crab Pots, Containers, and Limits | Thursday, February 1, 2024 | 1 – 2pm Join via Google Meet Join by Phone: Dial: (US) +1 484-841-8254 PIN: ‪574 670 797# Anyone needing special accommodations under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, or under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, should contact the Department of Natural Resources Office of Fair Practices at 410-260-8058 at least three working days (72 hours) prior to the... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Billy and The Pandemic

by Slim Randles Almost all of us know how to pronounce pandemic now, and we have a pretty good idea of what it means since everyone we know spent more than a year under virtual house arrest. But that didn’t help Billy much. Billy’s our town dog, of course. He’s been our town dog since Sally passed away on Doc’s porch, and Billy’s owner died two weeks later. Sometimes an honored position doesn’t require an election. Billy took right to it. He made his daily rounds to the back door of the Chinese restaurant and the Mule Barn coffee shop.... Read more →

State Imposing Restrictions on Vehicle Travel into Wharton State Forest

DEP OPENS ONLINE PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD, HOLDS OPEN HOUSE ON PROPOSED WHARTON STATE FOREST VISITING VEHICLE USE MAP (24/P1) TRENTON – Building upon its commitment to robust public engagement, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting online comments from the public for the proposed Wharton State Forest Visiting Vehicle Use Map. The proposed map, released today, designates legal driving routes within New Jersey’s largest state forest. In addition, an in-person open house is taking place today at the Batsto Visitor Center in Wharton State Forest until 7 p.m. where the public may leave written comments. Those unable... Read more →

Delaware Managed Deer Hunt at Cape Henlopen State Park Jan. 16 and Jan. 17

CNBNews graphic file The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announced today that a section of Cape Henlopen State Park will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 16 and Wednesday, Jan. 17 to accommodate a managed deer hunt. The DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation will close the park’s main entrance for the managed hunt, meaning bay and ocean beaches north of Herring Point cannot be accessed by park visitors during this hunt. The Gordons Pond area and lands on the west side of the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal will be open as usual. The managed deer hunt is meant to reduce... Read more →

The Blue Catfish Swimming Into NJ and Beyond

(CNBNews HUNTING AND FISHING)(January 14, 2024)--A recent report on the blue catfish species by suggests that the fish may soon be found in the state of New Jersey. There is a strong possibility that the fish is already here. The man-made canal system in New Jersey makes it easy for the blue catfish to continue to migrate into the state and eventually into the state of Pennsylvania. Add to the equation the Delaware River which will give the blue catfish a pathway to enter the Delaware and Raritan Canal. From there the fish can make its way into the... Read more →

CNB Fishing Maryland: Save The Date: Youth-Only Trout Fishing Day March 23

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is offering the state’s first-ever Youth-Only Trout Fishing Day for children under 16 years of age on March 23, one week before opening day for all trout anglers. “Trout fishing is a great way to introduce young people to the sport and our state’s natural beauty,” said John Mullican, Maryland DNR’s director of freshwater fisheries and hatcheries. “We hope children across the state will take advantage of this day reserved just for them to enjoy stocked waterways that are typically still closed.” On March 23, the state’s put-and-take trout areas under closure will... Read more →

Good News for Oysters, App for Flood Reporting, Maryland Eagles Visit White House

2023 Fall Oyster Survey Records Outstanding Spatfall The Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Fall Oyster Survey recorded a remarkable year for juvenile oysters in Maryland waters, finding both prolific numbers and a widespread distribution throughout many regions of the Chesapeake Bay. The survey’s spatfall intensity index, a measure of reproductive success and potential population growth for oysters, was 86.8 spat, or juvenile oysters, per bushel, nearly four times the 39-year median of 23.6 spat per bushel and the fifth highest in that timeframe. The survey has not recorded this extent of oyster spat recruitment in a generation. Read more. Share... Read more →

Home Country: Gold Buried at Jenkins Cabin

By Slim Randles It was half-past second coffee and darn near to French toast time and it had been very quiet at the round table, that general headquarters of the World Dilemma Think Tank. “Heard something interesting yesterday,” said Herb. “Kids were talking on the sidewalk and I couldn’t help but hear parts of it. I had to stop and ask them about it, even if it seemed rude to them. “Seems somebody tipped them off that there was a thousand dollars in gold coins buried beneath the stepping stone going into Jenkin’s cabin.” Dud looked up, “But nobody knows... Read more →

Marylanders Asked to Help as Cold-Stunning Threatens Aquatic Wildlife

Aquarium Takes in 30 Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles | photo courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine Lethargic sea turtles and marine mammals should be reported Call 800-628-9944 The Maryland Department of Natural Resources asks those visiting the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Coast to be vigilant of sea turtles who exhibit signs of cold-stunning, a condition that causes animals to become debilitated and experience hypothermia-like symptoms due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Cold-stunning typically occurs in late autumn and early winter when water temperatures begin to fall or can drop rapidly in a 24-hour period. Lethargic and unresponsive animals can be... Read more →

CNB Fishing Maryland: Anglers Catching Black Sea Bass, Blue Catfish, Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass

Maryland Fishing Report – Winter Preview 2023-24 December 20, 2023 Black sea bass are a popular cold-weather species, and can be caught in Maryland waters through December 31. Photo by Monty Hawkins With the start of winter and the end of some fishing seasons, Maryland’s anglers can rest assured that there is plenty of good fishing to be found this season if you know where to look! Forecast Summary: To see the latest water clarity conditions, check Eyes on the Bay Satellite Maps. For more detailed and up-to-date fishing conditions in your area of the Chesapeake Bay, be sure to... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: The Baron of the Bunkhouse, Windy Wilson Visits Sarah's Bookstore

By Slim Randles Now before you can sneak away, here comes that pharaoh of the feed-store, that baron of the bunkhouse, that titan of the tack room …Windy Wilson. Well, t’other day I meandurated around town until I crept in to Sarah’s bookstore. You know the one. Has that sign on them bookshelves says “Love and other Fiction.” Been meanin’ to ask her ‘bout that one a these days. Oh, Alphonse Wilson here ‘course. Well, Miz Sarah shore is a sweetie and I like droppin’ on in there ever now and then. Wellsir, this day, I was huntin’ a Farmer’s... Read more →

Home Country: It Must Have Been The Weather

BY Slim Randles It began the way most miracles do: by accident or the hand of God, take your pick. It might have been the weather, at least partly. For December, the day had been almost balmy and warm. You know, sweaters instead of heavy coats. No mittens in sight. Then there were Christmas lights on the stores, and that little bunch of Girl Scouts out raising money in front of the Read Me Now bookstore. Jasper Blankenship was inside going through the books to fortify his cabin’s library for winter and sat, listening with a smile to the girls... Read more →