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Home Country: Cow Pasture Tea

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Slim Randles/gloucestercitynews file (May 22, 2019)(gloucestercitynews.net)--You have to hand it to Windy. When Alphonse “Windy” Wilson chooses to speak, it is a bombastic sampling of creativity. Windy has yet to find a word he can’t make better through his own unique methods. Well, what got him... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Billy The Town Dog

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet (gloucestercitynews.net)--Billy’s been a busy guy ever since he became the official town dog here. Sally had been the town dog until she passed away on Doc’s porch, and then Billy’s owner died just two weeks after that, so it was something of a natural progression. Sometimes... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Driving in Time with The Duke of Earl

"Duke of Earl" is a 1962 US number-one song, originally by Gene Chandler. It is the best known of Chandler's songs, and he subsequently dubbed himself 'The Duke of Earl' source youtube Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet It happened in the checkout lane down at the Soup ‘R’ Market last week.... Read more →

Everything You Need to Know About Securing Your House While on Vacation

You have waited months for a much-needed vacation, and the day is finally here where you board the flight and head off to your dream holiday. There will always be a nagging thought in the back of your head, “Did I lock all the doors?”, “Are all the valuables safely... Read more →

Home Country: Fishing The Lunker Hole

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Dud was down at The Lunker Hole on Lewis Creek before it even turned yellow in the east. He had some thinking to do, and, as everyone knows, there’s no better way to think than fly fishing. Just about the time Dud could make out The... Read more →

Home Country: Marcus Pincus and His Fenwick Glass Fly Rod

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet image courtesy of www.tridentflyfishing.com It was just one of those things. It didn’t really mean Marvin Pincus had lost his mind. Consider this yourself for a minute. Marvin had opened the mail that morning and in it was the Fenwick glass fly rod he’d ordered. Oh,... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: No License Needed for a Horse!

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor “Well that about tears it!” said Steve, twitching his walrus mustache. “How do they expect a guy to get by when they tell him what to do and to send money and re-up every dang thing in your billfold. It ain’t right!” We hadn’t seen... Read more →

Home Country: Old Joe's Planting A Tree!

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor When old Joe Gilliam began digging that hole in his front yard, out there close to the street, neighbors watched and wondered. When he got his grandson to help him carry the shade tree sapling from his pickup to the hole, people nodded. Mystery solved.... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: An Entertaining Visit to O'Dontal Dental

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Dropped in at O’Dontal Dental the other day. You know, regular tooth check, cleaning, whatever Perry says to do, I do. Quicker that way. But this particular dentist isn’t nearly as feared as others. He’s … entertaining. Dr. Perry O’Dontal worked his way through tooth school... Read more →

Home Country: Do I look stoo-pid?

gloucestercitynews.net | March 13, 2019 Buy me a beer! / CNBNews graphics file Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor “Comin’ up on Saint Paddy’s Day, boys,” Windy said, coming in on final approach to an empty chair. Perfect two-point landing. Loretta filled his cup with fresh and he reared back and... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Signs That Spring is Near!

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet “I know it’s fixin’ to be spring,” said Dud. “Things budding out on your trees and stuff, Dud?” added Steve. “Nope. Potato chip bags. Found two of them the other day.” We looked … inquisitive? And it was enough to get Dud back into action. “Two... Read more →

Home Country:

My Memories of The Iditarod Dogsled Race

The 2016 Iditarod Dogsled Race (photo courtesy of CNN) Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor This coming Saturday, I’ll probably be right here in New Mexico. Well, most of me will. But my heart and my wishes and part of my soul will be many miles from here, up in Anchorage,... Read more →

Home Country:

Sometimes Love is Just A Little Thing

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor Steve was walking down the sidewalk the other day to get from the barber shop to where he’d parked his pickup. It was a nice kind of day. Chilly, of course, but not bolt-freezing cold. His mind was on what he had to do that... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Windy Wilson and the Boys at the Mule Barn Truck Stop

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor “Well,” said Steve, polishing off the last of his coffee, “what should we discuss this fine morning?” “I’m awful glad you asked, ol’ pard,” came the cheerful voice of Windy Wilson, emerging through the swinging doors that came from the kitchen of the Mule Barn... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: Hating Winter!

Image courtesy of Pinterest Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor “I can’t stand winter,” said Herb Collins, who had dropped in at the Mule Barn’s philosophy counter for a quick cup. “There’s nothing to do.” “Get out and enjoy it,” suggested Doc. “Go skiing. Go ice fishing. Build a snowman. Do... Read more →

HOME COUNTRY: The Academy Awards at The Mule Barn Truck Stop?

Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor Doc hadn’t even finished loading his coffee with fake sugar before Steve piped up. “I think it’s disgusting and weird and unnatural and it should be outlawed!” the tall cowboy said, coming to rest at the philosophy counter of the Mule Barn truck stop. “Aw... Read more →

Home Country: Clarice Devon and the Curl Up 'N Dye Beauty Salon

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet It’s Tuesday afternoon at two, which means Clarice Devon is on her way to the Curl Up ‘N Dye beauty salon. It’s like the sun coming up or the price of bread increasing. Tuesday. Two. Clarice. “Clarice!” yells Fran. “Ready to be beautiful?” “Sure,” she said.... Read more →

Home Country: After All These Years It Still Hurts

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet It was strange, Doc thought. All these years. All these people. It still hurts. Old Tom had died around midnight, and Doc didn’t get more than an hour’s sleep since then. Just before he went, Tom reached out and gripped Doc’s hand and thanked him for... Read more →

Home Country: Watching the Geese Fly South

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet The last of the geese went by the other day. The late ones. The big dark geese. Headed south noisily. I used to envy them, somehow. They go down there to the warm coastal areas where the jacks swim and the nights are chilly but livable... Read more →

Home Country: Time For New Year's Resolutions

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet It was Herb who kicked things off at the world dilemma think tank at the philosophy counter in the Mule Barn truck stop. Herb is like Nature itself. He abhors a vacuum, too. “Well,” Herb said, “it’s about that time again.” Three heads swiveled to look... Read more →

Home Country:

A Child's Smile and A Small Touch of Love

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Mabel Adams was sitting in the day room at the Rest of Your Life retirement home when the children came in. She smiled and so did all the others in the room except for two who didn’t know what was going on. The old-timers in the... Read more →