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Stand Up Guy

"I am running for Congress because South Jersey needs someone who is going to stand up for us in Washington, D.C., as Rob Andrews has done for more than two decades," said Donald Norcross. "I have spent my career fighting for middle-class families, senior citizens and workers." ... and if... Read more →

God Bless Hyphenated-America

By John Reynolds/CNBNews.net After reading the Martin Luther King articles in the media recently about how much progress we have made in this country towards racial equality, but how much more we need to go, I thought: we are two generations into civil rights and affirmative action, with trillions spent... Read more →

The World According to Cappelli

CNBNews.net | John Reynolds “I would like to thank my fellow Freeholders … for their continued hard work and dedication to improving the quality of life for the residents of Camden County … 2013 was a good year” ... in fact, it was a great year for Camden County. Happy... Read more →

Measure pushing N.J. towns to share services may have to wait

You would think given the bad economic conditions in this state that our legislators would put the interests of the general population ahead of the special interest groups. And you wonder why the middle class are leaving New Jersey CNBNews – John Reynolds Measure pushing N.J. towns to share services... Read more →

Lincoln Goes Hollywood | cnbnews.net

Lincoln: the guy on the copper penny; self-taught student of Shakespeare and the Bible; rail-splitter, backwoods lawyer; jokester with a crazy-assed wife; 16th president of the United States and preserver of the Union; said a few words at Gettysburg and turned out to be the most quoted American in history; the subject of 14,000 books, hitting the big time when one was made into a Hollywood movie. And if he were still alive, he'd be on Oprah. Read more →

Merry Christmas to everyone in the CNB extended family

By JOHN REYNOLDS CNBNEWS.NET 1+1=3 – It's A Cultural Thing Diversity, equality, and fairness are the latest buzzwords coming out of academia and echoed in the media. Everybody is supposed to achieve the American Dream today, regardless of who you are, where you came from, or what you did to... Read more →

CNBNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Pete Dexter, One of the Best Newspaper Columnist to Come Out of Philly

BY JOHN REYNOLDS SPECIAL TO CNBNEWS.NET He kicked around Florida a few years working odd jobs, pumping gas and trying to PETE DEXTER sell baby portraits, not having much luck until he persuaded a newspaper to hire him as a reporter. But that didn't last, and he wound up pumping... Read more →