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Lincoln Goes Hollywood | cnbnews.net

Lincoln: the guy on the copper penny; self-taught student of Shakespeare and the Bible; rail-splitter, backwoods lawyer; jokester with a crazy-assed wife; 16th president of the United States and preserver of the Union; said a few words at Gettysburg and turned out to be the most quoted American in history; the subject of 14,000 books, hitting the big time when one was made into a Hollywood movie. And if he were still alive, he'd be on Oprah. Read more →

CNBNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Pete Dexter, One of the Best Newspaper Columnist to Come Out of Philly

BY JOHN REYNOLDS SPECIAL TO CNBNEWS.NET He kicked around Florida a few years working odd jobs, pumping gas and trying to PETE DEXTER sell baby portraits, not having much luck until he persuaded a newspaper... Read more →