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Home Country: Think Tank Celebrates Spring

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Down at the sale barn Saturday, the think tank had coagulated there with coffees to go to celebrate spring. Doc and Dud had their dogs with them, while Bert and Dewey and Steve went stag. “I thought about it a lot,” Dud said, “and I wondered what the favorite part of my job was, and wondered if you fellas ever gave that any thought, too.” They nodded. Yes, by mutual consent a worthy subject. “With me,” Dud continued, “it wasn’t so much my job as it was my hobby. You know, writing that book. I’m claiming... Read more →

Letter to the Editor: Recognize the Signs and Seek Help Fast

October 18, 2017 Dear Editor, Stroke, the No. 3 leading cause of death in NJ, is largely treatable. The faster you are treated, the more likely you are to recover. If you or someone you love suffers a stroke, it’s important to recognize the signs and seek help FAST. In most cases, someone other than the stroke patient, like a family member, makes the decision to seek treatment. Together to End Stroke®, an American Heart Association/American Stroke Association initiative, nationally sponsored by Medtronic, educates the public about common stroke warning signs and what to do in a stroke emergency, using... Read more →

Home Country: 1st Archery Contest A Success...Nobody Won!

Slim Randles | CNBNewsnet Well, the first archery tournament to raise money to buy warm clothes for some of the local kids is now in the history books, and it would have to be considered a success. Doc, who has more initials after his name than anyone in town and therefore is considered by strangers to be smarter than anyone else, masterminded the tournament. He charged a ten-dollar entry fee and each shooter was given five shots to hit a paper cup at 75 yards. To the winner would go half the total money taken in. Nobody won. Strange how... Read more →

CNB Crime: Westville Suspect Attempts to Grab Officer's Weapon During Arrest

Camden City NJ March 9, 2015 (– A Westville man who tried to disarm an officer while violently resisting arrest was caught Saturday night. Officer Robert Shea was on directed patrol addressing quality of life issues in the area of Mount Ephraim Avenue and Dayton Street shortly after 8 p.m. when he observed a male and female suspect involved in a hand-to-hand drug transaction. Officer Shea approached to investigate and the male suspect – James Dorton, 30, of Westville – refused to cooperate and remove his hands from his pockets. As Officers Shea, Stephen Walters and Aaron Roselli attempted to... Read more →

FBI Art Crime Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Part 2: Dedicated Investigators Use Time-Tested Methods 02/18/15 Part 2 of an interview with Bonnie Magness-Gardiner, manager of the FBI’s art theft program. Q: Is investigating art crimes different from investigating other types of crimes? Magness-Gardiner: Much of what we investigate is art theft, which is basically a theft of property. Most of our agents have a background in investigating property theft and interstate transportation of stolen property. So in one sense they are using time-tested investigative methods. It’s the objects they are dealing with that make these cases special. The items are often fragile, so if they are recovered... Read more → Rules of the Road want to foster a spirit of community involvement and conversation. At the same time, we can't have objectionable material on the site. In the spirit of that free exchange of ideas, please keep the conversation clean and respectful. If you see something objectionable, please send an e-mail CNBNEWS moderators have the right to edit, delete, move or close any comment or forum at any time. The following rules and guidelines clarify our practices and provide an explanation of what content may lead to message deletion and/or user bans. Play nice! Messages containing intentionally misleading or false information, defamatory... Read more →

If You Don't Build It, They Won't Come

John Reynolds | We took a walk last weekend around the David R. Mayer Memorial Park, located on Peter Cheeseman Road in Gloucester Township– the park with the Mayer Monument placed out front to commemorate his magnanimosity for paving over the remaining open space areas in town and turning them into tax-abated strip malls and townhouse developments, and for the overpriced, no-bid municipal health insurance contracts, kickbacks, and other pay-to-play deals that resulted in an 8% tax increase for the residents of Gloucester Township this year. Walking near the boccie courts, I noticed a sign, "Field of Dreams –... Read more →

Gloucester Township Goes Gucci

John Reynolds | CNBNews I used to drive past farmland going to work everyday. Watching geese flying over the meadow and deer coming out in the morning to feed was a refreshing break from the monotonous string of developments and strip malls we normally encounter in Camden County. Ten years ago, a Cooper Hospital non-profit subsidiary purchased the 55 acre property, located off the Route 42 Camden County College exit. They planned on opening medical offices, but after zoning changes, the land was designated a redevelopment zone, allowing Cooper to use a municipal tax abatement and a potential PILOT (payment... Read more →

South Jersey Land & Water Trust – New Brooklyn Lake Cleanup And Study Day

Saturday, June 14th, 10:00am. We will meet at the playground parking lot on New Brooklyn-Blackwood Road. After the cleanup Michael Hogan and the Watershed Ambassador will do a macro invertebrate assessment at the pond and discuss how the numerous macro invertebrates found in the pond can indicate its health. Ave. Bags, gloves and grabbers will be supplied. Please RSVP. Email Michael Hogan at for a map. South Jersey Land & Water Trust SJLWT is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the land and water resources of southern New Jersey - maintaining and enhancing the natural,... Read more →

The Political Stooges Of South Jersey Show

John Reynolds | I attended my first Gloucester Township Board of Education meeting last month for the "public hearing" of the new budget. I wanted to get involved in the political process with my fellow residents to iron out the budget with the board. One thing I couldn't understand was why the taxes were going up 5.4% with the millions coming in from the Red Lights Cameras and the $20 million dollars worth of solar panels plastered around town that didn't cost us anything and were supposed to save us money. A couple of residents complained about the lack... Read more →

What Are We Paying These People For?

CNBNews | John Reynolds I just received the "April Newsletter - New Jersey's 4th Legislative District," which I have been trying to un-subscribe to for the last couple of years. I emailed a question to their website a few years ago –which they never responded to – and now I can't get off their mailing list. They get around the spam filters by switching their sender's address. I took a peek and scanned the following headlines: FRED MADDEN BILL TO PROTECT PETS, WILDLIFE FROM ANTIFREEZE POISONING CLEARS COMMITTEE FIGHTING THE WAR ON POVERTY Editorial by Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera I just... Read more →

CNBNews CHEERS and JEERS for March 2014

BY CNBNEWS.NET JEER—To the contracted snow plow trucks who stage in the Brooklawn Diner parking lot. They sit there for 10 hours prior to a snow storm doing nothing except annoying home owners by shining their bright lights at the backs of people houses and windows. Aside from this obnoxious inconsiderate behavior is the curious question; does the county get billed for this at the tax payers expense? CHEER—To the Gloucester City Public Works department and the Gloucester City Fire Department for acting quickly to close the Lane Avenue Park when the electric poll was leaning over. By closing the... Read more →


By John Reynolds/CNBNews Junk mail, junk food, junk mortgages – they're clogging our mailboxes, arteries, and courts. They're selling us crap we don't need or want, they're killing us and our neighborhoods. And if you're still around and turn on the TV, the junk shows will finish you off. I'm the only guy on my block that changes his car oil in the driveway and inflates his tires with a bicycle pump. I'm old school - actually I'm too cheap to pay Jiffylube and I figure I could use the exercise. My pump must have been 20 or 30 years... Read more →

Philadelphians tired of Facebook placing them 'near Camden'

Philadelphians tired of Facebook placing them 'near Camden' (via NewsWorks) Philly's not Camden. Philadelphians know that, and so do New Jerseyans across the Delaware River. So, it's been a mystery to many Facebook users why posts from Philly are often tagged as being "in Camden" or "near Camden." When Temple University alumna… Hell, Camden complains that it's next to Gloucester! John Reynolds Read more →

I Hope They're Not On The Clock

Michelle Caffrey / South Jersey Times A handful of South Jersey legislators have kept a particularly busy schedule the last few days, touring important sites, meeting with community leaders and breaking bread with men and women in the armed services. It’s all taking place more than 5,000 miles from their hometowns, however, as members of a legislative mission to Israel, including State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3 of West Deptford), Sen. Donald Norcross (D-5 of Camden) and Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3 of Paulsboro), prepare to wrap up a trip to the Holy Land. Full Article COMMENTARY: John Reynolds | Read more →

Sometimes Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

By John Reynolds/ There's a famous poem written 100 years ago about two New England farmers mulling over whether to continue rebuilding the stone wall dividing their properties. The narrator didn't see any reason to keep the wall anymore, while his neighbor kept repeating an adage he learned from his father, "good fences make good neighbors." Anyway, the weather broke last week. The temperature hit 40 degrees and the roads were clear, so I decided to take the motorcycle out for a ride. I rolled the bike out of my garage and turned towards my neighbor's house so I could... Read more →


By CNBNews CHEER—The Gloucester City High School Varsity Girls Bowling Team won the Olympic Conference Freedom Championship this year. Also this year they won the South Jersey Group 1 title, placed first at the Sectionals and placed Second in the state finals for Group 1. Three of the five girls on the team are graduating seniors. Members of the team include: Kelsey Keenan, Colleen Kraus, Gina Beebe, Karly Goldschmidt, Kelly Higginbotham, Danielle Smith and Stephanie Wimer. Colleen Kraus placed in the top 18 at sectionals, qualifying her as an individual at states. Career criminal Nathanial Maybin age 29 JEER—A loser... Read more →

ACLU: Newark stop-and-frisk targets black residents more than others

David Giambusso/The Star-Ledger Despite comprising just more than half of Newark’s population, African-Americans make up 75 percent of the stops under the city Police Department’s stop-and frisk-program, a report released today by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey has found. Read the full story And I'll bet they're committing at least 75 percent of the crimes in Newark. I can see a problem if law enforcement targeted certain groups of people for stop-and frisk in say Cherry Hill or Haddonfield, but we're talking Newark, the armed car-jacking capital of New Jersey. John Reynolds | Read more →

Steve Sweeney named administrator of embattled Ironworkers Local 401 in Philadelphia

By Joseph P. Owens | South Jersey Times New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney said tonight he has answered the call to take over embattled Ironworkers Local 401 in Philadelphia less than a week after the union's leadership was indicted on charges including extortion, arson and assault. Read all about it Apparently, criminals and politicians are interchangeable. How many jobs can this guy hold down, he must never sleep. He's already pulling down a paycheck from the State of New Jersey for his Senate gig, and from the Ironworkers National Union for his 'negotiating' skills . John Reynolds | Read more →

The New Jersey Money-Sucking-Machine Keeps Chugging Along

Dem leaders adamant that $2.4 billion go to N.J. pension fund (via NewsWorks) As Gov. Chris Christie puts the finishing touches on the budget proposal he will unveil Tuesday, top Democrats in the New Jersey Senate are insisting that the spending plan include the required state payment into the pension system. Acknowledging that Acknowledging that formulating a budget plan will mean many difficult choices, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee said making the $2.4 billion pension payment and funding the Transportation Trust Fund are paramount. According to the Democrats, New Jersey has a Revenue problem, not a Spending problem.... Read more →

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

A Camden man been arrested in connection with a shooting Monday morning that killed a Clementon man. Isaac Bruce, 24, of Camden, was charged Tuesday with murder for the killing of Marvin McClinton, who was found dead at the bottom of the stairs of a 6th Street home. Police allege Bruce arrived at the home on the 1800 block of 6th Street in Camden some time after 1:30 a.m. on Monday and was carrying a shotgun — something that wasn't cause for alarm for the people in the home because he often carried the weapon .... read the full story... Read more →

Convicts And Congressmen

N.J. inmates may count as part of legislative redistricting (via NewsWorks) New Jersey lawmakers are considering a measure calling for inmates to be counted when calculating population figures used to draw legislative district lines. The bill calls for prisoners in state and federal facilities in New Jersey to be included in… Read more →

Losing It

John Reynolds | I've been reading about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare™. It's supposed to overhaul our current healthcare system, which is going bankrupt. There are a number of problems with the way we have been paying for healthcare in this country over the last 49 years since Lyndon Johnson enacted Medicare: medical tests and procedures are expensive; doctors are expensive and they get paid for the services and tests they provide, whether they're needed or not; people over 65 consume more services than they paid into; young people and those that don't work are not... Read more →

Stand Up Guy

"I am running for Congress because South Jersey needs someone who is going to stand up for us in Washington, D.C., as Rob Andrews has done for more than two decades," said Donald Norcross. "I have spent my career fighting for middle-class families, senior citizens and workers." ... and if that doesn't motivate you to pull his lever ... "The state Senator already received endorsements from Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-3, of West Deptford), Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-6, of Mount Holly) and Sen. Fred Madden (D-4, of Washington Township) who serves as Gloucester County Democratic party chair" Besides... Read more →

God Bless Hyphenated-America

By John Reynolds/ After reading the Martin Luther King articles in the media recently about how much progress we have made in this country towards racial equality, but how much more we need to go, I thought: we are two generations into civil rights and affirmative action, with trillions spent on urban renewal, housing, food, education and health care for Hyphenated-Americans, and we still haven't reached racial parity yet – except in the field of political corruption. If you look at the roster of Camden politicians who spent time in the slammer, you'll see a diverse mix, cutting across all... Read more →

The World According to Cappelli | John Reynolds “I would like to thank my fellow Freeholders … for their continued hard work and dedication to improving the quality of life for the residents of Camden County … 2013 was a good year” ... in fact, it was a great year for Camden County. Happy days are here again ... “we have become more sustainable, and saved money ... our police departments have successfully shared services” ... driving past fields of ugly solar panels planted in front of Timber Creek High School on Jarvis Road, wondering why my electric bills and taxes keep going up... Read more →

Measure pushing N.J. towns to share services may have to wait

You would think given the bad economic conditions in this state that our legislators would put the interests of the general population ahead of the special interest groups. And you wonder why the middle class are leaving New Jersey CNBNews – John Reynolds Measure pushing N.J. towns to share services may have to wait (via NewsWorks) With just a week to go, a bill that would encourage New Jersey towns to share services might not be enacted before the end of the current legislative session. The measure would withhold some state aid from towns that don't move ahead with recommended… Read more →

Lincoln Goes Hollywood |

Lincoln: the guy on the copper penny; self-taught student of Shakespeare and the Bible; rail-splitter, backwoods lawyer; jokester with a crazy-assed wife; 16th president of the United States and preserver of the Union; said a few words at Gettysburg and turned out to be the most quoted American in history; the subject of 14,000 books, hitting the big time when one was made into a Hollywood movie. And if he were still alive, he'd be on Oprah. Read more →

Merry Christmas to everyone in the CNB extended family

By JOHN REYNOLDS CNBNEWS.NET 1+1=3 – It's A Cultural Thing Diversity, equality, and fairness are the latest buzzwords coming out of academia and echoed in the media. Everybody is supposed to achieve the American Dream today, regardless of who you are, where you came from, or what you did to get there. According to their math, equality of opportunity equals equality of outcome, and if it doesn't, rig the formula until it does. I read a couple of articles in recently. In one, a Rutgers-Camden professor of Public Policy published a study that found that more poor people were... Read more →

CNBNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Pete Dexter, One of the Best Newspaper Columnist to Come Out of Philly

BY JOHN REYNOLDS SPECIAL TO CNBNEWS.NET He kicked around Florida a few years working odd jobs, pumping gas and trying to PETE DEXTER sell baby portraits, not having much luck until he persuaded a newspaper to hire him as a reporter. But that didn't last, and he wound up pumping gas again. Or maybe he was selling cars before losing his job at the newspaper. As luck would have it, an editor at the Philadelphia Daily News who knew him in Florida took a shot and offered him a job. With rent coming due and his soon-to-be ex-wife living with... Read more →