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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Aging Gracefully (CNBnews.net)

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor I’d like to say that I’m aging gracefully but I’ve never been graceful. I know, the phrase doesn’t mean that you’re actually graceful—it means you look good as an older person. On the other hand I’m not a bit graceful and I look every minute of my sixty-eight years. Being older has its merits, though; I am... Read more →

Pet Tip of the Week: How Much Space is Needed?

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Some breeds of dogs need space in which to exercise and play; others don't requires as much. But it doesn't always depend on the size of the dog! Whippets are tiny dogs with a lot of running power. They need and deserve plenty of outdoor space in which to exercise. They are small but were bred to... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Medication Time

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor There are many products on the over-the-counter veterinary market that claim to de-stress dogs. Some of them can be useful while others show very little anxiety relief. I have used the following products in my practice as a dog trainer and for my own dogs. Pheromone sprays and plug-ins: On a scale of 1-5 I give these... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': On Needles and Pins

(Gloucestercitynews.net)--My lifestyle has changed considerably since March, when I moved out of my home. Because of this change I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Before you begin to congratulate me, allow me to point out that neither loss was intentional. If you are a follower of my writing you already know about the house situation. But let me fill... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Scaredies and Owies

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (Gloucestercitynews.net)--Dogs have many ways of expressing pain and anxiety. When your dog is anxious she may drool profusely, shake, stare intently at you, (her owner) or even vomit. These physical signs are typical of a highly upset canine. A dog also shows clear signs when she is in pain. Licking an injured area, yelping, hiding, and snapping... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': This One Is About Animals But It Isn’t Funny

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 29, 2019)--I wonder why so many phrases mention dogs. When it’s hot they say it’s the “dog days of summer”. When it’s cold the phrase is “it’s a three dog night”. We become ill and we’re “sick as a dog”. When our feet are painful we say, “my dogs hurt”. Dogs are not the only animals... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Spinal Injuries

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (Gloucestercitynews.net) (July 27, 2019)-- Let’s talk about your dog’s backbone. No, not the phrase that means he’s brave—the actual spine of your dog. Dogs can easily suffer spinal injuries. The more serious injuries can cause paralysis, incontinence, and suffering. It’s important that you do nothing to accidentally risk this outcome. Never press on Fido’s back. Do not... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Many Hats

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor I like hats. I was once well-known for my diverse chapeaux. This is a fancy French word for “hats”. I never worried about how my hats looked to others. I owned the hats. I owned the look. Most of my hats were defined by the era in which they were purchased. For example, in the ‘60’s I... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Friends Like Mine (Life on the Fringe)

Dawn Watson/CNB News Contributor *Living rough the way I do is not a unique experience. Even in the Land of Opportunity, thousands of people are living on the fringe of society. It’s a humbling, sweltering, freezing, filthy, hungry experience. However, it can have its humorous moments. Take, for example, a kind-hearted friend that invited me into her home for lunch.... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Home Alone

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Life can be complicated. Most people have jobs, activities, children, or other commitments to juggle and can’t be at home all day. If your dog spends long hours alone in the house try leaving the television or a radio on so he has company. If he is unable to hold his bladder invest in a bellyband—a type... Read more →

Just Sayin': Think of All the Things We Could Discuss

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)-- I talk to animals. Also insects. No, they don’t talk back but I enjoy imagining I have a gift for non-human interaction. Just yesterday I began a conversation with a spider that was spinning a web. I told her how beautiful her home was, how lovely the patterns on her body. It ended badly,... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: The Spoiled Dog

Dawn Watson CNBNews Contributor No verbal phrase evokes more anger in me than the sentence, “He is a spoiled dog.” What exactly is a spoiled dog? A dog that is allowed on the couch, on the bed, under the table? A dog that gets his own ice cream cone at Dairy Queen? Or a dog that is taken to the... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Clip Those Nails!

Dawn Watson | CNBNews Contributor Most dogs need to have their nails clipped on a monthly basis. While some dogs are sensitive about the procedure, you can desensitize your dog so that his manicures are less stressful. If you touch your dog’s paws before treating him he will associate the touch with rewards. Gradually build up to holding each paw... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': What'cha Gonna Do?

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor I’ve known quite a few Bad Boys in my life. And they’ve known me. Before you get all judgmental let me explain that there is no hidden meaning to this statement. It’s just that I’m the type of lady that attracts—and is attracted to—all the wrong kind of fellows. A good example would be my husband, rest... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Thunderbolts and Lightning (CNBNewsnet)

Dawn Watson CNBNews Contributor During this time of the year we in New Jersey are often inundated with storms and tornadoes. While most of us are accustomed to dealing with the stress of this situation, what about Fido? If your dog is not acting in his usual manner it may be because he can sense a storm coming. Dogs’ ears... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': A Slightly Wilted Flower Child

Dawn Watson | CNBNews Contributor My high school reunion is in September. It will be the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Yep, I am a proud member of the graduating class of 1969. Right at the beginning of the Summer of Love. Yes, I wore flowers in my hair but mostly, I wore rubber gloves on my hands because I... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Age-Appropriate Adoption (CNBNewsnet)

Dawn Watson CNBNews Contributor I know of so many cases of older people adopting very young dogs, only to pass away when the dog is middle-aged. At that time Fido suffers the loss of the only home he’s known. In addition, he may not have enjoyed the exercise and stimulation he could have shared if a younger person had adopted... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Puppies

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (Gloucestercitynews.net)-- Puppies are adorable! Cute and lovable, charismatic and easy to love. But if you’re considering adopting a puppy here are a few reminders: Puppies four months and younger can be loud at all hours of the night. Often, they will cry for attention and howl pitiably if they don’t receive it. They do not automatically know... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Game of Drones

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor (For Game of Thrones Fans) Summer is coming. My Lords and Ladies—behold! No longer will White Walkers troll these lands of sand and sea; now come the Brown Walkers, those tan-of-skin and slick of brow, who think nothing of making a fire on the earth and roasting elongated meats on elongated forks whilst perfectly good ovens are... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Neurological Deficits in Dogs

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor A “normal” dog does all the things you’d expect from a family pet—he barks to alert, is relatively house-trained, accepts and shows respect for family members, and is generally predictable. But when a dog does not fit into these acceptable behavior categories there may be cause for concern. Some dogs suffer from neurological deficits. That is, their... Read more →

Here, There Be Angels

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Gloucester City. Gcity. Holy City. Title Town. So many names to describe the city I have come to love. Our small community contains all nationalities, races, cultures. There is conflict, yes. But we seem to be able to rise above it, for the most part and help others when help is needed. I know because I recently... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Home Game

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor I’m living in a van. Down by the river. This phrase was made popular by an actor named Chris Farley on a sketch comedy show. I used to think it was hysterically funny. Now, not so much. This is not the only topic I’ll ever address when writing this column, I promise. But allow me one more... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Bereavement

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Much has been written about our feelings when a beloved pet dies. We try to soften the reality by saying the pet “crossed the rainbow bridge” in the hopes that there truly is a special place where pets go in the afterlife. I have parented many dogs. Each time one passes away my grief seems insurmountable and... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Piercings

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Piercings are all the rage, right now. Almost everyone I know has at least one hole from which to hang jewelry. It’s as though fingers just aren’t good enough and folks have to have other ways to show off their costume jewelry. A friend of mine was wearing a spandex cocktail dress a few weeks ago and... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Nail Clipping

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor It can be a chore to clip your dog’s nails. Some dogs must be sedated and have a veterinarian clip them but most dogs can adapt if you use positive reinforcement techniques to get through the process. If you adopted your dog as a puppy, accustom him to paw-handling and clipping right from the start. But if... Read more →