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Interesting Visit (Part II)

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net I was certainly glad to see some people share their interesting observations and thoughts on last week's photograph and thank you for sharing you thoughts about what you saw. I am now submitting the photograph again only this time with a red outline around something I see. Along with that I will share some background on where the photograph was taken and the history of the place in which it was taken. Other than the red outline I put it, once again the photo is unedited or enhanced. I realize it is subject to monitor... Read more →

CNBNews CHEERS and JEERS for March 2014

BY CNBNEWS.NET JEER—To the contracted snow plow trucks who stage in the Brooklawn Diner parking lot. They sit there for 10 hours prior to a snow storm doing nothing except annoying home owners by shining their bright lights at the backs of people houses and windows. Aside from this obnoxious inconsiderate behavior is the curious question; does the county get billed for this at the tax payers expense? CHEER—To the Gloucester City Public Works department and the Gloucester City Fire Department for acting quickly to close the Lane Avenue Park when the electric poll was leaning over. By closing the... Read more →

Interesting Visit

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net In this article I am submitting a photograph for your consideration. The photograph was taken by me at an undisclosed (for now) location. It has not been retouched, or enhanced or edited in anyway. It was taken with a simple digital camera and downloaded to PC, cropped a section of it and posted here for you to see. (Photo taken by: Earl Foster) After looking at it and considering the picture with no prior knowledge given to you yet, I would like to hear from some of you and ask you "What do you see"... Read more →

Encounter With Evil

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net In last weeks column I made mention of a "dark entity" that I encountered when I was very young. Thinking of such things conjures up all sorts of images in our minds. It can invoke fears in us we would rather not subject ourselves to. Does this mean if we ignore them or choose not to acknowledge the dark things, do they no longer exist? In my humble opinion, absolutely not !! Rest assured that if we indeed believe in the good we also acknowledge our belief in the evil. Even in our human condition... Read more →

Intervening Angels

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net I think everyone has at some point either heard, or coined the phrase "The angels must of been looking out for you" at some time or other. Perhaps a close call or a dangerous encounter of any kind has led you to wonder about this yourself. Have you ever seriously thought about the implications of that? Where did this idea come from or is it truly possible that they do indeed watch over and protect us? While we realize it is subjective and there are a wide variety of opinions about it there are also... Read more →

The Body

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net One of the most astounding events I have ever experienced took place in Sept. of 1994 while serving as a volunteer Firefighter in our borough. It was during this event I experienced some of the strongest sensations and loudest voice that I could remember in many years. This is a documented event and was covered in the media as well. I will now share this event for your consideration. This a true story in my own words. It is verifiable on the internet through news resources although I will not mention names or specifics out... Read more →

Lasting Impressions

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net When a person is thought to possess certain abilities people refer to it "being gifted". I can certainly see how it is thought to be a gift and used for good. I can also see how it can also be a curse at times as well. One such experience that I had when I was 5 years old left a lifelong impression that has remained with me vividly and affected a lot of my decisions in regards to strange experiences. I spent a lot of years in denial and fear choosing largely to try and... Read more →


By CNBNews CHEER—The Gloucester City High School Varsity Girls Bowling Team won the Olympic Conference Freedom Championship this year. Also this year they won the South Jersey Group 1 title, placed first at the Sectionals and placed Second in the state finals for Group 1. Three of the five girls on the team are graduating seniors. Members of the team include: Kelsey Keenan, Colleen Kraus, Gina Beebe, Karly Goldschmidt, Kelly Higginbotham, Danielle Smith and Stephanie Wimer. Colleen Kraus placed in the top 18 at sectionals, qualifying her as an individual at states. Career criminal Nathanial Maybin age 29 JEER—A loser... Read more →

Feeling, Sensing, and Knowing....Empathy.

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net The very term "Empathic Psychic Medium" stirs our subjective thoughts and gives us pause. Empathy is to feel, sense and be very aware of the emotions, feelings, and even at times the motives of others. Everyone has at least some degree of empathy. I believe empathy to be a part of the human condition. How deep can a person's empathy really go? Can we really get to a point where we can indeed, see or feel and sense others? Would this include those on the spiritual existence? (Photo taken by Earl Foster) In last weeks... Read more →

It's Not Always About Us

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net (Photo: By Earl Foster "Face in the window") The subject of paranormal activity can be very subjective. Based upon who you talk with or who's opinion is being expressed you get a wide variety of thoughts. Certain circles even consider it taboo to even speak of it as if it has a stigma attached to it casting those who do attempt to gain understanding in an unacceptable light. A large part of understanding just about anything is of course acceptance. How can someone understand what they cannot accept? Acceptance is one large step in understanding... Read more →

Have you ever asked yourself "What Just Happened" ?

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net The "human condition" as it is sometimes referred to always seems to make us look for the logical order of things. We look for logical explanations of things based on what is known to us, the familiar and comfortable reasons. Each of us has wondered at some point in time "What just happened" ? Sometimes we don't find a logical explanation. When this occurs we struggle with that age old question of "What just happened" ? Its a question I have also wrestled with many times throughout my life. I don't profess to be able... Read more →

Light Source Paranormal

By Earl Foster/CNBNews.net Everyone experiences unusual or seemingly unexplainable occurances at some time. Some choose to ignore it as coincidence. Others choose to find logical explanations but don't really find one. Others endeavor to explore further and seek answers. If your like me than you fall into this last category. I am Earl Foster and I seek to find answers in something that seems more spiritual then our physical selves. I seek answers and knowledge because I have had many unusual experiences and unexplainable occurances over the course of many years. In future editions of this column I will share... Read more →