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60 Years after JFK's Assassination Fading Memories and a Legacy Forgotten

Down in Dallas Town is a startling film about the shifting terrain of public memory sixty years after the murder of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Through interviews with people on the street and songs recorded to memorialize JFK in the mid-1960s, the film explores the impact of the assassination on issues in today’s world, from lingering conspiracy theories to the proliferation of gun violence, homelessness, and the scourge of K-2. Personal narratives are juxtaposed with the sentiments articulated in blues, gospel, norteño, and calypso recordings to haunting affect. Especially poignant is the account of Mary Ann Moorman,... Read more →

5 Simple Ways to Desirably Boost Your Nutrition!

Nutrition and well-being go hand in hand, explaining why it is essential to consume nutrient-rich foods. These foods usually contain low saturated fats and are rich in minerals and vitamins. Despite these benefits, not everyone can include these nutrient-dense meals. So, how can one identify nutrient-dense foods? How to Identify Nutrient-Dense Foods Nutrient-dense foods have high levels of nutrients per calorie. To identify these foods, it is essential to check the Nutrition Facts Label and read all the ingredients listed before buying any food item. Alternatively, one can check if a food item has the American Heart Association heart-check label.... Read more →

CNBNEWS Fishing Maryland: Plenty of Fun and Exciting Fishing

This large red drum was caught and released recently. Photo by Travis Long Hopefully we have endured the last heat wave of the 2023 summer season. Cooler weather is predicted in the coming days and soon cool nights will begin to lower water temperatures. In the meantime, there is plenty of fun and exciting fishing to be had. Forecast Summary: September 13 – September 19: The upcoming week should provide moderate temperatures with windy conditions on Thursday and Friday and a chance of rain on Sunday. Overall conditions should result in Bay surface water temperatures holding stable in the low... Read more →

Car Engine Repair Warning Signs

One of the most frightening issues with a car for owners is engine failure. Dealing with expensive engine problems becomes a great source of stress. Often, owners do not realize their vehicle has problems until they experience a breakdown. Thankfully, there are warning signs owners can look for to know when they need to seek intervention from a professional mechanic. What Are the Warning Signs of Engine Repair? When engine problems arise, vehicle owners can get help from Sir Car Part. Ignoring the warning signs below can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Waiting too long to seek repairs will only... Read more →


Editor CNBNews is gathering information for our June CHEERS AND JEERS column. We plan on publishing the column it on Sunday evening, July 2. You don’t have to be from Gloucester City to submit your remarks. And your opinion can be on any topic or about any public figure. Today’s technology opens up the entire world, meaning you can target anything or any public figure for a Cheer or a Jeer. We reserve all rights to edited your submission. And we reserve the right not to publish it if we feel it is slanderous or libelous. Send your opinion to... Read more →