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How to fix the problem of pipe burst professionally?

Design, repair and installation of a water supply system are among the most demanded types of work in the modern construction market. With many years of operation, water supply and heating pipes wear out and burst. Sooner or later, you still have to replace the pipes in the apartment. No matter how we try to postpone this event, pipe burst reminds us that replacement of pipes is necessary. This is often required when renovating a bathroom or kitchen. Replacing water supply pipes has many nuances that must be taken into account. Even small mistakes can turn into big troubles, and... Read more →

U.S. Government is Labeling Concerned Parents As "Domestic Terrorists"

Last week, the nonprofit National School Boards Association (NSBA) wrote a letter to the Biden administration claiming that public school officials are “facing physical threats because of propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory within classroom instruction and curricula.” The NSBA also wrote to the Biden Admin., “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to this request by ordering the FBI to combat “threats of violence” against school... Read more →

Brooklawn and Mt. Ephraim Fire Departments Respond to Bus Fire at New Broadway and Marne Road

photo credit Linda Dewechter (BROOKLAWN, NJ)(August 31, 2021)(CNBNews)--A bus caught on fire in Brooklawn this morning around 10 AM at the intersection of New Broadway and Marne Road. Firefighters from Brooklawn and Mount Ephraim Fire Departments responded to the call. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is not known. Thanks to Linda Dewechter, of Linda Cuts, 115 New Broadway, Brooklawn for the photos. If you see something happening send a text to 856-981-8564 or via email at CNBNews1@gmail.com photos credit Linda Dewechter Read more →

Bookmaker marketing strategy and suggestion to choose best sites

Nowadays, the internet has given more opportunities for betting online. There are several online best-betting sites where the players have several options to choose which bookmakers to use. There are few things to be considered, choosing the best betting site and deciding which bookmaker is best for them. Trust and payment security The first thing to look for is whether or not it has a valid license. Everyone should able to trust the betting site before depositing any money into it. When customers access their website and use encrypted payment methods validated by Visa or MasterCard, betting companies must provide... Read more →

Guest Opinion: I Share Your Plea For Peace

Greetings my friend, It has been some time since we last corresponded. I write to share your plea for peace expressed in your editorial – the Hatred and Ruthlessness Must Stop. The decades of fermenting suspicion, isolation, mistrust, and division - by media and political organizations alike - has boiled over, manifesting these rifts into physical violence on the streets of our communities and in the halls of our uniquely American institutions. At this pivotal juncture in our Union’s history, when it would be easy to drown ourselves in the confluence of political extremism, social outrage, and cancel culturalism, we... Read more →

VIDEO: Kayleigh McEnany Delivers Message from White House: Capitol Hill Violence Was Appalling

RELATED: GUEST OPINION: Why We Oppose Biden's Remark 'Lets All Be A "United States" Again' The Political Elite's $2.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill is Full of Wasteful Spending GUEST OPINION: "All Ya Can Do Is Laugh Somedays" Are Organized Anarchists Behind The Protests? Read more →

Video: Trump Won't Sign Stimulus Package Because Of All The PORK!

WASHINGTON, DC--The $900 BILLION STIMULUS Bill stipulated $198 Billion for the American people and $700 BILLION in "PORK" for "pet projects" of Congress said, President Trump. After going through a list of all the foreign countries that were going to benefit along with naming some of the "pet projects" he mentioned that "families of illegal aliens in this country would be eligible for up $1,800 under this legislation which is far more than what Americans would receive". The President said the nearly 6000-page bill was given to Congress just two hours before they were called to vote on it. Trump... Read more →

Jersey Mike's Subs Makes $300,000 Challenge Grant to Wreaths Across America

Challenge Grant to Spur on a Matching Campaign for $15 Wreath Sponsorships for Placement at Arlington this December COLUMBIA FALLS, ME – Dec. 7, 2020 – Today, national nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) is proud to announce that Jersey Mike’s Subs, a fast-casual sub sandwich franchise with more than 2,500 locations nationwide, has made a $300,000 challenge grant to support the mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, TEACH. Through this donation, Jersey Mike’s has once again stepped up help WAA reach its goal of placing a live balsam veteran’s wreath on every headstone at Arlington National Cemetery. Starting today (Dec. 7), through... Read more →


We can all agree that 2020 has been a very tough year for everyone in many ways. Politics and politicians, changing agendas and priorities along with speculation of wrongdoings and corruption among those in high places have everyone wondering about a variety of things. Add to this that much of the "mainstream" media news and even social media can rarely be counted on anymore for a straight unbiased account or answer about anything. One glaring point that has to be in the minds of many regards the virus called "Covid-19" among other names. While I have no doubt this virus... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Here we are eight days after the 2020 election and we still don't have a decisive winner. President Donald Trump has announced he is contesting the results. And, there is a general consensus the outcome of the contest will be decided by the nine Justices in the U.S. Supreme Court. Tuesday the General Service Administration told the Biden campaign, "GSA administrator, Emily Murphy, will only initiate the transition when a “clear winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.” Also, on Tuesday, 10 attorney generals filed an amicus brief in... Read more →

CNBNews April & May Cheers and Jeers

"No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow." ~MAYA ANGELOU JEER--Did you see the massive graffiti (right-hand top of photo)on the ramp on the 295 Missing Moves project in Bellmawr? Those responsible have added to the cost of the $180 million projects since their scribble will have to be removed. A Hiss! Boo! to whoever is supposed to be keeping the vandals away from that area. No doubt the police are spending their time with the "professional" protestors at the Browning Road gym, a mile away. Here’s hoping... Read more →

What Has Happened To Our Beloved America?

Earl Foster | Guest Columnist (Gloucestercitynews.net)--What has happened to our beloved America? The one known "Land of the free, home of the brave" has now become "Land of the frightened, home of the easily controlled" over a virus. Couple this with the misinformation, media and political manipulation that has driven Americans into a frenzy of fear that has left them hiding in their homes afraid to go out at all, while the Government is busy releasing inmates from prison, furthering their political agendas, and helping to make Americans "Broke, Stoned, and Controlled" akin to the onset of Nazi Germany. The... Read more →

DOJ Charges Unprecedented Number of Elder Fraud Defendants Nationwide; Hotline Launched

Attorney General William P. Barr, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, and Chief Postal Inspector Gary R. Barksdale today announced the largest coordinated sweep of elder fraud cases in history. This year, prosecutors charged more than 400 defendants, far surpassing the 260 defendants charged in cases as part of last year’s sweep. In each case, offenders allegedly engaged in financial schemes that targeted or largely affected seniors. In total, the charged elder fraud schemes caused alleged losses of over a billion dollars. Attorney General Barr made the announcement at an event in Florida entitled “Keeping Seniors Safe,” which outlined his vision... Read more →

14 Coast Guard members receive prestigious medals at Air Station Atlantic City

Members of Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City pose for a photo after an award ceremony where 13 were awarded with Air Medals and one was awarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross, for their actions in Hurricane Harvey and Florence, as well as four search and rescue cases throughout 2018 and 2019, Oct. 9, 2019. Lt. James Rader was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Air Medal was awarded to Lt. Tyler Bittner, Lt. Stephen Bondira, Lt. Jason Brownlee, Lt. Nathaniel Giorgio, Lt. Matthew Hardgrove, Lt. Joshua Mitcheltree, Lt. Joshua Scritchfield, Lt. Kevin Smit, Chief Petty Officer Bradford Fitzpatrick, Petty... Read more →

APRIL Happenings and Events in Philadelphia

Rothman Orthopaedics Presents Center City Fit Returns to Dilworth Park This Spring, Rothman Orthopaedics Presents Center City Fitreturns to Dilworth Park! Enjoy fun, free fitness programs led by top-notch trainers from Optimal Sport Health Clubs 1315 Walnut. Free classes begin on April 15 and run through October 15. Join us every Monday from 6-7 p.m. for Zumba®* and every Tuesday on April 16 - July 23 from 6-7 p.m. for Boot Camp. Beginning on Tuesdays from July 30-October 15, you can fight your way through a cardio kickboxing class from 6-7 p.m. Don't miss a special fitness event, Zumba® Dance... Read more →


MAYS LANDING- A 27 year-old man is charged in connection to the drug induced deaths of two men who he distributed heroin/fentanyl to in Atlantic City, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner announced. Jonathan Porter (PHOTO) is charged with two counts of first-degree Strict Liability Homicide for the Drug-Induced Deaths of Tuan Tran, 31, causing his death on Sept. 24, 2017 in Galloway and David Hinckley, 52, causing his death on Oct. 19, 2017, in Somers Point. Porter is currently in custody at the Atlantic County Jail. Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey represents the state in this matter. This is the... Read more →

Business is Brisk in Beach Haven, Thanks to Reopening Of Surflight Theatre

LBI Theatre and Adjacent Ice Cream Parlour Bring Back Visitors and Buzz BEACH HAVEN, N.J. AUGUST 2, 2017) The reopening of one of the Jersey Shore’s most beloved theatres, the Surflight Theatre, and its next door ice cream shop, the Show Place Ice Cream Parlour, has invigorated the Long Beach Island town of Beach Haven. According to Mayor Nancy Taggert Davis, “The Surflight Theatre has brought vigor and life back to Beach Haven. Local businesses, hotels and restaurants are buzzing this season and reporting record business, thanks to the Surflight Theatre reopening. We love seeing huge lines at The Show... Read more →

Pa. Working to Reduce Veterans' Homelessness

January 20, 2017 Pittsburgh, PA – Today, Governor Wolf attended the VFW’s 53rd Annual Mid-Winter Conference in Pittsburgh. The governor discussed issues faced by veterans in our communities, progress in veterans’ services, and thanked the VFW for working to ensure that veterans across the Commonwealth are getting the support they deserve. “It is our responsibility to take care of those who take care of us every day, through their service to this country,” said Governor Wolf. “Whether you are working in the VFW, working with DMVA, or working with us through the State Veterans Commission, you all are the best... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Instead of Fleeing, Why Don't Refugees and Illegals Fight for their Country?

With much turmoil in our country in regards to illegals, and then also "refugee's" we are all considering many differing thoughts about many differing issues. Noted is the big difference between an "illegal" and a "refugee" and their intended goals. The question that begs to be asked is the motive of either one an honorable one? It has been said many times that an illegal has entered into our country seeking a better life, work and opportunities. Crime statistics, drug trafficking, and gang activity might indicate this motive is debatable indeed. A refugee it can be argued is seeking asylum,... Read more →

Menendez, Booker, Norcross, Redd Applaud $2M Grant to Help Camden Youth

Prepare for, Find, Keep Jobs New Jersey – U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, Representative Donald Norcross and Camden Mayor Dana Redd today applauded nearly $2 million from the U.S. Department of Labor to fund a demonstration project focused on providing young people in Camden with occupational and basic skills training, financial literacy and career awareness as well as links to real work experiences. “Far too many young people in Camden are at risk of being left behind because they don’t have the tools necessary to compete in the new economy --- and we have to change that,” said... Read more →


The world is shocked as a passenger jet MH17 is shot from the skies, and even worse, sickened by how this situation has been handled and lack of response from ANYONE around the world other than meaningless talk. What is called a possible case of "mistaken identity" leading to a passenger jet being shot from the skies by "Pro Russian Rebels" supported and supplied by Russia continues to be an absolute atrocity to humanity. It was bad enough this jet was shot from the sky, but what has happened to date afterwards is a deplorable disgrace. After being shot from... Read more →

One Last Thing

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Over the past several months we have shared many odd and wonderful experiences as well as a few perhaps not so wonderful experiences from my past. In our human condition it is always the hope that what's taken from it is learning and expanding for our minds. Coupled with that is my sincere hope that you have enjoyed reading about these experiences and have gotten something from it that keeps your mind wondering and exploring. As with many things in this life, changes are always constant. Growing, learning, and moving forward is always paramount. Part... Read more →

Happy 4th of July

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net On a recent visit to an area hospital lab for routine blood testing I was afforded an interesting morning. I walked into the lab waiting area, and signed in. I was told to take a seat and someone would be with me soon. I obliged, grabbed a magazine, and sat down and began thumbing through an outdated copy of some sports magazine. As I sat thumbing through pages I got the sensation that the room was very crowded and yet only myself and one other person were in there waiting. I also became keenly aware... Read more →

The House On Cleveland Avenue (Cont.) Part III

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Unexplainable occurrences by this time had become something I was getting used to but my fear grew in spite of that. When the radio was removed from my room due to unexplainable activity is when I realized it wasn't the radio "they" were following. The radio was simply a channel used to make their presence known, an attention getting avenue if you will. I became keenly aware of this when I began seeing shadows and shapes moving through the upstairs hallway of this house coupled with an acute sense of not being alone. It was... Read more →

The House On Cleveland Avenue (Cont.) Part II

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Seeing chairs move on their own would be enough to have any person questioning their sanity and perhaps others question mine even as they read this. Have you ever seen something, or heard something and it left you wondering? I think many people have and some more so than others. My fear in this house grew rapidly and seeing chairs move was the least of my worries I would soon find out. This is the time in my life that I became aware of being in tune and aware of something around other than the... Read more →

The House On Cleveland Avenue

by Earl Foster / CNBNEWS.net The following story is based on true experiences from my childhood. When I was a young boy around the age of 5 our family moved to a house that I will only refer to as "The House On Cleveland Avenue" as to not give its exact location. When my Mother first looked at the house to consider buying I was along when she met the realtor. I would not enter the house and insisted on waiting in the car. I knew immediately I wanted nothing to do with this house let alone live there. The... Read more →

Understanding An Empathic Psychic Medium

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net An empathic person as I have pointed out in the past just seems to know things. Sometimes they aren't even sure why they know it, they just do. An empathic pyshic medium who has real abilities or "gifts" as they are sometimes referred to struggles with many things. Even their own emotions can play tricks on them. Imagine an extremely heightened sensation of everything around you and always trying to sort out what is your own, or perhaps someone else's. Everyone has felt empathy at times. Have you ever felt bad for another person, or... Read more →

The Empathic Symptoms

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Some symptoms, or behavior that indicate a persons empathic abilities are known to many of us. One of them is "knowing". Empaths just know things but its a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings. Have you ever experienced a situation and you "just knew" and you weren't even sure why or how? Another is sympathy pain, or picking up the on the ailments of others, empaths are keenly in tune and can often forewarn of things. I have on several occasions experienced predicting pregnancies, even before the Mother knew of it herself.... Read more →

Can We Have Empathic Traits ?

by Earl Foster / CNBNew.net We as human beings struggle to make sense of everything in our lives. The mind always clamors for logical answers. When psychic empathic traits or experienced sometimes those answers are elusive and confounding. I have read much about different levels and types of empathy. Have you ever experienced something "odd or weird" that you just could not explain? Some of the levels I have learned about are as follows and perhaps they may shed light on something you have wondered about. Twin Flame Telepathy – Said to be the empathic ability to read people's thoughts.... Read more →

Altered States Of Consciousness

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Much has been written about our conscious mind and altered states. Being a bit tipsy or even under the influence of drugs is of course one altered state of consciousness, but I am talking about something a bit deeper going on in our minds.When we are fully asleep is a good example. We pass through various phases of sleep to achieve what science refers to as "REM" state, or the rapid eye movement of sleep. This is reportedly the deepest stage of sleep and is considered an altered state of consciousness. During this stage although... Read more →

Gifted Or Cursed ?

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net I have been considered by many to be what is referred to as an "Empathic Psychic Medium". Family members, friends or associates who have experienced certain things with me have widely accepted that it just happens sometimes. I am thankful for that acceptance and cherish them for it. Many do not share their acceptance. Many ignore it because they do not want to know. Others take a dim view of it as trickery and sorcery. Others see it as something evil to be shunned and pushed away. The question of "Gifted or Cursed" is something... Read more →

Sometimes You Just Know

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net At times our intuition tells us certain things. We don't always listen to it and even more rarely do we follow it. Sometimes intuition goes against what we know or want, making it even more difficult to trust. Have you ever had a "gut feeling" or thought "I should really do this" and regretted later not following that instinct? I think we have all been on that page at some time or other. Intuition can be difficult to understand. In retrospect to that it can also be said that "Sometimes you just know". This is... Read more →

The Human Aura

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net The human condition is a phrase I have used in prior articles I have written and something we are all familiar with. While remaining subjective and even objective, one thing most would agree on is that we are spiritual beings living inside of a human body. Does this lend credibility to the idea spirits exist? Do the worlds, or planes of existence sometimes collide making themselves known to those on all sides? These are question we may never have definitive answers for although many search for answers. It is with this in mind we think... Read more →

The Piano Teacher

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net Sometimes those interested or involved in learning about the paranormal and spiritual things refer to some encounters or experiences as "residual" spirits. They are just there, and continue to do what they do or did in life. Have you ever had the feeling that a passed loved one is still around at times? On a more recent visit at the request of the home owner to a home in South Jersey, I believe I had such an encounter with someone still doing what they did in life. The home owner contacted me suspecting that perhaps... Read more →

Interesting Visit (Part II)

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net I was certainly glad to see some people share their interesting observations and thoughts on last week's photograph and thank you for sharing you thoughts about what you saw. I am now submitting the photograph again only this time with a red outline around something I see. Along with that I will share some background on where the photograph was taken and the history of the place in which it was taken. Other than the red outline I put it, once again the photo is unedited or enhanced. I realize it is subject to monitor... Read more →

CNBNews CHEERS and JEERS for March 2014

BY CNBNEWS.NET JEER—To the contracted snow plow trucks who stage in the Brooklawn Diner parking lot. They sit there for 10 hours prior to a snow storm doing nothing except annoying home owners by shining their bright lights at the backs of people houses and windows. Aside from this obnoxious inconsiderate behavior is the curious question; does the county get billed for this at the tax payers expense? CHEER—To the Gloucester City Public Works department and the Gloucester City Fire Department for acting quickly to close the Lane Avenue Park when the electric poll was leaning over. By closing the... Read more →

Interesting Visit

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net In this article I am submitting a photograph for your consideration. The photograph was taken by me at an undisclosed (for now) location. It has not been retouched, or enhanced or edited in anyway. It was taken with a simple digital camera and downloaded to PC, cropped a section of it and posted here for you to see. (Photo taken by: Earl Foster) After looking at it and considering the picture with no prior knowledge given to you yet, I would like to hear from some of you and ask you "What do you see"... Read more →

Encounter With Evil

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net In last weeks column I made mention of a "dark entity" that I encountered when I was very young. Thinking of such things conjures up all sorts of images in our minds. It can invoke fears in us we would rather not subject ourselves to. Does this mean if we ignore them or choose not to acknowledge the dark things, do they no longer exist? In my humble opinion, absolutely not !! Rest assured that if we indeed believe in the good we also acknowledge our belief in the evil. Even in our human condition... Read more →

Intervening Angels

by Earl Foster / CNBNews.net I think everyone has at some point either heard, or coined the phrase "The angels must of been looking out for you" at some time or other. Perhaps a close call or a dangerous encounter of any kind has led you to wonder about this yourself. Have you ever seriously thought about the implications of that? Where did this idea come from or is it truly possible that they do indeed watch over and protect us? While we realize it is subjective and there are a wide variety of opinions about it there are also... Read more →

The Body

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net One of the most astounding events I have ever experienced took place in Sept. of 1994 while serving as a volunteer Firefighter in our borough. It was during this event I experienced some of the strongest sensations and loudest voice that I could remember in many years. This is a documented event and was covered in the media as well. I will now share this event for your consideration. This a true story in my own words. It is verifiable on the internet through news resources although I will not mention names or specifics out... Read more →

Lasting Impressions

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net When a person is thought to possess certain abilities people refer to it "being gifted". I can certainly see how it is thought to be a gift and used for good. I can also see how it can also be a curse at times as well. One such experience that I had when I was 5 years old left a lifelong impression that has remained with me vividly and affected a lot of my decisions in regards to strange experiences. I spent a lot of years in denial and fear choosing largely to try and... Read more →


By CNBNews CHEER—The Gloucester City High School Varsity Girls Bowling Team won the Olympic Conference Freedom Championship this year. Also this year they won the South Jersey Group 1 title, placed first at the Sectionals and placed Second in the state finals for Group 1. Three of the five girls on the team are graduating seniors. Members of the team include: Kelsey Keenan, Colleen Kraus, Gina Beebe, Karly Goldschmidt, Kelly Higginbotham, Danielle Smith and Stephanie Wimer. Colleen Kraus placed in the top 18 at sectionals, qualifying her as an individual at states. Career criminal Nathanial Maybin age 29 JEER—A loser... Read more →

Feeling, Sensing, and Knowing....Empathy.

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net The very term "Empathic Psychic Medium" stirs our subjective thoughts and gives us pause. Empathy is to feel, sense and be very aware of the emotions, feelings, and even at times the motives of others. Everyone has at least some degree of empathy. I believe empathy to be a part of the human condition. How deep can a person's empathy really go? Can we really get to a point where we can indeed, see or feel and sense others? Would this include those on the spiritual existence? (Photo taken by Earl Foster) In last weeks... Read more →

It's Not Always About Us

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net (Photo: By Earl Foster "Face in the window") The subject of paranormal activity can be very subjective. Based upon who you talk with or who's opinion is being expressed you get a wide variety of thoughts. Certain circles even consider it taboo to even speak of it as if it has a stigma attached to it casting those who do attempt to gain understanding in an unacceptable light. A large part of understanding just about anything is of course acceptance. How can someone understand what they cannot accept? Acceptance is one large step in understanding... Read more →

Have you ever asked yourself "What Just Happened" ?

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net The "human condition" as it is sometimes referred to always seems to make us look for the logical order of things. We look for logical explanations of things based on what is known to us, the familiar and comfortable reasons. Each of us has wondered at some point in time "What just happened" ? Sometimes we don't find a logical explanation. When this occurs we struggle with that age old question of "What just happened" ? Its a question I have also wrestled with many times throughout my life. I don't profess to be able... Read more →

Light Source Paranormal

By Earl Foster/CNBNews.net Everyone experiences unusual or seemingly unexplainable occurances at some time. Some choose to ignore it as coincidence. Others choose to find logical explanations but don't really find one. Others endeavor to explore further and seek answers. If your like me than you fall into this last category. I am Earl Foster and I seek to find answers in something that seems more spiritual then our physical selves. I seek answers and knowledge because I have had many unusual experiences and unexplainable occurances over the course of many years. In future editions of this column I will share... Read more →