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How to Study and Remember Everything 

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 23, 2020)--As the exams are approaching, many students spend days and nights memorizing the course material. Yet, to perform your best in college, you need to comprehend and understand what you’re studying. To improve your memory and comprehension, use the tips below for an effective revision. To study effectively, you need to make room from other academic tasks and papers. For example, a professional online paper edit company essay-editor.net can fix grammar in your essay. You’ll get your written assignment improved by the best... Read more →

New Jersey Faces $10 Billion Revenue Deficit

By Kim Jarrett | The Center Square (The Center Square) – New Jersey is facing a nearly $10 billion revenue shortfall through the end of fiscal year 2021, according to a report issued by state Treasurer Elizabeth Maher Muoio. Gloucestercitynews.net graphic file A $2.72 billion deficit is projected for the remainder of fiscal 2020, which was extended from June 30 to Sept. 30. A deficit of $7.2 billion is projected by the end of fiscal 2021. The state saw a steep decline in revenues in... Read more →

Plan, Ideate, and Take Risks like Boris Wolfman to Make Your Business a Raging Success 

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 22, 2020)--No entrepreneur wants to launch his/her business and not expect profits! Business isn't about becoming complacent after attaining the initial gains. Instead, it is essential to move ahead and embrace the best technological aid, innovative thinking, and systems to achieve more success, an increased customer base, and returns on investment. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur and want your business venture to attain incremental success, follow the best business practices. There's no substitute for consistent effort, smart thinking, constant innovation, and careful planning... Read more →

*Indonesians Have More Than Money on The Line When Playing Online Poker

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 19, 2020)--The popularity of situs poker online has reached every corner of the world. It is bringing new opportunism and exciting players in the world of online gaming. The boom is partly due to the lockdown imposed all over the world due to COVID-19 as people are spending more and more time on the internet. This global pandemic has given rise to the number of people who play poker online rather than the traditional way. One of the fastest-growing markets is surprising; a country... Read more →

*Marvelous Tips to Play Slot Online Games Effectively

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 19, 2020)--Playing games online prevents you from distractions. The game player just focuses on his next move and quickly absorbs the steps taken in the game. In addition to this, he gets prevented from the noise of crowds, which is much more common when people are playing games in the real world. Casino online games can be played anywhere and at any time. People rush towards casinos to try out their luck. One of the most common games at the casino is playing slot... Read more →

Leaks: Common Causes and Their Fixes

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 14, 2020)--The last thing you need is to find a leak in your house. Not only is it usually an indicator of a bigger problem (like bad plumbing or a hole in the roof), but water ingress can cause all sorts of problems, such as mold and staining. It’s best to fix leaks right away, too. That tiny drip may only need a heavy rainfall to become a huge torrent of water, causing possibly life-threatening issues if it gets anywhere near electrics or causes... Read more →

NJBIA List Business Recovery Resources

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association has updated its website to include New Jersey Business Recovery resources that will serve not only the general public, but also members of the media. Currently found at njbia.org/recovery are the following information sources: The New Jersey Recovery and Reinvention Framework: A document submitted to Gov. Phil Murphy and the Legislature on May 2, detailing a four-prong approach to the safe and effective reopening of New Jersey businesses. Best Practices and Reopening Plans by Sector and Geographic Areas,... Read more →

Tips To Prepare For A Hurricane

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 13, 2020)--A hurricane can destroy everything that you’ve spent years building. However, if you take proper precautions and prepare well, you can save both lives and property during the storm. Keep reading to learn more about hurricane preparedness. When Is Hurricane Season Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. NASA categorizes them as Planet Earth's most violent storm. They fall into five categories based on the speed of the sustained winds: Category 1 hurricane – 74 to 95 mph sustained winds speed Category 2 hurricane – 96... Read more →

How do wars affect children?

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 12, 2020)--It is a proven fact that the wealth of a nation not only lies so much in its economical and natural resources but lies more in the quality of the care in upbringing and educational wealth of its children. It assumes importance as children are the ones who are going to be the creators and developers of a nation’s tomorrow. Today’s children are the adults of tomorrow and will be deciding the destiny of our society and nation tomorrow. That-is-why, it is of... Read more →

47 Employees of Thermoseal® Industries LLC, Gloucester City to be Laid Off June 30

Thermoseal shipping department 600 Jersey Avenue at 5th Street, Gloucester City (CNBNews photo) (Gloucester City, NJ)(May 11, 2020)—Senneca Holdings, Fifth Street, and Jersey Avenue, the parent company of Thermoseal® Industries LLC have filed a notice with the State of New Jersey that it will layoff 47 employees at its Gloucester City plant effected June 30. Senneca Holdings Corporate Office located on 5th Street, Gloucester City (CNBNews photo) Established in 1956, Thermoseal manufactures and sells doors and insulating glass units used as part of the display,... Read more →

3 Tips for Promoting Sales on Social Channels

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 8, 2020)--Everything your business does should have a clear link to your sales funnel and customer service. For example, you must know how your content builds brand awareness, sells your product, or serves your customers so that they are happy enough with the product to buy more in the future. This is why you need a strategy to get the most out of social media instead of simply posting pictures, especially if you want to dramatically increase your sales. Here are 3 tips for... Read more →

The History and Rise of Mobile Gaming

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 8, 2020)--Mobile technology has completely transformed the way businesses operate and how consumers spend their cash. Here’s a remarkable statistic: most people across the globe unlock their devices on average 79 times daily. So, it’s no wonder that most sectors are tapping into this potentially extraordinary customer base. The improvements in internet technology and the proliferation of Wi-Fi connections in public spaces means that people can stay connected with ease. And modern smartphones and tablets, which have improved hardware capabilities and can render high-quality... Read more →

Managing Hedge Funds – Outwitting Cybercriminals

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 8, 2020)--The world is seeing rapid growth and development in cybercrime today. The hidden threat that is cybercrime often makes use of computers as the object of the crime or as a tool to commit the offense. These tech-savvy criminals utilize the world wide web and its vulnerabilities to access a wide array of confidential information about a person, business, or government. These crimes are audacious, sophisticated, and organized, with negative impacts which are genocidal in scale. Everyone can be a target and victim... Read more →

Kevin David the YouTube Money Making Guru

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 6, 2020)--If you have ever looked into any kind of internet mastermind or who the most popular internet marketer is, there is a very good chance that you have come across the likes of Kevin David. Or maybe you tried to start selling some type of product on amazon and were having trouble making any type of real profit, so you did a quick online search for help and came across Keven David. Ever tried to do any kind of Facebook ads or sell... Read more →

Getting a DUI in Ventura County

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 6, 2020)--If you live in Ventura County in the Golden State, you may have partied too much once or twice, and ended up getting behind the wheel and having an accident or getting pulled over. Ventura County doesn’t take DUI’s lightly, and they also don’t tolerate drinking and driving at any cost. Therefore, they’ll do everything they can to enforce heavy restitutions and more. Think you’re safe because it’s your first time? Think again! Many first time offenders have had to deal with the... Read more →

Tips for Hiring Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 6, 2020)--If you’ve ever had trouble with the law because you decided to have a few drinks, and then drive (while you were still sober or not), then you may end up facing a very expensive ticket – and they’re no laughing matter. DUI’s are very serious offenses that can end up taking up more than just your license and your reputation – it can even lead to jail time and very serious fines that can cost you thousands. Fortunately, if you hire a... Read more →

Brad Beman: How to use magnetic marketing for outgrowing your sales?

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 6, 2020)--Whether you are selling a product or a service or promoting it, magnetic marketing works without fail. The process attracts leads to your website by offering the customers a valuable asset in exchange. Several entrepreneurs follow this strategy to expand their target audience. For instance, an online ad can say click here to get a discount of twenty percent on your order, only for the first hundred customers. This causes a level of excitement in the people who see this ad, instantly going... Read more →

Jared J Davis Straight From Ohio: Three Major Reasons Most Small Businesses Fail

(and how to stop it from happening to your business) (Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 6, 2020)--People who catch the entrepreneurial bug quickly discover that the journey is wrought with highs and lows. Hopefully, after putting in the hard work, and the right work, you will be met with joy at the sight of your thriving business. The bliss of every entrepreneur is to count the returns of their labor. Sadly, as many small business owners have come to find out, this is not always the case. What the... Read more →

Cape May County Has Antibody Testing

Cape May Court House- The number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase, New Jersey has 128,269 total COVID-19 cases and 7,910 deaths. Cape May County’s total has increased by 10 cases, making a total of 371 cases in the county. In total, 25 Cape May County residents have passed away due to complications from COVID-19. The most recent passing involves a 70-year-old male from Middle Township as well as a 72-year-old male from Lower Township. “It is with great sadness that we announce more lives... Read more →

Believe safety, security, and COVID-19 contact tracing is paramount?

New app gives users all the features they need! Kazoo, a new app focused on being an all-in-one emergency response resource, is seeking investors to bring final product to market WASHINGTON, D.C. – (May 4, 2020) – What if your phone could immediately alert authorities and your family and friends about a potentially unsafe situation you are in? Not only can the new app Kazoo do that, but it does a lot more, too. Launching in June, the new app offers all the things that... Read more →

CNBNews Book Bites: Two Works of Fiction and Two Poignant Memoirs

“Feels Like Falling” by Kristy Woodson Harvey (NAPSI)—You’ve just lost your mother to cancer, your sister to her evangelical husband, and your husband to his executive assistant. Right when Gray Howard could use some good karma, she inadvertently gets a stranger fired from her job at the local pharmacy. Hours before losing her job, Diana Harrington broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of their house. Lucky for her, Gray has an empty guesthouse and a guilty conscience. With Gray’s kindness, Diana’s tide begins... Read more →

Camden County Parks Now Open

(Camden City, NJ) – In accordance with Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order announced earlier all county parks will reopen beginning on Saturday, May 2. At the same time, all state parks in New Jersey will reopen, including Wharton State Forest which stretches into the southeastern part of the county. Pursuant to the governor’s order, playgrounds, pavilions, visitor centers, and restrooms will remain closed. Picnics, organized activities, and team sports will remain prohibited. Parking will be limited to 50 percent capacity in order to ensure social... Read more →

Three Instagram marketing mistakes that Instagram users often commit

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 2, 2020)--The social platform Instagram has been around for 10 years now. It first launched in 2010 as a mobile application for photography lovers where they can upload images and videos and share those with the rest of the world. Since 2010 many things on Instagram have changed. Now this application is a whole new world. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month. Two years after the development of Instagram the application became so viral that Face Book acquired it. Moreover... Read more →

Top Dirt Bike Boots Sizing Guide – MX Motocross Review

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 2, 2020)--If you must ride a dirt bike and enjoy all the fun it is associated with you will need to keep your body protected. There are lots of equipment that can be used in doing this. One of them is a pair of boots. Riding a dirt bike is rough and usually puts a lot of strain on your calves, ankles, and feet. You will, therefore, need to put on the right pair boots if you must keep your legs out of danger... Read more →

Benefits of Choosing the Top Wall Mount Rack Cabinet for Your Electronics

(Gloucestercitynews.net)May 2, 2020)--People need rack cabinets for various reasons. Regardless of what this reason, there is a lot a rack cabinet can do for the average person. There are various types of rack cabinets. Some of them are wall mount rack cabinets, enclosed, desktop, open frame, etc. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on wall mount rack cabinets. A wall mount rack cabinet is a type of rack cabinet that gets attached to the wall. This is quite obvious from their name.... Read more →

Expat Tax Planning - Everything You Need To Know

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 2, 2020)--If you are planning to work overseas or if you want to retire in another country, then you need to know that your tax status will be affected. If you want to make sure that you don’t end up making a bad decision with your money or if you need to try and maximize your finances then you can find out everything you need to know right here. Living and Working Abroad Expat taxes are a very complicated affair. If you do not... Read more →

Anxiety with CBD - How CBD Oil Drops and CBD Capsules can Work Wonders to Help with Anxiety

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(May 2, 2020)--With all of the different stressors that you deal with on a daily basis, it can leave you feeling like there is no hope in sight and have you constantly looking for some type of relief. With that being said, there are more and more people every day who are finding that CBD oil is able to provide them with the relief that they are looking for. But what about when it comes to dealing with anxiety? Anxiety is one of those things... Read more →

Murphy Takes Heat Even as NJ Edges Toward Cautious Reopening

APRIL 30, 2020 This story was written and produced by NJ Spotlight. It is being republished under a special NJ News Commons content-sharing agreement related to COVID-19 coverage. To read more, visit njspotlight.com JOHN MOONEY | APRIL 30, 2020 | CORONAVIRUS IN NJ Before his high-profile Restart and Recovery Commission even gets a chance to meet, Gov. Phil Murphy is starting to feel the heat from other folks with plenty of their own advice — solicited or not — about when and how to reopen... Read more →

Cars and a Home Struck by Bullets in Riverview Hts. Section of Gloucester City; Police Investigating

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews.net (GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)(April 30, 2020)--CNBNews received a tip this evening from a Gloucester City resident who asked about a car being hit by bullets on Thursday morning (April 30, 2020) in the Riverview Heights section of the City. Police Lt. Steve Burkhardt, spokesperson for the Gloucester City Police said, "On Thursday, April 30 at 10:21 AM police were dispatched to the 900 Block of Powell Street for a vandalism report. Upon arrival, it was determined that two vehicles parked... Read more →


AMBASSADOR OF AMERICAN HUMANE SOCIETY AVAILABLE TO DISCUSS SYMPTOMS & CDC GUIDELINES TO STOP SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS AMONG DOGS NEW YORK, NY (April 29, 2020) – America has its first case of canine coronavirus, with a North Carolina pug being the first American dog with the virus that has proved so deadly among humans. The dog contracted the virus after living in a household with a mother, father, and son who have all tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The family’s daughter, second dog, and... Read more →

Top Blunders That Expose You to the Risk of Online Identity Theft 

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(April 29, 2020)--One of the areas that have witnessed the most radical transformation due to digital technologies is the banking and financial services, which has unfortunately also exposed us greatly to the threat of online identity theft and financial frauds. According to https://www.bbc.com, the $3.5 billion worth of cyber-crimes has been reported to the FBI in 2019 alone, most of the scams involving phishing and extortion. The increasing level of sophistication is making it harder for people to distinguish the fake from the real. Some... Read more →

EJ Dalius lists out the marketing challenges for small business and start-up entrepreneurs

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(April 29, 2020)--Entrepreneurship is challenging! Start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners are always brainstorming to come up with ways that will help them expand their business. From finance, brand promotion to marketing – they have to resolve every challenge that comes their way. EJ Dalius outlines pertinent entrepreneurial marketing challenges Start-up and small business entrepreneurs state that they face hurdles with multiple business aspects. It’s a challenging task. And one can master it with adequate data and help from staff and other business experts. They... Read more →

Mayor Kenney Announces $10 Million Small Business Loan Fund

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney today announced a partnership with Goldman Sachs and Lendistry to provide $10 million in potentially forgivable SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans to help Philadelphia small businesses, including non-profit organizations, weather the economic impact of COVID-19. Building upon its 10,000 Small Businesses initiative, Goldman Sachs has committed the funding for loans for small businesses in the Philadelphia region, with a focus on urban marginalized communities, in a partnership with Lendistry, a leading community development financial institution (CDFI). Businesses can apply... Read more →

Best Strategies to Become an Experienced Lottery Player Online

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(April 28, 2020)--Anyone who wants to try their luck and wants to become a millionaire overnight should try their luck in an online lottery game. Anyone can get lucky any day suddenly after trying their luck for several years. Several players have been waiting for several years for their luck to shine. If you have tried to win a lottery game for several years, but you had no luck, it's time to use the right strategies. Online lottery games are very easy to win, but... Read more →

The Legal Side of Freelancing: 4 Things to Consider 

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(April 27, 2020)--The gig economy has never been more encouraging for freelancers. Today, it is as easy as registering on a freelancer marketplace to start your self-employment career. Oftentimes, these platforms take care of every single aspect of your job, including the contract and working terms, leaving you plenty of room to focus on your work. However, not every freelancing gig happens through these networks. You could meet clients outside these platforms with whom you enter into long-term working relationships. Or, you have established yourself... Read more →