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Several Gloucester City Residents Attacked By A Bleeding Crazy Man

"The man was so strong he broke the handcuffs in half," ~said One Neighbor William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ -December 1, 2023--Around 9:30 PM Thursday this reporter was sitting in the back room of our house writing an article about an upcoming trial. The room was quiet, but I heard a muffled sound coming from the direction of nearby North Harley Avenue, which is the street behind us. My best friend, Peyton was lying on the floor in front of me snoring. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran towards our back patio door; undoubtedly, she heard... Read more →

Continued, A Salute To Bill "The Pen" Cleary

CONTINUED, A SALUTE TO BILL "THE PEN" CLEARY by John Reynolds I never got back to Gloucester City much after my parents passed away, but I liked reading about the people and places I hadn't seen in years. Bill's site was my link to the town where I went to school and where my parents spent the last part of their lives. The last few years. I started spending more time on local sites rather than the large media news sources that I used to read. I've read the big-name columnists, literary and film critics, and reporters, keeping up with... Read more →

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Missing Person, Taron Parker, age 33 from Bergen Sq.

RELATED CATEGORY MISSING PERSON (Camden City, NJ) – The Camden County Police Department is looking for a missing adult from Bergen Square. Taron Parker, 33, has been reported missing from his home on the 600 block of Cherry Street. He is described as a black male, 5’2”, 155 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a black and royal blue hoodie and black jeans. He is known to frequent the Walter Rand Transportation Center, the Broadway Corridor and the White Horse Pike corridor. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the CCPD... Read more →

CNBNews Editor Faces Trespassing, Theft Charges

UPDATED November 26, 2023 William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews It has been ten years since John Reynolds first published his article " A Salute to Bill "The Pen" Cleary. I read it ever so often whenever I need a pick-me-up. It is nice to be appreciated. SEE Reynolds ARTICLE BELOW Tuesday, November 21, 2023, I appeared in Gloucester City Municipal Court to answer two trespassing charges for walking around the Cold Springs Elementary School and one theft charge. I took a children's bench that I thought was trash. When I learned that it wasn't trash, I contacted the police,... Read more →

The Federal Government's Plot to Censor Americans' Political Speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government have released an interim staff report titled "The Weaponization of 'Disinformation' Pseudo-experts and Bureaucrats: How the Federal Government Partnered with Universities to Censor Americans' Political Speech." The report exposes how the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Global Engagement Center (GEC) of the State Department colluded with Stanford University and other entities to create the Election Integrity Partnership. This partnership was established to censor Americans' speech leading up to the 2020 election. The report further... Read more →

Amazon Consumer Tips: This time of year, we often see a surge in impersonation scams.

Stay safe by learning to identify and avoid them.   In impersonation scams, a scammer reaches out to you pretending to be someone you trust to get sensitive information like social security numbers, bank information, or Amazon account details. Scammers change tactics quickly making them hard to detect. Scam Trend: Email attachment scams Scammers send emails posing as Amazon and include pdf attachments stating that your account will be suspended or on hold. These attachments prompt you to click on a fraudulent link to “update your account.” These links lure you to provide personal information such as payment information or... Read more →

Scam Artist Uses Facebook to Swindle You & I

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (NOVEMBER 12, 2023)(CNBNews)--Last Thursday, I received a Facebook message from Maya Loss, who claimed to work for Facebook. She stated that I was one of the 12 winners of $900,000 and instructed me to contact her immediately for the delivery arrangements. Upon visiting her page, I found her photo alongside a vehicle with a Facebook logo on the driver's side door. It's important to note that I have not participated in any contests or giveaways, and I strongly advise everyone to be cautious of such messages. When I first received her... Read more →

Douglass Mackey Needs Your Help!


On January 26, 2021–six days after Joe Biden was inaugurated– eight FBI and other law DOUGLAS MACKEY enforcement agents showed up at Douglass Mackey’s home and arrested him on felony charges with a ten-year maximum sentence. His crime: posting a Twitter meme which mocked Hillary Clinton supporters he posted almost five years earlier. Mackey had run the pro-Trump twitter account @RickyVaughn99. The government claimed his satirical posts joking about “texting to vote” constituted a conspiracy on "social media to spread disinformation relevant to the impending 2016 Presidential Election." Specifically, the government was concerned that "disinformation spread by these individuals often... Read more →

Peyton and Me: Visiting Mount Ephraim, Westville and Gloucester City

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews MOUNT EPHRAIM, NJ --The Black Horse Tavern at 13 Black Horse Pike, Mount Ephraim, owned by Bobby Ray Harris, is now open to the public. In 2019, Harris acquired the former Guiseppi's Restaurant. From late 2019, when he purchased it, up until this year, he has faced several challenges that have hindered him from opening the tavern. One of the challenges Harris faced was the deteriorating condition of the building that housed the old restaurant, built back in 1922. The situation was so bad that Harris had to demolish the building and rebuild it... Read more →

CASE SOLVED: A "Dumpster Diver" is the Culprit...UPDATED

CNBNews photo Behind the Cold Springs School is an area explicitly used for trash and broken school equipment that is being thrown away. Usually, there are several dumpsters sitting there, also. Next to the blue storage trailer in the distance is a fenced area with a padlock on the gate where items not being thrown out are kept. (photo below) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 11, 2023)--The photo of the bench was taken on October 7, 2023, in the dumpster area behind the Cold Springs school complex. We first noticed it several weeks prior. Around the same time, and over the... Read more →

Our Best Friends: Trooper, Sheba, Misty, Bear, Nikki, Lacey, and Erica...Gone Too Soon...

UPDATED WITH NEW PHOTOS and information William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet Lacey is on the left, and Erica is on the right. Friends from the first day they met. (CNBNews photo) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (First published July 4, 2022)(CNBNews)--We have been very fortunate to own many excellent Labrador retrievers over 60 years of marriage. Three of our eight Labdores were therapy dogs. Today, Peyton holds down that title. Before her, the two pictured, Lacey and Erica, performed those duties. Seeing the faces of senior citizens and hospital patients brighten when we walk into their room with our dog is... Read more →

A Visit with Mom and Dad Leads to Unusual Encounter with a Rarely Seen Animal

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill (October 1, 2023) photo credit CNBNews CHERRY HILL, NJ (October 5, 2023)(CNBNews)--Last Sunday morning, around 10:30 A.M., I met up with my parents at Calvary for coffee and cinnamon buns. I came from nearby Wegmens, so my coffee was nice and hot. We chatted for a while. Like many other times I have visited my parents and my grandparents, who are nearby, I end up doing most of the talking. While we were enjoying the nice weather, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. Because of... Read more →


UPDATED: CHEER --To Alex Tedesco for arranging the Community Clean Up/Schreader event Day. JEER - To Gloucester City mayor and council for not publicly acknowledging 9/11, now called Patriots Day. CHEER—Happy 175 th Anniversary to St. Mary’s RC Church, Gloucester Cty. This past Sunday the parish pecial Mass on Sunday, September 17th and Joe Rafferty’s homily featuring many of the major players that played an important part in the growth and longevity of St. Mary’s. JEER- Can anyone explain why Gloucester City property taxes increased by more than a $1,000. Is it asking to much for our mayor or a... Read more →

Why Did Gloucester City Property Taxes Increase By A $1000

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Many residents of Gloucester City were shocked to see their property taxes increase this year by as much as $1,000, and in some cases even more. When this happens someone has to look into the reason why. There will be several, no many, allocations of your tax money which may surprise you but the one documented below should startle you. Conner, Strong, & Buckelew (read this as King George Norcross) is hereby appointed as Risk Management Consultant. The services are provided through Camden County Joint Insurance Fund and there is not a specific cost associated with... Read more →

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We have been made aware of reports claiming that CNBNews published a story about the alleged passing of DelVal Football Coach Bill Manlove. We want to make it clear that we have not released any article regarding his death or any contradictory information Occasionally, we may re-publish an article that we believe readers would find interesting. On July 11, 2011, we published an article about Manlove's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana. On August 14, 2023, we re-published the same article with the headline "Memories of Gloucester City: GHS Football Coach Bill Manlove." We... Read more →

Why Is This Still Happening?

Boyertown Pa Man Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Officer on Jan. 6 at Capitol

Defendant Allegedly Sprayed Police Line with a Chemical Irritant Recent reports from the George Washington Program on Extremism reveal that the FBI has arrested a total of 940 individuals in connection to the events of January 6. Out of those, 43 have been convicted, 481 have pleaded guilty, and 382 are currently awaiting trial. While most of those awaiting trial have been released on bail, some are being held in prison, some for over two years. Around 40 such prisoners are being held in the D.C. prison, but it's unclear if there are more in other locations. It's been 33... Read more →

Peyton and Me Meandering through the Streets of Gcity, Cherry Hill, Down the Shore

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews FOND MEMORIES OF THE BROWN STREET SCHOOL-Today, the demolition process of Brown Street School, Brown and Somerset Streets commenced. Gloucester City taxpayers will bear the cost of $324,265 for this work. Caravella Demolition, based in Newark, NJ, is the contractor assigned to carry out this task. The contract outlines the specific duties that Caravella must perform. 1. Environmental/Asbestos Abatement 11,800 SF 2. Demolition of Former School Structures, Contents and All Other Debris Whether Above or Below Ground at 51 South Brown Street, Block 151 Lot 15, Final Restorations and Grading to within 6" of... Read more →



William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews CNBNews photo taken at 8 PM Monday evening, August 21, 2023. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? Just a few feet from Broadway, a major route in and out of Gloucester City, there is a heap of garbage obstructing the pedestrian walkway. In the backyard of the property, there is a 20-foot boat. Click the photo you’ll find gas cans, oily rags, tires, car parts, and junk. How did this happen? The city mandates that all rental properties undergo annual inspections by the Housing Office and Fire Department. GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 21, 2023)(CNBNews)--We have recently... Read more →

CNBNews Monthly Cheers and Jeers Column

By CNBNews Staff animated congratulations images CHEER—I would like to extend congratulations to Mayor Dayl Baile and the council members of Gloucester City, including George Berglund, James Johnson, Nancy Baus, Sam Budesa, Robert Page, and Derek Timm. They have made efforts to ensure that the residents they serve will not lose their title of living in the city with the highest property taxes in the state. It is noteworthy that Gloucester City has held this distinction since 2018 and is one of only 30 communities out of 565 in NJ that can boast of this honor. We are fortunate to... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY : The Start of Political Nepotism in the City of Gloucester City

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Investigative Reporter GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (SEPTEMBER 13, 2023)--Nepotism is new in Gloucester City if 1933 is considered new. The City Council, on November 10, 1933, approved using the Civil Service plan for getting and keeping employees. Before that, there were actually two police departments, two fire Departments, etc. However, only one group worked at a time, as there was a Democratic structure and a Republican structure. If the Democrats won the general election in town, the Democratic employees went to work, and the Republicans were unemployed. Some years it was the opposite. Here is a portion... Read more →

Gloucester City’s Summer Concert Tonight!

Summer Concert Series Update Come relax at the Gloucester City waterfront for the Summer Concert Series and enjoy live music, food & beer garden, and community fun. Up this coming Tuesday, August 8 is Rogers & Butler - a melodic duo with amazing songwriting talents and features opening act and local favorite Michele Harron. The show starts at 7:00pm. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy a beautiful night in a relaxed breezy waterfront setting. Special this week: The Gloucester City-Brooklawn Rotary Club will be firing up the grill and serving food, snacks and hosting the beer garden! Upcoming Shows:... Read more →


CNBNewsnetMonday August 7, , 2023 CNBNews is currently working on a column called "Cheer and Jeer", which is also referred to as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". If there is anyone or anything you believe deserves recognition for either a positive or negative reason, now is the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts. CNBNews graphic file Send your remarks to [email protected] Everyone can participate. You need not be from Gloucester City. Residents from neighboring communities are also welcome. Thank You for your help. William E. Cleary Sr Editor Read more →


CNBNews is currently working on a column called "Cheer and Jeer", which is also referred to as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". If there is anyone or anything that you believe deserves recognition for either a positive or negative reason, now is the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts. CNBNews graphic file Send your remarks to [email protected] Everyone can participate. You need not be from Gloucester City. Residents from neighboring communities are also welcome. Thank You for your help. William E. Cleary Sr Editor Read more →


What Can Gloucester City Do For Me

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 20, 2023)(CNBNews)--For the last three years, our "Chief of Police" has simultaneously served as our "City Administrator". Despite being intended as a temporary arrangement, this situation has persisted for an extended period. It is CNBNEWS GRAPHIC FILES concerning that our City Administrator is responsible for representing the best interests of taxpayers while also being involved in labor negotiations with the police union, PBA Local 40. The Police Benevolent Association Local 40 is the collective bargaining unit representing the police officers employed by the residents of Gloucester City. Those negotiations involving the police chief/temporary city administrator could... Read more →

Gcity Liquor Licenses Okayed; Remember Open Sunday Bars Campaign & Gcity Pub Crawl

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 17, 2023)(CNBNews)--At a recent meeting, the Mayor and Council of Gloucester City, approved the annual renewal of liquor licenses for ten taverns, five package goods stores, four club licenses, and one inactive license. The licenses expire each year on June 30. It cost $1,650 to renew a plenary retail consumption license; $1,150 for a plenary retail distribution license, and, $188 for every club license (see here). Below is a list of the names of those approved licenses. In the past, Gloucester City had over 50 taverns and bars, and... Read more →

Peyton and Me Meandering in June Through Gloucester City, Deptford and Mt. Ephriam

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Artist Frank Chappell AWESOME! The mural on the Paul Street side of Carr's Hardware at 22 North Broadway is a stunning piece of art created by Frank Chappell as part of the City's Irishtown program. The Carr family expresses gratitude to Chappell, Gloucester City Mayor Dayl Baile, the city council, and Lori Ryan, Director of Gloucester City's Community Development. Ryan is also the city's Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) Coordinator. It's important to note that the City of Gloucester City participates in New Jersey's Neighborhood Preservation Program, which the NJ Department of Community Affairs manages.... Read more →

CNBNews June 2023 CHEERS & JEERS

UPDATED/CORRECTED/UPDATED AGAIN JEER--There are some employees of the Gloucester City Public Works Department who have an attitude when it comes to doing the jobs they were hired to do. For example, in May 2022, eight beautiful marina banners were installed at Freedom Pier. In December 2022 those banners were destroyed by the high winds that blow on the Delaware River at that time of the year. Common sense would dictate that those banners be taken down during the winter months and stored in a safe place until spring. Because of the inepitude of those responsible the taxpayers are left with... Read more →

INCREDIBLE! Salaries for Gloucester City Dept. Heads Range from $60,000 to $240,000

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 4, 2023)(CNBNews)--Gloucester City Mayor Dayl Baile and his council members approved the 2023 salary ordinance on second reading at the June 26 council meeting. The salary guide is for employees not represented by a union and is retroactive to January 1. Because of how the salary guide is organized, it is hard for anyone to know how much these employees make. CNBNews graphic file It is done that way intentionally, a former council member once told this reporter. "If the taxpayers knew how much these individuals are paid, including... Read more →

Submit Your Cheers and Jeers for June

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead... Editor CNBNews is gathering information for our June CHEERS AND JEERS column. We plan on publishing the column it on Sunday evening, July 2. You don’t have to be from Gloucester City to submit your remarks. And your opinion can be on any topic or about any public figure. Today’s technology opens up the entire world, meaning you can target anything or any public figure for a Cheer or a Jeer. We reserve all rights to... Read more →

Pennsauken Police Dept. Warns Residents About Thefts & Attempted thefts of Kia's and Hyundai's

PENNSAUKEN, NJ (June 21, 2023)(CNBNews)--The Pennsauken Police Department has warned residents about an increase in attempted auto thefts and actual thefts in recent weeks. They especially want the owners of Kia's and Hyundai's to know that thieves are targeting their vehicles. The following statement is from the Pennsauken Police Department. Over the last ten days, Pennsauken Police have been called to investigate several attempted motor vehicle thefts and actual thefts of vehicles. These incidents have involved Kia and Hyundai vehicles. There is a well-documented challenge on TikTok that shows how to steal these types of vehicles using only a USB.... Read more →

YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW: Could There Be An Auto Theft Ring In Your Community?

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (JUNE 21, 2023)-After publishing the two press releases earlier tonight from the Pennsauken Police Department regarding auto theft, we wanted to let the residents in Gloucester City know that CNBNews has been trying to inform them about any auto thefts recently in their City. CNBNews graphic file Please note there is a possibility that what is happening in other communities in South Jersey, such as Pennsauken, could also be happening in this City. But, in our effort to obtain readily available information, we have been stonewalled, in our opinion, by... Read more →



WILLIAM E. CLEARY SR. | CNBNEWS EDITOR RUMOR UNTRUE- We heard a story that the Cold Springs Pre-School program was closing because the state was cutting the funding for IT. In 2018 the Philadelphia Eagles were in the Super Bowl, and the Cold Spring Students spelled out EAGLES in support of the team. (photo from CNBNews photo file) We contacted Gloucester City School Superintendent Sean Gorman and received this response. THE rumors about the preschool are not true. We have already started the preschool student registration process for the 23-24 school year. Our preschool program is still considered a “model”... Read more →


Not in Our Town

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 8, 2023)(CNBNews)When it comes to the growing, processing and sale of marijuana some towns are saying "Over here, we want it." Other towns are saying "not in my backyard." Unfortunately, there are some towns where the residents don't want the pot in their town but the city/borough leaders do. Pot is taxed, providing more money for our leaders to spend. Woodbury Heights is one of those towns. courtesy of Westville Fire Department The residents of Woodbury Heights were fighting tooth and nail to keep pot out of their community but their... Read more →

A Gang of Unruly Young Men Drive Quads and Dirt Bikes Through Gloucester City

6ABC video image of illegal ATV and dirt bike drivers riding through the City of Philadelphia last summer. GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 5, 2023)(CNBNews)--We received a tip on Sunday (June 4, 2023) about a group of young men speeding on Johnson Blvd. with no regard for pedestrians or traffic. The man who submitted the information below requested his name be withheld. Around 530 this evening a group of at least 12-15 young men driving quads and dirt bikes drove down Johnson blvd. Doing wheelies and showing no regard for stop signs. Children frequent the ball fields and courts in this... Read more →

GCOR $10.5 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Gloucester City in Deposition Stage

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 5, 2023)(CNBNews)—The $10.5 million lawsuit filed in March 2021 against the City of Gloucester City is moving closer to a trial, according to Rocco D’Antonio, head of Gloucester City Organic Recycling LLC (GCOR). D’Antonio said he sued the City because the mayor and council did not live up to their side of the contract. Presently the matter is in the deposition stage. BARON & BRENNAN, P.A. of Voorhees represent D'Antonio. The City has hired ARCHER & GREINER of Haddonfield to represent the taxpayers. D'Antonio said depositions are being taken, and the trial is expected to begin... Read more →


A Giant Chinook Flies Over Gloucester City/UPDATE

UPDATE, WITH A NEW PHOTO GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (May 31, 2023)--The helicopter circled over North Stinson Avenue. As mentioned earlier the pilot and the passengers inside the helicopter waved to the people on the ground who stood in astonishment as the Chinook flew over their homes. (photo credit Ben Vautier) UPDATE: A number of the comments on our Facebook page state that it is commonplace to see this helicopter flying in South Jersey. And we agree with those individuals. The difference in this situation is the pilot was flying so low. People said their houses shook, and dishes and pots... Read more →


Updated JEER-Gloucester City promised Barnard Avenue residents that their street was going to be repaved. They are still waiting. The city did hire a contractor but he never finished the job. In fact, the street is actually worst than before. WE would be better off with a dirt road. CHEER — Crystal Johnson (GHS Class of 2021 alum) became a College All American Soccer player at Rowan University in her freshman year. In March this year, she joined the Rowan College Golf team without ever playing on a golf course. Crystal picked up her first Golf Club on March 1,... Read more →

Accepting Cheers And Jeers Suggestions

CNBNews is preparing a Cheer and Jeer column also known as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. If you have anyone/anything that you feel deserves a Cheer or a Jeer now is the time to speak up. CNBNews graphic file Send your remarks to [email protected] Everyone can participate. You need not be from Gloucester City. Residents from neighboring communities are also welcome. Thank You for your help. William E. Cleary Sr Editor Read more →



South Korean soldiers walk among the bodies of political prisoners executed near Daejon, July 1950 (Major Abbott, U.S. Army - National Archives, Major Abbott/U.S. Army via AP copy) Five Things to Know The American Legion MAY 15, 2023 1. Large-scale aerial drills are underway again over the Korean Peninsula, nearly a month after South Korea carried out similar training with the United States. More than 60 South Korean aircraft are taking part in the weeklong, biannual Soaring Eagle exercise that kicked off Friday. It consists of aerial combat scenarios, ground-to-air missile simulations and aerial refueling training, according to a Ministry... Read more →

Cleary's Family History: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews EDITOR'S NOTE: We first published this article in 2008. Because it is such a great story, we bring it out from our archives each year on Mother's Day to share it with you again. The author is unknown. I was looking for a photo to use with it, and I thought, why not use a picture of our mother, Mazie (Tucker) Cleary who passed away in 1995. The first photo of her was taken a few years before she died from complications of Alzheimer and the second is a much earlier photo of her.... Read more →

Gloucester City Residents Awarded $830,000 Green Acres Grant; Money Headed to Johnson Blvd. Park

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ – The City of Gloucester City was recently awarded $830,000 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Green Acres Program to make various improvements at Johnson Park, announced Mayor Dayl Baile today. “We are appreciative of the Green Acres award and very pleased that our application was favorably received,” said Baile. “This money will allow us to install a number of amenities that will make the park an even more valuable community asset.” Created in 1961 to meet New Jersey's growing recreation and conservation needs, the Green Acres Program has directly protected more than 1.5... Read more →

Gloucester City Mayor/Council Continue to Pummel Residents with Highest Taxes in NJ

GLOUCESTER CITY NO. 23: The City of Gloucester City is so poor it qualifies to be a UEZ Zone and an ABBOTT District !!! GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (May 8, 2023)(CNBNews)--People living in the state of New Jersey continue to pay the highest property taxes in the country, according to The average bill in 2022 rose to almost $10,000, or to be exact $9,490. A homeowner’s bill is determined by the rate a municipality charges and how much the town says a home is worth. In some towns, the value of a home is based on what it would sell... Read more →

NJDOT Says Klemm Ave. Closed until Spring 2024; Nicholson Road Bridge Work Starting Soon

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (APRIL 26, 2023)(CNBNEWS)--Above, workers are removing the steel beams from the 1-76 Klemm Avenue bridge. NBC News reported in 2013 that the I-76 bridge over Klemm Ave. in Gloucester City, N.J. was one of the most dangerous in the United States. The deck and superstructure date to 1956. Over 191,000 vehicles use it daily, and $30 million has been earmarked for deck replacement. Ten years later the repairs are finally being made. Because the work was delayed for 10 years the cost for the repairs increased to $57.2 million. (CNBNews photo credit) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--(May 5, 2023)(CNBNews)--Work... Read more →

Road Snacks List Gloucester City Among the Top 10 Trashiest Towns in New Jersey

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--We recently found this nasty remark from Road Snacks about Gloucester City on NJ1015. We asked that website's editor ([email protected]) what criteria they used to pick the ten communities they listed in their article. As of this posting, we haven't received a reply to our email below. RoadSnacks claims to write about topics related to your locality that others are too scared to bring up. However, we believe that Chris Kolmar and Nick Johnson, the individuals behind Snacks, lack the courage to support their defamatory statements and falsehoods with evidence. They have... Read more →

OPINION: Gloucester City to Become 'The Place' for POT Growers

BY WILLIAM E. CLEARY SR. CNBNews CNBNews photo This photo shows a stunning view of the Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline from the old GAF pier on Water Street in Gloucester City, NJ. Surprisingly, this prime location was never developed into a riverfront restaurant or marina. Gloucester City was once a popular tourist destination, but it seems to have lost its appeal over time. The pier will now be used for various cannabis businesses allowed in New Jersey. The council will hold a public hearing and final vote on May 15th at 6 PM to discuss the ordinance to... Read more →

Remembering Those Wild, Wild Summer Days in Wildwood

UPDATED APRIL 22, 2023 WITH NEW LINKS AND VIDEO see below William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews EDITOR’S NOTE: Recently, Michael Barron, a long-time resident of Gloucester City, Gloucester Catholic Alum, and a mainstay at H. Barron Iron Works, shared some of his memories and photos with us from his Wild Crazy Days of Summer in Wildwood. The period that he reflects on is the 70s. As Barron shared his memories and photos of Wildwood, we couldn’t help but recall our memories of that vacation spot during our youth and teenage years. Slow dancing at The Starlight Ballroom; in the... Read more →

Peyton and Me,

Plus Connie Head to Myrtle Beach

SEE VIDEO William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews MYRTLE BEACH, SC--On February 27, we joined the "Snow Bird Migration" like we have done every February for over a decade and headed south on Route 95 towards South Carolina. The March weather in that state is perfect for us. Temperatures range between 65 and 75 degrees, and after spending months in New Jersey's damp, cloudy, and cold weather, we are ready to get away. Another incentive, rental prices are half what you typically pay during the spring and summer seasons. Usually, we would stay in Hilton Head, but that island has... Read more →


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews I first met Father Brian when my mother-in-law Blanche Sarlo was sick with cancer. Brian arrived at St. Mary’s parish in 1977, a year before Blanche died. He visited her at home and during the last few weeks of her life at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. The first thing I liked about the man was his warm demeanor. He was charming and affable. He was especially easy to talk to. This particular day as we were driving home after seeing Blanche, I happened to say out of the clear, “Fr. Brian, the good Nuns... Read more →