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Peyton and Me Meandering:

Great GHS Idea; Gcity Thai Boxing; O'Hara's Penthouse; Meat/Fish Prices; School Lawsuit Settled; Olive & Mabel

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews THE GHS SENIOR PARKING SPOT...What a great idea.-- On a recent walk, we noticed some of the parking spots at Gloucester High School (GHS) were painted with different designs. Wanting to know more, we contacted School Superintendent Sean Gorman. "The new Senior parking spot tradition that we started has been wonderful. Seniors are assigned a parking spot in our lot. They worked with our Senior Class Advisor and Art Department Chair to personalize their design for their spot and completed the work themselves. Current Board of Education member Jackie Borger mentioned that she had heard of another local school district that allowed their Seniors to do this and thought it would be a marvelous tradition to begin here. We were able to connect with the other local school district, and our Maintenance Department helped support us in bringing this new tradition to GHS," said... Read more →


A tan Dodge Journey, not the actual vehicle driven by the suspects GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 18, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--Today, Friday, November 18, there was an attempted carjacking at the Wawa 1315-17 Market Street, across from the Cold Springs School campus. According to a prepared statement released by the Gloucester City PD, officers responded to the location after receiving a call at 10:15 AM. The victim told police that two black males dressed in all-black clothing approached her while sitting in her vehicle. The male (or males) showed a handgun and asked her to open the door. When she refused, the suspects attempted to open the locked doors. The report stated that the victim sounded her horn and pulled out of the parking spot. She reported that the suspects fled toward nearby U.S. Route 130. They drove a tan Dodge Journey with New Jersey License Plates, the number C10-RAJ. According to police,... Read more →

Bob Kotter, Who Loved Gloucester City, Succumbs to Prostate Cancer; Vietnam War Marine Veteran, GHS Alum

By CNBNews Staff GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 18, 2022)(CNBNews)--Robert “Bob” Kotter, who was born and raised in Gloucester City, succumbed to his battle with stage 4 prostate cancer on Sunday, November 13. He was 74 years old. A U.S. Marine, Bob fought in the Vietnam War. CNBNews interviewed Kotter in February 2020, when he told us that Agent Orange caused his cancer. U.S. planes and helicopters dropped that poisonous chemical on the jungles of Vietnam to kill the heavy vegetation during the war. At the time of the 2020 interview, he was living in his truck and was in the later stage of his cancer. The doctors increased Kotter’s chemotherapy four times weekly as cancer had spread to his bones. For a decade or more, Bob lived in the family home in the 400 block of Market Street, taking care of his elderly parents. He cooked their meals, kept them... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: Post Election Results

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist France and Brazil still vote with paper ballots but they both have the results counted and announced within five hours. America, with all the technology money can buy, takes into the following month to count our results. One week after election day neither Alaska nor Georgia has a winner and neither plans to know the winner until sometime in December. So much for technology. However, people conduct "exit polls" where they interview voters as the leave the polling site so see what was on their minds when they voted. Here are some results: Inflation was first on the list. 70% of voters thought it was a very important issue, 1% of voters said it was not at all important and the other 29% thought it was important but not the most important issue this year. The next four categories all came in with similar priorities.... Read more →

ATVs and Dirt Bikes Drivers Illegally Riding on Gloucester City Streets

William E. Cleary Sr. |CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 13, 2022)(CNBNews)--An unwelcome group of young men in their 20s and teens driving unlicensed ATVs and Dirt Bikes visited Gloucester City last weekend, riding up and down Broadway at a high rate of speed. 6ABC video image of illegal ATV and dirt bike drivers riding through the City of Philadelphia last summer. (see video below) On Sunday, November 6, a group of these individuals got gas at one of the gas stations on Broadway at Market Street. An individual told us that a police officer was stopped at the other gas station across the street, also getting gas. "This guy on an ATV does a wheelie and spins towards the cop car, hitting it. The cop did nothing. I asked him why he didn't give the ATV driver a ticket. The cop told me they had been instructed not to ticket... Read more →

Peyton and Me Meandering:


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews The 400 and 500 unit block of Monmouth Street, Gloucester City, NJ CIRCA 1940s, 1950s.(CNBNews graphic files) Frank Kelly, provided the following information about Marshall's Grocery Store, which was located next to the barber shop..."Agnes and Harold Marshal were my great aunt and uncle. They sold the store to Tom and Loretta McNulty. My wife’s parents. Then they sold it to Bodalski’s who sold it to Jim Kenny." GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)--This past Saturday morning Peyton and Me couldn't help noticing the pile of trash thrown on the step of the former Twin Bar at Broadway and Market Street (see below). This unsightly pile of garbage lay just a few feet from a nearby trash receptacle. It makes one wonder what type of person thinks they can throw their trash anywhere without considering the people living nearby or the environment. Are they residents of... Read more →

Gloucester City Taxpayers/Voters Want to Know

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 5, 2022)--Regarding the November 2 article Gloucester City Council Candidates Speechless written by columnist Dorothy Philbin, Josh Twyford, the chair of the Gloucester City Republican Committee, stated in a comment, "Dorothy was given a response from the Republican ticket." We suggest Mr. Twyford is referring to the four-minute PowerPoint presentation that Fanning submitted to her which she publicly acknowledged that she did receive it. Republican council candidate Jason Fanning submitted a PowerPoint presentation from his team. If it is finished in time, it will be published here. The production needs to be reformatted to be included in the Notebook. Ms. Philbin invited all seven candidates to sit with her for a one-on-one interview. Instead, Mr. Fanning offers a PowerPoint presentation that looked more like a campaign video. It had nothing to do with the issues she wanted to discuss. Out... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story:

Gloucester City Council Candidates Speechless

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 1, 2022)--A short time ago, I challenged our candidates for local offices to answer specific questions. Of the seven candidates, I heard from two. Republican council candidate Jason Fanning submitted a PowerPoint presentation from his team. The production needs to be reformatted to be included in the Notebook. If it is finished in time, it will be published here. On the Democratic side, I only heard from Derek Timm, who apologized that he wouldn't be able to meet with me. An e-mail from any of the candidates answering my overall question, "what is your vision for our city over the next several years?" would have been sufficient. But I didn't even get that. Do any of our leaders/candidates have a vision for our city, or are we just doing what comes naturally day-to-day? Doing what comes naturally, in my opinion, got us... Read more →

NJ Says: Gloucester City Violated Workers Sick Leave Law

CNBNews Point of View Those governing the City of Gloucester City, have lead the residents to believe that Great Things Are Happening in their City floating the above banner on city stationary for the last three decades and on other city owned literature and internet portals. Yet as we have stated before we keep looking for one thing that residents can point too and say with pride that "Great Things Are Really Happening in our City". It certainly hasn't happened with our property taxes. Since 2018 Gloucester City has been listed in the top 30 communities with the highest property taxes in the state of NJ. There was a slight reduction this year. But, the property taxes are still too much. Especially when you consider that Gloucester City is so poor it qualifieds to be an Abbott School District, one of 31. The City is so distressed it qualifies to... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: Another Question for the Gloucester City Council Candidates

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (In the spring a long-time public works employee was accused of stealing city property and using a city account for personal purchases. Old-time Gloucesterites know the details, no reason to go into them here. Each time the part-time Chief of Police is asked about the status of the alleged incident the answer is the same "under investigation." It didn't take this long for the Warren Commission to investigate the Kennedy assassination (hyperbole, but making a point.) I would like to know from each candidate if, by January 1, 2023 when the new city government is formed, this accusation has not been settled and the taxpayers given the facts of the settlement, would he support turning this case over to the Camden County Prosecutor's Office or to the State Police? The answer, if no, is not going to make the candidate popular with the... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story:

A Challenge for our Gloucester City Council Candidates

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews This week I, as likely most of you, received election fliers from every candidate running for every office under the sun. I sent a letter to "one issue" Donald Norcross explaining that most average people are more concerned about putting gas into our cars, food onto the table, etc. I didn't hear back from Mr. Norcross, but I never really expected a reply. I also received fliers from our local candidates. They all seemed like very nice people, maybe some more qualified than the others but I didn't see what I was looking for. Our current mayor boasted that taxes had not been raised during his short tenure. He had a point. When is the last time our taxes hadn't been raised, just of legitimate reason, just because? As poor as our city is, we pay the 30th highest taxes of the state's 589 communities.... Read more →

CNBNews Point of View: What Would Those Running For Gloucester City Council Do?

Looking at the parking problems near the Middle School mentioned by Mr. Eberle and the derelict vehicles parked throughout the west side of Gloucester City, the question is why those running our City allow these problems to exist. City ordinances were passed in the 1960s designating the police and later the Housing Authority, to enforce that legislation. But in most cases nothing is done. Unless you complain loud enough, then and only then will action be taken. Earlier this year, we pointed out similar vehicles violating the city statutes parked on Little Ridgeway Street. Thankfully after that problem was made public the issue was resolved. The 30-plus police officers and the six Housing officers can't tell us they don't see the violations as they are in plain view. Likewise, the seven incumbent members of the City Council can't use that excuse either. It would be nice to know what the... Read more →

64% Of Homes In Gcity Are Apartments:

Developer Seeking Gloucester City Planning/Zoning Board's Permission to Build 5 Story Apartment Building

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet The applicant wanting to build an apartment building at North Broadway and Middlesex Street will appear Wednesday night before the Planning/Zoning Board in council chambers at the Police Administration building, 313 Monmouth Street. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. According to real estate records, the property was listed for $44,000. And presently has a pending offer. Ahmed Wafik is asking the Board to consider a request to construct a five-story building on the empty lot at 200-204 N. Broadway. The first floor would be used for a commercial business, yet to be named, and the other four floors would be for apartments. The empty lots once housed two homes that were destroyed in a horrific fire on July 4, 2002. Three firemen and three children died in that blaze, and the two properties burned to the ground. Since then, the property has been used... Read more →

Gloucester City Taxpayers Own 91 Motorized Line Items (MLI) Costing Over $21 Million

By William E. Cleary and Dorothy Philbin Above, the Peterbilt trash truck, purchased by taxpayers in 2021, cost $193,000. In 2020, the taxpayers purchased a 2020 ISUZU street sweeper for $214,000. This year the taxpayers spent $450,000 to buy a Freightliner Camel Jet-Vac. The Public Works Department has 31 Motorized Line Items (MLI) valued at $3,181,813. The oldest piece of equipment in that department is a 1995 front-end loader purchased that year for $60,510. photo credit, +++++ GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(October 10, 2022)--The other day, while walking on Broadway, we couldn't help to notice all the city vehicles that kept riding by. Curious to learn how extensive the City's equipment fleet was, we submitted an OPRA request for that information. We were surprised to know the city taxpayers own 91 motorized line items. The total cost for that equipment is $21,130,173. There are two questions that come to mind.... Read more →

Gloucester City Spotlights Fire Chief Michael Hagan/Septembers Employee of the Month

EDITOR'S NOTE: (October 10, 2022)CNBNewsnet--The City of Gloucester City spotlighted Fire Chief Michael Hagan in their September newsletter. Below is a copy of that article. We will publish information about other honored employees. CNBNews graphic files GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 21, 2022)--Gloucester City is extremely fortunate to have a fully staffed 24/7 Fire Department. The Gloucester City Fire Department (GCFD) covers 2.6 square miles, 11,256 residents, and is responsible for responding to emergencies in residential dwellings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and shipping port facilities not only in Gloucester City but also provides automatic-mutual aid response to surrounding communities. GCFD is led by Chief Michael Hagan with 23 firefighters reporting to him. GCFD’s obvious function is that of fire suppression, but they are also charged with numerous other prevention and protection tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to emergency medical response, rescue-special operations, code enforcement-fire safety inspections, public education.... Read more →


How Many Hours Do You Work?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ-I worked for 17 years for INA, later to become CIGNA. That was my business experience. I taught every grade from kindergarten through 400-level Rutgers University. That was my educational experience. I owned a small bus tour company. Never, in any of these experiences, did I work only 40 hours a week. Never, in any of these experiences, did I get paid for working overtime. This is the world of professional/managerial jobs. OPINION Every time I drive around Broadway and Monmouth Sts. I see the lighted sign at the municipal building telling taxpayers to pay their taxes and other bills online. Does this do away with an employee and save the taxpayers money? Then, our city office employees have Fridays off! What! I know other towns do that but that has nothing to do with Gloucester City. We are one of the poorest cities... Read more →

CNBNews Comment Rules: No More Unsigned Remarks

CNBNews Comment Rules: No More Unsigned Remarks We no longer accept comments with an anonymous name or a fictitious name. Your submitted remark must contain your full name, street address, phone number, and a working email address. Only your name will be published. The information we request is no different than what Facebook, Twitter, etc ask for. If you believe in what you wrote you should be willing to back it up with your name. If a person is a regular contributor and only wants to use their first or last name with their comment we will allow that as long as we know the individual, and the remark is not libelous. I appreciate your support, William E. Cleary Sr. CNBNews Editor NOTE: The rule change went into effect on December 1, 2021 Read more →

GCN ARCHIVES (1948-2005)Pupil Enrollment in Gloucester City Public Schools Continues to Decline (11-20-1980)

EDITOR'S NOTE-(Gloucester City, NJ)(October 4, 2022)--The Cleary family owned the Gloucester City News, Inc. (GCN) for 57 years (1948 up until 2005). Over the next several weeks, we will post articles that appeared in the paper from that period on ClearysNoteBook (CNBNewsnet) ( The Internet became a reality in 1983. For many years, the Internet was mainly used by government groups and scientists, but in 1995, commercial Internet access started to be sold to consumers. As a result of our effort, the stories we will be publishing will now be available on the World Wide Web. If you have an obituary or a news article published in the Gloucester City News from the period mentioned that you would like to share with the world, send it to +++++ Pupil Enrollment in Gloucester City Public Schools Continues to Decline by Connie L. Cleary Gloucester City News November 20, 1980 Dr.... Read more →

GCN ARCHIVES 1948-2005)--Services Held For John J. Ryan Gloucester City News Employee (September 1, 1988)

EDITOR'S NOTE-(GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)(October 3, 2022)--The Cleary family owned the Gloucester City News, Inc. (GCN) for 57 years (1948 up until 2005). Over the next several weeks, we will post articles that appeared in the paper from that period on ClearysNoteBook (CNBNewsnet) ( The Internet became a reality in 1983. For many years, the Internet was mainly used by government groups and scientists, but in 1995, commercial Internet access started to be sold to consumers. As a result of our effort, the stories we will be publishing will now be available on the World Wide Web. If you have an obituary or a news article published in the Gloucester City News from the period mentioned that you would like to share with the world, send it to +++++ Services Held For John J. Ryan Gloucester City News Employee by William E. Cleary, Sr., Editor & Publisher Published in the... Read more →

Peyton and Me Meandering in Gloucester City (Chapter 23)

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet THE WILD SIDE OF GLOUCESTER CITY--Mother Nature is active in Gloucester City. People must slow down and sometimes watch what is happening right in front of them. Peyton and Me have had runs-in with wild turkeys, a fox, a beaver, geese, pheasants, a deer, a skunk, and most recently, a Red-tailed hawk. All that wildlife is living right in our little neighborhood of Riverview Heights. After taking a photo of the men working on Barnard Avenue, we walked along the railroad tracks towards Powell Street. Suddenly, the hawk in the photo came swarming down in front of us. We approached slowly, and as we got closer, we saw the bird fighting with something, using its claws. It appeared to be a squirrel. We kept moving closer, taking photos every few feet. When we got too near, the hawk flew away (right and above). We... Read more →

Philadelphia Businessman Seeking Permission to Build O-Ring Facility in Gloucester City

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 26, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--Jonathan Cuccinello of Philadelphia is seeking permission from the Gloucester City Planning Board to build an O-Ring factory on a plot of ground located on Brick Street, across from Vitale's restaurant. According to an advertised notice, Cuccinello will appear before the Planning Board on October 19, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers at the Police Administration Building, 313 Monmouth Street. Cuccinello wants to build a 5,000-square-foot facility for the distribution of O-Rings. The property is located at 19109 Brick Street and is known as Block 126 and Lot 3 on the Gloucester City Tax Map. The Application and corresponding documents are on file in the City Office of Gloucester City at 512 Monmouth Street, available for public inspection between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday to Wednesday, and 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. Singley, Gindele & Rinaldi 200 Haddonfield Berlin Road, Suite... Read more →

Rental Properties in Gloucester City Out-Number Homeowners

UPDATED WITH PHOTOS AND NEW NUMBERS William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(September 21, 2022)--Twelve years ago, we looked at the housing market in the City of Gloucester City. Former Mayor William James and the council were worried as blight was absorbing sections of the city. They were concerned too about the number of homes converted into apartments. CNBNews graphic file The numbers today reveal that rental properties have increased from 1946 to 2,987 in 2022; or 1,041 more, according to records acquired in an OPRA request by CNBNews. When you compare the number of rentals to the number of residences (4,663) obtained from the latest census, rental properties outnumber homeowners by 64 percent. DO RENTAL PROPERTIES DEVALUE SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES? There have been many studies on this topic. Some confirm that rentals depreciate a neighborhood, and others suggest the opposite. Keith Ihlanfeld from Florida State University wrote... Read more →

Apartment Builder Meeting with Planning Bd.; Southport Developer Meeting With GCity Mayor and Council

William E. Cleary Sr.| CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNewsnet)(September 13, 2022)--Throughout the next several weeks, officials in Gloucester City will meet with several builders. One wishes to develop the former Gloucester Catholic Boys building into apartments. Developer number two is interested in the Southport acreage that is, for the most part, has been nothing but a barren plot of ground for over 30 plus years. RELATED: WHAT SHOULD BE DONE WITH THE RAMS ANNEX? PHILLY DEVELOPER SEES GREAT POTENTIAL FOR GLOUCESTER CITY CNBNewsnet photo credit The historic Saint Mary's High School, aka the Gloucester Catholic Boys Annex, Monmouth, and Burlington Streets, opened in the late 1920s. A developer is seeking permission to turn the property into 15 apartments. There are 4,663 residences in the City. According to research by CNBNews, 2,987 are rental homes/apartments, or 64 percent. In other words, there are more rental properties in Gloucester City than homeowners.... Read more →


Gloucester City Council Buying Fire Truck, SUV's, Fire Equipment, Public Works Items, Etc.

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 24, 2022)-(CNBNewsnet)--Thursday night, August 25, Gloucester City Mayor and Council will CNBNews graphic file introduce two bond ordinances on first reading. The two bond ordinances total $2,743,200. The regularly scheduled meeting is held at the Police Administration building, 313 Monmouth Street, at 7:00 PM. Some of the funds in the first bond ordinance (#19) is going towards buying a $240,000 fire ladder truck, $144,000 for sports utility vehicles, $720,000 for repaving streets, $160,000 for repairs to the municipal building, and $96,000 for equipment for the Public Works Department. A complete breakdown is below. Much of the second bond ordinance funds will be used for infrastructure work throughout the city. For example, $500,000 for curb/gutter/grates replacements; $500,000 for redrilling of various wells; $200,000 for redevelopment various wells and $100,000 for portable sewer television cameras. The first bond ordinance totals $1,443,200; the estimated amount of bonds or bond... Read more →

Is Amtrak Being Use for Illegal Immigrants to Cross Border

CNBNews graphic file By Casey Harper | The Center Square Aug 17, 2022 (The Center Square) – Lawmakers sent a letter to Amtrak Wednesday requesting a briefing as well as all documents related to how taxpayer subsidized Amtrak may be used to transfer illegal immigrants across the border. The Republicans on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee signed the letter, led by railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Ranking Member Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark. “Due to the dysfunctional border policies of the Biden Administration, the United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) recorded an unprecedented number of border encounters in the last few years,” the letter said. “To date, this fiscal year has seen over 1.7 million encounters at the border, over 600,000 more than last year at this time, and roughly 1.4 million more than in the last year of the previous Administration. We are concerned about the impact... Read more →

ProPublica Report: A Uranium Ghost Town in the Making

by Mark Olalde and Maya Miller, video by Mauricio Rodríguez Pons and Ed Ou, photography by Ed Ou ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. The “death map” tells the story of decades of sickness in the small northwest New Mexico communities of Murray Acres and Broadview Acres. Turquoise arrows point to homes where residents had thyroid disease, dark blue arrows mark breast cancer cases, and yellow arrows mean cancer claimed a life. Neighbors built the map a decade ago after watching relatives and friends fall ill and die. Dominating the top right corner of the map, less than half a mile from the cluster of colorful arrows sits what residents believe is the cause of their sickness: 22.2 million tons of uranium waste left over from milling ore to supply power plants and... Read more →

CNB Tips and Snippets: A Happy Ending; Repairs to HS Athletic Field; Swarthmore Avenue Dirty & Dusty

(August 16, 2022) William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ --A HAPPY ENDING—Our “Peyton and Me Meandering" article resulted in the removal of the garbage lying in front of 109 Elm Street within five hours after our story was published. Nearby residents said despite numerous calls to officials; trash was lying at that location for nearly a month. The same article was responsible for removing a derelict car (photo right). That car had become a safety hazard to the children living in the neighborhood. According to the people we spoke to, the car was reported to the police a year ago. Our article also resulted in two other vehicles, unlicensed and unregistered to be tagged with abandoned stickers and removed. Today, Tuesday, a crew from the Public Works Department were on the scene cutting down the weeds and removing debris. CNBNewsnet photo ***** MORE IMPROVEMENTS TO HS ATHLETIC... Read more →

Although Fined Many Times Landlord Kenneth Wallace Keeps Violating Gloucester City Housing Laws

Updated/corrected Neighbors said the property became a haven for squatters and drug dealers William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet For several years the Merchantville owner of 23 North Harley Avenue has been issued numerous citations for violations of the Gloucester City Housing and Maintenance Code. (photo credit CNBNewsnet) CORRECTION: It has been brought to our attention (today, August 15) that Merrith McDonald paid landlord Kenneth Wallace several thousand dollars in rent for the time that she was living at 23 N. Harley Ave. She was not involved in any sales of illegal drugs. And, she was not affiliated in any way with the people who were living in the house illegally. ++++ GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 14, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--Since 2020, a rental property in Gloucester City has become a nuisance to the Riverview Heights community nearby. Kenneth Wallace of Merchantville owns the single-family property at 23 N. Harley Avenue. Over the... Read more →

The Cost of Policing in Erie PA has Skyrocketed

In Erie one in Four Residents Live in Poverty, the Top Erie Police Officer Made $159,000 Plus in 2021 By Tom Gantert | The Center Square Aug 1, 2022 Erie PA, image courtesy of The World Atlas (The Center Square) - In a city where the median household income is $38,655 and 1-in-4 residents live in poverty, the top-paid police officer in Pennsylvania's fifth-largest city made more than $159,000 in 2021. And it wasn't the chief. The city of Erie, population 94,831 in the 2020 census, is engrossed in citywide debate about the cost of law enforcement. Police spending is projected to increase 28% from 2019 to 2022, according to city budget documents. The city projects it will spend $38.8 million on policing in 2022. The police and fire departments spending makes up 66% of the city’s general fund expenses. Spending on public safety is increasing and Mayor Joseph Schember... Read more →

Pedestrian Walking on Thompson Avenue in Gloucester City Attacked by Ferocious Dog (video)

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet On the left are two American Pitbulls, and on the right is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. When it comes to appearance, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (or American Staffordshire Terrier) is the dog breed that most closely resembles a pitbull. They are the most common dog to be mistaken for pitbull because they have a similar body and head shape and a large neck. (source GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (Sunday, August 7, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)-This past Friday, our neighbor told us a horrific story about a woman being attacked earlier that day in the morning. The neighbor said he heard loud growling noises coming from East Thompson Avenue; when he looked in that direction, he saw the man who lives on that street trying to walk his three dogs on separate leashes. Actually, the dogs, who are either Pitbulls or dogs that look like the PitBull breed,... Read more →

Peyton and Me Meandering:

Cumberland Street Residents Upset with New York Landlord and Abandon Cars on City Owned Lot

CHAPTER 21 William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet CNBNews photo-Residents living in the 200 unit block of Cumberland Street say they have complained to police and to the housing office about this pile of rubbish for weeks. The property is owned by a person living in New York City. One resident said she has seen rats roaming through the debris. GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 1, 2022)--Peyton and Me were walking along King Street today when a man stopped us to chat. We will call him Oscar as he didn't want to use his real name. "I live nearby in the 200-unit block of Cumberland Street," said Oscar. "For months, I have complained to the city about the trash coming from the tenants living in the apartments in the 100 unit block of King Street. I have gotten no help. The owner lives in New York," he said. Oscar said, "If... Read more →

CNBNEWS Editorial:


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet This past Sunday, (July 31) driving north on Broadway we stopped for the traffic light at Broadway and Market Street and noticed right away the pile of loosely thrown litter laying on the sidewalk up against the old Twin Bar building. The city owned trash receptacle was overflowing with debris. CNBNewsnet photo We wondered to ourselves what type of person throws away their trash in this manner? And, why is Gloucester City attracting these inconsiderate people to our community? A few yards north there was used furniture dumped (see arrow above) at the curb in front of a rental property in the 200 unit block of S. Broadway. Trash pickup for Broadway residents is Monday. The City’s ordinance states trash cannot be placed at the curb until after 5 PM the day before. And yet we have witnessed the owner of this property place... Read more →

Nine New Jersey Counties on the Top 30 List with the Highest Foreclosure Rates in the United States

Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St. via The Center Square The worst inflation in 40 years has led to cascading effects, with consumer sentiment declining and gross domestic product decreasing in the first quarter of this year. While the Federal Reserve has been raising rates to tame inflation, this has resulted in higher mortgage rates. Combined, these factors appear to be cooling the U.S. housing market after white-hot demand in the past two years sent prices skyward. So far, the number of foreclosure filings in the first six months of the year is still slightly lower than it was in the same period in 2020. But these filings are up 153% from the first half of last year, according to property data provider Attom Data Solutions. Home foreclosure filings include default notices, bank repossessions, and scheduled auctions and are used as a measure to gauge the health of housing markets at... Read more →

CNBNews OPINION: Why Should Gloucester City Taxpayers Have to Complain About an Obvious Safety Issue?

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 20, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--Since Gloucester City residents are paying some of the highest property taxes in New Jersey; you would think those residents would at least have working street lights. But that is not the case in this small city of two and half square miles. We received several complaints recently about street lights being out on side streets and major highways in the City. The people say they have reached out to Department Heads and received no satisfaction. They have also called PSE&G. Below are two of the complaints. Two street lights are out in front of Gorman manor carpenter square senior citizen place. A woman was hit there a few weeks back. I asked the police (at the scene of accident )to please report the street lights that were out for months, I called Gloucester City public works and a... Read more →

CNBNews Tips and Snippets:

Gloucester City & Bellmawr CITED; Good News; Big Change at Moorestown Mall; Nudity in NJ; CNBNews Opinion

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY and BELLMAWR AMONG 57 VIOLATING LAW--The NJ Office of the State Comptroller released a report last week regarding some municipalities' illegal use of sick leave. The Comptroller’s report stated that 95% of the 60 towns it surveyed were not following laws limiting sick leave payments. According to the Comptroller said these communities were wasting taxpayer funds which add to higher property tax bills. Only three of those 60 complied with the 2007/2010 law. Many towns allow public workers to convert unused sick days into yearly bonuses. Some promised to make extensive payments years down the road, which is prohibited and can potentially increase a worker’s pay by hundreds of thousands of dollars. “The reform that was initiated in 2007 and expanded upon in 2010 appears, at least based on the 60 municipalities we looked at, to have failed more than succeeded,”... Read more →

Mount Ephraim Commissioner Answers Questions Pertaining to Alleged Turmoil in Fire Department

UPDATED/CORRECTED Mount Ephraim Fire Headquarters (source Facebook) William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet MOUNT EPHRAIM, NJ (July 13, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--We recently received an unsigned comment about the Mount Ephraim Volunteer Fire Department. The individual alleged that one of the officers of the department was not qualified for several reasons not specified. Furthermore, the person implied that the fire department was being investigated by the NJ Department of Community Affairs. CNBNews also heard a rumor that several firemen were quitting because of the allegations made above. As such the department did not have enough volunteers to staff the department. To clear up the rumor (s) we questioned Mount Ephraim Commissioner George Gies, Director of Public Safety, about the allegations. Gies emphasized the Fire Department is an independent agency in terms of providing firefighting services and selecting and overseeing its personnel. "As Director of Public Safety, I am the liaison between the fire... Read more →


Fond Memories Of Our 8 Labrador Retrievers, Gone To Soon

UPDATED WITH NEW PHOTOS AND INFORMATION William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet Erica (left) and Lacey were friends from the first day they met. (CNBNews photo) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 4, 2022)(CNBNews)--We have been very fortunate to own so many wonderful Labrador retrievers over our 58 years of marriage. Three of our Labs were therapy dogs, Lacey, and Erica, both deceased, and now Peyton. Seeing the face of a senior citizen and or a patient in a hospital brighten when we walk into their room with our dog is very rewarding. One of the places we visited with Lacey was a correctional facility for young kids incarcerated for breaking the law. The kids ranged from 10 years old up to 13. We had to go through several locked doors before we entered a large empty gym. A few minutes went by and the kids were brought into the room accompanied... Read more →


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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: The Numbers Don't Lie (Part 2)

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor CNBNews graphic files RELATED: THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: The Numbers Don't Lie GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 4, 2022)(CNBNews)--I recently used the US News' evaluation of the nation's high schools to see if I could prove or disprove Newsweek's conclusion that Gloucester City High School (state ranking 183) is the second-best high school in the county. I came up with similar, but not identical, results. Here I found - US News' scoring was calculated primarily on subjective, liberal criteria.: 30% College readiness 20% State assessment proficiency 20% State Assessment compared with other US News expectations given the proportion of Blacks, Hispanics and Low-Income students 10% Underserved students' performance (scores on state assessments only for Black, Hispanic, and Low-Income students 10% College Curriculum Breath - 12th students who earned a qualifying score on Advanced Placement in multiple areas 10% Graduation rates Where Gloucester City High... Read more →

WASHINGTON POLITICS: The Greatest White Collar Purveyors of the Biggest Crime in History ARE...

submitted by Chalie The Clip A Charitable Foundation Folds! Have you wondered why the Clinton Foundation folded so suddenly after Hillary was no longer in a position of influence? Perhaps this summary will provide some insight. From their 2014 990 Tax Form: They list 486 employees (line 5)! It took 486 people who were paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses to give away $5.1 MILLION. The real heart of the Clintons can be seen in these numbers. Staggering but not surprising. These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014. The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics website You can obtain the latest tax return on any charitable organization at that link. From the 2014 Clinton Foundation Tax Return: Number of Employees (line 5) 486 Total revenue... Read more →

WATCH: Young Man Explains Why Our Country Has The Second Amendment (Outstanding!)

Amendment II A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Read more →


What Can Be Done About Gloucester City's Trash Problem?

Gloucester City recently erected new swings at the Martins Lake Playground and the Lane Avenue Playground. Days after the project was finished at Martins Lake some inconsiderate slobs felt it was okay to throw their discarded orange peels and water bottles on the newly constructed site. Just a few feet from the new swings was a trash receptacle. By William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 20, 2022)--For whatever reason, there are sections of Gloucester City that are being used as dumping grounds by people who have no respect for the environment or the community that you and I live in. They litter the main streets of the City with their trash and or drop it in the fields across from the Cold Springs School Campus. They use our vacant industrial sites along Water Street and Charles Street as a dumping ground for bulk trash. City playgrounds... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story:

What's Happening with Student Loans?

If you spread the $360 billion over the 143.3 million taxpayers, each of us owes $2,727 for someone else's debt.* Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor There has been a lot of talk recently about student loan forgiveness; so, what is going on? The answer is "I don't know." The next question is why is all this happening? I have an idea about that. President Biden wants to forgive $360 billion in student loans. But he is not the one to do this. A loan can only be forgiven by the person who made the loan - that would be the 143.3 taxpayers who had no say in making these loans. That means the loan forgiveness should go onto the November ballot and we should vote on it. That is very unlikely. If you are a student racking up thousands in loans you are probably very happy about this forgiveness. However,... Read more →


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Gloucester City Residents Have A New Trash Hauler; Housing Office Inspects 566 Properties in March

William E. Cleary Sr. l CNBNews Seaside Waste Service is the City's new trash hauler (CNBNews photo) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 13, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--The city received two bids for the collection of trash and recyclables. Seaside Waste Service of Hammonton, which submitted the low bid of $1,748,601 for three years was awarded the contract. The other bid of $1,796,222 was received from Central Jersey Waste and Recyclables. Dumping fees are approximately $81 a ton. In 2021 the city paid $478,604 in dumping fees and in 2020 the total was $453,228. Seaside Waste Service will be picking up both trash and recyclable materials on the same collection day. The new trash hauler will service 849 homes each collection day, five days a week. Seaside Waste Services, according to their website, is a leading provider of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling collection throughout central and southern New Jersey. We service over 2,000 commercial... Read more →

70-Plus Year Old Man dies During Open Water Classic competition of the Escape the Cape

CNBNewsnet graphic files LOWER TOWNSHIP, NJ –The Lower Township Police Department released the following information pertaining to the death of an elderly man during the Open Water Classic Competion on Sunday. On Sunday, June 12, at approximately 8:30 a.m., a 70 plus year old male from Wilmington, Delaware participating in the Triathlon became in need of medical attention. The athlete had nearly completed this classic race portion of the Escape the Cape Triathlon when he was spotted in distress by lifeguards near the swim finish. The man was taken from the water to the beach in Lower Township near David Douglass Sr. Memorial Park where emergency medical service personnel administered CPR, attempting to resuscitate him. He was transported in an on-site ambulance to Cape Regional Medical Center. “I’m heartbroken,” said Stephen DelMonte, CEO of DelMoSports LLC. “DelMoSports and USA Triathlon lost a member of its beloved community, and we extend... Read more →

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The Political Elite Is Going After Trump's Jugular Vein

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet WASHINGTON, DC (June 9, 2022)--For the entire four-year term of Trump's presidency, the Democrats and some Republicans never stopped slandering him or his family. Their numerous impeachments all failed. Although Trump has been out of office for 18 plus months the Political Elite are not through with him. Their latest scheme is to put him on trial during prime time television. Tonight's televised hearing by the Congressional House Select Democratic Committee is just one of a series of televised performances that will be presented by the committee leading up to the November midterm election according to Julie Kelly, a former political consultant and book author. (see her video interview below) Kelly claims that the Democrats are planning to indict Trump for insurrection in October a month before the midterm election. Former President Trump said today that several days before January 6 he, as president... Read more →

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