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Philly Residents Can Expect Troublesome Weather 

Everyone hates bad weather, but unfortunately, this is exactly what residents of Philadelphia can expect on Thursday lasting until Friday the next day. While this will likely only affect residents who live in the northern and western parts of Philadelphia, residents are still advised to take extra care when traveling. It will come as good news though that mass power outages are unlikely, and there shouldn’t be too much disruption as sleet and freezing rain begins to fall over the city. While some people will no doubt need to go out during this time, those who stay at home will be able to avoid the worst of the bad weather. Given the context of the last couple of years, people are no strangers to spending an extended amount of time in the home, but there is no doubt that people have gotten used to this after realizing that a variety... Read more →

CNB Consumer News: IRS Criminal Investigation issues 10 tips to avoid tax season fraud    

PHILADELPHIA – Each year, taxpayers’ personal information is compromised through phishing scams or by unscrupulous tax preparers. With tax season kicking off on Jan. 24, IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) wants taxpayers to be aware of tax-related fraud. “Tax return preparers owe it to their clients to prepare tax returns that are complete, accurate and in compliance with the law,” said IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Yury Kruty. “Unfortunately, every tax filing season, we see tax return preparers who lie and cheat for a quick buck at the expense of their clients.” Tips to avoid tax season fraud include: Choose a tax preparer wisely. Look for a preparer who is available year-round. 2. Ask your tax preparer for their IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). All paid preparers are required to have one. Don’t use a ghost preparer. They won’t sign a tax return they prepare for you. 4.... Read more →

Business News: Michael Woodside Named VP of Entertainment/Marketing at Hard Rock

Atlantic City, N.J. (July 6, 2021) – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City welcomes Michael Woodside to the role of Vice President of Entertainment and Marketing Services overseeing the resort’s advertising, digital marketing, entertainment, public relations and social media departments. “Hard Rock Atlantic City is excited to welcome Michael to our team,” said Joe Lupo, Property President. “His extensive background in our industry is invaluable to our continued commitment to being the leader in live entertainment here in Atlantic City.” Prior to joining Hard Rock Atlantic City Woodside spent 17 years at Borgata, most recently serving as their Vice President of Marketing. He also has previous casino industry experience in roles including entertainment, marketing, player development, and casino credit. Woodside has been involved in many community efforts during his career including Habitat for Humanity, Gilda’s Club, American Cancer Society and more. This year, he will be representing Hard Rock... Read more →

How cloud computing can help in work-life balance

Cloud computing is a self-driven service; in which we can utilize any application in the Cloud, login, modify, and start using it according to client needs. More Companies currently operate various sorts of cloud applications, e.g., CRM, accounting, HR, and bespoke apps. Cloud apps are less costly as customers do not have a whole technological stack to pay for every hardware, device, or comprehensive configuration and maintenance. More scalable, provides trustworthiness and secure service on cloud. And over and beyond, Cloud providers regularly upgrade to make it easier to improve new features, security, and performance automatically. Cloud technology is pay-as-you-go. Finally, cloud apps and cloud technology adaptation are not consuming any company's necessary IT resources. And Cloud enables the customer to focus on further applications, new initiatives, and innovation. Cloud computing is a little notion, yet it may have an enormous influence on any company. Cloud computing provides a great... Read more →

CNB Books: Enemy Within the Gates: The Secret Cabal and the Destruction of The Wes

United Kingdom – There was no better time for Tony Ankers to release ‘Enemy Within the Gates: The Secret Cabal and the Destruction of The West’. After all, the world has spent the last year believing the so-called “truth” about Covid-19; its origins, geopolitical response and the supposed vaccine that will heal humanity. But as Ankers knows, it’s yet another fabrication on the part of a secret cabal that has been controlling humanity for over a century. While it might initially sound far-fetched, Ankers presents his findings with fact, unambiguous evidence, over 1,000 footnotes, and over two decades of trying to prove himself wrong. “I lived in the US for many years, leaving in 2012 at a time when social discord had never been higher, and many felt their own Government didn’t support them,” explains the author. “And they are absolutely right. However, the problems are not confined to the... Read more →

How to Add Value to Your Property

There are many perks to getting on the property ladder and becoming a homeowner. Not only do you have the freedom to create your ideal living space, but it's also an opportunity to make more money in the future. However, if you want to make a decent profit on your property later, you must be willing to put in some work and give your home a bit of an upgrade. Below are just a few ideas you might want to explore to add value to your property. Extension One of the most common ways homeowners can add value to their properties is by making them bigger. You can choose from either a one-story extension, or you might decide that you want all levels of your house to undergo these changes. Either way, you must make sure that you get the relevant permits from your local authority before starting any structural... Read more →

Industries that Offer Incentives Just for Signing Up

A wide variety of industries have started using incentives as means of marketing, to attract new customers to try out their products and hopefully remain loyal afterward. Building a strong customer base is essential for businesses, otherwise, they might end up having to close their doors earlier than expected. People have an innate desire to receive prizes and rewards, and some industries have explored this fact and used it to their advantage. Here are three of those industries. Source: Pexels Online Casinos This industry is one of the best examples that incentives work, and its popularity is proof of that fact. By 2024, it is believed that online casinos would reach revenue worth USD 94 billion, according to The factors that contributed to this growth include advancements in the technology sector, better online paying methods, as well as the overall digitization of the world. Online casinos have used throughout... Read more →

Make big money from fixing and flipping houses

( 10,2020)--Across Gloucester City, South Jersey, and Philadelphia, there are tons of big, beautiful homes with even bigger price tags. Some homes may have gone unloved for a few years or even decades. These homes might not be attracting many house buyers, but they’re full of potential for anybody who wants to invest in a renovation project. Here’s how to make money by fixing and flipping houses. Choose the right property for you The most important first decision to make before you even view any properties is how much work do you want to take on. Some renovations might just need superficial changes, like walls painting, floors relaying and installing new kitchen cabinets or a bathroom suite. These could be done by most people with a certain level of DIY knowledge, and there are lots of tutorials online to help. Some homes will need a lot more work. This could... Read more →

You Can Now Buy All-American Gold Nuggets Online

( 10, 2020)--Due to the higher quality and ease of availability, Australian gold nuggets are preferred in general over those from any other nation. Even in the US, Australian nuggets are generally held in higher regard than their American counterparts, but those who are more inclined to support the American economy through and through can now choose to buy All American gold nuggets online. This is also relevant to collectors since international importation has ceased for the time being. Understanding the Uniqueness of Gold Nuggets is Crucial for Making the Right Decision Gold nuggets are a natural combination of quartz, sand, and rock, formed over many millennia. As the gold embedded in quartz begins to take shape by coming together with sand and rock, each nugget turns into a unique piece of natural gold. No nugget of natural gold will ever have a duplicate in shape, texture or natural detailing.... Read more →

NJ SIERRA CLUB: More Problems with Holtec at Oyster Creek Decommissioning

Ocean County Superior Court Judge Francis R. Hodgson has issued a temporary order of restraint to Holtec, stopping all decommissioning activities at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. Lacey Township, the community where the nuclear plant is located, filed a complaint against Holtec International and Holtec Decommissioning International in late May. Holtec is also under criminal investigation by the NJ Economic Development Authority for misrepresenting information on its 2014 tax credit application. “There are serious concerns with the Holtec and the decommissioning of Oyster Creek. From the beginning of their deal with Exelon, we were troubled by the lack of transparency and public input. Now Judge Hodgson has shown that these concerns are true. Holtec doesn’t want to show Lacey Township their site plan or what they’re going to do on the site. We need the plant to be decommissioned safely and quickly, and Holtec isn’t proving to be up to... Read more →

Buy Instagram comments and other must-know tips for web designers to increase visibility

( 26, 2020)--There is a veritable sea of talent out there as far as web designers are concerned, with carefully crafted websites and domains. The competition is fierce out there, and to make it big. It would help if you thought outside the box, which is going to increase your visibility. The following post is about the tips you need as a designer, to integrate your passion with your social media to raise awareness and profile for your concern. A brief intro about the use of Instagram for business - Buy Instagram comments Instagram has slowly evolved into something more than just the beautiful feed of personal moments and selfies. Business people and entrepreneurs are now crafting Instagram profiles that showcase their talents, abilities, and skills to the world to develop a niche. This community is what drives the business concern at the end of the day. While it is... Read more →

Do sportsmen really need sports glasses? 

( 25, 2020)--Today, almost everyone who picks up a ball, bat, racket or club can see sports glasses, whether they play in the major leagues or the Little League. Fortunately, coaches, parents, and players now realize that there are many ways to pay for sports glasses. The risk of eye damage is reduced or eliminated, and the performance of players is improved by the fact that they are beautiful. Today, many clubs do not allow their members to participate without wearing the appropriate glasses. Initially, there was some resistance from children to "look funny" when wearing protective glasses. Today, sports glasses are an integral part of everyday life, and by far the way bicycle helmets have become the norm. Children and adults also love the image given by the use of protective glasses: it shows that they mean business on the playground. If you are not wearing safety glasses, consider... Read more →

Top 10 Free Agents at the end of the 2019/2020 Season

( 25, 2020)--The second half of the 2019/2020 season was interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic but nothing has stopped the transfer rumors. Most of the top leagues are finalizing their campaigns and players are already making summer moves. Well, there are plenty of high profile players whose contracts run out at the end of this season. Let us look at the top 10 free agents at the end of the 2019/2020 season. 1. Edison Cavani The Uruguay international has had a remarkable spell in the PSG and has been pivotal since his signature for the Paris side in 2013. Cavani caught the eye of the French heavyweights after a brilliant stint in Napoli where he saw the back of the net for more than 30 times in three consecutive seasons. He is still one of the top-rated strikers considering he has since scored 200 goals for PSG in 300 appearances.... Read more →

7 Apps That Will Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Learning Tool (October 29, 2019)--Students today study in a completely different environment than their counterparts from just 15-20 years ago. The Internet, mobile devices, and cloud technologies give us access to the tools and possibilities that would have looked completely out of this world not so long ago. However, many students still don’t realize the full potential of all the technology that surrounds them and don’t use the full potential of their smartphone. This article will rectify this – here you will find some apps that may be small and insignificant by themselves, but together they make so many tasks easier and more manageable that you will be able to save hours of your time. RefMe RefMe is a small and simple app that can significantly decrease the time waste and hassle associated with preparing citation lists for your papers. It is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks you... Read more →

Learning Using the Internet to Enhance Your Writing Skills (October 29, 2019)--No one can deny the resourcefulness of the Internet. It opens the door to knowledge. Students can reap lots of benefits because they receive free access to all sorts of information. Thus, they can always find supporting materials and find out how to compose various academic assignments. For example, one may come across a popular online request about sites like, which looks like this – Who can do my essay for me? Students mean special academic writing companies. Almost everyone knows about them and we’ll obligatorily highlight this option too. However, there are many other ways to learn and write essays with the help of the World Web. Let’s review them straight away! Online Courses Make use of online courses. It’s a great opportunity to identify your current level of knowledge and skills. There are numerous kinds of courses and tests composed by different colleges and... Read more →


CNBNews graphics file (CNBNewsnet)(July 17, 2018)--Some people enjoy renting their home; they like the freedom it gives them to live where they want, and they like the fact that the landlord has a lot of responsibility for upkeep in many cases. However, there are others who would prefer to own their own home, even if that is a difficult thing to do. It’s not impossible, however, to obtain a mortgage, and more lenders are now opening up the opportunity to buyers once more. There must, of course, be certain criteria in place before you are able to get a mortgage; here are some of the most important. USDA Home Loans When you apply for a mortgage, the first thing that will need to be considered is your income. You will have to show evidence of what you earn, so if you don’t have any pay stubs, you will need to... Read more →

CNB Hunting/Fishing Maryland: Early Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Season Set to Begin

October 11, 2017 Hunters Reminded to Practice Tree Stand Safety Photo by Reinhardt Sahmel The first segment of Maryland’s muzzleloader deer season opens statewide Oct. 19. This is one of several deer hunting opportunities offered in the state and typically coincides with pleasant fall weather. The early muzzleloader season runs from Oct. 19-21 in Deer Management Regions A and B. Region A consists of Garrett, Allegany and western Washington counties (private land codes 250 and 251); Region B is the rest of the state. Hunters in Region B can also use muzzleloaders from Oct. 23-28 for antlerless deer only. “Regulated deer hunting remains our most effective tool for managing deer in Maryland,” said Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto. “Hunting helps keep deer numbers in check while affording a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.” The statewide bag limit for antlered white-tailed deer is one... Read more →

CNB Business News: Thumbs Up for Marlton's OSushi

Upon entering Marlton's new Japanese restaurant OSushi, you might think you've stepped into a relaxing spa-if you haven't already heard the buzz about the food. OSushi's tranquil ambiance owes a lot to its decor, which emphasizes earthen shades of brown, black, and green. Situated in a glass box over a grey stone wall, a crackling faux… Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Recommends:

Chubby’s Steakhouse in Gloucester City

239 Monmouth St Gloucester City, NJ, 08030 (856) 456-CHUB (2482) Author: The Mystery Consumer | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. May 1, 2016--Late Sunday afternoon, my wife and I enjoyed a super meal at Chubby’s at the corner of Monmouth and Burlington Streets, right across from a former portion of Gloucester Catholic High School. Matt, our excellent chef, graduated from there, as did I and our Cleary’s Blog host, Bill Cleary. We reminisced about how nice it was to work and eat right in view of part of our former heritage. Chubby’s is just a block from the Delaware River and nearby Proprietor’s Park, where it’s nice to sit, get some sun, and watch the ships pass by. While the original Chubby’s is fondly remembered for its steaks, the new Chubby’s has truly great ones. They also have a varied menu offered at a variety of price points: Ricotta Cavatelli with... Read more →

CNB Business : Small Bites Radio Show with Scott Macom and Derek Timm of

Wildfire's motto, “When it comes to internet radio and marketing…. We’ve set the bar” (CNBNEWSNET)--Wildfire Group LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of an innovative, captivating, and funny new program called “Small Bites with Scott Macom and Derek Timm” that airs live Sundays at 6:35 p.m. Wildfire Radio 24/7 Entertainment Network presents this show about food, beverages, travel, nightlife, and all topics related to the hospitality industry. Wildfire Group LLC is a media powerhouse with a global audience. Focused primarily on the Philadelphia region, Wildfire is a radio station with original programming available on multiple platforms as well as our own app. This is an amazing opportunity for any hospitality-related business seeking to reach its target audience on one of Philadelphia’s most popular stations. Along with Scott Macom and Derek Timm, “Small Bites” brings weekly segments from Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 finalist Chef Barbie Marshall, comedian/actor Mark Riccadonna, Courier... Read more →

Multi-Million Dollar Convenience Store Being Built In Gloucester City; 40-50 People to Be Employed

EXCITING NEWS--An artist rendering of the new Royal Farms convenience store planned for the Quality Inn property, US Route 130 south and Market Street, Gloucester City, N.J. Construction is expected to begin sometime in early summer. (image provided) by William E. Cleary Sr. GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. (CNBNewsnet)—A multi-million dollar construction project will be starting this year at the Quality Inn property on U.S. Route 130 south at Market Street, Gloucester City. That site was originally the home of a Holiday Inn, built in the late 50’s early 60’s. Several different motel chains have occupied the site over the years most recently the Quality Inn. Amit Patel, the owner of the property has leased half of the site to Royal Farms, a convenience store chain that was established in 1959. To make room for the new store, half of the rooms at the motel will be demolished. The remaining 64 rooms... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Recommends:The Camden County College Lecture Series (Spring 2016)

The Mystery Consumer CNBNewsnet The Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility at Camden County College regularly offers lectures series on a variety of fascinating and timely topics. Most programs are held in the College’s spacious Civic Auditorium in Blackwood: Iran, the Middle East and ISIS (Wednesdays, March/April) America and The Middle East (15 week Wednesday Evening Course) Autism Spectrum Disorders Return to Iwo Jima Some of the Mini-Courses also being offered include: The Hitler Phenomenon One Percent Better: Nutrition and Fitness Basics Opera: Passion, Politics and Power Marching Through Old Dominion: Battle Ground Virginia Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Military Organization and the Common Soldier of the Civil War and others… The Center’s Programs are under the direction of Dr. Jack Pesda. He is a true gift to the College and the community alike for bringing these educational programs to the public. Dr. Pesda has also been a presenter for... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Recommends: “College Scorecard”

The Mystery Consumer | CNBNewsnet President Obama recently announced the opening of “College Scorecard”. It provides a great deal of comparative information about colleges and universities throughout the country that can be a useful aid to prospective students and parents alike. The website is: Because of the cost of higher education, it’s important to get a handle on what the longer term financial benefit of various institutions will be. It should also be noted that the benefit of higher education includes many positive factors other than simply financial return. Here is some information about a few local schools. More detailed information is available when you go to the basic site for each school: School Average Annual Cost/ Graduation Rate / Median Salary After 10 Years Rutgers, Camden $14,324 60% $54,800 Stockton University $20,180 65% $46,800 Rowan University $21,541 71% $48,800 Temple Univ. $20,845 66% $46,500 Drexel University $33,742 67%... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Lunch at Capital Grille, Cherry Hill Mall

The Mystery Consumer | CNBNewsnet CHERRY HILL NJ--This is a well-kept secret. Most people think that Capital Grille is expensive, and for dinner it can get pricey, but lunch is a real deal. First, there’s free valet parking. Just drive up to the stand. Lunch prices are in effect until 4PM. You will find it far less crowded that just about any other dining establishment at the Mall. Capital Grille is located just to the left of the Nordstrom’s entrance to the Mall. The food is excellent and the servers are attentive. They typically have lunch specials, so for two for lunch, it might only cost $10-$20 extra over what you’d spend for lunch at places like Seasons 52 or Brio, which are also very nice. I think the modest difference in price is well worth it. The dining room is walnut and woody-elegant with comfortable booths. If you go... Read more →


The Mystery Consumer Suggests: aenigma Jewelry and Accessories

– and not just for women, MC says (856)833-9200 aenigma is far more than just jewelry. It’s located at 6 Powell Lane in Collingswood, right off Haddon Avenue, just past Collings Avenue. Powell Lane is the street where the large vertical sign for “The Lumberyard” residences is located. It’s a short street with limited parking, so you might try Haddon Avenue instead (good luck with that). A better bet is to park just across Collings Avenue in the Speedline parking lot or in the municipal parking lot adjacent to it. Caution: the meters have to be fed until 9 PM. Mrs. MC has shopped at aenigma on many occasions, finding interesting items for herself, or on the most recent occasion, to find a distinctive gift for a friend’s birthday. aenigma is not just for women either. Following Mrs. MC’s good example, I’ve purchased some nice things for her there... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Kuzina, Cherry Hill “Sunday Brunch in Santorini” | CNBNewsnet

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Kuzina, Cherry Hill: “Sunday Brunch in Santorini” Something different for Sunday morning: Kuzina is located at 404 Marlton Pike (Route 70). It is in the “Saw Mill” strip shopping center, on the right, heading west toward Philadelphia. (856-429-1061).It has pleasant interior and a few outside tables too. Brunch is offered Sundays from 11:30-2:30 for $15.00 per person. That includes a selection of First Course items such as: Two Salad Creations of the Day, Soups of the Day, Greek Lasagna, Salmon Santorini, and more. Main Entrée Choice includes: Spanakopita, Kota Chicken Kabob, Smoked Fish Platter, and a variety of other tasty Greek specialties. There is a selection of mini baklavas and pasty creations for dessert and the price also includes coffee and tea and chilled juice or juice cocktail. We found everything delicious and a very good value for the money. It is Zagat rated. One caution:... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Bordentown Restaurants

THE MYSTERY CONSUMER | CNBNewsnet Getting tired of going to the same restaurants all the time? Think about extending your reach. Bordentown, just below Trenton, might seem like the end of the earth for many in South Jersey, but that have a very fine collection of good restaurantsright on Farnsworth Avenue. (FarnsworthAvenue is easily reached by taking Route 295 North from South Jersey, getting off at the Route 130 North exit and making a left at the first traffic light on Farnsworth Avenue. Stay to the left as soon as you get on Route 130. There is no jughandle. Just stay left. The restaurant area is about a mile down, surrounded by a number of interesting shops and businesses, perfect for taking a walk before or after dinner. There is also a NJ Light Rail Line within easy walking distance, so anyone near the Riverline can take the train there... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Camden County College Center For Leadership and Responsibility

The Mystery Consumer | CNBNewsnet Camden County College’s Center for Leadership and Responsibility in Blackwood offers widely diverse programs, short term “mini-courses” and other events for teacher continuing education credit and for the general public. Programs are offered at the Main Campus in Blackwood and also at The Rohrer Campus in Cherry Hill. In the past, the Center has offered speaking events and courses on the Civil War, Egypt, Cleopatra, Sex and Society, and “Boardwalk Empire”, The Tuskegee Airmen, among many others, and has featured renowned guest speakers, including historian and author David Eisenhower. The variation of what’s offered is limited only by the imagination of the Center’s Director, Dr. John Pesda, which is virtually limitless. Jack Pesda is a true resource for Camden County College and the community at large. He is a knowledgeable, gracious and humorous speaker and host. His broad historical knowledge has been augmented by travels... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests:

Super Bakeries!

By The Mystery Consumer (CNBNewsnet)Based on my many years of experimentation, and poundage, here's my all-star list of bakeries and some wonderful items for you to try: Audubon: Desserts by Design - Merchant Street A wonderful selection of cakes, cookies and other baked goods. Wonderful tarts, especially the coconut, carrot cake, and almond paste pastry. Renee will great you with her lovely smile. Haddon Heights: 'Tis So Sweet - 9th Avenue, just off Kings Highway I love their small, plain cherry pie. One of the best I've ever had, and I've had plenty. Sonya is a charming lady who also appears with her taste treats at the Haddon Heights Farm Market on Sunday mornings. She also has a "bakery camp" for children in the summer. Haddon Township: McMillan's, Haddon Avenue They need no introduction. Many items to choose from. Their cream donuts are loaded. I love the dark chocolate crullers.... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Duffy's Candies of Gloucester City...and Now Haddonfield!

Written By The Mystery Consumer Tradition is a wonderful thing, and Duffy's stands tall. For ninety years, Duffy's has provided excellent chocolates at their original location at 29 N. Broadway in Gloucester City. That location also carries delicious gummy spearmint leaves and orange slices. Love the spearmint leaves. Going toward Camden on Broadway, park your car just past the traffic light at Monmouth Street and cross over Broadway and you'll spot it easily, not as easily if you were driving and looking for it, because it's easy to drive right by - and that would be a shame. Duffy's is a family owned business and a Gloucester City tradition, one of the City's oldest businesses. They are renowned for their "Irish Potatoes" which they sell a ton of around St. Patrick's Day. If you're a Gloucester resident, and haven't been to Duffy's - and there are actually some who haven't... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests: Pete’s Shoe Repair

Pete’s Shoe Repair 725 N. Black Horse Pike Runnemede, NJ 08078 RUNNEMEDE NJ ( a shoe repair shop is getting more difficult. Pete’s is a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. Their quality is excellent. They also sell a variety of other shoe related products. In addition, they also repair many other things, including even grass bags on mowers. They sewed the lining in a piece of luggage for me. The small loop on my leather watchband came off. They took care of that too. Their prices for these small repairs were very reasonable. They did both these things while I waited. Pete’s is a very active shop, so things can’t always be done while you wait, but they certainly do their best to help you. If you have shoes that need repair or anything else requiring sewing, I’d give them a call. Pete’s is located... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests : Romash Physical Therapy |

Romash Physical Therapy 76 E. Euclid Avenue 1st Floor, Suite 100 Haddonfield, NJ 08033 (856) 427-9311 HADDONFIELD NJ ( to an auto accident I had about 15 years ago, plus other occasions, I’ve been to a number of physical therapy practitioners. This one is one of the best. There is no sitting around here, watching therapists gab with each other. Nor are clients just told what to do and left to their own devices. All clients are carefully monitored. There is great cooperation between members of the staff. The owner, Rich Romash, is on site and regularly supervises his therapists. I found all the therapists to be conscientious and extremely well-selected. You can also be assured that you will not be strung along here. You will get what you need, and as soon as you are able to operate from home, you will be given the responsibility to do so,... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters In The End

Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters In The End AUTHOR Dr. Atul Gawande This is one of the finest books I’ve read in a long time. It offers experienced professional advice on how to best take care of our health and that of others in critical situations, to make decisions about hospice care - and when the proper time is for it, and how to best manage our own health affairs and those of others who we are entrusted to care for. I gave Being Mortal this five star ***** review on Amazon, among dozens of high starred reviews it had: “Anyone over 50, anyone helping make health decisions for loved ones, or anyone looking at her/his potential passing should read this book. Dr.Gawande provides priceless advice on how to make serious health care decisions. In addition to my own copy, which I have re-read and highlighted twice, I... Read more →

Business Law II Offered at Camden County College Online in July

press release Business Law II (Law102-OL7) will be offered online beginning July 13th and ending August 21st. This three credit course is the natural follow-up to Legal Environment/Law I. There is no pre-requisite for taking the course however. It is open to anyone. Business Law II is good preparation for anyone intending to take accounting and/or the CPA Exam, planning to attend law school or take paralegal studies, obtaining a real estate salesperson's license, for leasing, banking, insurance, human resources, and where a knowledge of agency relationships would be helpful for any business practitioner. The course instructor is Lawrence J. Danks, a former Licensed Real Estate Broker for 40 years and also a former Approved Real Estate School Director and Instructor for 20 years. Professor Danks is a member of the full time Business and Technical Faculty at the College and is the author of several real estate textbooks. He... Read more →


After thousands of e-mails and comments, and 60,000-plus votes cast, we have the 50 semi-finalists in our NJ's Best Burger Showdown. Just as with our N.J.'s best-bars competition, it was impossible to pick just 25 places from scores -- make that hundreds -- of worthy candidates. But tough choices again had to be made. The 50 semi-finalists revealed Now things get juicy. After thousands of e-mails and comments, and 60,000-plus votes cast, we have the 50 semi-finalists in our N.J.'s Best Burger Showdown. The top five vote-getters in the categories we asked you vote in automatically gained a berth in our semi-final round. In addition, I selected 25 places, giving us 50 contestants in… Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests " II FIORE"

Il Fiore 693-695 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108 (856) 833-0808 COLLINGSWOOD NJ ( Il Fiore is a great restaurant at a terrific value. It is located on Haddon Avenue, where Collings Avenue intersects with it. It is highly rated on both Yelp and Trip Advisor. It features substantial portions at very modest prices. One of my favorites is the Seafood Risotto (Risotto Pescatora). It has a variety of seafood and is a real deal at $14. The Salmon is also a bargain at the same price. I’d recommend getting it with no sauce or only light sauce. My wife likes the Lemon Chicken (Pollo Limone). Il Fiore has a diverse menu and there are a number of specials available, often including Bronzino, a Veal Chop, or Filet Mignon. “Landi”, the owner, recites them for you. They also have a nice dessert menu. My wife likes the home made Tartufo –... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Vacationing in Chincoteague, Virginia |

Chincoteague's 90th Annual Pony Swim will be held this year on July 29 (photo credit Chincoteague website) by The Mystery Consumer Chincoteague, Virginia (’s a vacation destination that’s not too far, but far enough to feel like you’re out of the local orbit. It’s about 3 ½ hours from South Jersey. We’ve visited there four times, once in December. It’s a small, quiet town with a “Main Street” that has several restaurants and shops. The best on the street I think is Bill’s, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our six day stay recently, we ate three meals there. It’s a cozy place with wooden booths and tables, a nice menu, good quality, and a friendly atmosphere. It’s open year round. I asked a gentleman there who appeared to be in charge if he were Bill. He said, “I’m Ken, but I’m Bill.” On the night we went to... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Indeblue Indian Cuisine |

Indeblue Indian Cuisine 619 Collings Avenue Collingswood, NJ 08107 856.854.4633 Lunch, Sunday Brunch, and Dinner COLLINGSWOOD NJ ( just off the White Horse Pike, Indeblue offers excellent food. There is also outside dining on their front deck. My wife and I have eaten here many times and enjoyed it. Often when suggesting an Indian restaurant to others, the response can be “I don’t like Indian food.” But there is enough on their menu for simple tastes, and all dishes can be served with mild, medium or hot spices. The serving staff is very helpful in making suggestions and explaining various dishes. That’s good because some of the names are tongue-twisters! Their soups are tasty. For starters, I’d recommend the Crispy Spinach, Naan Pizza, and also their lentils. One of my favorite entrees is the Mixed Grille, which provides a nice sampling of various entrees. There are also many items cooked... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Zaffron Meditteranean Cuisine

Zaffron Meditteranean Cuisine 113 E. Kings Highway, Haddonfield (BYOB) HADDONFIELD NJ ( this restaurant has only be opened for a few months, my wife and I have had both lunch and dinner here on a number of occasions. Zaffron has been well-reviewed on Yelp and other dining sites. The exterior is identified by a black and white awning over the entrance. Zaffron is located in the former location of “Animo Juice”, which moved across, and down, the street. The environment is small and cozy. With the addition of outside tables under cover, you can eat outside when it’s raining or when the sun is blazing. The owner has creatively removed the former display areas on both sides of the former entrance and created some inviting table space. Whenever you go, you’ll find Rocky and Josephine, the owners, or their gracious daughter, on hand to greet you. A distinctive feature of... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Dr. Craig Kimmel

Dr. Craig Kimmel Dr. Craig Kimmel Lourdes Care 1 Brace Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 ( Kimmel is dual Board Certified in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. He currently serves as Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine at Lourdes Medical Associates, which is part of Our Lady of Lourdes Health Care System. He currently practices exclusively in the area of Sports Medicine. Dr. Kimmel attended Hahnemann University Medical School, in Philadelphia. He completed his residency at Bryn Mawr Hospital and was Director of their Sports Medicine Program. In addition, Dr. Kimmel served as the Sports Medicine physician for both Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. He has treated both amateur and professional athletes. He also was a former collegiate basketball player himself. Both my wife and I have visited Dr. Kimmel on many occasions for knee, hip, shoulder, back, and sciatic nerve issues. In addition to being highly experienced and being... Read more →

The Mystery Consumer Suggests Blue Hair Salon |

BLUE 43 HADDON AVENUE WESTMONT (HADDON TOWNSHIP) NJ WESTMONT NJ ( “Blue” is a hair salon with a contemporary air. Owner Doug Kelley says their goal is to: “Enhance our clients natural beauty while having fun” My wife appreciates him and the salon’s services and she always looks even prettier after she’s been there. Doug cuts my hair too and does a great job. He’s an excellent cutter. I’ve seen many other guys getting their hair cut there too. It’s a comfortable, relaxed place for both men and women. Doug specializes in cuts and his staff colors and does cuts too. Doug is very active in the community. He organized and manages Westmont’s “Produce Market”, held late Wednesday afternoons in market season. It operates in the street right next to “Blue”. Doug’s got a great personality and is always up to date on restaurants and area events. He makes it... Read more →