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Remembering Gil Spencer Reporter, Editor, Character

By: Joe Ball, CNBNews Contributor F. Gilman Spencer Jr. a former- -and possibly the most memorable- – editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, died June 24, 2011, at the New York University Hospital. He was 85. F. Gilman Spencer Jr. I was a copy boy with Gil Spencer over a seven-year period, from 1947 to about 1954, at the Inquirer’s City Desk, on the fourth floor at 400 N. Broad St. In those days, the newsroom was an incubator for young people headed towards careers in communications- -especially with newspapers. Typical weekly pay was $12 to $18/week. I remember my and Gil’s fellow copy boys and editorial clerks in those days included… …Al Gaudiosi, who years later became a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, after he left... Read more →

When Do You Know The Senior Years Are Here?

By: Joe Ball, CNBNews Contributor As a person gets older, and doesn’t recognize that youth is a memory, into their life comes hints of aging. Here are a few being experienced by this writer. At the office: …I’m making more outgoing sales calls, then there are incoming calls with orders. …Former personnel, passing through Phila., or surfing the internet, call to see if I’m still alive. …Attending business functions, so many of the people I know are not there. They’re retired- -or dead. …My staff members, in their twenties, have no idea who Jerry Blavat, Larry Kane, Chuck Bednarick, John B. Kelly, Jr. are. (“Kel”, long decreased, was a partner of mine in one of my corporations in the mid 1960’s.) Other Hints …When organizations... Read more →

Guest Opinion: Annoying Lost Time From Preventative Healthcare

By: Joe Ball, CNBNews Contributor I’m not into giving time to medically-related practitioners- -when I’m only a potential patient. Yes, I’m into giving time to medically-related practitioners- -when it benefits them- -as I have done Gloucestercitynews.net files for over 50 years by providing to them ways to gain new patients via the professional advertising and communications channels of my firm, American Advertising Services. (If interested, 484-562-0060.) But back to the topic of there personal thoughts: Lately, with my wife, Sandy’s constant pushing, reminding, pushing, encouraging- -and pushing, I’ve been seeing a growing number of health professionals. Here they are from the head down to my feet. …Optometrist …Audiologist …Dentist …Dermatologist …General Practitioner …Cardiologist …Physical Therapist …Podiatrist …Also the druggist, and labs for tests. Note: No... Read more →


By: Joe Ball, CNBNews Contributor Almost 50 years ago I started an advertising and news publicity one person business. My first investment was a used $35 Royal Typewriter. I also signed a lease at $50/month to rent a space – – in a basement – – at 246 S. 22nd St. It came with a desk and chair. This summer, it will have been 56 years ago. Since then, every day has been different. Some days I thought everyone wanted to hire me. Some days I wondered what I was doing wrong, as there was no business. I was reminiscing to myself (I tend to do that just before falling asleep at night) about associates from our various divisions over the years. Because we are... Read more →

Written while waiting for the Podiatrist, the Ophthalmologist, or was it the Dentist?

By: Joe Ball, Publisher CNBNews Contributor I’m a senior citizen in age, not in activities. I think I’m one of those who fit the expression, “The senior citizens of today often are like the middle-aged of 20 years ago.” It’s good to think that. “Because I fit it.” My wife, Sandy, tells me, however, should I be asked “How old are you?,” to just say,” I don’t give my age.” “People will see you differently if you do,” she adds. Recently, she told me a story related to her by the daughter of a 90-year-old, Main Line woman. This lady for years played bridge weekly with the same group. Age never came up. She was one of them. On her 90th birthday, her daughter thought... Read more →


Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor I’m a newspaper guy. I read them cover to cover. I’ve worked on them. I’ve owned them- -and still do. Early in my news career I learned that everyone has a story. To hear it, you have to ask questions. Standard questions to open conversations could be… …Where did you grow up and go to school? …How did you meet your spouse? …What do you do (re: daily activities)? Typically, one answer leads to a series of follow-ups. And- -important…be a good listener. In line with this essay… without too much thinking…I’m noting a few stories I’ve heard from strangers. A Chance Meeting At a recent wedding anniversary party, where seating was optional, I put myself down in front of... Read more →

Lessons For Living

By Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor Being in business for over 50 years, and living 80 years, I have met a lot of people. I have learned from them, plus from my own experiences. Following are some of the remembered lessons: 1.) Stay away from lawyers. 2.) Have an open mind, and an open door. 3.) Find a way to reach your goals. 4.) Have a strong, firm handshake. 5.) Do not hear the first “No”. 6.) Do it now. 7.) Persevere. Persevere. Persevere. 8.) Give before you get. 9.) Be yourself. 10.) Don’t try to make the last dollar. Let other people live. Avoid being the richest person- -in the cemetery. 11.) Do business only when it’s (A.) Honest, (B.) Profitable, (C.) Without grief.... Read more →

Personal Thoughts…An Open Diary

New Book on Nazi Germany Effects Reviewers Memories Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor Purposes of a book review often are to recommend a good read, educate, or warn a potentia reader not to waste their time. In the case of a book I recently read there was another experience – – a personal catharsis . The book is “The Third Reich at War” (Penguin Press, NY Press contact is Sarah Hutson, 212-366-2826, Sarah.Hutson@us.penguingroup.com). The author is Richard J. Evans, a Cambridge University Professor of Modern History. It is the final volume of his trilogy on the history of Nazi Germany. The volume I recently finished starts in September, 1939, when German troops invaded Poland. It’s last chapters report on the war’s end and immediate aftermath.... Read more →

An Obituary … (Somewhat Unusual)

by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor There was a death in my immediate family recently. It ended a close relationship of over 11 years. My car died. My Mercury Grand Marquis, which joined my household in April 1998, died suddenly. No warning. No sputtering. Just dead. What turned out to be my last time with the car was a solo drive from Phila. to Ventnor, NJ ., down the Atlantic City Expressway. Average of 70 + miles per hour. No problem. I parked on Martindale Ave. Ignition turned off. Then moments later, following a request to park around the corner on Atlantic Ave., again, no problem. Ignition okay. Into gear. Go. Park. No hint of what was to come. Two nights later, I went to... Read more →

Better Then the Alternative

by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor As one grows older, one experiences things that normally don’t happen to those in their twenties and thereabouts. But a message to young people – – Just Wait! The following is on the horizon for you, and already here for me. … Friends I’ve made in elementary school, high school, boy scouts & back-of-house driveway areas are sometimes recognizable. Not always. … So many of my older acquaintances are using canes, or, uh-oh, walkers. … One of the first sections I read in the daily newspapers are – – the obituary and death notice sections (“Please. Please. Have no one I know be there”). … People from my distant past, who might not have been friendly, now are quite... Read more →


by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor Training 1951: Joe Ball, a 21-year-old draftee with his M-1 the rifle of the time at Camp Breckenridge, KY. Note the bayonet scabbard on his left leg. Remembering Rifleman Training I’m going to be in a book. It probably will not be read by many people – but I’m still flattered. The book is about the U.S. Army’s Camp Brekinridge, Kentucky, in the year 1951, during the Korean War. That’s where thousands of draftees were sent to train to be infantrymen. I was one of them ********* The author is Anne Audette, of Westland, Michigan. She wrote her first book on the subject, already published, and is now completing a second book , into which I’m to be included.... Read more →

Living As A Senior

by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor When you’re 88 years of age, life can be boring. It can consist of … … Sleeping late in the morning … Having the same get-up routines (early to the bathroom for the everyday AM brushing of teeth, showering, swallowing pills, taking the daily sugar blood count, checking the I-Phone for weather info, making a decision on what to wear for the day.) 2013 photo … Double-checking to see if any medical appointments. … Watching TV. Especially CNN, CNBC occasionally, Fox, (less occasionally) the “History Channel”, “National Geographic” and, hoping there is an afternoon sports event, or unseen movie. … Meals sometimes in front of the TV. … Naps … Reading the ads from senior living accommodations … Clipping... Read more →

Getting Old…….. To My Ever – – So- Young Friends! A Collection

Joe Ball Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor I very quietly confided to my best friend that I was having an affair. She turned to me and asked, ‘Are you having it catered’? And that, my friend, Is the definition of ‘OLD’! *** Just before the funeral services, the undertaker Came up to the very elderly widow and asked, ‘How old was your husband?’ ’96,’ she replied: ‘Two years younger than me’ ‘So you’re 98,’ the undertaker commented She responded, ‘Not hardly worth going home, is it?’ *** Reporters interviewing a 104-year-old woman: ‘And what do you think is the best thing About being 104?’ the reporter asked. She simply replied, ‘No peer pressure.’ *** I’ve sure gotten old! I’ve had two bypass surgeries, a hip... Read more →

Marking 57 Years of Marriage — A Letter to My Wife

By: Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor Published on September 18, 2019. June 1, 2009 – – The 51st Anniversary of our Wedding. Joe Ball We remain husband and wife. Together… 51-years… And, for me, 51-years of a wonderful life – – thanks to your, Sandra Lee (Cohan) Ball. I have often said the two best things I have done in my life were (1) marrying you and (2) starting my own business. Number two actually activated number 1. The line on the chart of my adult life begins with you, and goes upward, upward, upward. Along the way there are many memories. I will mention a few… You were 19-years-old when we met. You were a student at Temple University, living at home, 2442 Bryn... Read more →

A Near-Death Experience

By: Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor I think I know what death is. I had a “near-death” experience. It was nothing like the recollections of the people featured recently in the Inquirer by staff writer Faye Flan. Those people told of happy near-death experiences involving light, flowers, music, and even a beautiful male angel. T’aint from one who knows (or so thinks) Joe Ball My experience came several days after an emergency gall bladder operation. I was released from the hospital – weak, but seemingly on the way to complete recovery. My first evening home – three days after the operation – I told my wife, Sandy, “I feel tired. I’m going to bed.” It was about 7 p.m., not quite four days after the... Read more →

Memories: On The Happy Occasion of my wife, Sandy’s 73rd Birthday

Published on October 21, 2019. By: Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor The first time I ever saw Sandra Cohan was at her front door, 2442 Bryn Mawr Ave., in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia. Joe Ball I was there as a “blind date.” She was 19. I was 28. I remember my first thought, when she opened the door of her parent’s home: It was: “I like her looks!” Our first date was a neighborhood movie, “Cyrano De Bergerac,”followed by either a hamburger at the Hot Shop, Broad and Champlost Sts., or corn beef sandwiches at King Cole’s, on York Rd., Elkins Park. (Forgive me Sandy. I forget. I am older.) I do remember it was raining. There was a rattle from the rear of... Read more →

Handicapped? Using a Walker Has its Benefits. Like Walking!

By: Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor Joe Ball I’ve heard it said that “when you age – – the feet & legs are first to go”. True – – as it affects me. But first some good things about aging. I’m soon to be 88. I feel good … from the waist up. Downward, well no comment . . . I have neuropathy . That’s where the nerves in the feet take a never-to-return vacation. The result is loss of balance. And loss of balance is a major problem. Major! So major, I want to say it again, this way: “Don’t fall down!” To fall, as a senior harboring brittle bones, could result in months of rehab, or a perpetual, forever, horizontal position. Underground! I’m... Read more →

Joe Ball Honored by Philadelphia City Council

For: Immediate Release Philadelphia City Council Honor: On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Philadelphia's longest-established advertising and PR firm, American Advertising Services, the company's founder and continuing president, Joe Ball (r) receives a commendation from Councilman-At-Large, Derek Green, Esq. American Advertising Services is a division of ACT, Inc. , which also publishes a business newspaper, and produces three regional weekly business interview radio shows (www.PhillyBizMedia.com). # # # Note: Joe Ball is a long-time resident of Lower Merion. Related articles Beyond Philly: Other cities already looking to duplicate soda tax plan Police raid home of Philly councilman's daughter by mistake, report says Eagles sign Andrew Gardner to extension, report says Mayor Nutter's Paid Sick Leave Commission Releases Report Hackers take down Philadelphia City... Read more →

AMERICAN ADVERTISING SERVICES Donation to Lower Merion Library Bala Cynwyd Branch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW MARKETING RELATED books were donated to the Bala Cynwyd branch of the Lower Merion Library System recently by American Advertising Services, the 57 years in business local advertising/PR firm (29 Bala Ave., Ste. 114, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004/www.PhillyBizMedia.com). About 40 books covering internet marketing, traditional business advertising, and related subjects were given. Pictured is Ardmore's Yelane Rosenbaum, a vice-president of ACT, Inc., the business-to-business media firm, and parent corporation of American Advertising Services. The business has a continuing community support program. Joe Ball is corporate founder and president. Related articles SOUTH JERSEY BUSINESS SCENE: Reviva Labs of Haddonfield Honored Rosenbaum Coordinator of Internet Marketing at American Advertising Services -cnbnews.net US International Film & Video Festival Announces Chairman Philadelphia: Melissa Ardis Assumes... Read more →