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Op-Ed: Terrorism in France

By Frank Batavick CNBNews Op-Ed It was a time of increased immigration to a previously imperialist country from a former possession. The newcomers settled in its biggest city and continued to speak their native language and maintain their cultural practices. Assimilation proved difficult. Jobs were scarce. The young, especially those 15-25, felt alienated and marginalized and were much influenced by the media. They were prone to violence and crime soared. The public demanded answers to this new curse on the land. The above describes the influx of Puerto Rican immigrants to New York City after World War II. An estimated 40,000... Read more →

Op- Ed: The So-Called God Gene or VMAT2

FRANK BATAVICK | CNB Columnist Christmas is almost upon us, and soon Christians throughout the world will be honoring the birth of a God-child and seeking a connection to the divine on bended knee. But in parts of Maryland, God is being sought with powerful electron microscopes and through a potent but still illegal drug. At Bethesda’s National Cancer Institute, molecular geneticist Dean Hamer announced that he had isolated the so-called God gene. He dubbed it VMAT2 and claimed to have found it in those people who were spiritual and had a belief in a higher being. This gene regulates the... Read more →

Op-Ed: Some Thoughts on Climate Change

by Frank Batavick Columnist What if you were to receive a diagnosis from nine doctors, some of them from the finest hospitals in the country? They all say your symptoms and medical tests establish that you suffer from a severe narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve, a condition that is fatal if not remediated immediately by surgery. Then a tenth doctor tells you that the tests are inconclusive and he thinks you are suffering from a psychosomatic illness. In other words, it’s all in your head. Who would you believe and what measures would you take? Let’s further suppose that everyone... Read more →

Op-Ed: A Personal Look at Bigotry

BY FRANK BATAVICK CNBNEWS It’s gets personal for me. Perhaps that’s because at various times in my life I have felt the sting of prejudice and even anti-Semitism. Though of Croatian/Slovak/German/Irish stock, the Croatian genes are dominant, gifting me with Adriatic features topped with thick black hair. (You’ll have to imagine the hair part when you look at my photo.) I also have a last name that is tough for some to categorize ethnically. As a result, when I was in my early twenties I twice felt the sting of bias in the workplace. In one summer job, a supervisor repeatedly... Read more →

Op-Ed : Love and Marriage

By Frank Batavick CNBNewsnet Frank Sinatra once crooned “Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.” Leaving aside Sinatra’s checkered history in the marriage department, you have to admit that these lyrics sound somewhat old-fashioned today, and I don’t mean the “horse and carriage” part. I was at my doctor’s office recently and heard one woman congratulate another for her quite visible pregnancy. The pregnant one exclaimed that she was so happy. Her boyfriend already had two children and this baby would make three. She added she always wanted a big family. My ears zeroed in... Read more →

Welcome Frank!

Newspaper columnist Frank Batavick will be writing a weekly article for CNBNews. His column, which began today, will cover such topics as politics, current events, and human interest stories. Frank is a graduate of Gloucester Catholic (‘63) with over 40 years of experience as a television writer/producer/director for public TV and media companies in Indiana and New Jersey. He has also served as adjunct faculty and visiting professor in Communications at colleges and universities in New York and Maryland. He now lives in Maryland with his wife Dori (GCHS, ‘63), where he is the vice chair of the Historical Society of... Read more →

COMMENTARY: On Freedom of Speech

By Frank J. Batavick A new edition of Mein Kampf, the autobiography of Hitler that is filled with rants against Jews and praise for the supremacy of the Aryan race, will be back in European bookstores in 2016. The state of Bavaria had blocked any printing of this hateful tract since 1945. North Korea threatened a 9/11 style attack if Sony Pictures released the film The Interview that satirized that country’s closed society and leader. Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger found guilty of insulting Islam, is serving a ten year prison sentence and is to be flogged 1,000 times. In January... Read more →

The Emmy Winner for Historical Documentary... Frank Batavick! GCHS Alumnus Class of '63

FRANK BATAVICK By Bill Cleary (cnbnews.net) Over the years there have been many alumnus from Gloucester Catholic High School, Gloucester City NJ, that have made a name for themselves in one venture or another. Some were and still are professional football and baseball players, college professors, teachers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, university deans, federal judges, municipal judges, lawyers, newspaper publishers/editors, building contractors, engineers, architects and on and on and on. However in the 82-year history of the school there has never been an alumnus, as far as we know, who has won an Emmy. That is until now. Frank J. Batavick, Class... Read more →