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What the Hell is Happening NOW?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet Google Advertisement ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RECEIVE GOLD STAR BENEFITS-Families in the United States are struggling to find a formula for their babies. And, when they do find it the prices are astronomical. In 2015 The Obama administration passed a law pertaining to illegal immigrant minors. They have to be read their rights (a minor immigrant understands his rights?) The law goes on to detail their rights as food, clothing, shelter, and a ton of other rights the average citizen doesn't have. Last year, 2021, The Biden Administration updated the law. Read the next sentence very carefully! The... Read more →


How Many Broken Windows in our City?

DOROTHY PHILBIN | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ --Years ago, I took a Criminal Justice course at St. Joseph's University. The instructor was a captain of the Philadelphia Police Department who brought his police-issued laptop with him to every class. The first thing he told us was that what he was going to present was the truth and he had and would show us the documentation to prove it. He said that if anyone was easily offended, this was the time to drop the course. That was one of the best courses I took in my long educational career and one... Read more →



DOROTHY PHILBIN | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--At this point I'm sure that everyone has heard that "someone" leaked a draft of a Supreme Court decision written by Justice Samuel Alito. Although this was about the Roe v Wade case, it really doesn't matter. Hard as it is to believe from television coverage, the real issue is The Constitution of the United States. Forget 99% of what you see and hear. Better yet, turn off your television when the news comes on. There is a lot of "misinformation" or "fake news" if you will, going around. Most of it is just... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Help for Unemployment Claims

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews TRENTON, NJ (April 27, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--In New Jersey the Democrats and Republicans are actually working together on the unemployment problem. They might as well hold up signs reading "election year, our friends and we want your vote." Many State Senators have formed a new committee to investigate the Department of Labor have said the same things. The residents they represent, every single one, complained that they never got through on the phone and no one ever called them back. They heard everyday "There is no one [at the Dept of Labor] to talk to. After weeks of... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: $19 per month charities - Part II

UPDATED THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: $19 a month charities - Part I Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (April 21, 2022)--Every year I buy a subscription to the Walnut Street Theatre and one of my favorite things to do is scan the list of supporters. Last year I noticed that one of the financial supporters was The Shriners' Hospital. I think most everyone has seen the ads for Shriners', a boy named Alec is in a wheelchair and shows you the adorable blanket you will get if you give $19 per month. Alec Cabacungan, spokesman for Shriners Hospital.... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: Thank You, Florida

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Planning to fly? You can now do it mask free, thank you to an 11th District Federal Court judge, centered in Florida. On the evening news was a clip from inside a plane. People's cell phones were going off, masks were being torn off and people were applauding. So, what happened? The federal judge ruled, as other courts before, that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) only has the responsibility to advise the government and citizens. It does not have the authority to make law, as it has been doing for the past two years. The... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Your Rights if the Police Knock

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews I recently read an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer; it was called "These Are Your Rights if the Police Knock at Your Door." Unfortunately, it offered a lot of advice from the ACLU (Americans Civil Liberties Union.) That organization tends to be very anti-police and in favor of the individual's right to speech. I'm very much in favor of the First Amendment - tempered with common sense. Please allow me to start with a personal narrative. Early one morning there was a bang at my front door. It wasn't a tap. It wasn't a knock. It... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: $19 a month charities - Part I

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Have you noticed how many appeals you see on television for $19 a month for this charity or $11 a month for another? These commercials run so often that you might have to wonder how much $19 buy and is it enough to cover the cost of advertising? Personally, I never understood it, so I had to do some research. The reason for only $19 a month? That only amounts to $228 per year. Contributions of $250 or more per year generate files that must be kept for the IRS. Even with that being true, something... Read more →

New Jersey's Public Charter Schools Accelerate Student Learning During Pandemic

Start Strong' State Assessments Students in NJ's five largest charter cities are 32 percent more likely to approach or meet grade-level standards compared to district peers in English language arts, 55 percent more likely in math; State Charter Association calls on Murphy Administration to expand high-quality charter options to mitigate learning loss crisis HAMILTON, NJ - April 7, 2022 – Yesterday, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) released school and district-level results from last fall's Start Strong assessments. Administered in September and October of 2021, Start Strong is New Jersey's first statewide exam that provides insight on how the... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Friday is Tax Day so here is the last of my advice.

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews First: If you choose/have chosen a paid tax preparer, pick a good one and not just the most convenient one. About 20 years ago (give or take) one of the nation-wide tax preparing companies had an 80% error rate on itemized returns. As a result the IRS now requires all paid preparers to be certified. If you are paying someone to prepare your taxes, make sure s/he is certified. If you happen to choose someone who has a record of errors (innocent or not) with the IRS, expect an audit. This is not a certainty but... Read more →



updated/corrected Dorothy Philbin l CNBNews The Internal Revenue Service has announced the triggers which will mark a taxpayer for audit. Here they are: 1. Those who itemize their deductions rather than taking the standard deduction. Sometimes you don't have a choice but don't get carried away. Keep it reasonable. 2. Millionaires - there is so much there to audit but millionaires usually have very good accountants and lawyers. My personal opinion is that millionaires are on the list just to make the rest of us feel better. 3. Income does not match lifestyle - This usually applies to people who... Read more →


What is Happening with Disney?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Is there ever a story behind the story when it comes to Disney it all started in 1967. The story also includes other major theme parks in the Orlando, FL area. In 1967 when Disney was buying thousands of acres of land in the Orlando area they made an "agreement" with the state of Florida that they could manage themselves. "Manage" included zoning, planning, utilities, as well as governing themselves. If Disney wanted to build a nuclear power plant in the middle of the Magic Kingdom, they could do it and no one could do... Read more →

New Test Scores Show Newark Students Struggling to Recover from Learning Loss

Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat Newark Mar 30, 11:33am EDT Newark students have made scant academic progress so far this school year, according to sobering new test scores that underscore the severity of the pandemic’s toll on student learning and the extraordinary measures that will be required for students to recover. Based on mid-year assessments, no more than 6% of students in any grade from 3-7 are expected to reach the “proficient” level on the state math tests slated to begin next month, according to data that Newark Public Schools officials shared last week. By contrast, 27% of students in grades 3-8... Read more →


Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ-(March 29, 2022)--It looks as though we're in for another municipal (city) tax increase. Are we shocked? I doubt it. I found something, actually several somethings, that should shock every taxpayer, though. I'm finishing work on my cousin's estate and before closing it I thought I would check the state database for unclaimed property. The good news is I found $68 I didn't know I had and $2,100 I didn't know my cousin had and then...I looked into Gloucester City. Here is where we might be shocked and angry. Why are our politicians... Read more →

Some Newark Charter School Students Told to Stay Home

Decision to make students learn remotely comes after walkout over discipline, Black teacher departures Students from Newark’s Lincoln Park High School, which is part of the North Star Academy network of charter schools, walked out of school Friday and held a rally at City Hall. They said some Black teachers have left because they were unhappy with the school. Patrick Wall/Chalkbeat ***** Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat Newark March 23, 2022 A Newark charter school that locked students out of the building Friday after they staged a walkout followed up this week by temporarily forbidding some students from returning to campus. North... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Are You in the Middle Class?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor A list was recently printed in businessinsider.com. It gave the incomes needed to be considered "middle class" in each of the 50 states. The range is very wide but the parameters consider a town such as Gloucester City to be lower middle class while Voorhees or Haddonfield are considered higher middle class. Listed below are only a few states which stood out. New Jersey? For once we aren't the most expensive state; we came in second. The incomes listed below are for two people in a family. Alabama $30,000 to $115,000 Mississippi $34,818 to $103,354... Read more →


Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor There were recent articles in newspapers claiming that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targets the poor for auditing far more often than the rich. Is it true? After what we've been through with the federal government over the past few years, I think anyone would say "yes." I'm sure most people have heard that the vast majority of auto accidents happen within five miles of home. That is true, also. These statistics, though true, come from a philosophy called "how to lie by statistics." I am in no way defending the Internal Revenue Service or... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: Congress and Hair Discrimination

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet Contributor WASHINGTON, DC--I scanned an article this week but didn't spend much time on it because I thought it was a joke. I should have known better. It's the government! There are a lot of problems that our government should be working on - inflation, gas prices, war in Ukraine, the border crisis. These are all very important. They affect all of us every day. So, what is our Congress going to work on this week? Hair Discrimination! Yes, you read that correctly, Hair Discrimination. Why? I can't give you an answer. I thought we... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: Daylight Savings Time Forever

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor The United States Senate has passed a bill submitted by Sen. Marco Rubio (R, FL) to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. Sen. Rubio made some valid points in his bill. During the standard time when evening comes at 5:00 p.m. crime rate is higher, people become depressed due to Seasonal Affective Disorder and for an unknown reason, people have more heart attacks. There is also the hope, optimistically, that with more daylight kids will spend more time outside getting exercise. image courtesy of The Farmers Almanac Does Senate approval mean that Daylight Savings Time... Read more →

CHALKBEAT: Philadelphia schools make masks optional

Dale Mezzacappa, Chalkbeat This story has been updated to include corrected vaccination data for 5 to 11-year-olds released Tuesday night by the Philadelphia Department of Health. Philadelphia schools officially announced last week that masks are no longer mandatory that they are now optional. Calling vaccinations “the best protection against the spread of coronavirus,” School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr., Ed.D. said that 86% of district staff are fully vaccinated, as are 75% of Philadelphians over the age of 12. He also noted that COVID case counts have been low for several weeks. “Our number one priority remains safely keeping our... Read more →

NJs' Education Plan Includes $1 Billion More for Newark Schools; $312 Million for Camden Schools

Newark schools would get $120 million increase in 2023 in governor’s budget...other large increases include: $310M for Trenton Public Schools, Camden Public Schools, $312 million, $494.9M for Paterson Public School District, $486.7M for Elizabeth Public Schools... In the immediate area Audubon $9.6M, Bellmawr $9M, Brooklawn $5M, Gloucester City $33.7M Gloucester Township $57.7M, Mt. Ephraim $4M, Westville $3.6M Catherine Carrera, Chalkbeat Newark Newark schools would receive more than $1 billion in state aid next year, an increase of about 13% from this year, under a budget blueprint Gov. Phil Murphy detailed Thursday. The $120 million boost for Newark is part of... Read more →


Is Teach for America an Unfair Program?

BY DOROTHY PHILBIN | CNBNews Contributor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (March 16, 2022)--Cleary's Notebook (CNBNews) this week printed an article about the Teach for America program and they, as with many employers, can't fill openings. In their case they have hundreds into thousands of openings. I had experience with Teach for America when I taught in the School District of Philadelphia. I felt it was a very unfair program. Gloucestercitynews.net files RELATED: THE NUMBER OF NEW TEACHERS DECLINES TO 15-YEAR LOW At the time, 20 plus years ago, Philadelphia was trying to get business people into the classroom. There were two... Read more →


Response to School District of Philadelphia CEO Candidates

BY DOROTHY PHILBIN | CNBNews Contributor When I taught at West Philadelphia High School a student named S.M. was the valedictorian the first year I was there. I'm happy for everyone who works hard enough to place first in a class of more than 300 students. He should have been very proud. At that time the CEO (Superintendent) of the district was Paul Vallas who, in my opinion, was doing a wonderful job. His first priority was to buy all new textbooks for every student. Other, similar priorities quickly followed. Sadly, for S.M. it was too little, too late. Even... Read more →

Desegrating Schools in New Jersey

N.J. lawsuit says district choice could help desegregate schools. Would it work? Less than 1% of students at Mount Vernon School in Newark, left, are white. At nearby Clinton Elementary School in Maplewood, 61% of students are white. The neighboring schools are separated by a district line that students cannot cross.Patrick Wall/Chalkbeat Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat Newark Mar 10, 3:38pm EST Emma Barnes still remembers the time her granddaughter made a white friend at school. Her granddaughter, Abia, was in kindergarten at Mount Vernon School in Newark. Abia, who is Black, was seated beside a quiet boy whose family had just... Read more →


New Jersey Dumbing Down Our Schools' Standards

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--New Jersey 101.5 announced recently that the graduation exam will be made harder starting with this year's junior class. Fear not. Despite all the panic there is really nothing to worry about. The State Board of Education wants the passing grade to be set at 750 but the state Department of Education feels that score is too high and wants it lowered to 725, once again dumbing down our schools' standards. Even state Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz, D-Essex said "725 is just way too low. It makes me cringe...725 for me I... Read more →

Are NJ Schools Unlawfully Segregated? The Answer Coming Soon

New Jersey schools are unlawfully segregated and it's the state's duty to fix that, the plaintiffs in a historic legal case argued in court Thursday. If the lawsuit is successful, it could lead to fundamental changes to New Jersey’s school system and large-scale desegregation efforts not seen in the U.S. for decades. Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat Newark Mar 3, 6:03pm EST Hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino students in New Jersey attend schools where they are racially isolated and surrounded by poverty, despite strong state laws forbidding school segregation. One of the nation’s most segregated states, New Jersey has allowed... Read more →

An Estimated 600 Students A Day Are Absent


updated Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 20, 2022)(CNBNews)In the past weeks I have been bringing attention to the deficiencies of our school system. Most of the comments have been along the lines of surprise and in some cases, shock. I only got one negative comment and that was from a former GHS teacher. "Why are you trashing Gloucester? STOP IT!" How about "No as an answer?" Gloucestercitynews.net graphic files My goal is not to trash Gloucester City and the school district. Everything I have published has come from either the state's website or Gloucester City's School District's... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Several 100 Students Absent Daily in the Gloucester City School District

PART ONE Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 17, 2022)--The easy answer is "No." Let's look at the Pre-K (3 and 4 year old) program first. The state pays 100% for the Pre-K program for all Abbott districts. But what are they paying for? After 25 years in education, I can tell you Research shows that an estimated $19 million per year is being spent on students who just don't come to school. (Pinterest image) "nothing." It is a babysitting service that is funded as education. Even the Department of Education admits "In 2012 [DOE] determined that score... Read more →


Throwing Money At A Problem Won't Make It Go Away

" The only South Jersey school district in the 400 range, or lower 1/3rd is our own Gloucester City School District. " By Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews If it is possible to waste money, New Jersey knows how to do it! In 2020 Governor Murphy raised the state's contribution to education. He felt that former Governor Chris Christie had underfunded education in our state, so he allocated $9 billion to all schools. Of that amount 60%, or $5.4 billion goes to 31 Abbott districts and the remaining $3.6 billion is shared by the rest of the districts. How many districts... Read more →


Does It Pay To Be Poor?

CNBNews photo credit The football field and running track at the $87 million Gloucester City Elementary Middle School, 5th and Market Street, Gloucester City, NJ. In the summer of 2016, the public learned that the new middle school would have a football field and jogging track. CNBNew searched South Jersey to see if there were any other school districts that have a middle school football field, especially a lighted one and found none. In fact, we could find no middle school football teams in the state of New Jersey. Related: Gloucester City School Board Seeking Bids for Middle School Field... Read more →


What does grocery shopping have to do with Canada?

A protester walks in front of parked trucks in Ottawa, Ontario, as demonstrators continue to protest the vaccine mandates implemented by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. PHOTO COURTESY OF Dave Chan/AFP via Getty Images DOROTHY PHILBIN | CNBNews GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 10, 2022)(CNBNewnet)Last week when my Social Security check came, I bought double of everything in the grocery store. I may go back this weekend and do the same. Why? What does grocery shopping have to do with Canada? Even if you have been following the Canadian truckers' convoy online you probably haven't gotten the full story. As was... Read more →

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: The Scholastic Aptitude Test Known As SAT (Part four)

(The last of a four-part CNBNews series Dumbing Down of American Education) The final aspect of American education that we will study is the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Dorothy Philbin | Exclusive for CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (FEBRUARY 9, 2022)(CNBNEWSnet)--These tests, also known as College Boards, have been in existence for 96 years, since 1926. They are standardized tests traditionally used by colleges and taken by about 1.5 million students.* Some colleges are starting to rely less on SAT scores and more on the student's progress in school and out-of-school activities. Students now have the option of sending the scores to... Read more →



(The THIRD PART... of a four-part series Dumbing Down American Education) Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Gloucester High School, 1300 Market Street, Gloucester City, NJ (CNBNewsnet photo credit)...The local school district became an Abbott District in 1997. Since that time the school district has received millions of dollars, if not more, from the residents of New Jersey. YOUR MONEY: After the original ruling in 1985, New Jersey increased spending such that Abbott district students received 22% more per pupil (at $20,859) vs. non-Abbott districts (at $17,051) in 2011.[3] 60% of New Jersey's education aid goes to the Abbotts.[4] Throughout the... Read more →

GUEST OP-ED: Our Schools Are Failing To Teach Our Kids

Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2022 | By AMAC, John Grimaldi | WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 8 – America’s schools are failing to teach young learners the basics. Tweens and teens are failing to learn, it’s as simple and as worrisome as that. The proof is in assessments that show too many of our youngsters can’t read, do math and write. The pandemic has a lot to do with it, for sure; COVID restrictions have disrupted the education process. But could it be that there is more to today’s education crisis than debilitating lockdowns and remote teaching? About 30 years ago, the... Read more →


Brooklawn Rumor, Baile's Good News, Cars Collide, Road Rage, MERIDIA, Toxic Water, Opinion, A New Dog

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews William E. Cleary Sr. CNBNews Editor GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 6, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--Looking back over the past week the immediate area of South Jersey was a hotbed of news. Some of those topics we are reporting on below include: A rumor about a halfway house coming to Brooklawn Mayor Baile's Good News A road rage incident that ended in a death of a driver A two-car accident stopping train traffic at the Railroad and Essex Street MERIDIA ON THE PIER POLITICO'S story on your toxic drinking water Our Opinion Plus the Make A Wish Foundation... Read more →


Advanced Placement Courses--Part Two

(The SECOND of a four-part CNBNEWS series Dumbing Down American Education) Dorothy Philbin I CNBNews Contributor THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY (VIX) ...Dumbing Down Education Part I A friend of mine has a grandson who will graduate from high school in June. No big thing? The grandson is graduating with a high school diploma plus an Associate's Degree. By taking advanced placement courses this student was able to polish off two years of college while in high school. Should students be able to do this? Are they learning as much by taking AP courses online as they would in a... Read more →

Because of Pandemic Graduation Rates Dip Across U.S.

Red mortarboards fly into the evening sky at a commencement ceremony in Maryville, Tenn. High school graduation rates dipped in at least 20 states after the first full school year disrupted by the pandemic, according to a new analysis by Chalkbeat. Scott Keller / The Daily Times via AP FILED UNDER: Matt Barnum, Kalyn Belsha, and Thomas Wilburn, Chalkbeat This story is a collaboration with The Associated Press. High school graduation rates dipped in at least 20 states after the first full school year disrupted by the pandemic, suggesting the coronavirus may have ended nearly two decades of nationwide progress... Read more →


Updated William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews " I have the blessing of Jim Beach, the chairman of the Camden County Democrat organization and also the state Democratic organization to proceed with the re-organization of the Gloucester City Democrat Party.” ~Charles Billingham, former Gloucester City Mayor (August 30, 2021 Tape Recording transcript) GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (January 26, 2022)--Yesterday, Tuesday, we received a phone call from Charles Billingham who was upset with our Opinion/Editorial column that was published the day before. More specifically he took offense to the following paragraph. The local Democratic Club is a ghost from the past. It... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Should The State Take Control of Gloucester City?

I'm sorry I didn't know about the Gloucester City Council meeting in time so I wasn't able to attend. GLOUCESTER CITY NEWS BLOG EST 2006 Concerning a vehicle for the Housing Department - years ago I was married to a Construction Official. He used his own vehicle and was re-imbursed for mileage. Later, he was given an old police car which had already been fully depreciated. No new vehicle because there was no need. I have been making subtle hints such as "we need to get adults to run the city" and "I'd hate to see the State of NJ... Read more →


What has Happened to American Education?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Back "in the day" (1960s) the United States had the best educational system in the world. Even if we allow for personal/country pride we were definitely in the top five. Where are we today? It depends on the survey one reads. We are somewhere between 13th., behind Slovenia, and 36th waaay behind Bulgaria. How many American students can find either country on a map? What happened? Is it just Gloucester City or the country as a whole? The answer to the second question is easy. No, it is not just Gloucester City. It is the... Read more →


We Worry About "Mom and Pop" Stores Surviving (VI)

By Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Store Closings in 2022 We've been doing a lot of talking and worrying, with cause, about "mom and pop" stores and if they can survive by the time the pandemic ends. During this time, however, we haven't been looking at big box stores and those which have been in operations for more than a century. There is always "good news/bad news" in issues such as this. The good news/bad news is that if major mall stores close, the mom and pop stores pick up the slack - if they can survive that long. Some... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: To Vax or Not to Vax (V)

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Part II Our federal administration is not making out very well in court but this decision was predictable. Today Federal District Judge Mathew Schelp overruled the federal rule that all health care workers in facilities which accept Medicare and Medicaid (basically all) must be vaccinated. courtesy of unsplash.comvaccinated. A year ago these health care workers were our heroes; this year they are losing their jobs. The same is true of most first responders. In many, if not most of these cases the workers aren't against the vaccine but don't want the government dictating what chemicals... Read more →


by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor Have you gotten a letter or e-mail from Public Service Electric & Gas Co offering a new thermostat for free? Sounds good, doesn't it? Maybe not. Nowhere in PSE&G's e-mail does it say anything (even in the fine print) about the thermostat being changed remotely. This is a question that needs to be asked and answered. In June of this year USA Today1 printed an article about this program being used in Texas. Customers were "given the opportunity" to sign up for the program. Shortly thereafter people found their houses much warmer than they... Read more →


Medicare Coverage Plans

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor There are only a few days left before those of us who are over 65 or disabled can change Medicare coverage plans. This is a very difficult decision. There are many health insurance companies who will provide coverage, usually better than the government's, but at a premium. The government's plan leaves a lot to be desired. To start, let's look at what Medicare does not cover.1 1. Medical needs incurred outside the United States. If you plan to travel and you have kept the government's plan, make sure to buy travel insurance. Although it... Read more →

The Story Behind The Story: What Is Going On in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial?

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews The other day I wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, WI. When he was attacked by three ex-convicts. He shot back and killed one of them. A second testified in court that he had pulled a gun first. Mr. Rittenhouse defended himself. Since then the trial has been a tragedy of errors. The prosecutor has made mistake after mistake and the defense attorney has made four requests for a mistrial but it hasn't happened. Since the trial started there have been groups of radicals shouting "No Justice, No Peace." Correspondents report that the... Read more →