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COVID-19 forces postponement of 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo threatening over $10 Billion worth of deals

Following the breaking news that IOC member Dick Pound has claimed that a postponement of the Olympic Games has now been all but agreed in light of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak; Conrad Wiacek, Head of Analysis & Consulting at Sportcal, a GlobalData company, offers his view on the postponement of the Olympic Games: "Up to this point both the IOC and Japanese government have insisted the Games will go ahead as scheduled, with a view to preserving over $10bn worth of global media and sponsorship agreements, but at this stage, it looks like we are waiting for official confirmation... Read more →

Five Things Any College Student Can Do To Stay Healthy

Gloucestercitynews.net--(September 6, 2019)--Life is a beautiful journey, comprising various stages and phases. Each stage of life has its individualistic importance. One may have struck with some health issues due to overburdened life because managing classes, personal commitments, social life, and challenging curriculum is a bit difficult. So there is a need to put the focus on your eating habits to keep a healthy lifestyle while in college. Intake Food: It’s very obvious, your diet is the biggest factor responsible for your health-related issues. A balanced and nutritional diet plan leads to a healthy lifestyle. It’s very importing to develop a... Read more →

NJ State Commission of Investigation Exams the Link Between Scrap Metal Yards and Drug Addicts

Several South Jersey scrap metal yards cited for violations William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet The New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) released a 108 page report in June about scrap metal yards in the state helping addicts fund their drug habits by buying stolen metal products such as copper wire, copper pipes and manhole covers from them. Prime offenders in South Jersey, according to the SCI, included Sgt. Scrap Metal in Haddon Township, EMR Recycling previously known as Camden Iron and Metal in Camden City, American Recycling in Mays Landing and Sims Metal Management, Camden City. Related: Gloucester... Read more →

2015 Report: Gloucester City School Supt. and City Mayor Discuss Takeover of MEC Property

CNBNews note: A September 2015 article written by reporter Anne Forline reveals the plan for the City to assume the title to the Mary Ethel Costello School was first discussed almost three years ago between School Superintendent Joseph Rafferty and Mayor William James. Forline is the publisher and editor of The South Jersey Observer ++++ published September 17, 2015 in the Gloucester City News RELATED: Opinion: Oh No! Not Again! Gloucester City to Purchase More Real Estate Read more →

CNB March 2013 Archives:

Bellmawr Residents Okay Bond Referendum; Brooklawn Voters Against Proposed Middle School

By: Anne Forline (Gloucester City News March 21, 2013)Bellmawr’s highly anticipated $3 million roof referendum passed by 125 votes while Brooklawn’s $1.8 million referendum was voted down 121-109. Bellmawr School Superintendent, Annette Castiglione, confirmed the official numbers of 559 yes votes and 425 no votes and commented, “We are very happy that we can finally get moving on this.” She was impressed with the large turn-out and said that in in the past, general school budget elections yield only about 600 voters. She credited a Facebook page, the schools’ PTOs and parental support as all being instrumental pieces in getting... Read more →

CNB 2013 Archives: Gloucester City Board of Education Says School Choice Idea has Been Dropped...For Now

Thursday, February 28, 2013 photo by Anne Forline Quality Students - The student representatives smile after giving reports about their schools during the recent Gloucester City Board of Education meeting. The students are, from left: Mary Ethel Costello's Sophia Harley, Cold Springs School's Riley Marcheski, and Gloucester High's Stephaine Kauffman. By Anne Forline Gloucester City News During the recent Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) meeting, resident Vanessa Courant asked for a status regarding the district’s position on school choice. School Superintendent Joseph Rafferty answered, “The district is not moving in any area and I do not see it as... Read more →

CNB January 2013 Archives: Bellmawr’s Village Shoppe Will Be Shown On Classroom Close-Up

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 By Anne Forline Gloucester City News Looking over donations – Regina Andrews-Collette, Bellmawr School District’s social worker and president of the Bellmawr Education Association (BEA), looks through the donations at the clothing boutique in the school district’s Village Shoppe. The Village Shoppe will be featured on an upcoming segment of NJEA’s “Classroom Close-up.” photo credit Anne Forline When Regina Andrews-Collette sees a problem, she is not one to ignore it or look the other way. Instead, she will confront the situation head-on by asking, “How can we address it and how can we get it resolved?”... Read more →

Letter to the Editor: Recognize the Signs and Seek Help Fast

October 18, 2017 Dear Editor, Stroke, the No. 3 leading cause of death in NJ, is largely treatable. The faster you are treated, the more likely you are to recover. If you or someone you love suffers a stroke, it’s important to recognize the signs and seek help FAST. In most cases, someone other than the stroke patient, like a family member, makes the decision to seek treatment. Together to End Stroke®, an American Heart Association/American Stroke Association initiative, nationally sponsored by Medtronic, educates the public about common stroke warning signs and what to do in a stroke emergency, using... Read more →

Bellmawr Recreation Enhancement Waterfront Access Project Nears Completion

Aug. 31, 2017 By: Anne Forline The Bellmawr Recreation Enhancement Waterfront Access project — on Creek Road and across from Larc School — is nearing completion. At Council’s August 24, 2017 monthly meeting, Councilman Steve Sauter said that the work is being performed utilizing Highway Department personnel who are working along with SealMaster. Sauter said: “We perform all the labor and SealMaster supplies all of the equipment, material, and the knowledge on how to get this done. They are using thermoplastic material. It is working out really well.” He also stated that the area will also be nicely landscaped. “We... Read more →


Related: ARTIST Dave Wolfe Vol. 4 No. 3 (July 9, 2017) Editor's Note: Each Sunday morning we will post a weekly comic strip provided by cartoonist Dave Wolfe, age 15. Dave has been drawing since he was 5 years old, he knew he wanted to be a cartoonist at the age of 8. He’s been distributing his comics in school since 3rd grade. (click image to enlarge) Related articles Molarity Redux: Reunion 2017 Filipino artist Mauro 'Malang' Santos dies Comic-Con, Defending Fantasy Culture and, Now, Its Brand Ep. 187: What Camera Company Might Be Getting the Axe? - and more Read more →

South Jersey Observer Editor Winner of the 2017 Society Professional Journalist Tim O'Brien Award

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet BELLMAWR, NJ (May 19, 2017)(CNBNewsnet)--Congratulations to Bellmawr resident Anne Forline, editor of the South Jersey Observer who won the 2017 Society of Professional Journalist Tim O’Brien Award for Best Use of the NJ Open Public Records Law. This award honors the best reporting that uses the N.J. Open Public Records Act to expose issues of public significance. The award is made jointly by the New Jersey Foundation for Open Government, a non-profit, non-partisan group that advocates for government transparency and free access to government information, and the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of... Read more →

Bellmawr Ranks #8 in Annual List of Top Ten Camden County Towns - South Jersey Observer

The 5 Towns Rounding Out The Top 25 Overall: Haddonfield Medford Moorestown Evesham Harrison Township The Top 10 In Camden County: Haddonfield Voorhees Cherry Hill Waterford Haddon Township Collingswood Gloucester Township Bellmawr Winslow Township Pine Hill Each year, South Jersey Magazine examines what makes South Jersey one of the best places to call home: “Some towns are rich in history, while others are seeking to make new history with ambitious projects taking flight in an effort to help usher in an even brighter future.” Continue to read via southjerseyobserver.com Related articles Summer Reads Check Out Over 800 New Titles at... Read more →

Dept. of Transportation: Hugg-Harrison-Glover House in Bellmawr Wasn't Historic, After All

BELLMAWR -- The now-demolished Hugg-Harrison-Glover House (photo courtesy of NJ.com) wasn't historic, after all, and it was in pretty poor condition. That's according to the state Department of Transportation, which late Friday afternoon explained why it "removed" the apparently dilapidated structure where a Revolutionary War militia head once lived in the early 1700s and fought British soldiers. "NJDOT has followed… Related articles Creek Road Bridge over Route 42 to be closed this weekend Creek Road Bridge over Route 42 to be closed this weekend | CNBNews.net New traffic pattern to be in place for two months on Direct Connect Project... Read more →

Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Body Language | cnbnews

Dawn Watson | CNBNewsnet Your dog is able to speak to you with his body; the trick is to be able to understand what he’s saying. If a dog’s ears have been cropped or his tail has been docked he may be unable to express himself with them. If a dog has an intact tail a short, choppy wag indicates unease or the beginning of an attack. Tails that wag in a wide arch or in frenzied, back and forth motions mean that the dog is excited and happy. If a dog has intact ears and they are standing upright... Read more →



The poor condition of the windows on the west side of the municipal building have gotten worst since we first reported on this problem three years ago. (CNBNews photo) William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet Related: You Don't Forget That First Impression Related: Blight is Spreading in Gloucester City JEER—For three years if not longer the windows and siding on the Gloucester City Municipal building, Broadway, and Monmouth Street have been in need of paint and repair. Mayor and council are supposed to set the example for residents to follow. Instill in each one of us a sense of community... Read more →

CNB Stats November; Average 3,445 Visitors Daily

Monthly Stats Report: 1 Nov - 30 Nov 2016 Summary Returning Visits - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or later First Time Visits - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website. Project: Cnbnews.net monitored by Statcounter Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 103,357 57,065 49,530 7,535 Average --3,445 1,902 1,651 251 Date Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Tue, 1 Nov --2,858 1,693 1,450 243 Wed,... Read more →

Proposed New Site for Bellmawr's Historic Hugg-Harrison-Glover House

BELLMAWR N.J. (November 18, 2016)--There is a proposed, new site location for Bellmawr’s historic Hugg-Harrison-Glover House, Bellmawr Mayor Frank Filipek announced at Thursday night’s Caucus meeting. Mayor Filipek provided SJO with a copy of the Concept Plan that shows where the historic home would be moved from its present location in St. Mary’s Cemetery to a new site on Anderson Avenue. The proposed site is across from Bell Oaks School and between the Resurrection of Christ Cemetery and Bellmawr Hockey. The site is not visible from Anderson Avenue and is down an access road where the Borough maintains a pump... Read more →

CNB Stats October; Average 3,111 Visitors Daily

Monthly Stats Report: 1 Oct - 31 Oct 2016 William E. Cleary Sr., CNBNewsnet Editor Summary Returning Visits - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or later First Time Visits - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website. Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visits and first-time visits - all your visitors. Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited. Weekly... Read more →

CNB MAY 2012 ARCHIVES: Gloucester BOE OKs Three-Year Contract With Superintendent

PUBLISHEDTuesday, May 22, 2012 By Anne Forline Gloucester City News After returning from Executive Session during last week’s meeting, the Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) made a motion to approve Joseph Rafferty’s contract as the new school superintendent. BOE members approved a three-year contract for July 2012 through June 2015. Rafferty’s starting salary will be $146,000, with a two percent annual increase. Those figures calculate to be $148,920 and $151,898 for the remaining two years. Board members absent from this session were Adam Baker, Bruce Darrrow and Patrick Hagan. During the meeting, various motions were made and approved. A... Read more →

CNB JUNE 2012 ARCHIVES: City School Board Spends $367,000 to Purchase Computers

PUBLISHED Thursday, June 28, 2012 By Anne Forline Gloucester City News The Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) recognized Thomas Gray Stewart Jr. by awarding him a high school diploma through the “Operation Recognition” program during last week’s meeting. The program, a joint venture through the NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMAVA) and the Department of Education, awards high school diplomas to veterans who left high school to serve in the military. Superintendent Paul Spaventa noted that Stewart is a Vietnam Veteran who entered the service on October 31, 1968. Stewart had previously been awarded the National Defense... Read more →

CNBNewsnet Stats Report for August 2016...Average Number of Daily Visitors 3,675

RELATED:CNBNews stat report for September 2015 RELATED:CNBNews stat report for October 2015 Returning Visits- Basked purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to our website for another visit an hour or more later First Time Visits - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website. Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visits and first time visits - all your visitors. Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited. Data provided by www.... Read more →

CNB April 2012 Archives :Mt. Ephraim Taxes To Increase $128

posted Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Anne Forline | Gloucester City News MOUNT EPHRAIM N.J.--During the April 5 Board of Commissioners meeting, Mayor Joseph Wolk and Commissioners Andrew Greenwald and Bruce Gilmore introduced the 2012 Municipal Budget and passed several resolutions and motions. In their 2012 Budget Message, the Commissioners outlined the reasons for a tax increase. The average residential property assessed at $92,600 would pay $1,730 in municipal taxes – an increase of $128 over 2011. Factors contributing to the increase include rising budgeted operating expenditures, which have increased by $50,000. The Commissioners said this is due to increasing employee... Read more →

CNB April 2012 Archives: City School Board Hires Local Resident for Superintendent Position

posted Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Anne Forline | Gloucester City News April 17, 2012 CNBNEWS NOTE: According to Mr. Rafferty the length of his contract and his salary are still being negotiated. That information will be announced when it is available. GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. --After returning from Executive Session during its April 4th meeting, the Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) approved a motion to appoint Joseph Rafferty (photo) as the new Superintendent of Schools. Beginning July 1 Rafferty, who lives in Gloucester City, will serve as superintendent for the nest three years, conditional upon an acceptable contract to both... Read more →

Bellmawr's Teachers' Contract at Impasse - SJO

South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J.--Thursday afternoon (August 25) a group of teachers and their supporters gathered in front of Bell Oaks School in advance of the mediation meeting that was scheduled to take place at 3:30 p.m. Holding signs as they stood on Bell Road, the group showed solidarity by wearing red shirts. Bellmawr’s teachers have been working without a contract since June 30. Following the August 25 Board of Education meeting, member Eric Hoban provided an updated on the teachers’ contract by stating that negotiations are at an impasse and that a second mediation was scheduled. Ed Beail speaking... Read more →

CNB April 2012 Archives: Gloucester City School Budget Goes Up $1.7 Million

photo credit Anne Forline GLOUCESTER CITY N.J.--Quality Public Speakers - All smiles after doing a great job making presentations about their schools during the recent Gloucester Board of Education meeting are, from left: Charles Stewart of Cold Springs School, Ryan Beswick of Mary Ethel Costello and Raquel Cannon of the Highland Park Program for Success. SCHOOL BUDGET UP!-The Board approved a $47,641,266 proposed budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year which is $1,795,725 more than last years figure of $45,845,541. The school budget stayed within the 2 percent cap so voters will not decide on it during the November General Election.... Read more →

Pet Tip of the Week: Objectivity (cnbnews.net)

by Dawn Watson (cnbnews.net) Recently, I reached out for help with a dog on social media. As a professional, I recognized that, due to my love for the dog, I had lost my objectivity and could not properly issue the restrictions and boundaries needed in order to correct the dog's behavior. Sometimes, we come to love a pet so much that the pet begins to 'rule the roost'. This is a no-win situation. Dogs must be made to understand that they are not the decision-makers in the family. They do not decide when to bark, attack, or potty. They are... Read more →

CNB March 2012 Archives : School Board Approves Transfer Of Property To Gloucester City

PUBLISHED Friday, March 02, 2012 By Anne Forline Gloucester City News During last week’s Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) meeting, Mayor Bill James addressed the board about acquiring Lot #1 Block Number 285.04. The Mayor said the City is moving forward with the Organic Diversions project, which will include the construction of a $30 million dollar compost and energy facility. Not only will this project be a tax ratable for the City, it is also expected to bring jobs, he said. The project is located on the BP Arco site in the Southport section of the city. However, the... Read more →

Girl Scouts Host Appreciation Luncheon for Bellmawr Police, Fire & EMS

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer Today, Bellmawr Girl Scout Troops #30215 and #30082 hosted an appreciation luncheon to honor Bellmawr Police, Fire, and EMS for their dedicated service to the community. Troop leader Debbie Allen said that the business community and the families of the Girl Scouts were “very generous” with their food donations for the luncheon. Because of the amount of donations, the Girl Scouts were able to serve a full lunch that featured a large assortment of entrees and desserts. The luncheon was held in the Bellmawr Ballroom. Among the offerings were ziti, meatballs, salads, hoagies, wings,... Read more →

Royal Farms Construction Plans Approved by Bellmawr Zoning Board

Author: Anne Forline | The South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. (JULY 20, 2016)--The Bellmawr Zoning Board unanimously voted to approve, with conditions, the site plan for the new Royal Farms that will take shape at the old Walgreens on the corner of Browning Road and Black Horse Pike. Tuesday night’s meeting lasted for over two hours and the Board heard testimony from several witnesses. Highlights from the testimony: Royal Farms will be looking to add 40-50 jobs, with benefits, and hiring preference will be given to local residents. Royal Farms will be open 24/7 and will offer its guests both... Read more →

Bellmawr Police Officers Honored/Promoted

Author Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. --At its June 23, 2016 meeting, Bellmawr Council approved resolutions promoting and honoring members of the local police department. From left: Corporal Ronald Miller, Sergeant John Marrone, Captain Scott Parker, Corporal Arty Tessier, Police Chief William Walsh, Patrolman Dean Cooney, and Lieutenant Michael Draham Five Promotions: Scott Parker – Captain Michael Draham- Lieutenant John Marrone- Sergeant Ronald Miller- Corporal Arty Tessier- Corporal New Officers: Dean Cooney – Patrolman Andrew Thomas- Class II Special Officer-Graduated from Academy in March 2016. Chief Walsh said that Andrew was a Class I, was sent to... Read more →

Gloucester City Board of Education Increases Maximum Dollar Amount for Legal Services

Author: Anne Forline/South Jersey Observer GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (JUNE 21, 2016)--At its special meeting on Tuesday night, the Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) interviewed candidates for the vacancy left by Patrick Hagan, who resigned in May due to conflicts with college and work. The candidates who were listed on the BOE’s agenda to be interviewed for the vacancy were: Leon Harris, Michael Hopkins, Bruce Marks, Shawn Spotts, Derek Timms, and Joseph Schili. The Board also voted to approve two items on its agenda: Special Meeting Agenda 6-21-16 The board voted to increase the maximum dollar amount for legal services... Read more →

Since Dec.2015 Bellmawr Has Hired 11 People

Author Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. MAY 28, 2016--Bellmawr Council approved a list of new hires at its May 26, 2016, Council meeting. Resolution #05:120-16 authorized the acceptance of new hires for the Borough of Bellmawr “as per attached.” Because the list was not attached to the agenda, SJO requested a copy of this list from Borough Clerk Chuck Sauter after the meeting and he provided it. The list of names was approved as “New Hire Listing for period range 12/11/2015 to 5/12/2016.” The South Jersey Observer (SJO) is listing the employees’ names followed by their date... Read more →


In Honor of Memorial Day Flags Distributed at New St. Mary's Cemetery by Bell Oaks Students

Author: Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. --To commemorate Memorial Day, approximately 2,000 flags were recently distributed at New St. Mary’s Cemetery in Bellmawr by Bell Oaks Upper Elementary School students and members of VFW 9563 and VFW 7410. Bellmawr Councilman Ray Bider, who is also the President of VFW 9563 Men’s Auxiliary, said the flag distribution is an annual event conducted two weeks prior to Memorial Day. Each VFW works hand in hand to make sure every veteran has a flag placed on his or her grave. He explained that graves are marked or have a Camden... Read more →

Bellmawr Board of Education Releases Info on Parking Problem and Pre-School Lottery

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. May 28, 2016--Bell Oaks Principal, Anthony Farinelli, said at Wednesday’s Board of Education (BOE) meeting that a lottery was recently administered for the 25 available slots for three-year-old students. Farinelli spoke on behalf of School Superintendent, Annette Castiglione, who was absent from the meeting. Farinelli noted that pre-school registration was held March 1 through 15 and that every four years old was registered, leaving 25 open spaces for three-year-old registrants. Because 51 three-year-old students were registered, three district employees held the lottery on May 16. The first 25 numbers were admitted to... Read more →

Annual Scott Kaplan Memorial Swim set for May 19 in Sewell | Catholic Star Herald

AUTHOR ANNE FORLINE | The Catholic Star Herald SEWELL N.J. --The 10th Annual Scott Kaplan Memorial Swim Event will take place on Thursday, May 19 from 7-9 p.m. at the GATI Pool, 1360 Tanyard Road, Sewell. This annual swim event is held to celebrate the life of 2005 Gloucester Catholic High School graduate, Scott Kaplan, who was a four-year member of the Rams Swim Team. Scott, the only child of Steve and Rose Kaplan of Blackwood, died a month after graduating from Gloucester Catholic. At the Tri-County Conference Swimming and Diving Showcase, Scott won the 200-meter freestyle event every year... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: Gloucester City's School 2016-17 Budget Totals $47,627,539; Taxes Increasing

Author Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. On May 5, Gloucester City School District Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Peg McDonnell, presented the district’s 2016-17 budget in the amount of $47,627,539 and the Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) voted to approve and adopt it. 2016-17 Budget As for any cuts, McDonnell said: “The budget projects no staffing cuts other than some retirement vacancies not being filled in order to offset the rising salary costs. All existing programs have been preserved in this budget. This budget includes a number of facilities renovations projects, which are supported by the use... Read more →

Public Pressure Forces Gloucester City School Board to Reconsider Dismissal of 2 Employees

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. (May 13, 2016)--During the last two Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) meetings, there has been a large, public show of support for two staff members who were rumored to be losing their positions in the district. The two staff members are a school nurse, Linda Stewart, and homeless liaison, Jackie Berg. At the May 5 combined Budget Hearing and Caucus meeting, several colleagues and members of the public spoke to the Board of Education (BOE) to ask that Stewart’s job be saved. While presenting the 2016-17 budget, Business Administrator/Board Secretary,... Read more →

Mount Ephraim Board of Education Discusses Potential Cuts; RIF Notices

Author: Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer MOUNT EPHRIAM N.J. May 10, 2016--Members of the public addressed the Mt. Ephraim Board of Education (BOE) Monday night to ask about rumors that “everything” is being cut from the budget and that district teachers have received reduction in force notices, or RIF. Several members of the public expressed their concern about program cuts and voiced their concern in support of all art, music, and world language programs. Board President, Pat Blaylock responded: “All of the rumors are not true. Everything is not being cut. It is a matter of trying to decide... Read more →

Bellmawr Councilman Proposes Term Limits for Mayor and Members of Borough Council

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J. (April 28, 2016)--Councilman Paul Sandock wants to put a question on November’s ballot that would limit term limits for Mayor and Council. At Thursday’s monthly council meeting, Sandrock said: “I am going to solicit this body to place on the November ballot a question to approve or disapprove setting term limits for mayor and council.” SJO emailed the Camden County Board of Elections concerning the process for having questions placed on the ballot. Supervising Elections Clerk, Anne-Marie Manko, provided a response via email that said: “Please refer to Statute N.J.S.A. 19:37-1.1 regarding... Read more →

Mallory the Tripod Pit Bull Gets a Second Chance at Life

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) On October 2013, Sandy Hagan of Pennsylvania was just scrolling through her Facebook feed when she stopped to look more closely at a picture of Mallory, a Pit Bull mix who had been rescued by New Jersey-based Rescue Dogs Rock. “There was just something about her whole face that caught my eye. It was love at first sight,” she said. Hagan explained that she wasn’t specifically looking for a dog because at that time she had only recently lost her beloved Justice, who had passed away from renal failure.... Read more →

YOUR MONEY: New Contract For Mt. Ephraim School Supt. Being Discussed by School Board

Author: Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer MOUNT EPHRAIM N.J. --During its April 11 meeting, Mt. Ephraim Board of Education (BOE) discussed the contract renewal terms for School Superintendent, Leslie Koller. Board member Carl Ingram stated that Ms. Koller chose not to go into Executive Session to discuss the terms of her contract so the discussion was held in public. Of the contract Ingram stated: “The negotiations committee met with Ms. Koller and we have a tentative agreement. It will be a four year agreement. The terms for the contract are: year one: 0%, year two: 1.5%; year three: 1.75%,... Read more →

Bellmawr Council Candidates Give Their Views on Local Government Transparency | SJ Observer

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer BELLMAWR N.J.--Today, April 9, Councilman David Spector posted on his David Spector for image source: http://westeastonpa.com Council Facebook page: “Bellmawr could and should be a leader in E-Government, also called Open Government, like Utah. Increasing transparency and easy access to information and services is key to reducing taxes and allowing our excellent Borough employees to do their jobs efficiently.” In light of all of the transparency work that South Jersey Observer has been undertaking over the past several months, Councilman Spector was asked to share with Bellmawr residents his strategy for executing his plan.... Read more →

The Pet Project Works to Keep Pets and Their People Together

by Anne Forline Does the Pet Project also provide fostering services? In the past, before people found out about us, they wouldn’t have a procedure done or wouldn’t have an operation because they wouldn’t leave their pet alone. When our clients go into the hospital or need surgery or any kind of hospitalization, we foster pets for them. We also foster and adopt when our clients pass away. How do people find you? A lot of the local vets have our information. We have a pilot program going on with the Animal Care of Broward, where they suggest us if... Read more →

Welcome Home Celebration for Sgt. Jena Clifford and Spc. James Simmermon

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer WEST DEPTFORD APRIL 3, 2016--Earlier today, Bellmawr Girl Scout Troops 30215 and 30082 in collaboration with Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey, Warrior Watch Riders, the West Deptford and Thorofare Fire Departments participated in a Welcome Home Celebration for Sgt. Jena Clifford and Spc. James Simmermon at the West Deptford Riverwinds Community Center. All photos provided. Warrior Watch Riders help to welcome home Sgt. Jena Clifford and Spc. James Simmermon. The Girl Scouts coordinated efforts with Dave Silver of Operation Yellow Ribbon to plan the Welcome Home Celebration as a surprise for Sgt. Clifford... Read more →

Bellmawr 2016 Budget Available Online

UPDATED Author: Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer *Article updated on April 5, 2016 to include responses received from Borough Administrator, Josh Tregear. My March 30, 2016 email asked if there was a loan amount and purpose for Resolution #03-86-16, which authorized a loan application from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program because as approved there was no purpose or loan amount listed. The March 30 email also asked if there was an updated bill list. Tregear wrote: “The purpose of this loan is for various water system improvements to the Borough’s drinking water infrastructure. This includes the replacement... Read more →

Bellmawr to Host Freeholder Meeting May 4

Author: Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer On Wednesday, May 4 from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m., the Camden County Freeholders are holding a Town Hall Meeting at the Bellmawr Ballroom located at 29 Lewis Avenue in Bellmawr. Mayor Frank Filipek is listed as one of the featured speakers, along with Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. Congressman Donald Norcross, and Assemblywoman Pat Egan Jones. In addition to hearing from the elected officials about current initiatives, services, and priorities, there will be a Q&A session. There will be also be a services fair with one-on-one help from a variety of departments... Read more →

Mount Ephraim School District Budget Deficit Totals $443,552

Anne Forline |South jersey Observer On Monday night, the Mt. Ephraim Board of Education (BOE) voted to approve its total operating budget for 2016-17 in the amount of $9,870,139. The budget did not pass the first time it was voted on. Before the budget was brought to a vote, the meeting involved a lengthy public portion. Following the first vote, the BOE was polled and there was additional discussion among them. When the matter was brought to a vote the second time, it passed and the budget has been submitted to the county for approval. However, there still remains a... Read more →

Ethics Complaint Dismissed Against Gloucester City School Board Vice President - SJ OBSERVER

By Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer In response to an OPRA (Open Public Records) Request filed with the School Ethics Commission (SEC), South Jersey Observer has learned that on February 23, 2016, the SEC dismissed an Ethics Complaint that had been filed against Gloucester City Board of Education Vice President, Jackie Borger. Shelley Mealey of Woolwich, N.J. filed an Ethics Complaint*on October 26, 2015 against Borger. Mealey asserted that Borger violated N.J.S.A. 18A:12-24.1 (e) of the School Ethics Act, which states: “I will recognize that authority rests with the board of education and will make no personal promises nor... Read more →

Mount Ephraim School Board Meeting Tonight to Discuss Proposed Budget Cuts at 7:30PM

Anne Forline | South Jersey Observer Mount Ephraim N.J.--The Mt. Ephraim Board of Education (BOE) is scheduled to meet tomorrow, Monday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. to vote on proposed cuts in order to balance its 2016-17 budget. The regular BOE meeting was held on March 14, which I attended. During that meeting, School Superintendent, Leslie Koller and Finance Manager/Board Secretary, Bill Gerson, spoke about the budget. At that time, neither Mrs, Koller nor Mr. Gerson had indicated that there were any issues with the budget. However, the BOE called a special meeting on Friday, March 18. Several people had... Read more →

Executive Session Minutes Reveal New Contract for City School District Facilities Director; Salary $119,468 Plus Special Benefits Package

UPDATED UPDATED 2pm 3-21-2016 William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet GLOUCESTER CITY N.J. (March 20, 2016)—The Gloucester City Board of Education approved a one-year contract for School District Facilities Director John Kenney in September 2015. According to the minutes of the September 3, 2015, Executive session, Board vice-president Jackie Borger questioned the benefits package in the contract, such as $156,000 termination pay, up to $37,000 sick pay on retirement, and health benefits for Kenney and his wife paid past retirement to age 67. Borger asked if any other district employee had benefits similar to what has been given to the... Read more →