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UPDATED 6/17/24

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNEWS



ANYONE DOWN THERE? --A few weeks ago Peyton found this uncovered manhole on Walnut Avenue in Gloucester City. The Public Works Department had placed a marker over it, but someone removed it.  


700 BLOCK OF CHERRY STREET BECOMES DUMP SITE—For decades this area was just a vacant lot. But last year, the property was converted into a storage yard for industrial equipment, and a dumping site for old bricks and weeds. Residential homes are located in the same block. Why the Gloucester City Housing Office, along with the mayor and council, would allow this to happen is bewildering. 


NEW POLICE CARS--The Gloucester City police department recently acquired four new SUVs at a cost of over $100,000. CNBNEWS has asked Brian Morrell, the police chief, and the part-time city administrator, to disclose the number of vehicles used by the department and the age of each vehicle. However, Morrell has ignored these requests. Under his watch, the number of police officers has increased from 28 to 37. The public has been kept in the dark about the reason for the increase in officers. Is it because crime has risen in the city? Since he and Mayor Baile and his council have done away with the weekly crime report we may never know. 


WILDWOOD CREST OUTSIDE GYM--In our travels, we have noticed that a number of communities have outside gym equipment in their parks. Above is a diagram of how to use that equipment in a park in Wildwood Crest.

We had hoped that some of the $100,000 grant that the City received to fix up the Johnson Blvd. Jogging Park would have been used for something similar.

We also thought the city would have dismantled the dilapidated gazebo at that park by now. City employees could do the demolition. That structure is in such poor shape that a strong wind could knock it over. 


Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 23.22.18

DO YOU THINK THERE SHOULD BE A TIME LIMIT--We have talked with a number of people about the 10-foot-tall Halloween skeletons seen standing in some neighborhoods in Gloucester City.  Some people are annoyed by them while others could care less.  Do you think such large decorations like the one above should only be seen in October? Or are you like other residents who say as long as your neighbor doesn't erect one you could care less? 


Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 18.12.33

CHERRY HILL, NJ --We found this stone marker at the Cherry Hill Mall near the Apple Computer retail store entrance. The caption mentions the Battle of Gloucester. Who placed the stone in that location and when is not known. Why doesn't the City of Gloucester City erect similar monuments throughout the City is a mystery.  It played an integral part in this country's early history. At one time the Board of Education had considered using the book written by former school teacher and school board president Louisa Lwellyn about the City's early American history in the classroom.  

"The Cherry Hill area was at times occupied by both forces in the Revolutionary War. In 1777 Continental soldiers joined with local farmers in destroying strategic bridges across Newton Creek and Big Timber Creek to delay Hessians who were marching toward Redbank where the Continental Army had set up a fort which was the keystone of defense for the entire Delaware Valley area. The Marquis De Lafayette camped on this site on his way to the BATTLE OF GLOUCESTER in March of 1777. 

In 1778, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne and Count Pulaski routed British forces between here and Haddonfield. In an area hallowed by a score of such incidents involving farmer and soldier, famous figures of history and anonymous patriots alike,

Cherry Hill is proud to commemorate all who make such notable local contribution to National destiny. 



WILDWOOD CREST NJ--This CNBNews photo of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flying along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean was taken in May from the rooftop of the Madison Resorts, using an Apple 14 cell phone.


Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 22.31.20

HAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY--Connie and I (insert) are celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary this year. 576381BA-A658-4F55-9D17-B651066A6951 Hearing about our monumental accomplishment, a CNBNews advertiser treated us to a five-day stay at the newly opened Madison Resorts in Wildwood Crest. The motel is located just steps from the beach.


Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 22.48.46CNBNEWS photo credit

WEATHER STATION SIGN INGENIOUS—When my wife and I, like many other newlyweds, traveled to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon, my dad lent us his new Ford Fairlane for the trip. I had just finished Boot Camp and was enjoying a two-week break. On the way there, we got pulled over by a New York State Trooper for driving across the median strip. Because I had forgotten to bring my leave papers with me, the Trooper put me in handcuffs and placed me in the back of his police cruiser. Understandably, Connie started to cry. I was on my way to jail when a high-ranking Trooper arrived and ordered my release.




NEW EATERY-A Mexican restaurant opened in the former "Hoagie Heaven" building at the intersection of South Broadway and Hunter Street. Since the previous business closed, there have been other take-out stores that have tried to start a business in that location, but all have failed. Hopefully, the new owner will do better. 


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VOORHEES, NJ -In February, we visited Saddlehill Winery in Voorhees, a 70-acre plot of land once owned by George Washington. Amid the tumultuous era of the Revolutionary War in 1772, Washington bestowed a 69.8-acre parcel of land in Voorhees to his loyal personal guard, Lt. John Stafford. Known for its pastoral landscape and grazing horses, the Staffords of the late 1700s primarily grew corn and potatoes. As the 20th century began The Stafford family shifted focus to growing hay and horse harness racing. In 2003 The Stafford farming legacy was solidified when the land we now call Saddlehill was preserved by The Land Trust of NJ. In March 2021, a new chapter began when Amy & Bill Green purchased the property. Guided by the Stafford history and fueled by their iconic memories of horse racing, the Green family now breathes life back into this cherished land. Horses gallop once more, alpacas grace the fields.  With unwavering dedication, the Greens forge ahead to create this vineyard and winery, reviving the farm to share its splendor anew with the community. (source


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 MYRTLE BEACH S.C. (MARCH 5, 2024)--In March, we visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We stopped at the Myrtle Beach Memorial Island to pay our respects. For those wondering why the dog is in the photo, that is Peyton. If she sees a camera she automatically strikes a pose. She comes with us no matter where we go. A female Labrador Retriever, she is a registered therapy/service dog who celebrated her 10th birthday on February 14.  We take her to area elementary schools, nursing homes, and hospitals to visit the kids, the elderly, and the sick. 


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GLOUCESTER CITY'S FINEST-- This photo of 14 City firemen was published on the Gloucester City Fire Department's Facebook page. Years ago, residents knew the names of every firefighter in the department, as well as the names of every police officer. There was a time when both the firefighters and the police carried cards that were similar to baseball or football cards you would find inside a chewing gum wrapper. On one side, there was a photo of the individual, and on the other side, there was a brief bio about the person. Such a great idea to build up public relations in the community. Why the practice was stopped is puzzling.



SUCH BEAUTIFUL SCENERY—During our stay in Myrtle Beach, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise each morning like the one above. After enduring six months at the Gloucester City kangaroo court, it was great to get away. It didn't take long to realize that those behind that circus were acrimonious people who were not worth the time of day. 


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