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Let me be upfront with this first: I support our police. Now, let me get to what I don’t support: lack of communication. I follow most of the local police departments on Facebook. I like to be informed about what is going on in mine and other communities. Many police departments post reports about crimes that occurred with accurate descriptions of those accused as well as the crime they may have committed, remembering, as always, that those accused are innocent until proven guilty.

It saddens me to find that Gloucester City does not do this. On 6 June 2024, I returned home from work and settled down to my post-work routine, catching up on the day and what I missed in the world and at home via Facebook. During this routine, I was scrolling through my feed and saw a new post from the Gloucester City Police Department (GCPD)

     The post read as follows:

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 17.05.31


“Gloucester City Police Department is looking for any information regarding a carjacking that occurred on 5/30. The below videos (one in the comment section) show the two suspects. If you have any information or can help ID these two males, please contact our Detectives Bureau at 856-456-7797. “

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 19.09.32
Why are the police looking for him? Was he involved in a crime? Is he dangerous? Did the carjacker have a weapon? Why all the secrets?


Reading this I found it troubling and I’ll explain why after I show you this post from the Gloucester Township Police Department that was posted today 6 June 2024:

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 18.36.43


“Wanted By The Gloucester Township Police: "Suspects 002, 003, and 004"- GT Day/ Drone Show Fights On June 1, 2024 before sundown, Gloucester Township Police and numerous mutual aid Police Officers from nearby towns were attempting to disperse an unruly crowds during the Gloucester Township Day Festivities on Chews Landing Road. The unknown pictured suspects, labeled as "Suspect 002", "Suspect 003", and "Suspect 004" were captured on video kicking and stomping on a defenseless victim on the ground near the Veterans Park basketball nets. Submit your ANONYMOUS TIPS to or email them to [email protected]. These suspects are three of MANY we'll be featuring in the upcoming weeks, when submitting your ANONYMOUS TIPS please sure to add the suspect's number along with their name, address/ town, and social media information (Example: Suspect 002 is John Doe). Thank you.”


     Did you notice anything different between the two? I did. The lack of information. In the post by Gloucester Township Police (GTP), you get what these suspects are wanted for and that they are likely dangerous if approached.

GCPD? These guys are wanted for a carjacking, that happened a week ago. Why are we, the citizens, just finding out about this now? And not only that where’s the information like: Where did this it happen in town and what time it occurred? Were there weapons involved during the theft? Was anyone injured? What was the make and model of the car that was stolen? Do we have any plate numbers? I get that active investigations don’t always allow for everything to be revealed, but that doesn’t mean everything either. If you want the public’s assistance in finding suspects then give the tools to help, don’t just slap a post with as little information as possible.

     While we’re on the topic of lack of information, does anyone know, aside from rumors, what happened on 19 May 2024 that required GCPD to call for aid from surrounding towns? Again I’ll show you GTP’s post about the fight that occurred four days ago:

Gloucester Township Police Media Release-

Unruly Juveniles and Young Adults Cause Multiple Fights at Gloucester Township, New Jersey Day Event – 12 Arrested Location: Veterans Park, 1261 Chews Landing Road, Gloucester Township, NJ As families were enjoying and awaiting the drone light show at the annual Gloucester Township Day event, Officers working security at the event began to notice an influx of juveniles and young adults being dropped off at the event. Crowds of young people began congregating in large groups in the area of the basketball courts. This crowd of juveniles and young adults were estimated to be approximately 500+ people. At approximately 8:40 pm large groups began fighting each other and running recklessly through the crowd. Officers quickly responded and made two arrests for disorderly conduct. This crowd continued to remain hostile and disorderly. The Incident Commander called in additional Gloucester Township Police Officers for support, and requested mutual aid from surrounding Camden County police agencies.

Due to the volatility of the situation, the drone light show was started early. Immediately upon conclusion of the drone light show, officers began dispersing the crowd off of the field. Large crowds moved to the Marketplace shopping center located at 1200 Chews Landing Road. Again, multiple fights broke out amongst the juveniles and young adults. Additional requests for mutual aid was made via the Camden County Association of Chiefs of Police mutual aid coordinator. In addition, a countywide EMS Task Force was requested to bring additional EMS resources to the scene. The Gloucester Township Police Special Response Team also responded to provide support. Fights continued to break out over the course of the next two hours across the parking lot of the shopping center. It was determined that most of the groups of juveniles were not from Gloucester Township, and had been dropped off and needed rides.

Many of the instigators and those fighting were wearing black clothing, covering their faces with hoodies, and wearing medical style face masks. Several juveniles also reported being assaulted, and at least 2 reported minor injuries. Both were treated at the scene and released to a parent or guardian. While a group of Officers were dispersing a crowd, a 33-year-old man from Camden, NJ rode his bicycle at high speed into a group of officers, striking a Gloucester Township Police Officer in the back, knocking him to the ground. The suspect was immediately arrested for assaulting the officer, and was also charged with attempted escape, as he tried to slip out of his handcuffs while being transported to police headquarters for processing. The officer suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene. Another Gloucester Township Police Officer and a Clementon Borough Police Officer also suffered from minor injuries as they attempted to break up one of the many fights that broke out. A total of 12 people were arrested, 2 adults males and 10 juveniles. It should be noted that 68 Gloucester Township Police Officers were assigned to or responded to the “Gloucester Township Day” event, and at least 30 mutual aid Police Officers from Camden County and Deptford Township (Gloucester County) responded as per the mutual aid plan. The incident was declared under control at approximately 11:04 PM. While this incident is still under investigation, Gloucester Township Police Chief David Harkins stated, “the officers who responded and showed great restraint when dealing with violent and agitating groups. The mutual aid received by the surrounding departments was unprecedented in Gloucester Township. I was proud to serve with all of these officers who put their safety on the line to bring this difficult situation under control. I am thankful that more injuries were not sustained to officers, the families attending the event, and even those involved in this disorderly conduct. The lawless of groups of unsupervised juveniles and young people acting with total disregard for others, ruined a great family-oriented event which has taken place to raise funds for the Gloucester Township Scholarship Committee for over 40 years. This type of lawlessness and violent riotous behavior will not be tolerated, and will not define the great community of Gloucester Township.” The following arrests were made during this incident: Adults: Ronald Jones: d.o.b.: 2-22-91 of Camden, NJ Aggravated Assault on LEO (3rd Degree) Escape (3rd Degree) Disorderly Conduct (DP Offense) Remanded to Camden County Jail Kevin Coleman: d.o.b.: 1-19-06 of 320 W. Branch Ave., Pine Hill, NJ Disorderly Conduct (DP Offense) Released Juveniles: all charged with Disorderly Conduct (DP Offense) and released to a parent/guardian Female - age - 15 of Winslow Township, NJ Male - age 16 - of Cherry Hill, NJ Female - age 15 - of Pine Hill, NJ Male - age 16 - of Camden, NJ Male - age 17 - of Camden, NJ Male - age 17 - of Gloucester Township, NJ Male - age 13 - of Winslow Township, NJ Male - age 16 - of Winslow Township, NJ Male - age 15 - of Camden, NJ Male - age 15 - of Laurel Springs, NJ Date of Media Release: 6-2-2024 Police Case: 2024-26580

Media Release By: Chief David Harkins #122”

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 18.44.04


Ready for GCPD’s about the 19 May 2024:

“There was a large fight in the area of Broadway and Ridgeway Street. Several juveniles and adults were placed under arrest. Mutual aid from surrounding police departments was requested to quell the incident. The incident is now under control.”

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 18.45.54


    Yup, that’s it.

Who was involved?

How many?

Where were the combatants from?

Were there any injuries?

Were weapons involved?

Why did we need surrounding police help?

What time did this happen, and

How long did the incident last until peace was restored?

Alas, nothing.


     I have grown tired of nothing. We no longer get information about our town and its crimes in any form, be it simple daily posts or the weekly crime reports we haven’t gotten in what feels like years. We, the citizens who pay the taxes that support our police, have the right to be informed, not ignored by the GCPD Top Brass, specifically Chief Brian Morrel, and Captain Jason Flood.








source of images: Gloucester City PD and Gloucester Township PD Facebook pages