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The case of Lester Hui is the most popular news in the casino industry. Hui is currently locked in a lawsuit with Mayfair Casino, claiming they gave him strong Chinese liquor to get him drunk. This caused him to play carelessly and lose £600,000 in double chance baccarat. In addition to news from the world of gambling, do not forget to read also no less popular topics for today, namely: Harry Kane News, who will be the top soccer player at Euro 2024, which partners in gambling have become the most popular and others. Images-2

Meanwhile, Hui is also getting sued by Aspinall's Club Ltd to settle his debt against the company. For this lawsuit, he has clearly refused to pay the obligated amount because he claims "he was too drunk to legally play double chance baccarat".

A Look at the Case's History

In early February 2016, Mr. Hui had a fortunate start, but his luck soon took a downturn. He says the club kept giving him a strong drink and encouraged him to keep gambling even though he was already drunk. He wrote a check to cover his losses, but it bounced when they tried to cash it. 

The club says they tried to settle Mr. Hui's debt but had to go to court as a last resort. The club's lawyer disagrees with Mr. Hui and reports, "Mr. Hui was not too drunk and didn't ask the staff to stop him." The club is showing the security footage of that night as proof. 

Hui's Reaction to The Lawsuit

Lester stated that the Casino staff urged him to gamble and kept offering him Moutai even though he was visibly drunk. According to Hui, "the workers didn't try to stop me from playing on purpose, so I would gamble a lot and lose money, which would help (Aspinall's) secure additional money."

His lawyers argue that Aspinall's staff did not follow the law binding casinos to ensure vulnerable players must be monitored while playing. 

How Aspinall's Club is Dealing with the Case?

Mr. Hui initially wrote a check to pay the casino, but the check bounced, and Aspinall was unable to cash it. The club is demanding that Mr. Hui pay the owed amount because he was sober and able to make good decisions throughout the card game. They are also claiming that he was not extremely intoxicated as Hui safely drove himself home afterwards.

However, Mr. Hui strongly denies this and claims he was not in a logical condition to make bets. He further pressed his point by stating he told the staff he was going to get drunk and wanted them to stop him if he lost £30,000. 

Gambling Act 2005

 Lester is claiming he was wronged on the basis of the Gambling Act 2005, as this law stresses:

  • Casinos are not allowed to deal with vulnerable players (individuals who have consumed high amounts of alcohol), as they are unaware of their actions.
  • Casinos are bound to monitor the behavior of vulnerable players to prevent unlawful gaming.
  • Casinos must intervene if a player is unable to control their gambling behavior and make irrational decisions.

Casino Stands Firm

Aspinall's Club Ltd. has issued a statement refuting the accusations made against them regarding Lester Hui's alleged intoxication while at their establishment. The establishment has also issued a legal suit because Hui handed them a bounced check. 

The club asserts that Mr. Hui was fully in control of his faculties despite his losing streak. To back up their claim, they have cited CCTV footage that clearly shows Hui, who was not intoxicated. The club remains committed to upholding its reputation and has taken a stand to defend its position on this issue.

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The Legal Battle

In the court, both parties are defending their claims to win the lawsuit. Aspinall's lawyers are pushing that Mr. Hui was sober while losing the money, and he has conned the club by offering the rubber check of £589,724. Moreover, this check was to cover Hui's spending, minus some previous amount the club owed him. 

The lawyers are saying that the club had even tried to help Hui with his debt in the past. However, due to confidential matters in September 2019, the club had to request back their money. They're saying Mr. Hui broke this agreement and didn't uphold its terms by giving a bounced check.

Regarding this statement, Mr. Hui is saying there was no real agreement, and he should not be held accountable for the other night as he was very drunk and couldn't think clearly. The casino's lawyer, Mr. Robson, says, "this is just a silly story because look at the camera footage, Mr. Hui seems perfectly fine."

He also strongly disagrees with what Lester said about telling the staff he might spend up to £30,000. The story keeps going, and they're still figuring it out in the court.

According to our author Ella Houghton from, while the outcome of the case remains uncertain, it highlights the importance of casinos taking responsibility for protecting vulnerable players. There is also a need for responsible gambling and an awareness of the potential implications for the whole industry.


In the igaming sector, visitors to websites also need to be careful. However, here the situation is much simpler. The visitor can set a daily limit on his losses and the system will not allow him to exceed the set amount.

In conclusion, it must be recognized that the protection of vulnerable players and responsible gambling are integral to the gambling entertainment industry. Casinos and site visitors must work together to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment. This is important not only for individual players, but for the industry as a whole.