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Crafting a Smart Online Gambling Strategy
Multiplayer Casino Games Go Mainstream in the Metaverse

Art of Playing Multiple Games at Once

Like a magician adeptly juggling flaming torches, the seasoned multitabler deftly plays several games at once. This dazzling feat requires great skill, but the payoff can be well worth the effort. Through clever tactics and concentrated focus, multitablers at Drückglück make the most of their precious time - and money. Intrigued by this demanding yet rewarding playstyle? Read on to unlock the secrets of successful multitabling.

Defining Multitabling

Simply put, multitabling means playing two or more casino games simultaneously on separate tabs or windows on your device. While originally a term referring to poker, multitabling has expanded to other popular games as well. The key requirement? The games in question must require periodic, rather than constant, player input. This allows the multitabler moments to shift their attention from game to game. Common multitabling games include:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Slots

Multitabling requires dividing one’s focus between games, meaning you likely won’t play any single game as well as if you were giving it your undivided attention. However, by increasing your total number of hands played per hour, skilled multitablers maximize their winning potential.




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Multitabling Tips and Strategies

Successfully keeping tabs on several games at once is no easy feat. Here are some key strategies for effective multitabling:

Choose Games Wisely

Stick to games with simple rules that don’t require constant decision-making. Avoid games like Craps that demand full engagement. Similarly, playing multiple skill-based games like Blackjack gets exponentially more difficult with each added table.

Start Slow

When first multitabling, begin with just two tables to avoid early frustration. Slowly increase your number of open tables as your abilities improve. Even seasoned pros rarely play more than 6–8 tables simultaneously.

Utilize Software Features

Many sites offer specific tools to enhance the multitabling experience, like resizable table layouts, bet sliders for quick wagering, and lobby filters to easily open new tables. Familiarize yourself with these options.

Remain Organized

Create a comfortable, uncluttered playing area and stick to a consistent screen layout for easy navigation between tables. Use color-coding and table numbering to quickly distinguish games.

Focus on One Main Game

Pick one table to be your “main” game which receives slightly more attention. Use simpler games like slots or baccarat for secondary tables that require less focus. Check back on these between decisions on your main game.

Take Regular Breaks

Maintain sharp mental acuity by stepping away every 20-30 minutes, even if just for a minute or two. This clears your mind and allows you to come back refreshed and ready to make sound strategic decisions.

Watch for Tilt

Frustration from losses or mistakes can quickly spiral when multitabling. At the first sign of tilt, take a longer break, or stop playing entirely before you dig yourself into a hole.

Table Management Guide

To help visualize managing attention across multiple tables, consider the below example. The main game here is blackjack, chosen for its moderate complexity and skill requirements:

Main Game: Blackjack (50% focus)

  • Makes betting & hit/stand decisions
  • Runs card counting system
  • Attention on this table majority of time

Secondary Games: Poker (30% focus)

  • Folds poor hands pre-flop
  • Makes post-flop decisions when action is on player
  • Bets/raises when strong hand

Roulette (10% focus)

  • Places inside & outside bets
  • Watches for number hits
  • Collects winnings, renews bets

Baccarat (10% focus)

  • Watches for natural winners
  • Places banker/player bets
  • Collects winnings, renews bets

Again, this breakdown will vary by individual. You may prefer making poker or baccarat your main game with blackjack as a secondary, for example. Adjust as needed based on the game complexity and your personal abilities.


Like any specialty skill, effective multitabling takes patience and practice. But by applying sound strategy and developing sharp focus, almost anyone can successfully play multiple tables at once over time. So shuffle up and prepare to unleash your inner cardsharp.