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(Camden CITY, NJ) – The Camden County Board of Commissioners, Camden County Police Department and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 218 have agreed on a contract for the department through the end of 2026. The three-year document will change the pay scales for the rank and file of the department and make the CCPD more competitive with other agencies throughout the county.

Camden County Police Chief, Gabriel Rodriguez, praised the new labor agreement that was made effective this week.

“I believe this contract will go a long way to assist us in retaining and attracting new police officers,” Rodriguez said. “There is no doubt in my mind that we are working through unprecedented times when it comes to police retention and recruitment for agencies across the nation. Providing as many advantages and opportunities as possible, especially when it comes to compensation, will make us more competitive with other departments.”

Rodriguez went on to thank the commissioners and the FOP for coming together to ratify the new labor agreement. He also reiterated that the department is currently hiring new officers for the police academy.

“This new contract is a fair deal between two parties fighting for the same thing, a safer Camden City,” said Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli, Jr.  “Both entities came together to negotiate a fiscally sound contract that represents compensation competitive with other police departments in the state, especially those around us in suburban communities.”

The new contract for the 320 Camden County Police Department uniformed personnel calls for a new starting salary scale going into the police academy at almost $50,000 compared to $31,407 in the initial contract signed 10 years ago. In addition, officers will receive a 2.75% cost of living adjustment in pay for the next three years as a Camden County Police Officer. Also, the contract has been consolidated down from 14 to 10 steps and the value of the final step is $115,500 a year.

“This contract will help us keep the officers on the street that we need to engage the community and continue our philosophy of not only serving and protecting, but being part of the fabric of the city,” Cappelli said. “The work that has been done in Camden over the last 10 years is nothing short of transformational and that is a testament to the men and women who put on the uniform and dedicate their lives to our mission of being guardians to the children, families and seniors of the city.”

FOP Lodge 218 President, Detective Daniel Irizarry, talked about the new deal that was ratified by his membership last week.

“This contract will provide the rank and file with structure and stability moving forward as the department continues to evolve and grow,” Irizarry said. “Now we can continue with our focus of making the city a safer place by engaging residents and building bridges in the community.”

Since the inception of the Camden County Police Department on May 1, 2013, Cappelli and the Board of Commissioners signed their first collective bargaining agreement with officers in 2014. Throughout the more than 11 years of operation the department has had a significant impact on the city and the residents by reducing homicides by more than 70% since 2012 and reducing all violent crime by more than 45% in the same period.   

Camden City Mayor, Victor Carstarphen, said the new deal will provide continuity throughout the term of the contract.

“I want to applaud all sides in signing this contract because I know the residents of our city will be the biggest beneficiary,” Carstarphen said. “This new contract will provide new employment opportunities here at Metro for residents and will be help us recruit new officers moving forward to be part of the greatest comeback story of a city the nation as ever seen.”