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Gen Z has grown up alongside a series of uncomfortable realities such as 9/11, the recession, and a pandemic. Yet, it's these challenges have shaped them into a generation characterized by pragmatism and caution, at least according to a recent study of the age group alongside their payment preferences. 


With a population of 68 million in the US alone, Gen Z holds considerable purchasing power, which has more than doubled since 2019. To effectively tap into this market, consumer payment providers must customize their offerings to align with the distinctive mindset of this digitally adept and risk-averse cohort.


The survey on adult Generation Z'ers and payment methods reveals intriguing insights into the payment preferences of the youngest generation. Online, Gen Z demonstrates a clear affinity for digital payments, prioritizing speed and convenience through mobile wallets when it comes to internet purchasing and playing; for example, in iGaming where speedy and safe payouts are of big importance to the generation. These types of casinos also make the most of catering to Gen Z preferences by having quality dedicated customer care, a wide game selection, bonuses, and promotions, on top of offering preferred payment options, according to Chase Morris (source:


The same can be said for other forms of entertainment, such as streaming. Gen Z want their kicks and they want them fast. Any laborious sign-ups are seen as offputting and to be avoided - which is why the likes of Prime and Netflix avoid any of the extra steps so often seen elsewhere during transactions. And, if their preferred choice of payment isn't available, the results of the study highlighted that Gen Z was twice as likely to delay their purchase.


Unlike older generations, Gen Z exhibits less concern about data privacy, reflecting a growing comfort with digital transactions. Furthermore, when it comes to credit and debit card usage, the study reported: "Debit cards are the most popular payment form for Gen Z, with 69% reporting daily or weekly use. Gen Z values saving money, according to the EY article “Is your business ready for Gen Z?” A desire to live within their means and avoid additional fees could explain why credit card use lags, with only 39% of Gen Z reporting frequent use, compared with 51% of older generations. Among those who don’t use credit cards, Gen Z is twice as likely as non-Gen Z respondents to cite a lack of understanding of credit card offerings as the reason.``


Looking ahead, the future of payments seems poised for further innovation and adaptation. Expectations for frictionless experiences suggest a growing trajectory towards more streamlined and seamless payment methods. On top of this, payment providers that align with Gen Z's values, particularly in environmental and social responsibility, stand to attract greater interest from this socially conscious generation.


Interestingly, there is already some evidence to show how adult Gen Z's spending habits and preferences could begin to change in the not-so-distant future. For example, some recent studies show that Gen Z owns cryptocurrency at a higher rate than older generations, with around 20% of Gen Z using crypto for things like gambling and international transfers compared to much lower rates among Baby Boomers.


To effectively cater to Gen Z's preferences and limit associated risks, payment providers should consider several strategic recommendations:


Firstly, simplifying payment options and bridging the knowledge gap around credit cards through educational resources can enhance user experience and financial literacy. Second, prioritizing security measures and leveraging digital marketing to communicate values can foster trust and loyalty among Gen Z consumers. And lastly, streamlining the checkout process and exploring alternative features within payment apps further cater to their tech-savvy inclinations. 


In summary, understanding the distinct payment behaviors of Gen Z is imperative for payment providers seeking to capture their significant spending power. By adapting offerings and marketing strategies to resonate with Gen Z's preferences and values, providers can establish a stronger foothold in this forever-evolving landscape of digital payments.