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Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews
For 115 years one member or other of my family has lived in Gloucester City.  I am sad, in one way, to have left my hometown behind but I felt it was a necessity.  I recently went through my yearbook and didn't see anyone I graduated with still in Gloucester City.  Many have moved to Florida and are happy; happy enough to encourage classmates to move there with them.  
Gloucester City has always been a one-party city - that being Democratic.  On January 2, 1933, the newly hired employees were listed in the Courier Post.  Not only were the names listed but also the political party to which they were registered.  Not surprisingly, they were all Democrats.  That included my father who became a fireman the day before.  Many years later, long after my father's death, my mother told me that I had to vote Democrat, otherwise the police, fire, or the ambulance would not come out if they were needed.  I didn't believe this, but my mother did.  That is the control "the" party had on citizens, especially senior citizens.
I have been writing for Cleary's Notebook for close to two years now.  Although every word I have written has been documented, some people just couldn't handle the truth.  Some of the city residents as well as those in charge like to claim that, not only I but most journalists who tell the other side of the news, are lying.  It is interesting that these people never go back to the source documents.  That requires work on their part, and it is just easier to claim that someone with a different point of view is lying.
Just because I am no longer living in Gloucester City doesn't mean that I am no longer fighting the good fight.  While in Gloucester City people found both Bill Cleary and me at home.  They always had hints but usually complaints.  The number one complaint was nepotism.  Then came misbehavior on the part of city employees followed by refusal on the part of the city office employees to make information public.
I may not be writing as much for Cleary's Notebook, but I will still be writing.  I will be writing to the various state departments who do have the authority to demand answers.  One time I suggested that the State needs to take over the city.  We just might see what happens.