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William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews

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At dawn on Wednesday, April 17, several armed officers raided a home in the unit block of East Thompson Avenue, Gloucester City. A young man was removed from the home in handcuffs. Below, residents tell CNBNews what they saw that morning. 


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (APRIL 21, 2024)--Early on the morning of Wednesday, April 17, the quiet Riverview Heights neighborhood in Gloucester City was disturbed by a loud banging noise. As the sun rose in the east, residents peeked out of their closed blinds to see a large group of armed men dressed in riot gear with helmets carrying semi-automatic weapons. Their vehicles were parked in various directions on East Thompson Avenue between Harley Avenue and Burdsall Avenue. As people continued to watch the commotion, they saw a high school student being led out of a house on East Thompson Avenue in handcuffs.


Two neighborhood residents who witnessed the scene that morning shared what they saw with CNBNews.


Wednesday morning, around 5:45/6 a.m., my dad and I heard a banging. We got up to investigate and saw people with flashlights. Then we looked at (number omitted) a house on Thompson Avenue, where we saw about a dozen police officers wearing khaki pants and body armor.


I saw lights inside the house and realized a SWAT team was conducting a sweep. There was a Camden County Prosecutor’s truck parked on North Harley Avenue. A few minutes passed, and the six-member SWAT team entered an unmarked gray delivery van and drove off. Currently, the khaki-clad police officers, presumably from the prosecutor’s office, are still at the house, and I’m guessing they are interviewing the residents there. 


There was another van and some cars on Burdsall as well. I’m guessing it was a staging area there. I saw no police officers from Gloucester City at the scene. 


Another neighbor said the officers had a warrant. They arrested a younger guy. He was removed with handcuffs. The officers took a computer and several bags of documents. The first six guys who entered were armed with automatic weapons, with six other guys backing them up. 


CNBNews contacted the press spokesperson for the Camden County Prosecutors Office for a statement. As of publication, we are still waiting for a response. 


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