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Why Do Men Like Asian Women?


In the last decade or so, there has been an increasing trend of Western men going to countries such as Thailand and Vietnam to find their soulmates. Of course, there are a few obvious reasons for this phenomenon. Besides being incredibly pretty, these women have numerous qualities that would make them fantastic girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

“Marrying an Asian girl after a short online dating is no longer a taboo,” claims BridesUniverse, a top-tier dating resource. According to this blog, many people find their better halves via specialized dating sites. However, traveling to one of these countries to hook up directly with your future Asian Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 18.19.51wife is also a good strategy.

Most people refer to these girls as Asian mail-order brides, although this is somewhat of a misnomer. So, for better clarity, we’ll first explain this term, after which we’ll list the reasons why Western men are enchanted by these dazzling ladies.

How to Find Asian Mail-Order Brides?

The term “Asian mail-order bride” was much more popular back in the day. Asian women with poor backgrounds would list themselves in specialized catalogs, and men could pick and choose between them. Keep in mind that the process was completely legal, as women would do this willingly as a way of escaping poverty.

While we still use this phrasing, the process is much more different nowadays. Today, Western men find “brides” from Asia through dating sites similar to Tinder and Zoosk. Like with US or UK girls, you’ll exchange messages and slowly introduce yourself.

The main difference is that the focus is on dating for marriage instead of dating for simple hookups. Furthermore, if both sides like the arrangement, the marriage ceremony usually takes place rather quickly, after just a few weeks or months of dating. After that, you can bring your new wife to your home country and start a beautiful family.

Why Do Asian Women Like Westerners?

Most people think that Asians hook up with Westerners only for their money. However, this is only a part of the entire story.

The truth is that Western men (especially handsome ones) are a sought-after commodity in all East Asian countries. Even if you’re not rich, you’ll get lots of opportunities for hookups and marriage, occasionally dating girls who would be out of your league in the States. In fact, many rich Asian women love to flaunt their pretty European and American lovers.

Asians especially like the large stature of Western men. Some other features, like blue eyes and hair, are also extremely popular. So, don’t be surprised if your future mail-order bride develops strong emotions toward you, making the entire arrangement a win-win for both sides.

Advantages of Asian Mail-Order Brides

When we talk about Asian mail-order brides, we primarily think of women from Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, although the term can also be used for some other groups. Although females from these countries are very diverse, both genetically and culturally, they generally have a few things in common:

  • Incredibly feminine – Women from East and Southeast Asia have retained their femininity and aren’t necessarily looking to be leaders in a relationship. They’re very graceful, moderate, and polite, which can be noticed in their everyday behavior
  • Very loyal – While promiscuity is on the rise in Western countries, it’s stigmatized in Asia. Though these girls are sexual and loose, they don’t mess around with other guys
  • Resilient and tough – Many Asian mail-order brides are forced to seek a better future in North America, Asia, and Europe. The majority of them faced extreme poverty growing up, which usually had a positive impact on their mentality. These iron ladies are strong-willed and rarely crack under any pressure
  • Family-oriented – Unlike the Western world, the cult of family is still strong in Asia. Women will do everything in their power to provide for their families and avoid public shame. They make for great cooks and are very obedient, disciplined, and forthcoming
  • Positive outlook – Another common trait for Asian and, in particular, Southeast Asia is that many people observe life through rainbow-colored glasses. Having endured numerous hardships, they look toward positive things in life, which makes them such an incredible company
  • Tiny and cute – If you prefer women of smaller stature, you’ll have a blast with an Asian. These females are noticeably smaller than their Western counterparts, which some men find irresistible. In fact, these physical characteristics are the secret sauce behind their feminine beauty
  • Smart and educated – Asians are well known as one of the smartest, most educated demographic groups. Whether we’re talking about Chinese, Japanese, or Thai, these people invest everything they’ve got to finish school and earn their ticket into higher society. Southeast Asian mail-order brides, in particular, speak impeccable English and can easily adapt to your culture

While there are also a few things you might dislike about Asian girls, they remain some of the best girlfriends and wives in the whole world. Their impeccable manners, great education, and loyalty are good enough reasons to open a digital account on a for-marriage dating platform.

Hooking up With an Asian Bride

Here’s what the usual process of meeting an Asian mail-order bride looks like:

  • Most men start their courtship by opening an account on a dating site such as LoverWhirl or EasternHoneys. Make sure to use only verified, top-tier sites, as there are lots of scammers
  • By chit-chatting with a few girls, you can learn more about local cultures and narrow down your choices. Most of these sites allow users to leave a lot of information, which will serve as a filtering mechanism
  • An even better choice is to visit a country like Thailand or the Philippines and start hitting on girls in bars and clubs. Always remember there’s a lot of prostitution in these spots, so be careful what you’re doing
  • We also suggest you read a few forum posts and articles that will teach you about common scams while visiting these countries and hooking up with locals

The process of meeting an Asian mail-order bride is much easier than you might think, and you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of the ropes.