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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: From Where Do Your Favorite Items Come?

The "most American" products, most of which we knew were American aren't American anymore.  Here are a few that are hard to believe are no longer from the ole Red, White and Blue.
Budweiser - Originally from St. Louis, MissouriScreenshot 2023-12-04 at 19.53.55
    Founded in 1850
Sold to a Belgian company in 2008 for $52 billion but the receipt has not changed.
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - two friends opened an ice cream parlor in Vermont.
    Founded in 1978
Sold to Unilever, an English company in 2000 for $326 million.
Burger King - Original Headquarters in Miami, FL
    Founded in 1954
Sold to Restaurant Brands International of Canada (the company has been sold many 
times over the years but still gets financial backing from the United States company.)
Trader Joe's - Original Headquarters Monrovia, CA
    Founded 1967
Sold to Theo Albrecht of Germany.  Albrecht is also the owner of the Aldi chain.
Lucky Strike (a/k/a Luckies) - Richmond, VA
    No Founded Date available but 1930 - 1940 they were the number one cigarette.
Sold To British American Tabacco who, in 2000 absorbed both Luckies and Pall Mall.
7-Eleven - Original Headquarters Dallas, TX
    Founded 1927 under the name Southland Ice, but later the name was changed to 7-
    Eleven after the stores' hours.
Sold to Seven & I Holdings of Japan
Holiday Inn - Original Headquarters Memphis, TX
    Founded 1952  At some point in the 1980s the well-established hotel chain was
    purchased by an English company.
Sold to Intercontinental Hotel Group of England.
Hellman's - Original Headquarters New York City, NY
    Founded in 1905 as a deli condiment.  Customers liked it so much he started selling it
    alone.  In 1932 it was sold to Best Foods.
Sold to Unilever in 2000 for $20.3 billion.