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The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2024 schedule brings forth a mix of familiar foes and new challenges, setting the stage for an exhilarating season ahead. From divisional clashes to highly anticipated showdowns against conference rivals, fans are already envisioning the team’s journey to success.

The Eagles’ 2024 Matchups


The Eagles are looking at a promising 2024 season with a lineup that includes nine home games and eight road games. They’re set to face every team in the NFC East twice, ensuring home and away games against each. Additionally, the schedule includes matchups against the entire NFC South and AFC North.


The Eagles will also compete against the NFC North runner-up, the Green Bay Packers, and the NFC West runner-up, the Los Angeles Rams. An intriguing 17th game features a battle against former Head Coach Doug Pederson and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The anticipation for exact dates and times remains, as they will be announced later this offseason.


The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2024 schedule brings forth a mix of familiar foes and new challenges, setting the stage for an exhilarating season ahead. From divisional clashes to highly anticipated showdowns against conference rivals, fans are already envisioning the team’s journey to success.


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Dallas Cowboys (Home and Away)


The rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys continues to be a highlight of the NFL calendar. Over the last two seasons, each team has claimed victory in their home stadium, maintaining a competitive balance. In their last encounters, the Eagles secured a win at Lincoln Financial Field in Week 9, while the Cowboys took revenge at AT&T Stadium in Week 14. Despite winning the NFC East, the Cowboys’ journey ended in the NFC Wild Card Round against the Green Bay Packers, setting the stage for another intense series of games in 2024.


New York Giants (Home and Away)


The Giants and Eagles’ late-season battles in 2023 showcased the unpredictable nature of football, with the home team emerging victorious in both matchups. The Eagles’ Christmas Day triumph was a gift to their fans, but the Giants had the last laugh in the regular season finale. Finishing the season at 6-11, the Giants missed the playoffs, adding more fuel to their rivalry with the Eagles.

Washington Commanders (Home and Away)


The Eagles dominated the Commanders in 2023, winning both games in a series of high-scoring affairs. With victories of 34-31 at home and 38-31 on the road, the Eagles demonstrated their offensive prowess. The Commanders, ending the season at 4-13, secured the second overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, hinting at potential improvements that could make future matchups even more competitive.

Atlanta Falcons (Home)


The Eagles’ 2024 schedule includes a home game against the Atlanta Falcons, a team they have not faced since the 2021 season opener. That game saw DeVonta Smith score his first NFL touchdown, leading the Eagles to a 32-6 victory. The Falcons, finishing the 2023 season at 7-10, boast a roster filled with young offensive talent and a formidable defense, promising a challenging matchup for the Eagles.


Baltimore Ravens (Away)


The Eagles are set to travel to Baltimore for a rare regular season game against the Ravens, marking only the seventh meeting in the regular season between these two teams. The Ravens, with a league-best 13-4 record in 2023 and led by MVP candidate Lamar Jackson, secured the AFC North Division title. This matchup will test the Eagles against one of the AFC’s strongest teams.

Carolina Panthers (Home)


Philadelphia will host the Carolina Panthers, a team they last faced in 2021, securing a narrow 21-18 victory. With the Panthers ending the 2023 season with a dismal 2-15 record, all eyes will be on Bryce Young, the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, as he enters his second season. This game presents a valuable opportunity for the Eagles to capitalize on their home-field advantage.

Cincinnati Bengals (Away)

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The Eagles and Bengals have shared memorable moments, including a 23-23 tie in their last encounter. Despite losing quarterback Joe Burrow to injury in 2023, the Bengals finished with a 9-8 record. Their resilience, especially towards the season’s end, will make the upcoming game in Cincinnati a compelling watch.

Cleveland Browns (Home)


Cleveland visits Philadelphia for a regular season game for the first time since 2016, bringing back a common preseason rivalry to the regular season stage. The Browns’ 11-6 record in 2023, despite significant injuries, showcased their depth and resilience. This matchup is sure to be a tough test for the Eagles at home.


Green Bay Packers (Home)


The Eagles’ home game against the Green Bay Packers is a rematch of the 2022 season, where Philadelphia emerged victorious with a 40-33 win. The Packers, making the playoffs as the No. 7 seed in the NFC with a 9-8 record, demonstrated their playoff capabilities. This game will be a crucial home battle for the Eagles against a seasoned postseason team.


Jacksonville Jaguars (Home)


The Eagles have enjoyed success against the Jacksonville Jaguars, winning four straight games since 2010. Their last encounter in 2022 at Lincoln Financial Field ended in the Eagles’ favor. With the Jaguars missing the playoffs in 2023 after a late-season decline, this game will be a chance for the Eagles to extend their winning streak.


Los Angeles Rams (Away)


The Eagles are set to visit Los Angeles to face the Rams for the second consecutive season. Last season’s victory in Week 5 by a score of 23-14 showed Philadelphia’s ability to win on the road against tough opponents. The Rams’ strong finish to the 2023 season, winning seven of their last eight games, sets up a highly anticipated rematch.


New Orleans Saints (Away)


The Eagles’ road game against the New Orleans Saints takes them to the site of Super Bowl LIX, a place where they last played in the 2018 NFC Divisional Round. The Saints’ strong finish to the 2023 season, winning four of their last five games, shows they remain competitive, making this away game a significant challenge for Philadelphia.


Pittsburgh Steelers (Home)


The in-state rivalry with the Pittsburgh Steelers resumes in 2024, with the Eagles looking to maintain their home winning streak against the Steelers that dates back to 1965. The Steelers’ record under Head Coach Mike Tomlin speaks to their consistency, making this matchup one of the most anticipated games of the season.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Away)



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The Eagles’ encounters with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have become more frequent, with the two teams meeting for the fifth time since the 2021 season. The Buccaneers’ victory in the NFC Wild Card Round over the Eagles last season adds another layer to this growing rivalry. With Tampa Bay clinching its third straight NFC South title, this game is set to be a crucial road test for Philadelphia.