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Letters to the Ed; Time Has Come to Fix the Sweeper Problem in Gloucester City

Let’s stop trying to sweep the “sweeper problem” under the rug.  Is it really necessary to sweep the high-density areas located on the west side of town once a week where citizens have “no driveways” to move their cars off the street?


Many areas on the East Side of town have driveways and have their streets cleaned once a month!  Does this make sense?  We have more “No Parking” signs per block than in NYC.

Many local communities post temporary “No Parking Signs” 6 to 8 months a year when they sweep their streets.   

Most of the housing stock west of the tracks are row homes built 70 or 80 yrs.’ ago when people had one car (if they were lucky)….Now the same house may have as many as three cars in the household.  They have no place to park and end up paying fines every week!

Could the Police Committee on council look into this problem and come up with a viable plan that would resolve this problem?


Robert S. Bevan

Former Gloucester City Mayor