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GOP Releases Names of Council Candidates; Reed List Reasons for Seeking Office

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 27, 2024)(CNBNEWS)--The Gloucester City Republican Committee has announced its slate of council candidates for the November 5, 2024 election.  Images


The list includes: 


Anthony Kates   Ward 1

Patti Kropp  Ward 2

Sandy Reed Ward 3

James Muller  Council At-Large


Third Ward candidate Sandy Reed gave the following reasons for seeking office.


1. We have a housing issue in our town. Over 70% of the properties are rentals, and most of those landlords don't reside in Gloucester City or nearby. 


2. We need to start cleaning up our town.  Stop crimes before they happen and prosecute the criminals to the fullest extent of the law. The people of this community are sick and tired of hearing we lock them up, but the judge lets them go before the ink is dry.   Bring back community service punishments.  


3. I want to capitalize on Gloucester City’s early American History to attract people to visit our community as a tourist spot.  In 1983, during the construction of a senior citizens’ housing project at the northwest corner of Market and King Streets, evidence of prehistoric and early historic period archaeological remains was uncovered. The excavations resulted in the discovery of aboriginal and historic cultural features and the recovery of more than 16,000 artifacts representing occupations at the site spanning an 8,000-year period, according to the report on the discovery prepared in 1985. 


Those artifacts are being held at the Trenton Museum. They should be on display in our city not 40 miles away in our state’s capitol. 


Gloucester City was founded by the Swedes in 1623 and named Fort Nassau. It is said to be the eighth-oldest community in the United States. It is rich with a historical heritage unmatched by any other place of its size in the nation. In 1776, the town hosted General Lafayette and other notables of the Revolutionary War during the famous "Battle of Gloucester." In 1773, Betsy Griscom was married to Gloucesterite John Ross, at Huggs Tavern. Where there was once an historic building there is now an empty lot.



4. We need to establish a recreation center for children who are not interested in sports. Although many sports programs are available throughout the city, there is nothing for those who enjoy art, dance, or theater. My eldest daughter was involved in band and theater during high school, but no extracurricular activities were available outside of school until she got to her freshman year.


5. It is my opinion that the people on the city council today are locked into the democratic philosophy that has continually increased local property taxes for the last decade. Senior citizens and others on fixed incomes have seen their taxes increase yearly by $1,000 or more. It is apparent that this mayor and council’s way of governing is Spend and Tax. I also believe that the high taxes in our City are linked to having a part-time city administrator and a part-time police chief.  Both of those jobs are full-time positions, not part-time. Bring back a full-time administrator and full-time police chief and watch the taxes level off along with a decrease in crime.


Elect me, and I will fight to return those two positions to full-time. I will also fight to bring back the publishing of the weekly crime report.


Sandy Reed’s grandparents moved to Gloucester City in 1961. The couple had ten children. Her father is the second oldest. Sandy was born at the Fort Hood Army Hospital in Texas. Her father served during the Vietnam War. 


Reed’s immediate family moved to Gloucester City in 1972. She attended Mary Ethel Costello School and Gloucester City Jr. Sr. High School until her eighth grade. After living elsewhere, she moved back to Gloucester City in 2010 as a single mom with two young daughters.  "My oldest daughter graduated Third in her class from Gloucester City High School in 2018. My youngest is currently a sophomore at Gloucester City High School. "


Sandy was a Realtor for more than 20 years. In 2014, she returned to college to study for an associate’s degree in Education from RCGC ( RCSJ now), which she received in 2018.  Reed has been working for Kelly Services as a paraprofessional at all three public schools in the district since 2014. The Kelly Services are contracted by the District to provide paraprofessionals and substitute teachers. 


EDITOR’S NOTE: We invite the other candidates running on the Republican Ticket to forward their resume along with their reason (s) for seeking office to [email protected] for publication