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Bellmawr Still Doesn't Know Cause of Warren Avenue Treatment Plant Malfunction


BELLMAWR, NJ (February 6, 2024)(CNBNews)--A Bellmawr resident contacted CNBNews this week regarding the shutdown of the Warren Avenue Treatment Plant. According to the individual that treatment facility has been offline since January 26. “Residents have not had any communication from Mayor Chuck Sauter or Members of Council on when we can expect that Water plant to come back online.” Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 17.42.55

The Bellmawr Water Department announced on February 2 that there was a mechanical malfunction causing the shutdown of the Warren Avenue Treatment Plant.

Today, a spokesperson for Mayor Chuck Sauter referred us to a statement from the Water Department that was published on the Borough’s website pertaining to the problem.


Earlier this week we reported a mechanical malfunction causing the shutdown of the Warren Avenue Treatment Plant. As a result, the Bellmawr Water Department has been supplying customers exclusively from the Leaf & Bell Water Treatment Plant while the cause was identified and corrective action can commence. Accordingly, residents on the west side of Bellmawr may experience lower than normal water pressure.    

We are working diligently to rectify the problem at the Warren Avenue Treatment Plant, which will not be restarted until such time as it is able to function properly and safely. The Borough has remained in close contact with NJDEP Officials, who have been informed of our activities. We again want to reiterate that at all times, including the present, the potable water supply has been tested and found to be safe and in full compliance with all NJDEP drinking water standards. 

The Warren Avenue Treatment Plant will be placed back into service when the necessary repairs are completed. We appreciate your continued patience while we continue to work tirelessly to correct the issues and restore normal pressure throughout our system. 

The mayor's spokesperson said there would be no further information forthcoming until the investigation into the cause of the problem is known.