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Will Murphy Keep Your Child From Graduating?

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (January 21, 2024)(CNBNews)--This is not a joke.  It is not even a threat.  It is a law (A1181/S205) signed by Governor Phil Murphy today, Friday, January 19, 2024.  The law states "to make the completion of a financial aid application form a prerequisite to graduation for public high school and charter school students in New Jersey." 
Gloucester City High School just got a long-awaited and badly needed center for trades programs for those who don't want to go to college but want to learn entry-level skills for carpentry, plumbing, auto mechanics, etc.  Well, that doesn't matter.  You and your student both have file student aid applications.
The first question which comes to mind is "did the City of Gloucester and State of New Jersey waste all the money the trade center cost?"  Maybe.  In a 13-paragraph announcement only once was the word "trade" used and even then, it was used to say that students not going to college need financial aid to attend a trade school.  So, if you believe the authors of this law, students have to go to either college or trade school, why does Gloucester City need the trade center?
If you think you'll just ignore the forms - no, that won't work.  Your student's diploma will be withheld until you submit the forms.  Isn't the trade your student learned in high school enough?  Not according State Senator Shirley Turner.  Years ago, a student could take what he learned in wood shop or metal shop and go straight to a union as an apprentice.  Why does a student going to a union job need financial aid?
Maybe the students and their parents should look for an alternate motive to forcing them to submit unnecessary financial forms.  Maybe the state government wants access to your finances?  What will they get from that information, just little ole you?
Let's look at the bigger picture.  The Congressional Oversight Hearings have found the IRS and/or Department of Justice have taken personal information, WITHOUT A WARRANT, on or from:
Individual Catholic Organizations
Overall Conservative Organizations
Dick's Sporting Goods Customers' Records (think guns)
Bass Pro Shops (think guns)
Bank of America (think every financial record you have and whom you are supporting.)
Any reference to Trump or MAGA.  Even if you are saying something negative, the
     government knows.
There is a talk-radio station (1210 AM) which refers to Governor Murphy as "King Phillip, the Unaccountable" or "His Royal Rugness."  Move over George Norcross, you have competition.