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OPINION:Miss Tardy was Late to the Party - Again!

First it was the car in the river. We were told that all the fire fighters/EMS were in Westville training.  Then someone posted a video of the police officers going into the river to save the driver but there was, in the right side of the screen, was a man wearing a shirt with EMT written on the back.
Then there was a teen who fell into the Gloucester City side of the creek separating Gloucester City from Brooklawn. Reports were that Westville was first to respond, followed by Bellmawr, then Brooklawn, and finally Gloucester City showed up.
If you believe that everything happens in threes, you are right.  Sunday, January 28, at about 3:00 pm an ambulance drove past the Dollar Tree and had just put on the lights and sirens.  The driver was moving toward Camden quickly, very quickly!   The name on the ambulance was Bellmawr.
If a someone in Bellmawr needed to get to Cooper Hospital fast, the driver would probably go up Rt. 42 or one of the pikes.  Why would a driver go from Bellmawr into Gloucester City and then, when in the area of the Dollar Tree start to use the lights and sirens? Then, on Broadway take the chance of stopping at traffic lights all the way?
However, if Bellmawr were covering for Gloucester City and picked up a patient at either Carpenter Senior Apartments or the Cooper's Urgent Care at the same location, the driver would turn on the lights and siren at that time and make a right at Market Street onto Route 130.
This is only a theory but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a know the rest.