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How much is Your Child's Education Worth?

Trace Gallagher, a Fox News anchor, presented a story on December 5, 2023, in which the reporter presented evidence that our (America) students' math scores are now the lowest ever.  It has been known for years that our students' English/Reading scores have been declining.  Yet, we in New Jersey continue to pay extremely high school taxes.  What are we getting for those tax dollars?
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The state mandates much of the curriculum based on political ideologies.  Here's an idea.  Let's teach our students to read before we teach them pornography.  Senator John Kennedy (R - LA) read aloud, in the Senate Chambers, from a lower elementary-level book mandated by the state of California.  The television stations had to "beep" two out of three words to get passed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.  Finally, another senator asked him to stop reading but he wouldn't.  This is what is being taught to your 5, 6 and 7-year old children.
In a recent interview with a nuclear family who lives Clementon, there were two parents, two sons who go to Pope Paul VI High School and a daughter who attends St. Margaret's Elementary school in Woodbury Heights.  The price tag?  About $20,000 per year.  The difference?  All three of the kids can, and do, read books.  All three can perform basic math problems in their heads - no calculators, not even pencils and paper.  They wear uniforms rather than looking like Goodwill rejects.  And to top it all off, the younger son is the freshman class president.
This year's freshman class at Pope Paul consists of 312 students, the largest freshman class, ever!  Gloucester City's school district received 310 new students in the entire district. What should the average taxpayer do?
The first idea which comes to the minds of most people is Home Schooling.  In the September 19, 2023 School Board Meeting agenda a report stated there were eight students approved for Home Bound Instruction and four withdrawing from Home Bound Instruction.  There can be many reasons for a student receiving Home Bound Instruction.  It is possible that the parents are disgusted with the politics over subjects content, but it is possible that the student is contending with a long-term illness, or there could be  behavioral problems.  
Years ago, Jay Leno would go out onto the streets and ask the average person average questions.  People would laugh and think it was cute that they didn't know who fought the Civil War, or how many stars are on the American flag.  In an interview, Jay was asked how many "normal people" had to be edited out to get the miserable results.  He answered "Very few.  What you see is what we got."  That is sad!