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The Science of Selecting the Right Outsider Horse to Bet On


It has been discussed on the news that some of our (USA) eight million illegal immigrants don't seem to be happy with the accommodations provided.  What did they expect when they are a subgroup of eight million people? 
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 19.48.33Illegal immigrants wearing t-shirts that read, “Biden, Please Let Us In” (Image courtesy of the New York Times)

Chicago officials continue to approach Washington, D.C. asking for help, but help doesn't seem to be coming.  In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams decided that, since Washington, D.C. wasn't going to help, he'd have to handle the problem himself.  What to do?  What to do?  He has an idea!  He is going to cut back on the number of police officers.  The NYPD is understaffed by several hundred, so he's going to make that problem worse.
Have you ever noticed that when there is a cash shortage, the first thing a politician does is say "we have to layoff the police and/or firemen."  How often do you hear "I'm going to layoff several of my friends in city hall?"  The next time will be the first time.
Forty of the illegal immigrants who are "stationed" at the in English RAF staged a protest this week.  They closed a road for a short time.  Their complaints were: lack of medical care, blankets, and clothing (including shoes.)  The men chanted "Wrong place, wrong place."  It's too cold, we can't live here.  We don't have anything; we don't have the internet."
Before these people left their countries, did anyone from another country tell them "come to here and we'll give you a cell phone, a computer, a shopping spree for each season, etc. etc. etc."  America did not make promises before the illegals started their voyage, England did not, and many Western European/Asian countries just turned the illegals around before they stepped foot on the new countries' soil.
If you read anything printed by the government, the message is written in a dozen or more languages.  Shouldn't the illegals have been a message in their own language(s) "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."