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The Story Behind The Story: JAWS' IS BACK plus A TRIP TO THE ER

Dorothy Philbin  |  CNBNews Columnist
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Roń Jaworski (image courtesy of Clutchpoints)
Ron Jaworski (a/k/a Jaws) was a former quarterback for the NFL (1973-89) and played for the Philadelphia Eagles (1977-86.) He led The Eagles to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1981.  He later became an NFL analyst for ESPN.  
But today, Jaws has a foundation called the Jaws Youth Playbook. It works to improve the health and wellness of at-risk youth in the Greater Philadelphia area.  The foundation donated $20,000 to a new garden in Blackwood, NJ.  His Youth Playbook collaborated with The Unforgotten Haven, a local charity, to help build a garden for locals in need.
The garden is located at 45 South Black Horse Pike, beside The Unforgotten Haven's facility.*
* Taken from an article by Josh Baken of the Patch staff, October 17, 2023
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No one likes a visit to the Emergency Room.  How long will you wait?  How sick will the other patients be?  Will you catch what they have?  Well, here are the answers to the wait times for the 10 worse states.  When you go, bring a book with you - a very, very big book.
9/10 tie 3 hours California and Pennsylvania (physician shortage)
8      3 hours 2 minutes CT (they have 5 of the top hospitals and the most
        expensive health care)
7      3 hours 11 minutes NJ (severe understaffing)
6      3 hours 13 minutes AZ (the state only allocates $79 per person in health
5      3 hours 21 minutes NY (several hospitals have a D rating and one has an
        F rating.)
4      3 hours 30 minutes DE (lack of grade A hospitals)
3      3 hours 33 minutes MA (nursing shortage)  
2      3 hours 34 minutes RI (the state has 19 hospitals for 1 million people)
1      4 hours 2 minutes MD (25% nurse shortage)
Maybe a Harry Potter book would be good for the ER visit.