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When one of our neighbors is sly enough, or funny enough, or even … cruel  enough to pull one over on the whole neighborhood, that’s something that should deserve a yee-haw or a “get ‘em sis!”

   Well, we’ve got one of them right here in Home Country. Sarah McKinley is a shy woman. No one knows much about her, even down at the hairdresser’s. And that seems to be okey-doke with Sarah. She’s like that.

Sarah owns the Read Me Now bookstore, the very finest bookstore in town. Well, the only bookstore, actually. The big question on readers’ minds, however, is the sign she hung on one particular section that says, “Love, and Other Fiction.”

   This was the equivalent of slapping a literary glove across the moosh of every curious person in town, by which we mean all of us. It is a blessing when someone brings a new gossip subject into our consciousness and Sarah’s contribution was a dandy.

   “Sarah,” said Windy Wilson, “now you take in there that there sign …”

  “Yes, Windy.”

  “Well me and the boys was wonderin’ kinda needle sharp like if you could use some fellers to hunt and guy down and move his nose around a bit on his face.’

   “Not this week, Windy,” she said, “but thanks for the offer.”

   “Any time at all, Hon.” Windy said. “We  all know there ain’t no heartbreakin’ sitiation like unrequested love.”

   We have a lot of fun here.



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