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BELLMAWR, NJ (November 18, 2023)(CNBNews)--If you have reason to drive south on Route 42/Freeway, just before you get to where the former Harrison-Hugg house had been, look to your right.  You can't miss graffiti with letters and symbols about five feet high.
If you have reason to drive south on Route 42/Freeway on another day at about the same place, look to your left.  It is new, but it appears that one graffiti "artist" became jealous of the former so now there is graffiti on both sides of the road.  Again, it is about five feet tall so you can't miss it.
These walls are new and have cost us many millions of dollars.  What prompts someone to ruin what took us so long to finally get?  A better question is, regardless of whether this was done during the day or night, could no one have seen it being done?  The State Police office is less than a mile south of that point. If someone were to call, perhaps the State Police could have caught the vandals.
Wouldn't it be poetic justice for the vandals to be caught and sentenced by a judge to clean up their own graffiti?